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Katarina Counter Stats

Katarina Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #30 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Katarina. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Katarina in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Katarina Data for all roles taken from 86,046 matches.
Katarina Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (94%) Katarina Middle Lane Counters: 80,762 matches, 54 counter champions

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Tips Against Katarina in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Yamikaze says “She plays very passive at lvl 1, farming safely with Q. If she uses Q to harass you, just zone her from CS. Try to harass as much as possible with your [[Steel Tempest]] at early levels. When she gets lvl 3, she can all in you. You can predict where her daggers will land, so move away from it before she can [[Shunpo]] to them. You have a huge advantage if you both fight in a minion wave, as you can dash around and dodge most of her abilities. When she hits 6 and ults, you want to [[Wind wall]] and then [[Sweeping Blade]] through her, so the wall blocks out most of the damage. **When** you are going for the tornado, wait using it and bait out her E, or beyblade her. ”
[Season 10] Yamikaze & Yeager's Challenger Yasuo Guide by Yamikaze | Yasuo Player
lkycch says “If your team is all squishy or has no cc, I suggest dodging in champ select. You need to E her if she engages so that she wastes her Shunpo earlier. If she starts to spin, Q+W+Q her as quickly as you can; the less time she spins for the less damage she does. Don't let her Shunpo onto you, as you don't want to waste your ult on yourself. Remember: Summoner's Rift is a 5V5, not a 1v1. You don't have to stay in lane and suffer a losing matchup!”
Polarshift says “Move away from her daggers and try to burst her in teamfights. Keeping the wave at your side of the lane or shoving her in is the best way to play out this lane. Just use your superior waveclearing ability to prevent fighting her. Don't underestimate her early damage, but she shouldn't be able to stick on you. If she dashes on you, use your EWQ combo to proc Phase Rush or Overload and kite her out.”
Yeager says “Katarina likes being pushed in early levels because she can cheese at lvl 1-3 and pick up some kills on bad opponents. Don't hard shove the wave but slow push it, so if she decides to engage on you, your minion wave will be bigger and do more damage to her. Walk in the opposite side of where her (Q)dagger is going, so you don't get hit by the AOE damage whenever she steps on the daggers on the ground. If you succesfully dodge the daggers on the ground, you win all trades because her damage is gone. Just make sure that you don't use your ball blindly while her E shunpo is up, because she can easily dodge it. Force and bait her abilities with autoattack, and then use your abilities as soon as she uses shunpo to a location. There is a short delay before she can use shunpo again.”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “MELEE = PUSH EARLY (LEVELS 1-2) - CARE FOR GANKS! (SPAM Q'S TILL 50-60% MANA). Doran Ring + 2 Pots + Another Ring + early MR + Merc / Banshees. Get also Refillable if those 2 pots were not enough. Get Time Warp Tonic/Minion Demat for surival/fast push. Hardest matchup by far because she can just roam as a 0-2 on your bot and even if you ping they might die for no reason/int. I perma ban this champion because its the easiest to lose to WITHOUT DIRECTLY FEEDING HER (she's also impossible to kill on lane if she's a dia+ otp). Survivable with an early magic resist item such as Null Mantle or Negatron Cloak and also Exhaust for her ult or Barrier/Heal. I recomend Exhaust because we don't have a hard CC spell to nullify her ult down ( she will most often flash+jump+ult when the CC spells are down anyway if she's good, but Exhaust can deal with that) . When she does not have a dagger already set up on the ground go and Q her but stay far away from her daggers. Later on in teamfights unless she is a very good player she will struggle because of your Exhaust and other CC spells from your teammates. Target her down and you should be okay if she was not overfed by this point. Her roaming potential is on par with yours minus the ultimate, so be extremely careful on both roaming and FOLLOWUPS on her roams. NEVER try to outplay a Katarina simply because of her dashes. Play relatively safe until 6 then try to do a good roam, but beware of the followup. You should roam only if your teammates will remain above 50 percent HP after your gank (!!!!) - so that when she follows they would actually have a chance to survive and also Katarina would not get any resets. Ping like a maniac anytime she roams !!! Ban her if you lose more than twice and she gets fed on bot/top and you could not follow (or roam first and do your best on ganks OR ask for camp from your jg but a good kata will just jump back to base).”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
eiensiei says “REACTIVE lane, not proactive. At level 1, I'll E-AA and after that I'll only poke with E. At level 2 she usually looks for an opportunity to Q+E+AA+dagger passive+electrocute and burst me down, so I take W second and negate a lot of her damage while I out-trade her with E-AA (and I keep autoattacking as she runs away). Fighting in my minion wave also draws aggro and makes it harder for her to win trades. At level 3 she definitely wants to go in, so I stay out of her Q range - unless I have significantly more HP than her (or have Barrier up) and want to bait her. I'll shield myself as she jumps and will use E and keep autoattacking her, holding my Q until she has no more E resets. Most of the time she forgets I still have Barrier and keeps fighting me. She's the ultimate snowballing champion, so she's constantly looking for roams and I need to keep the pixel bush towards bot lane warded, or my own jungle to see her if she takes that path.”
[10.19] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Yeager says “In laning phase you should avoid pushing after the first 2 waves because she has a really strong level 3. The moment you use E, she will jump on you, so don't waste it until her jump is on CD. Lategame you will oneshot her if you hit E, but if you miss it, you are dead. ”
Yeager's Master Zoe Guide by Yeager | Zoe Player
Sylvan Lore says “Katarina is a really high risk high reward champion that can easily get out of control. Trade carefully with her early and never walk near a dagger on the ground if you want to trade with her. Also if she is chasing you and lands a Q, do not run directly away into the dagger about to be placed, but instead turn and walk towards her. This may seem weird, but it will serious drop off the damage she can do to you. Never underestimate her all in damage after level 6. You win this matchup by landing short QW trades on her when she is trying to cs with her E. Recommend: Barrier and Dmg Build. Use the Vs. AP Assassin build only if behind, but a banshees is definitely an option in this matchup. ”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
xXkillercrackXx says “Tough to lane against due to her ability to zone you away with her daggers. Landing a wild cards on her is nigh impossible due to the mobility she has with shunpo. She can't easily follow roams either, but be careful because she can turn up to a fight and clean up very easily. You can gold card her later on to stop her ultimate, so you can win out later.”
[10.19] How to play TF like Apdo (Best TF in the world!) by xXkillercrackXx | Twisted Fate Player
PlayCabex says “you win her easily, when she jumps on you and you are level 3 just go for e and w if you are lvl 6 ult her and then go for e and w”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
sweodigaming says “Skilled match-up, she has really good engage level 3 even when her E recently got nerfed. Don't play to aggressive, you could easily get punished. If she ever R's try to stun her with your R or W. They have low cast time. ”
[10.19] the Dark Child - All Viable Roles and Runes by sweodigaming | Annie Player
7daysko says “Katarina has some insane damage, especially if she snowballs. However, her daggers help you predict how she will engage and you can stop her ulti with both Q and W. Did I also mention how your passive means she can't reset her cooldowns if you're killed? If you are fast enough, this lane should be a breeze. ”
FalleN3 says “Play this match-up reasonably passive and don't give her free kills. Harass her as often as you can when she goes to last hit a minion. Stun her whenever she tries to ulti you. DO NOT use (R) Tibbers to stun her as there is a high chance she can leap away before it lands. Instead, use your (Q) Disintegrate to stun her and then hit her with (R) Tibbers. Be aware of her leaving lane for roaming kills. This often happens and she will get fed from other lanes if you don't keep track and ping or follow her. Katarina is squishy and you should have no problem 100 - 0 her after level 6.”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
Veigarv2 says “care her cutlass / gunblade spike She will look to roam alot so give your team vision. you outscale her really hard later on. Make sure to keep checking her inventory for a cutlass / gunblade. once she gets it you can no longer walk up as she will slow you and all in you. go electrocute corruption potion timewarp tonic and biscuits in this lane, you need sustain. you can oneshot her. if you struggle in this matchup you can go abbysal mask and spellbook resolve like vs Fizz”
[10.19] CHALLENGER EUW RANK 1 VEIGAR WORLD | MID GUIDE by Veigarv2 | Veigar Player
crabbix says “Hold stun to interrupt her ult, and try not to go anywhere without vision.”
fwii says “Look for trades early and avoid stepping on top of her daggers. Hard to win after level 6 or if she builds Seeker's Armguard first. ”
Scyrine says “don't let her get level 3 before you, because she can combo and kill you early and snowball off you. you win against her, if your reaction time is crisp you can sit near a dagger and wait for her to engage.”
Yasukeh says “ Be aware of where she throws her daggers, and if she can trade on you freely without giving you a chance to answer. You can often try to bait her by standing on her daggers and forcing her to take several autos if she wants to use them. Be diligent in telling your team where she is, because no matter how far ahead you get on her, she can still roam bot and get a triple kill and be back into the game. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh. by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
Yeager says “Do not push the lane early game. She can all-in you from lvl 2 and win the trades. If you freeze the lane infront of your tower, she can't kill you. If the katarina doesn't have cleanse, she should be a free kill if you ping your jungler to come.”
Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
RezoneVerified says “Land a grenade as soon as she Ults or comes into melee distance. Unless Kata gets fed early she should be easy to deal with due to being a melee AP assassin.”
[NEW 10.19] - [Season 10] - MASTER TIER 14,000 GAME Guide - by RezoneVerified | Heimerdinger Player
PH45 says “If she tries to all in you you can try to throw your bubble on to where she will land so she will fall asleep pretty quickly. Bursts pretty hard so play causiously”
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up but you need to be carelful of taking loads of free harass from her (Q). If she walks up to last-hit a minion you can possibly trade her. If you are really not confidnet you can consider taking exhaust and use it on her when she ulti's you, I personally wouldn't bother though. You can use your troll-poll (E) when she ulti's you, then use the rest of your combo to kill her. Zhonya can be a nice item to pick up early too, especially if the top-laner / jungler are AD champs.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “Very easy late game of course but early game don't stand near the daggers and when she E's out of position punish her for it. Her all in isn't as strong as yours. If either of you decide to all in then dodge Kat's ult with your Pool and Kat will die spinning and doing nothing.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Glasletter says “She places targets for you to bind her at. She can't do much more than try and proc electrocute and hope for the best.”
Fuzzmonkey says “Since she can jump straight to you, I'd highly recommend not using your E aggressively. Wait till she ever jumps on you, then use it. Don't use your E in a panic otherwise this'll get you killed.”
[10.19] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Reason97 says “Katarina can do a lot of damage, but puts herself in a lot of danger to do it. Keep an eye out for whenever she looks like she going in for an engage, and save your stun for it, since her diving in to damage makes her very easy to hit with it. If she gets ahead, she'll be an issue, but almost all of her character depends on her getting ahead to be useful. so as long as you can avoid feeding her, it should be fine. ”
A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix by Reason97 | Anivia Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Another skill based match up, but you can go hard on her early game as long as you avoid passive daggers. Chains work well on Katarina.”
[10.19] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Good old Katarina, I guess anyone who plays mages knows how annoying her jumps can be, together with her damage output. I rated her as really high, even though really precise gameplay, can make this matchup quite easy. It means, that this lane might go really well or really badly. If you position yourself right and farm, she shouldn't be able to kill you and if you wait for right moment, you can even get kill 1v1 against her, but as I said, you just have to play perfectly. What is problem though, is her roaming potential. If she gets kills from other lanes, you mostly can't simply follow, unless you have really well warded jungle and you know where you are going, but mostly it's not worth it. So it's a bit of risk, but in lategame again, if you position yourself right, you might get win condition on your side again after you hit level 16, because she will have problem dealing with your poke and even get on you if you stand far away. If you get your Lich Bane, you can even oneshot her in a single combo, unless she uses Zhonya. To wrap it up - matchup is hard, but playable as any other and here it's really important to play it right - then it will become way easier than it seems to be.”
[S10] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw (build for ADC included) by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Yuki H. says “At the most fundamental level, she is melee, and she will definitely use some abilities on minions. Just make sure to not get hit by free poke which isn't even aimed at you. Punish her cooldowns and you have the upper hand while in an auto attack combat.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “Assassin Ap with a lot mobility. Morellonomicon First Item. Magic resistance can be a good choice . Wait her mistakes for all in her . Harass and Poke her during all laning phase.”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Hullos says “This match up at first seems hard but only got easy as time went on. you know where she is going to teleport and can poke her down easy since she is melee. As long as you landed a few q's before her all in you win in dmg. ”
Impossible2Gank says “This one can go either way depending on how well they know their champ in the matchup but if you know it just as well you should be able to come out on top. As for your team though, maybe not so much.”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
Shazzaam says “Trinity Force Wits End with resolve page. Boneplating is the key vs Katarina. You can take Exhaust to make her even more useless.”
[10.19] Trinity Force Twisted Fate (Discovered/Invented by J by Shazzaam | Twisted Fate Player
ShadowSlayerMain says “You have the advantage in Early Game so you shouldn't let her farm, she will change position with E so try to predict her, if she gets fed in Late Game try not to spend your R on her Zhonya's”
SSM's Gold Zed Guide Season 10 by ShadowSlayerMain | Zed Player
FrostbiteMW says “rly mobile - hard to hit spells. stay away from daggers!”
[10.19] [Dia+] Free Elo Xerath Guide - updated by FrostbiteMW | Xerath Player
BloooodTV says “D-Blade. Katarina is very passive lvl 1, as she doesn't really have any way of doing anything. She will just farm with Q and setup for lvl 2. Zone her off cs early as much as you can try to poke her with Q or go in if she tries to get farm. Get away from her daggers until you have an item advantage. You have a massive advantage with a minion wave, but so does she. Make sure she doesn't have E up so she can't dodge your nado, or just beyblade her so she can't react fast enough (watch out for Faker out here dodging it). Once she goes for all-ins at level 6 you can windwall her R and if she keeps her r going after that like a sped just smack her and get as much damage off as you can. Also if you have nado you can just E+Q her and kill her if she doesn't have Shunpo reset. Good chance you win just watch out for her all-ins and watch out for ganks. Outscales you depending on comps. Take Conq. ”
[10.19] "Kill me? You can try." Yasuo Guide by BloooodTV | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up but you need to be carelful of taking loads of free harass from her (Q). If she walks up to last-hit a minion you can possibly trade her. Zhonya can be a nice item to pick up after your gun-blade, especially if the top-laner / jungler are AD champs. Consider starting boots and health potions as they will enable you to dodge her daggers easier. You can try to bait her ultimate and then shroud yourself as you run away or (R) onto a minion to escape it. Once her ultimate is on CD, you can go for the kill. Otherwise, if you have a jungler with hard CC they can lock down her ultimate as you fight during a gank. She will roam, be sure to follow or be ahead of her.”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
ziolo to noob says “Katarina is one of the champs that only high elo players can benefit from. If she plays aggresively, she wins with you most of the time, shes ungankable if you dont have a strong jungler. If you play vs bad Katarina you can kill her at every stage of the game, you can rush banshee if you feel like it.”
Vladimir MID - Threats and Synergies updated! by ziolo to noob | Vladimir Player
I count to seven says “She jumps often so it can be hard to land your stun, be carful. It's a really good matchup, but for her”
10.19 | Syndra Guide ~ Power without limit! by I count to seven | Syndra Player
Bouhhsolene says “No counter play, if she takes a kill, or if she puts you under turret, you lose your lane and you have to roam to get kills.”
[10.19] How to Taliyah mid ! by Bouhhsolene | Taliyah Player
LunarVortex says “Way too mobile for you to ever hit your CC. She will also simply outdamage and outheal you. Avoid her at all cost.”
[10.19] In-Depth Midlane Morgana Guide by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
TheFwnK says “To be honest, this champion is broken. She cannot die if she has Hextech Gunblade. Kill her when you are in advantage with items or just wait for your Jungler to gank.”
Fizz's Bible - Assassinating enemies like a fish. by TheFwnK | Fizz Player
Marky 2 Butts says “Kat level 1-5 doesn't do too much damage, if you can push in early waves to get level 2 first and constantly harass her with Q. If you do this, then you should be able to get level 6 quicker and with ignite and ult be able to kill her. If she gets a kill on you early this could switch the threat to a major as Kat can deal a lot of burst damage. ”
Glass Cannon AP Malphite Mid by Marky 2 Butts | Malphite Player
Shazzaam says “Exhaust and she is useless. If you're insecure get Hexdrinker.”
[10.19] Hybrid Corki Guide by Shazzaam | Corki Player
ToHadesWithYou says “Watch when will she will go to her blades. That way you can hit her with your E, but a good Katarina will be so active that it will make landing your E harder.”
Zoe Guide 10.19 by ToHadesWithYou | Zoe Player
Coldsong says “Katarina is not a bad matchup for Talon, as your melee Q screws her up super hard. Stay away from daggers and try to predict where she will use her E for an easy passive proc.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
XayLies says “That's not hard at all to win Katarina, just Windwall her Q, use your own Q when she comes near and disable her Ultimate by E on minions / Knocking her up. You can even make her rage quit by following her roams in bot lane and get a triple kill with your support.”
Yasuo Guide | Season 10 by XayLies | Yasuo Player
Fadedreformed says “The matchup is in your favor unless she starts with longshord, she can actually kill you early levels with longsword if you do a mistake. But should be pretty free unless she goes bot and gets a triple kill :)”
Papzz says “Her reset is the only thing you should be afraid.. and her damage..Try to be careful and focused to her daggers on the ground. whenever she R use your W. EXHAUST IS A MUST HERE.”
God Tier Viktor Guide 10.19 by Papzz | Viktor Player
DarkM3tal87_ says “Always look for extended trades and block the most of her damage with windwall”
Delirium's In-Depth Yasuo Guide Season 10 by DarkM3tal87_ | Yasuo Player
Proma says “Dshield/Sword + pots I recommend going sorcery secondary with null orb and whatever other rune you'd prefer from that tree. Post 6 just pull her with Q or E out of her ult. This is a very easy lane as long as she doesn't get ahead of you.”
economistastonks says “Just don't stand inside her knifes. This match up will be decided on who can go in, trade and go out winning. Just E out of her Ultimate and that's it. ”
Farming Champions by economistastonks | Pyke Player
Chiefsnake says “Skill matchup. play around where her daggers are and q her as soon as she jumps on you. You can cancel her ult with yours or your Q”
Scuffed Asol guide by Chiefsnake | Aurelion Sol Player
Reason97 says “Her movement's are highly predictable since they're pretty dictated by her daggers. You can also cancel her ult with either your Q or your own ult, so as long as you don't waste them willy nilly, she put's herself at high risk to try to all in you. The biggest issue is just the somewhat unpredictability of her daggers bounce. can cost you your passive if you're a bit closer to minions then you realize. ”
Midlane God says “Easy like hell to kill her Torment her with your Q on lvl 1 when u get lvl 3 kill her with full combo and ignite. ”
Dominate Mid as Rumble by Midlane God | Rumble Player
SkellyBirb says “Katarina can burst you, but you can stun her and burst her as well if she positions poorly. Play safe and wait for her to make a mistake.”
[10.18] A Guide to Lich Bane Bard Mid! by SkellyBirb | Bard Player
Defensivity1 says “dont stand on her daggers and use your q to poke her in lane a lot also auto attacks if she used her q ”
Defensivity's S10 Veigar guide by Defensivity1 | Veigar Player
laoshin3v3 says “poke her down so she can't farm, she will get useless. Wait for her ult to use ur W”
[10.18] Lao's Vladimir - Kneel before Vlad by laoshin3v3 | Vladimir Player
Mythical ZOE says “-High burst damage -Had a blink -She can easily dodge your abilities ”
Veralion says “HoB/Sword. This lane is balanced on a razor's edge and you'll need to focus up early. Other champions are able to snowball a game off of 3 or 4 kills, but this bitch only needs 1 to start murdering everyone. You CANNOT die. Period. Katarina lives and dies by her dagger placement. The trick to beating her is getting a feel for where her Q is going to land and being anywhere but there when it does if you aren't in a position to trade. It will always land a short distance behind the first target it hits. Once you have that figured out, you can farm with relative confidence and safety while you wait for a favorable moment. Hail of Blades with skilling Q at level 2 completely out-trades her and will make her scared to walk up for farm. If you're healthy, keep your mouse over that dagger and stand in range ready for her to E in. Hit her with a point blank E and unload on her. She will absolutely MELT and will freak out trying to retreat. The lane dynamic changes rather rapidly if you mess this up and let her escape without retaliation, though. It's best to wait until level 3 to begin trading, though. If you're down any health at all, you are on the defensive. Remember, you CANNOT die to her. She can take many different keystones. DH is the easiest to handle, followed by Conq, with Electrocute being the toughest. If she Q’s you from max range, you can safely W and run back. If she Q’s you from midrange, run anywhere BUT back. The dagger will land right where you’re running and she will be in range to E and chunk you down. Do not ever attempt to tank her ult. It does too much damage and you will die. Either interrupt it with your ult or flash the hell away. If you decide to all in her from range and not hold ult to stop hers, you’d better be damn sure you kill her before her ult gets more than a few ticks off. Don’t go for a roam if she can follow you. The last thing you want is to lure her to 3 half health teammates and set her up for a free triple. If she starts to follow, it's best to set up in a bush and catch her facechecking rather than let her get to a big fight. ”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
SkellyBirb says “Katarina can burst you quite easily, but if she makes a mistake with her dash, you can easily catch her out and burst her. You can also cancel her ultimate with 3 of your abilities.”
[10.18] AP Zac in Season 10! Mid and Jungle! by SkellyBirb | Zac Player
DabiDabi says “Now that Conqueror is Kat's ideal runes, killing her will be more difficult. Unless she brings Electrocute. Still always try to hit two W's and Q.”
ReapeRGP says “Really hard to deal with. She can escape your cage and burst you. If she is playing conqueror then she won't die easily. Just try to farm and stack safely and try to call you jungler if you think you can kill her.”
Veigar 10.18 Carry Alone by ReapeRGP | Veigar Player
seemes says “like leblanc she will never be hit by q if shes competent, wait in bushes to jumpscare her.”
A Chads Guide to A$$'Gath by seemes | Cho'Gath Player
Veigarv2 says “No way to cancel her ultimate, can sustain with gunblade to negate your R execute. alot of mobility to dodge your Q.”
[10.18] CHALLENGER GUIDE TO KARTHUS MIDLANE by Veigarv2 | Karthus Player
Icemperor says “Pretty even with Kat, but a similar situation to Zed. Try to bait her dashes, and then Q or E.”
Filosh says “Can take you down very easily. Depends on the player”
Simple Aurelion Sol guide by Filosh | Aurelion Sol Player
Timowatzki says “Should not make it out of Ban-Phase.”
Veigar S10 Updated Guide by Timowatzki | Veigar Player
Grimkyle says “Katarina is once champ I just always perma ban because IMO she is one of the best champs for solo q and I just have bad experience with her Katarina mains hate fizz and fizz mains hate katarina. You should win the laning phase all you have to do is q auto w proc electro and bonus if you e her dagger. if she takes conq is easier for you to abuse her just don't long trade with her because then she just out trades you with damage and healing ”
"Lets GO!"| Grimkyle's guide on Fizz by Grimkyle | Fizz Player
Nodon says “awww did the little girl get the horns?”
MOOOOOOOOO! by Nodon | Alistar Player
vuty2002 says “If you can predict her E, you basically counter her. The only problem is that she will call for gank so get a control ward.”
Yasuo Conqueror + Sorcery by vuty2002 | Yasuo Player
ThisIsMugetsu says “her problem is the same as zeds, her mobility, be very careful of her daggers and their placement when going for a trade”
HOW TO PLAY DIANA LIKE A MONSTER(guide in progress) by ThisIsMugetsu | Diana Player
BCota says “Dodge her Daggers if she ults just pool it. Poker her to about half health, if you are lvl 6 and have a large rod just all in she cant do shit ”
Vladimir Mid Guide 10.18 by BCota | Vladimir Player
RezoneVerified says “Her high mobility and high burst can be a problem”
[NEW PATCH 9.24 - [SEASON 9] - KOREAN ZILEAN! - WHAT UP I GO by RezoneVerified | Zilean Player
Frixen says “One of the worst TF matchups. You have to be much better to win against her. Yes you have the range advantage, but she can basically get on top of you whenever she wants to and you have hard time returning damage against her. The key to winning against Katarina is levels 1-2. After that it is kind of over for you. ”
SnakeOnRiver says “Cass is biggest counter to Kata. Land Q while she is jumping to win trade. When she is ulting remember where was her face before ult, to easy stun +miasma for kill.”
[10.17] The holy and blessed Cassiopeia guide! by SnakeOnRiver | Cassiopeia Player
TheSnakinou says “This match-up is not really hard for Lux, just play safe early and don't get her fed. Run TP to follow her if she roams a lot.”
How to play Lux in S10 by TheSnakinou | Lux Player
Silva San says “Once she hits 3 and 6 she owns the lane respect her and stay back and farm. Heal is highly recommended for this matchup.”
lessbedone says “Beware of your surroundings. Until she gets her Hexblade, she poses no real threath. Use electrocute.”
MID/ADC Aphelios: Most in-depth guide you'll see by lessbedone | Aphelios Player
Melyn says “Always be aware of her daggers. She can jump to them (dealing damage), which in turns almost completely resets her jump again. She is very mobile, so be careful when blowing your combo. ”
Lunasta says “You can easily cancel any of her combos with your Stun and get invisible to avoid her Q on you, but be careful, she can still Ult you, even if you're invisible.”
[ 10.16 ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC) by Lunasta | Qiyana Player
GnarZing says “Take PTA or Comet. Don't stand near her daggers. The range around her daggers is somewhat deceiving, so be sure to give them more space than needed.”
Zing's Guide to Mid Gnar (10.16) (WIP) by GnarZing | Gnar Player
Big Shawn says “This match-up is pretty even. Katarina relies on her blades and Ekko on his predictions. If you land the perfect W-Ability on her, you will dominate. Should you fall behind though, she will turn into a threat. Kata can easily punish you and his hard for your jungler to gank. Therefore minimize your mistakes and punish hers.”
Ekko | Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Ekko Player
Snow Day Zoe says “If you hit your e, easy kill, if she dodges it, easy death. Make sure you wait until she e so you can hit your e”
ai darkfluid says “Strange enough as it is, Viktor can actually murder Katarina. W>R onto her R post-6 and she has to either react with a dash somewhere else, where you can promptly blast her away with abilities, or take the stun to the face. On the off chance she tries to dash on you, make sure you don't path onto her daggers, as that's where a majority of her early combo is. Spam ping when she's missing, as it only gets out of hand when she comes back to lane with 3 kills from bot. Preferred rune: Aery/Electrocute”
A gold player's guide to Viktor by ai darkfluid | Viktor Player
Top69Concepts says “Katarina can kite akali with her e but you can fight her before she gets ult to win easier. ”
Akali GUIDE - M7 by Top69Concepts | Akali Player
Wolftastic says “Your charm cancels her ult so have it ready when you know she has her ult up.”
Ahri Build by Wolftastic | Ahri Player
xtrinity01x says “Average Kats are okay..but good Kats are hell. even if you try to predict where she goes, she just dashes all over the place and its difficult to land a single root. Bully her lvl 1-3 and then try to bait out her ult because since you have to get close to ult, she'll probably try to counter it by ulting and btw, that thing hurts a lot.”
Morgana Mid/AP Morgana Supp (WATCH EM BURN) by xtrinity01x | Morgana Player
Brentonlop says “Laning phase is easy. You win trades and get more CS than her. Poke her so she can't CS. Follow her when she roams.”
Brentonlop's In depth Leblanc Guide by Brentonlop | LeBlanc Player
TheWindWalker says “You easily counter her in laning phase but dont let her get fed from side lanes, look up to following her ganks or roam before she does waring youtr team about her”
The Hidden OP Sylas Build by TheWindWalker | Sylas Player
Dzsuz says “You can easily kill her if you stop her R or use your E to get away from her and than you can all in.”
Fizz Carry Every GAME by Dzsuz | Fizz Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “Skill Matchup You can poke her down easily and not have to worry till Level 3 where she can equally trade with you if not better. At 6, You really need your stun for her ult or you're in trouble so keep it up instead of using Q to cs if you feel she wants to go in. Just don't play too aggresive.”
Twistinfortune says “Her ultimate can kill your entire team if you miss your stun Your ultimate only saves 1 person from her ultimate.”
Zilean: The Stunning Movement by Twistinfortune | Zilean Player
snukumz says “Not too tough to deal with. You're mostly auto attacks and point and click abilities so she can't dodge most of your damage. If she ults you you can just ult her away and cancel her ult. Run exhaust and just auto her to death.”
BUST IT DOWN TRISTANA - TRISTANA MID GUIDE! by snukumz | Tristana Player
AlolanFairy says “Can escape your combo if she's good. Same deal as LeBlanc. Keep an eye on those knives and she can be reduced to a laughable attempt at an Assassin.”
[10.15] Stormin' Through Low Elo! by AlolanFairy | Kennen Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
Magical Rock says “Katrina is not that hard to go against, because you can trade evenly with her. That said, she can still do a bit of damage though can be easily jumped. A good strategy for her is to bait her to grab the knife, but as soon as she does proc electrocute.”
The Perfect Assassin - A guide to AP Malphite Mid by Magical Rock | Malphite Player
The PaIe King says “Abyssal Rush Summoner Spells: Barrier/Flash---- Build Path: Abyssal Mask, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Banshees Veil , Void Staff, Rabadons Deathcap . ----Rune Page: Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Ultimate Hunter, Zombie Ward, Bone Plating or Conditioning, Overgrowth.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
maxtenj says “Even though she is AP you can normally out trade her and all in her due to how squishy she is. Get Bramble for anti heal.”
[10.15] Crush the Meta, with Malphite Mid! by maxtenj | Malphite Player
snukumz says “Ouch! One of the hardest counters to Vk if you try to get toe to toe with her. She can easily dodge all of your skill shots and do tons of damage to you. Play safe and smart against her. Wave clear to keep her from roaming and killing your teammates. If you hit a good knock up and he dash is down you can kill her. Watch out for her knives!”
1256 says “if not for early cheese with conq+long sword and roam potential she is 1/2, you cancel her ulti with your q, you outscale her fleet+dom, electro if confident”
galactic kassadin guide by 1256 | Kassadin Player
Hadios says “if shes not amazing, you'll win.”
My Viktor build by Hadios | Viktor Player
cayden says “I personally dont like playing against a kata but dodge her knifes with your e and you have a chance to 1v1 her”
Fizz guide season 10 by cayden | Fizz Player
MATOGUZ says “Play safe against Katarina. She will try to Q you everytime. Be the first one to bully. ”
Dark Harvest Orianna | Bully the Bully by MATOGUZ | Orianna Player
FROMENXD says “If she ever jumps on you blow her up.”
[10.15] Diamond Rumble guide by FROMENXD | Rumble Player
AZIR MEN says “know the position of her daggers. Poke her down. Ult when she ults. Take electrocute or conq.”
Pentakai says “Be careful of her early game damage. After level 3, you can go for small combos that triggers electrocute. After level 6, you win. If she ults, R away or interrupt it with your Q.”
[10.13] PTK| Choose Your Path | Kassadin Guide by Pentakai | Kassadin Player
LightningTemplar says “She is very mobile and can be a struggle hitting your combo on. She shines against champs without no hard cc, like Zed. She can build Cloths into Armguard without really sacrificing anything. Use W or Flash to escape when she use R, or if you have a chance to kill her, you can R her R to negate a lot of the dmg, and follow up with your combo which should be easy to hit as she stands still when she ults. ”
Swagilicious' Zed Guide - ZED99 Inspired by LightningTemplar | Zed Player
Disaray says “Difficulty: Medium More information in the section "When should/shouldn't you pick Diana?"”
VeneficusFerox says “Make sure you don't use W too wildly, since you need Gold to stop her ult.”
[S10] Twisted Fate: Your Get-Out-Of-Bronze-Free-Card by VeneficusFerox | Twisted Fate Player
KitsyMamori says “If you are able of predicting where she will E to (for an example: her daggers). You are basically in a free lane. Just hit her with your Q and then follow up with the rest.”
Kitsy's Lux Build (MID) by KitsyMamori | Lux Player
only yasuo play says “Pure skill matchup. Block her q's before 6 with windwall. After she hits 6 save windwall for her r.”
BEST YASUO GUIDE (WIP) by only yasuo play | Yasuo Player
Zwengo says “She can be annoying to stun with her movement. Play agro under your turrets and get ready to stun her when theirs a dagger near you. Also you can cancel her ult with your E.”
Heimerdinger Mid OP by Zwengo | Heimerdinger Player
SicKitty says “dont get to close or she will teleport on you and you better hope your W is not on cool down. or can be relly bad at dogging and your win lane verry difrent kats out there”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
Art1val says “As long as you play safe and don't give her a kill early you should be fine.”
PepeOnDrugs says “This is a very easy matchup for Akali. Kata has propably the worst level 1 in the game, so try to poke her hard level 1 to 3. At 6 she gets a little bit of power, but so do you. Demolish her early and don't let her farm and win is yours.”
How to dominate with Akali by PepeOnDrugs | Akali Player
Lobban says “Super easy matchup. Ult when she ults. Stay away from her dropped daggers. And since katarina cant wardjump no more she doesent really have a way of getting away as long has you fight her while her minions are far away.”
Arsenee says “She can be kind of tricky to fight but put your bubble where she is going to teleport to.”
Jackpitts says “just E if she ult and then go all in, R - Q - W ignite and she will die”
One shot Fizz guide by Jackpitts | Fizz Player
lRusu says “Since the changes on Diana, you can no longer stop her ult every 15 -20 seconds, it's now very difficult to win this matchup. hold your ult ONLY for her ult, unless you can guarantee the kill”
Lavishmouse1032 says “poke her and watch out for her daggers because if you get in range of one shes going to all in you and wait on your e to see which spot shes going to dash on you ”
Iron 1 xerath guide by Lavishmouse1032 | Xerath Player
MaxskeProductions says “Pure skills match-up. You just have to avoid her daggers and ping her roams. If you get ahead you win, if she gets ahead, gg.”
Maxske's Ekko Guide (w/ Xiao Lao Ban's RANK 1 Ekko Tips) by MaxskeProductions | Ekko Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “Kata is not that powerful late game just play safe at the begining, poke her whenever you can and try to predict her e by watching where her daggers land to hit her with your spells, after 6 it should easy to jump her”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
henxs says “You can block her R with your wind wall and you can just trade damage while you are behind wind wall. You can also block his Q-s with wind wall.”
Hyu Mungus says “Simple matchup, stay away from daggers and pool her ult. You win at every stage of the game.”
Mid Lane Blood Lord (Diamond build and matchup guide) by Hyu Mungus | Vladimir Player
panger 174 says “no la veo tan dificil, tenes una ventana para tirarle e cuando salta a cuchillos. jugale chill no seas boludo elec dh cometa?”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
u fool says “Can easily dodge E and Q, and solo kill you if you do not hit anything.”
ImDaNub says “Stab her to death , try to bait her on daggers early on (and use e when she dashes in) also save your q for AFTER she dashes”
Basic Azir guide. by ImDaNub | Azir Player
Gageowago says “Stay off her daggers and watch out for the level 2 Katarina combo because it will put you to half health. Abuse her hard at level 1 and play safe afterwards. Once she uses q or w it goes on a long cooldown so poke her when she uses them. Also if she uses her shunpo without getting a dagger you have about 12 or more seconds to punish her because it goes on a massive cooldown if she doesn't reset it. Post-6 save charm for if she ults on you. -------(Patch 9.23) Katarina is also a Conqueror abuser. She can easily kill you and heal from it with new Conqueror. Stay back and avoid daggers even when ahead.”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Debonair Karma says “She can destroy you at any point of the game, really. You need someone with hard cc to shut her down. Late game you can nullify a lot of her damage with your RE. Take teleport/barrier/ignite. Go ROA-Seraphs build.”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
idadees says “Solitamente non è difficile il match up di Kata, il modo più efficace per batterla è tenersi la E e usarla quando via suelle daghe.”
[ITALIANO] DOMINA LA TUA LANE CON AHRI | (MID) by idadees | Ahri Player
BigFatCat909 says “Katarina is a Zed favoured skill matchup. Kat only wins off of Zed's mistakes but it is fairly hard to make mistakes in this matchup. The easiest way to win fights against her is to dodge her q with your ult.”
Hunt Their Shadows by BigFatCat909 | Zed Player
MeguUwU says “Easy match up if you know how to avoid katas blades. The problem here is that will be always roaming because she pushes very fast”
Yuumi Mid - Best Late Game Alter Supp by MeguUwU | Yuumi Player
topal says “Great matchup for galio. Just be careful and remember that if you use all your cc she can run you down if her ult is up.”
Galio op op ( in depth Galio guide ) by topal | Galio Player
Noodles912 says “With the new Conq on katarina, she really outdamages you better. Pre 6, Stay away from her daggers, and poke her with Q. Use AA+W to chunk her if possible. After 6, save ult for her ult. Remember Q cancels her ult too, but isn't as good as using R to escape. You outscale at 11, and watch out for her early damage.”
1v9 every game as Kassadin with Noodles912 by Noodles912 | Kassadin Player
YunaDragoon says “Matchup is winnable, just be mindfull of her E that she could use behind you. As long as you're behind the dagger she threw behind you you should almost always be able to hit both W hits. A good Talon beats a good Katarina. A bad Talon loses to a bad Katarina. ”
Talon The Blade's Shadow by YunaDragoon | Talon Player
Ignix0 says “A skilled kat always wins against zed. Always keep in mind if she has e. DONT weq when she has her e up. She'll just dash away. If she uses r and you have w up just w away and then eq her.”
[10.12] Master of the shadows by Ignix0 | Zed Player
Papapostolou says “Don't let her roam, and if she does, then ALWAYS say SS, if she get 3/0, the game is gonna be really hard for you. try to poke her every time she uses E to her daggers but without taking damage. You can dodge her R with your W (Sanguine pool)”
Guide to the Vlad God Patch 10.12 by Papapostolou | Vladimir Player
VetterPatman says “play save until lvl 6 u can hardly outplay her with your pool”
Vladimir 1v9 guide by VetterPatman | Vladimir Player
Raiiny says “Brother and Sister = Sister wins. She is easy to defeat however but if the kat is good she can easily beat you. Even if they played 2 games. ”
How to play talon! by Raiiny | Talon Player
Lil Tidepod says “Katarina is a little bit unique with assassins in terms of just how insanely mobile she is, and that she doesn't have to always get super close to deal big damage. It's kind of odd how much damage just throwing her dagger onto a minion that then bounces onto you can do. She does, however, need to get close to finish you off. Her blink makes her a problem, but if she does get close to you, lock her down with an E W for the root and throw a Q onto her. After enough times, she won't be able to retaliate anymore, and will play safe. Push the wave under the turret, because she can't farm under turret really at all.”
PRoli03 says “She is weak right now but you must care for her daggers and keep your w for her ultimate”
Sanctuar says “Katarina may have a strong killing potential, but so do you. Dodge the daggers as she will jump to them to deal damage. If she intends to all-in on you with her ultimate, use yours to stun her immediately. I sometimes build Hextech Gunblade as a first item to stay even with her burst damage, if i fall behind, i proceed with the normal item build.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
ZombieZack1 says “Katarina is A Hard Matchup for Lux, although Lux can easily one shot Katarina she is slippery and can one shot Lux if played poorly”
xXxYasuoxXx2007 says “ur w doesnt block her r u dumb fuck”
The only yasuo guide you will ever need by xXxYasuoxXx2007 | Yasuo Player
Fhizzikx says “This champion just dashes everywhere. Stay under tower and farm safely. Don't lose hp for some cs because early game cs isn't as important as xp. lvl 1 she doesn't have much mobility so look for some autos. Once she hits 2 be wary of her dashes on you. Hold onto your e and don't use it until you're sure its going to hit because once your e is down you're very vulnerable. You can cancel her r with your e and she can dash behind you while you're in r. Play Smart.”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
Capparelli says “Her daggers make her predictable don't stand on top of them and you can avoid most of her damage, save R until she uses E, you can almost always one shot her faster then she can one shot you, get Serrated Dirk or Tiamat based on if you are planning to stomp lane or roam”
Qiyana In-Depth Guide by Capparelli | Qiyana Player
JacWilly says “Play around her cooldowns”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
ahrienthusiastmain says “You have to freeze wave against katarina because she's too much of a threat near her tower. While your charm can cancel her ult, she's very slippery and can deal damage without her ult. ”
Ahri Adaptable Assassin Build by ahrienthusiastmain | Ahri Player
UnRealEssa says “Good kata will always avoid your q e but if you will wait with this she is one shot”
Syndra only guide you will ever need by UnRealEssa | Syndra Player
LuxTheGreyWarden says “Read below in the matchup section for more info!”
[10.10]And They Said I Lacked Balance, Ha!: Luxeøn Style by LuxTheGreyWarden | Syndra Player
serruh says “this matchup should NOT be an issue whatsoever, she has a very weak laning phase, weak early levels and is actually very easy to setup ganks vs and set behind. the problem comes from when she roams around the map and gets ahead through other means. in those cases you usually cant deal with her(as your root doesnt stop her ult) and she just becomes impossible to fight. will probably lower her threat level once she gets nerfed, honestly think she's just overtuned atm.”
[10.10] Ryze MID Guide & Matchups by serruh | Ryze Player
Noodles912 says “Easy matchup, but not too easy. She has 2 daggers in her kit, so you want to E when she will teleport. Its hard to time as well. When she uses w, its a good time to e. Post 6, use E for her ultimate. PTA is nice. Use corrupting pots from better trading damage.”
HeyItsLeemo says “If she's good, you're dead. No sugar coating it, just build mr and try to poke her and maybe get a ks with a hand from your jg/bot”
RefFusioner says “Just don't feed her. Be passive against her. She can simply kill you with if she gets her Gunblade.”
Midaliyah (Not complete yet) by RefFusioner | Taliyah Player
Mastertino says “She is very annoying, but if you save your sleep for when she jumps on you, you can sleep then get to a safer range to kill her.”
Sleep = Free Kill by Mastertino | Zoe Player
Astalfo says “Just don't feed, have your jungler gank before level 6.”
Hybrid / AP Yasuo CARRY by Astalfo | Yasuo Player
RockitoAhri says “Stay away from the daggers on the ground. Throw a lot of auto attacks on her, but walk back when you get minion aggro. You can freely go for Q - W - Auto attack, but you need to keep your E to cancel her ult. Using it prematurely will get you engaged on and killed. ”
[10.9] Ahri Guide! Climb Ranked Tips S10! [D1 AHRI OTP] by RockitoAhri | Ahri Player
Malmortious says “To be honest she isn't as hard as people make her to be, but good Katarina players can be a problem to you.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
deprimere says “there's not much to say about Katarina. This match-up is usually a win. But her roaming can make her fed and her lategame CAN be stronger than Nocturnes for sure. Winnable but always be careful, don't give her a lead through getting kills on ANY lane.”
10.9 Nocturne Midlane Build - Patch 10.9 / Season 2020 by deprimere | Nocturne Player
Kami_EU says “Easy matchup for Yasuo since you will outdamage her in prolonged trades. Your Windwall counters her Ultimate. Look out for her daggers, position yourself accordingly.”
Frostbitte says “same as zed - dont use your e or she has a free opening”
[10.9] Free Elo Syndra Guide by Frostbitte | Syndra Player
chrissmunro says “Difficult to cc as she jumps all across the lane, however fairly squishy so after you land one Q make sure to get your full combo onto her”
The Path is LIT - A guide to S10 by chrissmunro | Lux Player
kujosrevenge says “Kat-favored matchup but still winnable. This lane is tough for AD irelia as well. For best results with E, put it on one of her daggers to try and predict her shunpo and you win, but post-6, it is best not to fight her 1v1.”
[10.9 NEW META] Best AP Irelia Build by kujosrevenge | Irelia Player
The Venerable Racoon says “Used to be way worse, but she still packs a punch. Be wary of her knives since she can teleport to them, and if she r's then e under her, it'll disrupt the channel”
Double Passive Vel by The Venerable Racoon | Vel'Koz Player
BabyTwisty says “You beat her lvl 1 but not lvl 2 so watch out for that. Try not to play really passively lvl 2 or else she can get ahead and nae nae you.”
A Silver Ekko guide by BabyTwisty | Ekko Player
JackieXDz says “same as i said at zed.almost.”
Xerath APC Late-game melter by JackieXDz | Xerath Player
LolLogan says “anybody who is an assassin is bad for brand ”
Light a fire under your *** by LolLogan | Brand Player
Honey_drops says “Katarina isn't that big of an issue, but she's an annoying bitch so be careful because she snowballs EXTREMELY hard.”
Typical Yasuo says “focus on farm and avoid daggers, block her q if you have to but if windwall is on cd stay back. ”
Yasuo 400+games with this build by Typical Yasuo | Yasuo Player
P0rk0 says “In this matchup try to time your Q when she uses her Q to avoid her damage with the spellshield.”
ER1KLB says “Assassins with a lot of TP, be careful ...”
NapTimeForYou ! [ZOE GUIDE] by ER1KLB | Zoe Player
Inscaped says “I'll say this. I absolutely hate this champion, hate the playstyle and the snowball. This is my go-to ban 90% of the time. Against a good katarina, you stand no chance and you won't even hit you W, I promise. She has no dashes, so your E is not a big help either. STAY SAFE, never engage without a jungler, unless overfed. Kata snowballs SUPER HARD and even with 2 kills, she'll soon be at 5 and your game is going down, just like the Titanic.”
"Know the loom. Be the stone." A comprehensive gui by Inscaped | Taliyah Player
Libeer says “Can follow up your roams with greater artillery, oneshot you”
MFNahde says “Once you play against katarina and understand how her trading works, you'll know just how useless she is against Rumble. You'll crush this matchup, focus on roaming after 6 unless she all-ins you, then just drop equalizer and pound her”
[Mid/Top] Through the Fire and the Flames by MFNahde | Rumble Player
t3rminated says “Katarina is a really, really annoying matchup. She just hops around everywhere and avoids your combo. The reason why I put this in major and not extreme is because they are very predictable. If you can see that their dagger is going to you, you can predictively shoot q or e and combo them. Play safe under tower with good positioning and you should be fine. Expect a really boring laning phase with no deaths and hope that the Kat gets impatient and does something reckless. Also make sure that Kat doesn’t roam or at least warn other lanes. If the kat roams you basically lose. Try to deny them from doing this by shoving the wave and pushing for plates (make sure you know where the jungler and Kat is). Or you can counter roam. ”
1Recycle Bin1 says “I'm not going to add a difficulty level here since it depends on who makes mistakes first (let the better kata win)”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
Polygon XVI says “Katarina has a lot of burst and like all assassins she can easily jump onto you at melee range. You want to take Nullifying Orb and watch where her daggers land keep your distance.”
Aurelion Sol Guide Rune/Combo/Items/Spells in-depth by Polygon XVI | Aurelion Sol Player
TDS Epic says “Katarina is my hardest matchup. With so much mobility in her kit even with glacial augment slows she can be the hardest counter to you.”
LurkinShadow says “Katarina can dodge all of your abilities with her e, make sure to use your Root Binding with care otherwise she will burst you down with ease”
Lux Dark Harvest (Mid and Support by LurkinShadow | Lux Player
santifazio says “Podemos hacerle counter a su R con nuestra E, debe acercarse a nosotros para hacernos daño y entra en el rango de las torretas.”
MAIN HEIMERDINGER by santifazio | Heimerdinger Player
KC_Toxic says “You can stop Katarina from ulting but care for early all ins and she can be insane in the endgame destroying your team if she gets alot of early kills. Dont let her roam.”
Kassadin MID-END DOMINATION THE MANA KING by KC_Toxic | Kassadin Player
M1keSujeffki says “She is very mobile and has lots of burst. Leave your Q until she uses ult so you can cancel it.”
Beginners guide to Lux mid! by M1keSujeffki | Lux Player
chrisloths says “She's super squishy and easy to poke. Her all-in can be countered with your knockup.”
TheLuminosity says “Read in counters section:”
theboywhodominatedaplat says “when she Q's u Q her back she will try to all in you once she reach level 2 so upgrade your E second and use E when she Es on her dagger to all in you and AA her then Q her to proc electrocute R her when she R's you and dont R first unless you're sure you will kill her ofcoures and always try to predict where she's going by Q'ing her defensive dagger”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “Disgusting matchup, her mobility and damage is very bad for Zed. If you get behind you're team will have fun with the 29/1 Katarina on the other team scoring Pentakills.”
MomQueen says “High damage and mobility (there's a theme here), but she can still fall prey to your abilities if she ulties with no cover.”
Zoe Mid by MomQueen | Zoe Player
Zeyan says “Strong meta midlaner. Ap assassin who can 100-0 you if you misstep. Will roam if you play passive. Stopwatch will not be as effective as it is with champions like zed. As it enables her to prepare daggers to burt you when stasis ends. ”
Orianna Guide by Zeyan | Orianna Player
Gogicha55 says “Bait her to jump on her daggers and you outtrade her with W auto Melee Q auto and don't let her E behind you cuz you will lose the trade if she dodges the second W”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
ekkologix says “skill matchup , usually u can't kill her neither she can you ,roam for win.”
In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! { Mid/Jg/Top } by ekkologix | Ekko Player
Eccentricks says “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh sorry, yes, Katarina. This matchup is really tough, so bring ignite and be prepared for a wild ride. Start Dorans, you will need it. Do the thing you do with Zed and harass with Q when she steps up for minions. Once she is low, or she engages, since she is a fucking rabid bitch who is out for blue blood, dash in (or out) and hit her in the face with E and violently unshackle your combo upon her. After that is over, you probably will be dead, because Katarina... But, if you do it at a good time (like when your jungle is there, her's isn't), you can secure a single kill, and from there, push it in, back, buy items, and stay determined and focused at all times. Ask yourself questions about what to do next and try to remember where the jungle is, as they help her a lot. If you feed, however, the match is lost. But if you are down one kill, don't fret, or rotate, you can come back with smart play, think about what she is doing wrong and look for mistakes. Try to not focus on CS while she is in the wave, as you will probably die. Try to poke her instead and then back up, because she usually will retaliate and you need to be quick about it.”
8wolf says “Insane mobility and burst damage. The dagger resets make her a dodging machine. The only reason why she is not an extreme threat is that your ult can easily cancel hers and disengage. You might want to take exhaust for the times in which running away is not an option.”
Daedralus says “Early game is extremely easy as she won't have enough damage to kill anyway, but you can also heal it off very easily. Your ult counters her ult and even if you don't have it, by activating your E, you will take much less damage, and can also stop her ult with the fear. Additionally, a well timed Q can allow you to travel with her when she uses her E, making it a super simple lane.”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
bigbeanboi4 says “also has extreme mobility ”
big bombo blitz mid by bigbeanboi4 | Blitzcrank Player
MrRiots says “Starting Item: Dark seal + Potion Katarina is another assassin that cannot kill you. Stay out of range, E her. Poke and harass and R to oblivion”
Gettsuu says “Lvl2 jouez sous votre tour et attendez le jungle.Si elle joue mal vous pouvez gagner mais si elle joue bien vous avez perdu votre lane désolé pour vous”
Haweom says “She has really good sustain and will one shot you, take barrier.”
MALZAHAR | season 10 by Haweom | Malzahar Player
Tehqo says “You have to keep your ult for her ult. Otherwise, you have no other way to stop hers. Be careful of her blink, because she can just ignore your soldiers and your ult. ”
NebuIa says “Katarina is extremely scary once she gets gunblade. Also, watch out for level 3 all ins. Very difficult to deal with her jumps. Be patient with E. Maybe try e'ing once she ults and then r'ing out of the range of it until she is slept. Consider barrier. Also, I've heard that if you're scared of her all ins early, armor is more effective in runes.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
TheBlueImperial says “She's annoying and slippery but she has a hard time killing you because of just how much CC Galio has. If you manage to grab her she is more often than not dead to the combo.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
Je Suis Azir says “A good Katarina can slice your fucking retinas off before you even know she moved. However, this does not matter if you remain aware of the positioning of her daggers, and remain aware of her Cooldowns. You can punish her really hard if you remain at max range and poke her well.”
[Season 10] Azir Build : DOMINATE MID LANE by Je Suis Azir | Azir Player
Tartertoot says “Kat is very mobile. Time your snare with her jumps and avoid getting all inned.”
Neeko, The Naughty Tomato by Tartertoot | Neeko Player
TheSpark says “Can be a real pain jumping everywhere, you can most of the time predict where she's gonna jump judging by where her knives land. Use that to your advantage in lane especially by throwing down an E when she blinks to it.”
[9.24] Mid Guide to Lux! by TheSpark | Lux Player
SpecterZX says “She is ridicoulous, Unwinable unless you have a good mid laner and even then its Super hard.Ask your team to ban Katarina if they dont pray that they dont pick her.”
1v9 Sett Jungle Guide by SpecterZX by SpecterZX | Sett Player
Dgraider says “Skill matchup. She won't be able to kill you at 6 in an even matchup but she will scale and Rumble doesn't scale MR so she will be able to solo kill you easily eventually”
Rumbling in the 90s by Dgraider | Rumble Player
GalioPlayer says “You have 2 abilities that can cancel her ultimate and your level 1 to 3 can potentially kill her ”
The Ultimate Galio Guide by GalioPlayer | Galio Player
True Tezla says “Consegue Chegar no EZ muito Facil caso ela creça no Game seu jogo tera que Ser EXTREMAMENTE RECUADO”
KitsyMamori says “She is so easy, just E her when she go's all in and boom! delete her! (but miss that E and she moves to the highest danger level)”
Kitsy's Diana guide by KitsyMamori | Diana Player
N4wt says “Get healing reduction, and harass her heavily early game so she can't roam on you. ”
[10.4] Kayle Mid Guide (Diamond+) by N4wt | Kayle Player
cobbzy says “Mirror matchup just shows who is the better Katarina player. Just set up daggers and poke when you can, often times you will both be roaming so if you can catch them in a team fight often times you will win. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
Te Hago Un Pan says “Pretty easy to know where she will dash and that, avoid her scaling otherwise will be a pain in the butt.”
Get out of Silver with this Taliyah Guide! by Te Hago Un Pan | Taliyah Player
matijez says “katarina is a very agresive mid laner what is not good for viktor but you can easly stop her ult with yours so she is not as dangerus as other assasyns ”
viktor s10 guide by matijez | Viktor Player
vaske_lol says “Katarina has a good bit of mixed damage and starts the game building AD components for the Hextech Gunblade. Katarina's first large powerspike is Hextech Gunblade + Sorcerer's Shoes. Try to use the Q shield to counter her Q damage and get free harass in lane. Don't stand on top of her daggers and always be ready to hit her with QE if she takes a risky dagger. She is squishy with her build so just look to oneshot her after your powerspike. Cancel her R with your Q if you are looking for an all-in!”
Dominate the game with Kassadin by vaske_lol | Kassadin Player
HSperer says “Keep DISTANCE at all costs. Use your range to kill her, or even your tower.”
Hyper.Sperer: Lux?! by HSperer | Lux Player
GESTAPOisHERE says “Katarina is a challenge, but winnable. Get out of her Q blade range and try to avoid getting inside the blade radius if she E's. Your ultimate is stronger if you save a wall for her's then go all in.”
[s10] The blade, above all things... | Beginner Yasuo Guide by GESTAPOisHERE | Yasuo Player
sekkondsEU says “She is slippery, so dont get cheesed pre 6. Try to shove her so she cant roam. If she does, ping and push, dont follow unless its safe and worth.”
i am a heron says “you just absolutely dumpster her. Katarina is the textbook lane to pick ivern in to. She can do nothing to you, she's too squishy to eat your bushwack harrass, she's free food for your jungler, and landing E & Q against her is a breeze because she has to jump on you to hurt you. Your ult interrupts her and will run her down and help you dive her. she won't be able to waveclear. she won't be able to poke you out or put damage on you. she won't be able to all-in you until the point where she's probably already been shut down. her only hope is to hit 6 and roam or to gank you, but you should follow her or coordinate with your jungler to countergank.”
Ivern mid: the secret boss of the early game by i am a heron | Ivern Player
69 y e e t says “Champ similar to Yasuo. So much damage.”
[S10] NEEKO MID by 69 y e e t | Neeko Player
ShockStrikes says “She will be roaming half the game, try and get ahead in CS.”
[9.24] Top & Mid - Mastering the assassin with no master by ShockStrikes | Akali Player
Aizenvolt says “Very easy matchup, you counter her hard. You can cancel her ult with your q, try to use your q when she uses hers to not take any damage. She dosent have sustain and she is squishy, with enough poke you can destroy her. Lastly when her dagger lands stay away from it so that you dont take free harrass.”
Utility Kassadin [Patch 10.1] by Aizenvolt | Kassadin Player
stupid katarina says “Pretty easy to beat, just polymorph or R her in fights.”
(10.2 PATCH) LULU MID/TOP FUNNEL BUILD by stupid katarina | Lulu Player
LONERlSM says “When she gets gunblade it is a huge spike for her if she roams ping and shove move to the other side of the map to avoid kata killing you. Go rylias 2nd item.”
Karthus Mid lane in Season 10 by LONERlSM | Karthus Player
Poro_King says “your q and w counter her r. plus kata has troubles dealing with tanks. She won't deal damage to you while you will be able to kill her easily.”
Cho, hypercarry by Poro_King | Cho'Gath Player
Poro_King says “ban her everytime. She is impossible to stun and can one shot you easily. Your highest counter”
veigar build by Poro_King | Veigar Player
Mr Scandalous says “Against a katarina you need to play close to your tower so when she uses her E (ability) you can stun her with your E”
Best 1 vs 9 veigar runes by Mr Scandalous | Veigar Player
DravensBukkake says “Ignite/Exhaust matchup. Level 1, make sure you're not in her Q range, AA her everytime she walks up for CS. So free to harass her. Level 2 she wouldn't dive you, unless you're directly ontop of her daggers. A trick that pisses off kat players is to place soldiers ontop of your minions when they're low to harass her trying to CS, and ontop of daggers when she throws them. So if she ever E's in on them, you get a free AA. General tip for melee matchups, if you ever get to AA them use Q immediately and AA another to proc electrocute. IF KATARINA USES E DIRECTLY ONTOP OF YOU, without landing on a dagger so she doesn't get resets, ult IMMEDIATELY so she is a sitting duck.”
[S10] 10.1 - New Conq Azir - Combos, Builds, Runes, Matchups by DravensBukkake | Azir Player
Mid Win Repeat says “Outside of Yasuo this is probably the worst lane. Landing a W on her is near impossible focus on shoving and maintaining lane priority for jungle skirmishes. ”
[10.1] Top Ten Taliyah NA Mid Guide by Mid Win Repeat | Taliyah Player
MarkeleleYasuo says “Good katarina's will never get hit by your q while using e to her dagger, never throw your 3rd q before she uses her e LVL 1-2 she will look to kill you, at lvl 3 if you use your windwall for her q she wont be able to kill you, also you can push her early because her farming under turret is really terrible, she will look to roam so always ping it and follow her if you can While against a bad kata you should always win your lane ”
S10 Yasuo Midlane Guide by MarkeleleYasuo | Yasuo Player
SupaSnor says “Can be anoying but just dont fk up your positioning into her knives.”
[10.1] - Australian Troll by SupaSnor | Aurelion Sol Player
DangerDevilZx says “She can go out from your stun.”
Veigar Dark Harvest [OP] by DangerDevilZx | Veigar Player
Marumo says “Threat level 3-9. My gut tells me to put Katarina higher in terms of threat, but there's a good reason I haven't. Katarina depends entirely on her player. A good Katarina will have you farming under tower, warding hard and playing as if it were a buffed Fizz. In contrast bad Katarina will feed you free Q stacks, dash into your stun and allow you to scale as if you were against an AD soraka mid. This is unlike the other 5 threats that I have because most of them can beat you without it really being a great test of skill.”
Viegar, The Grandmaster of Evil by Marumo | Veigar Player
ToilettenHund says “Every assasin is an extreme threat to mages, including Neeko. Kata has extreme mobility, making it hard to land skillshots.”
Meuria says “hard to hit cause of jumping to her draggers ”
Mrsfizzlesbus says “just play safe and know when to use your E and your fine”
FIZZ RUNES AND GUIDE 73% WINRATE [SEASON 10] by Mrsfizzlesbus | Fizz Player
YeeDS says “You will never be able to hit any skillshots, very hard matchup so i permaban her. Play back and watchout when she gets her gunblade because then she can all in you with the slow.”
YeeDS's Veigar MID Guide by YeeDS | Veigar Player
Braddik says “dont step on daggers, you outrade her, level 6 just q her ultimate to negate it and shes fucked”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
BeefyGem says “Same as Zed. You have zero cc to knock her out of her ult. ”
Kayle Mid by BeefyGem | Kayle Player
Mortal333 says “Lots of Leaps , can dodge easily almost every single one of your abilities excluding your Ultimate”
|META BUILD| A good Build/Masteries to use on Ranked Games by Mortal333 | Veigar Player
bleezuz says “A good kat is always scary but a good diana is even scarier. You can 'R' Her Out of her 'R' and take majority of her damage away.”
Diana 9.24 Rework New Busted Build by bleezuz | Diana Player
Calabeast says “Personally, I think Kat counters em all. If shes good shes gunna beat you, just try and farm and roam when she roams so your dumbass teammates dont feed her 6 kills by 10 minutes.”
Future Diamond Galio Main - Season 10 by Calabeast | Galio Player
Sakaya says “Fear the power of her daggers. Expect this to be a hard matchup.”
AD Soraka mid by Sakaya | Soraka Player
RefFusioner says “Try to dodge her combos. If she casted every spell try to fight her.”
Live and die by the blade. by RefFusioner | Talon Player
SebaSebS says “Like always, she's nothing versus you. But remember, a good Kata can always kill you.”
Diana - Scorn of the moon by SebaSebS | Diana Player
spark2 says “A good Kat can be extremely unpredictable, but in general you should stay away from her knives as they are where most of her lane damage comes from. She can be a pain since the healing reduction from her ult makes your ult worse. This is one of those lanes where your job is just to not completely feed her--if you go even you've won, since your utility is significantly better than hers in teamfights if she's not just killing everyone.”
[9.23] Sekkonds (Mid AP Ekko) by spark2 | Ekko Player
Ganux says “Just W her ult and you're good to go lol :b Her Q doesnt even dmg you early if you have your shield.”
Tayna says “Uh oh... Your E is almost useless here, it's hard to Q her, and she can get out of your ult easily. Pray, and beg for ganks”
Cloud375 says “This should be one of your easiest matchups as long as you should be able to win this since you can burst her early and late game. Just be careful of her ultimate and burst, especially in the late game.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
Asothin says “She has a lot of mobility but if you time your E's correctly you can win this lane. You also counter her ult with your own due to the suppression. As soon as you see her spinning press R and poke her to death for an easy kill. She won't be able to damage you at all even after the ult due to the bonus resistance stats you'll get.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
PAMICLO'S AKALI the Rogue Fearless Assassin by pamiclo | Akali Player
Garybaldo says “An absolute nightmare to play against, her R counters yours since it applies grievous wounds, she outpushes you, she can dodge your E with her E and she won the trade, you're immobile so she will most likely kill you if she catches you out of position, try to E+P her out of her ult. Use your W to see if she's roaming, spam-ping the hell out of sidelanes when missing, she has great roam potential”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
Fairy Tale says “Hard matchup but winnable. Avoid her daggers, and try to poke her early game. You are range she is meele take advantage of it ! :)”
wrinkle_juice says “You can pretty much force her to farm with her q early on. You can windwall her ultimate.”
(9.23) YASUO GUIDE FOR MID LANE (WORK IN PROGRESS) by wrinkle_juice | Yasuo Player
paykanishe says “Trade her carefully, take exhaust, and never walk near a dagger on the ground. ”
Top 10 EUW Ori (9.24) by paykanishe | Orianna Player
Novok says “Stay away from the daggers on the ground. Throw a lot of auto attacks on her, but walk back when you get minion aggro. You can freely go for Q - W - Auto attack, but you need to keep your E to cancel her ult. Using it prematurely will get you engaged on and killed. ”
worddog says “She does a lot of damage, has a lot of mobility and she can inflict grievous wounds on you. But you can follow her blink with your E, nullifying her disengage. Skill dependant matchup.”
Ekko Mid 9.23 by worddog | Ekko Player
4rr15 says “A good katarina is a high threat but in lower ello you dont have to worry about it that much”
Veigar build by 4rr15 | Veigar Player
Novok says “Very easy matchup, cancel her ultimate with your pull and ult her when she uses her daggers on you as it removes them from the map.”
[Preseason 10] To the Shadowrealm by Novok | Mordekaiser Player
SirZeros says “Nope, not funny, Kata is like Fizz, not funny at all. Get some Magic Resist, to survive a bit longer, so you could stun her, when she's ulting in a bad position. Whenever she Q's you, walk to the side not to the back in order to negate some damage.”
Tchouvline says “Explained in Matchup section.”
[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
MironW says “As a katarina player myself I feel like tf really struggles against her, your only option to survive her incredible burst is if you can hit the yellow card when she's doing her fancy level 6 combo. Play safe and try to avoid her dagger. Only poke her when she is far away from you or a minion she can E onto.”
today we pray our luck will be okay (TF guide) by MironW | Twisted Fate Player
Euphoric Toaster says “Before 6 you can poke/harass/deny her pretty hard, just be sure to watch out for daggers she might be looking to Shunpo to. After 6, you have to hold onto your E stun pretty much for the rest of the laning phase (unless you're quickly clearing a wave from a distance before backing) so that you can stun her if she tries to Ult near you. Holding onto your stun negates most of the kill pressure she will have on you meaning shes going to be even or behind, making her pretty useless. She might eventually just sack the lane and look for roams for easy kills so just be sure to aggressively call her roams out to your team.”
[9.21] S8/S9 Diamond - Midlane Heimerdinger - In-Depth Guide by Euphoric Toaster | Heimerdinger Player
chloric says “Depends on how good the katarina player is. Most of the katarina players I've faced don't respect my damage and get first blooded. Late game, try to hook her into your team to CC lock her.”
xdKami_ says “She's an open book, just one-shot her when she jumps on her daggers with E. Care for her damage spike with gunblade.”
[9.20 MID] The Mage Assassin [Diamond] - WIP by xdKami_ | Lux Player
Chromuro says “Pretty easy, you can foretell her movements and land more easily your Q. Just don't be reckless, she has still a lot of damage. The main advice I can give you is to stay behind at least two minions, at least there is few chances that her Q bounces on you.”
Big Shawn says “Katarina. A champ which I could hate. If you face a Katarina Main, be sure to be careful as this champ will punish you for your mistakes.”
Yasuo | The Unforgiven - Big Shawn's Mid lane Guide by Big Shawn | Yasuo Player
Big Shawn says “Kennen vs Katarina. Normally there should be no problems. You have the perfect abilities to resist her mobility and damage. The outplay potential from her is always present, but that depends how good the person behind the screen is.”
Kennen | The Heart of the Tempest - Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Kennen Player
Fox1ne says “Her E cdr,and re-locations makes the match up almost unplayable. Especially if enemy is otp kata. It's really unplayable. Play it with glacial fox build and try aa her at early levels. At 6 level her all-in are extremely dangerous so be carefull your tasks and decisions.”
Fox1ne | #5 Ahri world otp | Art of mid lane by Fox1ne | Ahri Player
hoppyscotch says “You can easily bully Katarina if you use your E to dash through minions and Q her as much as possible.”
(9.20) 4 Years of Yasuo In-depth Guide by hoppyscotch | Yasuo Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “Predicting is the best way against her. Building Doran's Shield will absorb some damage. If you predict her R she won't have many ways to do any damage to you. She CAN'T absorb any of your damage”
I am the god killer! Aatrox Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Aatrox Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “She can't absorb your damage in Early Game but if there's one of her knives you will have to predict that sometimes The best way to use R on her is after her R but be careful because her damage is happening very fast and you too can't absorb much of her damage”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
MrxHudsy says “High early game damage most of her damage”
MrHudsy's neeko build by MrxHudsy | Neeko Player
Keop O Darkin says “Try to stop her ULT with your E + Q and poke max u can, safely”
[Season 9] Best Fast Jarvan IV Mid Guide by Keop O Darkin | Jarvan IV Player
ZenonZeni says “I would consider kat as an ahri counter due to her damage. Avoid her daggers and charm her when she ults and try to avoid minions, Kat uses them as shields from your skill shots.”
Ahri Mid - Season 9 - Updated Seasonally by ZenonZeni | Ahri Player
Shwaggy says “Early game spam Q for massive chunks. When she uses ult, use R and W instantly (your R interrupts channeled abilities)”
KarmaFull says “Can blink away from your Q and jump away from your ult”
Sink in gold | 9.19 | Pyke guide by KarmaFull | Pyke Player
Wizboy73 says “she jumps around easily and can get out of your W easily. if he ults insta place w on her, thats your only window.”
Guide to Learning Viktor by Wizboy73 | Viktor Player
Ramio2169 says “Dashes around your soldiers. She can't dash back when she goes for farm tho.”
Azir build by a NOOB by Ramio2169 | Azir Player
EvilOranges says “D-Blade. Skill Matchup. Same rules apply as on any champion. Don't be stupid, don't stand in her daggers, don't let her engage, and when all-inning watch the fake escape then re-engage with her W-Q-E-E combo or something along those lines. You can windwall her R, so save it for that. Hold your tornado until she dashes, or predict which dagger she will dash to. Take Conqueror or FF.”
ranyyyy says “A Hard matchup for Veigar try to rush Hourglass”
One shot veigar patch 9.18 Mid and supp by ranyyyy | Veigar Player
I Do Not Flame says “Skill based match up, better Kata wins. How to counter her if you have no CC? Farm fast in early and push hard, farming under tower with Kata isn't very easy.”
[9.18] Katarina, the Mid Queen [In depth guide] by I Do Not Flame | Katarina Player
Massive Nuts says “Kata's unstoppable dashes can be a real pain, but if you keep away from her E range, you will be able to lane fairly easily into her.”
Zilean mid hypercarry [S9 Diamond] by Massive Nuts | Zilean Player
deixa akali open says “She is a trouble when she can trick with her daggers. Pay attention to her positions. ”
WonderFUllGuy69 says “Save your E for her ult and you won't have any troubles winning mid”
Pyke Mid | The Roaming Monster $$$ by WonderFUllGuy69 | Pyke Player
TruePvPYT says “This matchup can be very very hard agaist a skilled Katarina, she can poke you with her Q in the early game so stay away for her and try to count her cooldowns because if she engages you, you really dont have an escape unsless you have R earlier than her.”
[9.18] Play Zed like a God by TruePvPYT | Zed Player
kiewe says “If you play against a fast Katarina main you must predict her every move since she can always just dodge your spells and play defensive if think you cant stand too close to her since she might jump on you any second.”
LUX ONE SHOT by kiewe | Lux Player
x3SnowyBunny says “If she doesn't successfully proc her passives on you, she is useless. Save a W in case she ults. Otherwise, she can't really touch you.”
❦ Trickery Is My Form Of Sorcery ❦ [Patch 9.17] by x3SnowyBunny | LeBlanc Player
TwoDoubleSix0 says “not that much to do against her, early hold your distance. When she ults try to use your double bomb combo on her to stop it.”
HARDCARRY - PENTA-KILL ZILEAN by TwoDoubleSix0 | Zilean Player
Vispectra says “This match-up is typically when I see Kassadin being picked. Although yes , you somewhat counter her , she can snowball off other lanes if you don't ward and ping properly. In lane you should be fine just Q when she does and walk away from the dagger ( usually stepping forwards a bit ). She can kill you if she hits 3 before you and you're too far up. Her R will be canceled by your Q or using your R to get out of range.”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
Zero Two says “Easy matchup early on. Seems unlikely, but if you hit her with your bubble, she will lose most of her health. You have the advantage in most cases, until she hits level 6.”
League Gamer says “Katarina is mobile so she can dodge your abilities and burst, but you can win against her if done right.”
LGs Sylas Mid by League Gamer | Sylas Player
vzelt says “I dont like to fight against katarina and u shouldnt either. When fighting katarina be sure to play safe because u normally can not win a trade.”
Best Akali Fra says “Personnaly, I hate facing this champion. Katarina have extrem mobility (E), broken ultimate (R) and she have a better level 2 then an Akali. So don't be to much greedy with Katarina on laning !!”
Guide Akali S9 (MID) by Best Akali Fra | Akali Player
MehmetPower69 says “A bad katarina cant touch you a good katarina straight up fuck you.”
Veigar Guide by MehmetPower69 | Veigar Player
MehmetPower69 says “Katarina is highly mobile which can make her hard to hit with abilities. Try to put down turrets with a great amount of spacing so when Katarina jumpes or autoattacks your turret you can easily punish with a quick w and get some turret lasers off. If that doesn't work for you dont worry just focus on farming and punish her turret when she is roaming. Just survive laningphase and you will scale away from her and you will be able to help alot in teamfights later on.”
Guide for Heimerdinger by MehmetPower69 | Heimerdinger Player
Michelaengelo says “Don't go near her daggers and farm safely with Q. In midgame make sure to not facecheck. You do as much as her in teamfights.”
[9.15] IN DEPTH Karthus mid guide 65% winrate by Michelaengelo | Karthus Player
Flygenring says “Save your q for when she ults, you win all 1v1's before lvl 6 with your w and if you're not fighting in her minion wave.”
Flygenring's Kassawin Guide by Flygenring | Kassadin Player
CG SimoN says “Pressure before Katarina level 6 , you can win”
quinniston says “More of a skill matchup, shes not ranged but still does a ton of damage, position yourself well and you should be good. ”
Xavier Senori says “Katarina is somewhat hard to play against. Her ability to Shunpo over your skillshots makes it really hard to harass her. On top of this, her gap closer and burst damage can easily ruin your day. However, because she is a melee champion, you should be able to completely control the lane pre-6. After this, ward up, push her under tower, and force her to lose cs or get harassed. Don't try to 1v1 her unless she is getting wrecked in lane, especially since Petrifying Gaze is really hard to land.”
In-Depth Competitive Cassiopeia Guide - With Comet Cassio! by Xavier Senori | Cassiopeia Player
CrackedBathtub says “Zhonyas is needed against this matchup, always. ”
[9.15] CrackedBathtub's Brand Mid Lane by CrackedBathtub | Brand Player
Kaized says “Very mobile and can dodge your bind and ult, but at the same time can be predictable. Play safe when Katarina hits 6”
[9.15] Support!...but in the mid - Morgana Mid Guide by Kaized | Morgana Player
Dingye888 says “always E,q her otherwhise she will e your ass.”
Pumparum says “Katarina cannot do enough damage to kill you early. Camp her daggers to prevent her from clearing. Disrupt her ultimate with a quick Snowball knockup. Roam if she decides to hug turret.”
Disco Revived by Pumparum | Nunu & Willump Player
Zeprius says “Easy match up but you mainly learn it from experience.. walk away from her daggers and dont Q when shes ulting.... because of the grevious wounds”
kilgta says “You gotta keep control of her roams. Follow her early or with tps. Dont stand next to her knives or E her when she takes them. Bully her early with your abilities and farm with your AAs. She is kinda busted right now so be careful to not overextend against her at any level pre 9. Start corrupt pot.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
unownreality says “Zone her out with singularity on your minions. If she shunpos, she takes damage. Over time, you'll chip at her health where you can then burst her out completely. She can dive you without punishment late game or if shes fed. Its important that you try your best to get a kill onto Kat before she hits level 6. ”
[Mid] [9.14] Making Light Work of Climbing Elos by unownreality | Lux Player
MechaaZero says “This is in her favor slightly, but I have found that if you start to read their playing style heavily, you can predict some of her E's and land a long Q here and there. I have won this lane a lot because of that, but be cautious, her engage hits hard.”
[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery] by MechaaZero | Zoe Player
Latarnia40 says “No farm for Katarina lol. You dont have a stun so better watch out.”
Basic AP Glacial Augment Ezreal Guide by Latarnia40 | Ezreal Player
CC Diana says “Unfortunately for Diana, Katarina is no longer a free matchup due to her rework in patch 6.22. To win this matchup you need to be mindful of where Katarina throws her daggers such as low health allied minions since her Q will ALWAYS land on the opposite side from where she threw it. Kat has two basic lane combos - one at level 2 and the other at level 3. Her level two combo is a simple Q -> E which she can use to quickly proc her passive and deal massive damage. Level 3 is where Kat becomes really dangerous. Her combo at this point will be E -> W -> Q -> E -> E -> Ignite (if she has it). This has the potential to completely 100 - 0 you. To avoid being oneshot, move in the opposite direction of where Kat's Q dagger lands so she cannot proc her passive damage. If she dashes onto you despite not getting any passive damage off, hit her with a Q and W to outtrade her. Once she hits 6, make sure you save your E for when she ults. Using your E before she ults will give her an opening to deal massive damage to you.”
maplecat21 says “I stand on her daggers to bait her to e onto them. You have 2 ways to stop her r, she can't beat you.”
Eternal Winter - Controlling the Game through Waveclear by maplecat21 | Anivia Player
RagexAddict says “Much like Akali or Zed or Yasuo, Katarina has a great deal of burst damage with no resource sustain issues. Your all ins are very effective against her early, so keep an eye on when she uses her Q or shunpo's, then use that window of opportunity to go in on her. Watch out for her daggers; If she jumps to one while you're on it, you'll take some nasty damage and be in range for her to unload on you.”
DankPepe5000 says “Pressure her with your E and W so she doesnt get near you.”
S9 DankPepe5000 All In Malzahar Build by DankPepe5000 | Malzahar Player
CoffeeCube says “Can easily dash around, making it hard for you to hit her with abilities, and can easily all in you.”
League Veigar Guide (Patch 9.14) In Depth Guide! by CoffeeCube | Veigar Player
KingoOfAy says “It hard to escape from kararina and if havent used your W right you will died”
EKKO BUILD ALWAYS WIN 🏆🔥🔥 by KingoOfAy | Ekko Player
EvilOranges says “Dark Seal or Corrupting Potion. You are the ultimate counter to Katarina. As long as you stay out of range of her daggers early you will be fine. Your passive negates a lot of her damage, you have more mobility after level 6, and most importantly, your Q cancels her ultimate. Safe your Q for this purpose after level 6. Max E.”
Perfectly Balanced - 9.14 Kassadin Guide by EvilOranges | Kassadin Player
Vombat says “When She jumps to her daggers you should try landing a combo to punish her. Build MR so in late you can use W to cancel her ult”
Moonlit ace says “You have another 50% of winning against her”
Veigar mid build by Moonlit ace | Veigar Player
adzzb says “Annoying as hell, but you should win due to the sustain from your passive.”
Season 8 | Akali - The UNSTOPPABLE Carry! by adzzb | Akali Player
The Jhin Cena says “You can probably kill her easily early game though once she gets her Ult you have to be careful. Probably should rush Zhonya's as 2nd item if facing her.”
Snowballing Mid Lane / Jungle / TT Fizz: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Fizz Player
SrSuders says “Katarina Mains sind durchausfähig Talon's in der Laningphase zu besiegen. Die W sollte man nur im Gegenangriff verwenden, da sie sich sonst mit der E hinter dir bewegt und du deine Stacks nurnoch schwer vollbekommst. Alternativ könne man auch mit der Talon Q engagen und die Talon W beim Escapen drauf werfen, hierbei sollte man den Dolchen ausweichen, falls nicht möglich kann man noch die Talon Passive auslösen.”
Rarely Pro says “Katarina is a pain, she can burst you down sometimes so quickly that it can give you wipe-lash. With Katarina's Q's you will notice daggers on the ground... she can jump to them and then ult you, try to land the edge of your cage on the dagger just as she jumps so you can get a free stun on her so you can perform your burst combo (W + Q + R | In that order)”
Veigar | THE INSTAKILL YORDLE! by Rarely Pro | Veigar Player
WantedHamster says “Her early poke can be very annoying,specially her dives when you are low hp,so make sure to farm at tower if she starts to engage you alot. Dont try to fight back,you will mostly likely to lose.”
Qiyana Builds - Midlaner ,Jungler,Top by WantedHamster | Qiyana Player
picarowanderer says “She will want to all-in when she has the chance. It's ok to give a few cs in order to be safe. ”
Pidge18 says “Poke and zone her. Watch her ult and bring barrier or Exhaust. ”
Azir Guide (In-Depth) by Pidge18 | Azir Player
LyndonK9 says “Katarina has a hard time farming under tower so push her into tower and try to poke her when she goes for CS. It makes you susceptible to ganks and she can engage on you easier so ward and stay away from her daggers. If you get her low you can try and charm and kill her. She will most likely look for roams so try and push the wave in and follow. A lot of people think you can just charm Katarina after she jumps to her daggers but her movement speed makes it super difficult, and it's really hard to predict when she Es. The most important thing is when she ults she is an easy charm target. Especially in teamfights, save your charm for her. ”
9.12 Ahri Guide by LyndonK9 | Ahri Player
hipstersora says “Melee! Spam autos and Qs. Watch out for her burst though, you might need MR post 6.”
E-Z Breezy AP Ezreal (1000+ AP) SUPER IN-DEPTH by hipstersora | Ezreal Player
LighterDay says “Katarina can hop over Veigar's stun and difficult to land abilities. Her damage can also make it hard to farm and stack.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Veigar Mid by LighterDay | Veigar Player
KatAirlines says “Just don't play blind pick lol”
Dark Harvest Katarina Pro Guide by KatAirlines | Katarina Player
TotallySugoi says “Very dangerous match-up, be careful not to feed her. Another match-up where Zhonya's hourglass will work wonders. Try to not waste your stun.”
Lux Midlane, The Queen of Burst by TotallySugoi | Lux Player
Yenwai says “her damage is always a threat, even if shes behind, respect it by avoiding her daggers. your silence can turn her R off early and deny her damage and her blinks, combined with your R she cant do much and she needs to farm early for gunblade.”
What i've learned from getting M7 on Malzahar by Yenwai | Malzahar Player
Schmigo says “When you play blind pick and meet another katarina it's just a skill duell”
KATARINA BRONZE GUIDE (9.12) by Schmigo | Katarina Player
YourBestSenpai says “Old kata wasn't such a problem when playing as ahri, but now, as she can jump around the whole map (jk), she will dodge most your skills and just kill you. DON'T WALK UP TO HER DAGGERS, YOU ARE ASKING HER TO KILL YOU!”
GLP Ahri Mid Guide (Don't ask me why, just do it) by YourBestSenpai | Ahri Player
1 Dagger 1 ADC says “skill matchup. her lvl 3 is really strong, be careful”
Be the Avatar in the Rift! by 1 Dagger 1 ADC | Qiyana Player
ParkChnm says “Just stay away from her daggers and the lane should be fine. Spam ping if she's missing. If she gets any kills she'll snowball into a big problem.”
[9.11] Best Xerath in Silver Guide by ParkChnm | Xerath Player
ParkChnm says “Very annoying matchup. Stay under turret, farm and poke. Position away from your daggers and if she E's onto you, minefield and/or Satchel Charge out. ”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Ziggs by ParkChnm | Ziggs Player
BL00dY3nD says “Dodge her R and just give her the full combo. She will die and be afraid of you.”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
Bughans says “Easy lane, but you'll get smacked lategame. Unless of course, you managed to shut her down so much that she doesn't deal damage. ”
AP RAKAN MID - 100% FOOLPROOF EPIC GUIDE by Bughans | Rakan Player
ParkChnm says “Avoid her daggers and try to stay as far back away from her, while still being in range to poke. She can easily snowball with one kill, but she can also be set back by a lot if she dies early.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Orianna by ParkChnm | Orianna Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Skill matchup. Poke her with Q at lvl 1, play safe at lvl 2. Don't go forward for trades if she hasn't wasted Q and W. At 6 you can only win if save your Q for her R. ”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
Charon25 says “Assez prévisible, mais peut facilement se feed ailleurs. Attention au burst. Important de conserver le E ou le R pour cancel son ult.”
500k MID AP Gragas Guide by Charon25 | Gragas Player
AgreeableOtter says “Don't walk too close to Daggers laying on the ground, try to Q whenever she goes for a cs with a melee attack, rush hexdrinker, all in er at 6 and tripple Q her while shes ulting. ”
Duelist Zed by AgreeableOtter | Zed Player
Siberius612 says “the only problem is E”
Coldwave says “Easy to encounter, build a bit magic resisitance. When she uses (R) try to hit ur (E) and her (R) will stop ”
Coldwave says “Easy to encounter, build a bit magic resisitance. When she uses (R) try to hit ur (E) and her (R) will stop ”
Lets have some REAL fun! by Coldwave | Ahri Player
Slydemon says “Kat can almost always out-trade you if she has her abilities. Wait for her to waste her dash or her Q, then jump on her and proc your passive if possible. Short trades are key until you have your ultimate. Also, watch the level advantage, she'll kill you if she hits 3 before you.”
Freezing time (and your opponents) by Slydemon | Ekko Player
BoopForTheTroops says “If you keep her off of you then you will be okay. Poke her a lot early game.”
9.10 Solo Carry Space Noodle Guide by BoopForTheTroops | Aurelion Sol Player
Poisoned Incubus says “Save you E for her ult and gg”
Terror of the Moon by Poisoned Incubus | Diana Player
Shderen says “Katarina is a little less scary than LeBlanc purely for the fact that your E can stop her ultimate and also prevent her Shunpo. That being said, she's also hard to kite considering your range later on, making her a pain and, sadly, something you must rely on your team for.”
HerrSolahri says “Don't let her Farm and take Exhaust and shes useless.”
[S 9.9] In-Depth Diamond Leblanc Mid Guide by HerrSolahri | LeBlanc Player
BLAZGOR says “Katarina is really hard matchup, its really hard to win any trade, thanks to her mobility ”
Veigar Mid - Stack To Win 9.9 by BLAZGOR | Veigar Player
BunicelulLaLOL says “If she uses her ult you can just stun her and get away easily.”
Neeko AP MID/JG by BunicelulLaLOL | Neeko Player
aButteredPoptart says “Kat can be super slippery because of the creativity with her dagger placement. As always, don't stand next to one and respect the control she has around where it is. An easy bait though is to walk towards a dagger anticipating the dash, and then charming. Don't be predictable yourself however, charm is valuable in keeping yourself alive.”
[9.9] Bronze Ahri One Trick Master by aButteredPoptart | Ahri Player
BLAZGOR says “Morg don't like monkeys.”
Morgana Mid 9.9 by BLAZGOR | Morgana Player
SmokeyEggs says “She has no CC and her waveclear can be exploited. Fight her at the right times and you'll win against her.”
ExValentine0 says “She can go up to an Even or Major threat depending on the cc capabilities of your team, but the key is to save your ult for when she jumps in.”
The Blizzard Witch Cometh - An ARAM Guide by ExValentine0 | Janna Player
Kasaigami says “You counter her until level 6, after that it's very much like Zed, too much mobility (whereas you have none) and a ult with insane damage. Rush Zhonya's (do the same thing with Zed).”
BicBee says “You die if you miss charm. Stay away from daggers on floor.She will usually jump when you are between her and her dagger while walking towards her. Look to land charms on the daggers and when she's ulting. ”
[9.8] CRUSH LOW ELO WITH THIS BUILD by BicBee | Ahri Player
ryze4thewin says “poke her to death pre 6 and even with her lvl6 you should deal more dmg a good kata can burst you in late so be carefull”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
Rlue says “Just harass her with your stuns and chip her health with r q w ”
Header_FX says “At early, push in and try to harass her till lvl 3. Level 2 you can take e for doing maximum damage, because many katarina players (my experince) think they can level 2 all in you, so taking e will out trade her easy. After she got hextech gunblade you cant 1v1 her, so pushing in and roaming is the best answer.”
[9.8] Header´s out of silver Corki-Guide by Header_FX | Corki Player
BicBee says “Starting E level 1 lets you win trades hard because your shield negates her dagger damage. Kat is very predictable because she will usually go to where her daggers are to trade. You can use this knowledge to bait her or to aim your skills at. Try to walk away towards the side or towards her when her daggers are on the floor because she will jump to them. Post 6 you will die if you don't land your ult to cancel her ult. ”
9.8 CARRYING LOW ELO by BicBee | Orianna Player
xispy420 says “It's an easy match up but she can ruin you if she's good ”
Ready to set the world on fire by xispy420 | Brand Player says “Her dashing makes hard to hit Q But your mobility prevents her from dealing damage Harras with W>E>Q Don't let her get close enogh to Q you If she ults you ult to avoid her damage”
Zed , The Master Of Shadows by | Zed Player
ImmortalPh0enix says “Kesinlikle Banlamanızı Öneririm.”
Veigar Kara Hasat + Luden =tek by ImmortalPh0enix | Veigar Player
AzureArmatt says “The key to beat Katarina is quite easy to understand 1) respect her damage 2) avoid staying near the daggers that are on the ground 3) save your charm (don't spam it) Her mobility will allow her to doge your skillshots (charm mainly) and out trade you if you are not careful so try to play a bit more safer then normally you would if you don't know how good she is. Consider buying Zhonya or stopwatch early to deny her burst damage once she gets ahead and follow her around the map since she will roam quite often due to her assassin nature”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Edg3Lord says “Will poke a lot, and has no resource to cast her abilities, plus her cooldowns are low. However she is squishy and has no sustain by default.”
Nocturne Mid R(o)ams Up Your Team [1.4.1] by Edg3Lord | Nocturne Player
WukongMainRetard6 says “Probably one of the easiest matchups for wukong, take hob and trade frequently, post-6 play smart but still trade”
(9.7) Wukong Mid OP 70% Win Rate Bruiser Build by WukongMainRetard6 | Wukong Player
Hatzo1vs9 says “similar with lb , as an assasin she cant do anything to you so its a free lane phase ”
Play Lissandra as a PRO by Hatzo1vs9 | Lissandra Player
Lobex says “hold your E for one of her daggers”
Kawaipanda says “she is really hard to play against because she can easily dodge your spells and then kill you.”
(9.7) Ahri mid guide by Kawaipanda | Ahri Player
pappychap says “absolute broken cancer no brain champ will get one kill from a side lane and instantly be 12/0 at 7 minutees dodge this matchup nless you are mentally challenged and just want to look at the colors on the screen”
Iron Dome Xerath by pappychap | Xerath Player
Olenka05 says “She have dodges too and poke. Don't feed her. Go zhonia/banshee.”
Escape to gold with one champ by Olenka05 | Veigar Player
Enfurnal says “Katatrina.... Hm. Easy to dodge her Es by running from her daggers. You can even try to predict her by launching your charm at her dagger. When she reaches six... RESPECT her. Unless if you wanna be alpha and try to out play her.”
Alpha Ahri Build (Unless enemy makes you BETA) by Enfurnal | Ahri Player
BlueMoon01 says “Poke her pre6 , use Chaos Storm the moment she R [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]”
[9.6][AP Mid] Fix Yourself, Mere Human. by BlueMoon01 | Viktor Player
vikt0819 says “Kata can outtrade and out damage you in prolonged fights”
bape akali guide by vikt0819 | Akali Player
Flashe says “She is less of a treat than Zed. But be carefull. If she jump on you remember that she appear behind you and not in front of you. Pay attention of her Daggers.”
Lux full penetration/CDR by Flashe | Lux Player
thedonk says “Katarina is very hard to deal with when she is jumping around all over the place. Stay away from her daggers. Similar to Yasuo, land your chain on her, chain again if you can so she can stop moving. ”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Dudstrol says “Evite trocas ate fechar Bastão e Mercúrio, pois na primeira vantagem que ela pegar, será difícil de segurar ela. Não troque sem barreira. Recomendo pegar a build com runa de sustento.”
RYZE BOLADÃO PT-BR [S9] by Dudstrol | Ryze Player
Padrepio says “Be ready to E-Q her when she ults you to stop her. Punish her if she try to farm pre 6. W over her blades for free damage.”
[Mid] Brand ~ Catching Fire by Padrepio | Brand Player
Jazzmonkey says “Care about her Daggers and trade her with E>AA>Q you can cancel her R with your R you must engage her befor she engages you. ”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
overweight_zoe says “About the same as kassadin, can either choose to harass or shove her in, just don't be near her daggers and the lane is cake. Has super high burst damage if you screw up though.”
make noobs sit while they pee with zoe by overweight_zoe | Zoe Player
Jammy158 says “Shove the first 2 waves to force her under tower. Kat's level 1 is garbage and level 2 is mediocre. Be careful of daggers on the floor as it does a lot of damage. At level 6, save your windwall for her Ult not her Q and you will win eventually.”
Low Elo's Guide to Yasuo by Jammy158 | Yasuo Player
RaAKaSaMa says “baibai my windwall gonna get u”
Louiel says “Avoid her daggers as they do a ton of damage when she uses her ultimate simply W out to avoid damage. Trading with her is moderately easy if you can hit your E”
A Glorious Guide To LeBlanc by Louiel | LeBlanc Player
Jenkinsu says “While she's not impossible to lane against, she definitely isn't easy. Play safe and wait till you start scaling, then roam to pick up kills elsewhere. DO NOT STAND ON HER KNIVES”
Lethality Jinx: The Money Lord by Jenkinsu | Jinx Player
eloment says “Poke as match as possible. Keep your e for when she ults.”
Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle) by eloment | Gragas Player
Mern says “Can easily dodge your Q and E and R, making you worthless. It's hard to farm against her too.”
Pyke MID Guide 9.4 by Mern | Pyke Player
Askren says “She can´t do much about you. Harass her whenever you see a chance and she won´t do nothing.”
Rick Garenstley Mid - Never gonna crit you up by Askren | Garen Player
lol mid laner says “as long as her knife are not any were around you your fine try to force her to use her ult”
Jhin Mid OP by lol mid laner | Jhin Player
Tipurrs says “Her Lvl 3 is INSANE. BE CAUTIOUS. PLAY SAFE. stun when she is channeling her ult to cancel it. Exhaust is good against her.”
Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide by Tipurrs | Annie Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Like Irelia, Katarina can do serious damage to you and the rest of your team if she gets a gold advantage. Pay close attention to her, and don't be afraid to punch back if she tries to go all-in. If you're caught inside her ultimate, use Defiant Dance to mitigate the damage if you can't simply run out of its range.”
"Ionia Calls!": An Irelia Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Irelia Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “annoying, annoying, wtf this damage, no mana cost, will be terrible if she know to play. She will try qwee combo or qer combo, or maybe just er combo if you are really bad. Rush zhonya if you can't survive with just holy barrier and your skills.”
The Light Of Demacia! [9.3] by LuxIsMyCrush | Lux Player
Torblerone says “Katarina has the ability to do high burst damage while at the same time having high mobility and the ability to just completely dodge an entire anivia combo if she plays it correctly. Her ability to close gaps is too much for an inexperienced Anivia to handle and you will more than likely lose lane if you do not play safe”
The Bird Season 9 by Torblerone | Anivia Player
NlKingy1 says “She is good for early game and kill potenial and trades ”
Katarina Mid 900k mastery points by NlKingy1 | Katarina Player
Dr Wonderdrugs says “Contrairement à ce que j'ai pus dire précédemment sur la mobilité et les assassin katarina est un match up pas si compliqué puisqu'elle dash principalement sur ses dagues ou ses alliés elle sera donc facilement anticipable grâce à vos talents de mastermind de la prédiction et de votre long entraînement dans la salle de l'esprit et du temps.”
Avec zilean mid vous ne serez plus en retard ! by Dr Wonderdrugs | Zilean Player
ikiilyou7523 says “Tirale tu Q cuando tire su R y esquiva las dagas”
Guia definitiva kassadin by ikiilyou7523 | Kassadin Player
moutenn says “She does a lot of damage. You have to avoid as much of her damage, as you can. She can not poke better then you, but care her E's. They can juke all you have, so keep in mind if her E is up. Also dont stay in her R to get more damage on Death mark, Its better to just get out of range and try and Q her. She will be standing still.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
qasddsa says “Pretty easy actually. Put two or three points into Q and then proceed to max E. Or, just max E from the start. Trading in minions and poking her from a distance is your priority in this lane. Save your Q for when she starts ulting so you can silence & cancel it.”
[Mid&Top] Reave the Cosmos | Kassadin by qasddsa | Kassadin Player
Calikarcha says “Assassin claps Karthus unless you're amazing and he's awful. ”
Top Tier Karthus Guide by Calikarcha | Karthus Player
WhiteSheepz says “Katarina is an extreme threat to Xerath as she can dash close to you and dish out masses of damage, try not to die to her at the loss of CS. If she does dash to you fire a stun behind you as that is where she will land- this will give you a chance to escape. If you are unsure of how to fight against her it never hurts to stay under the turret and punish her with your range when she gets too close.”
Xerath Guide by WhiteSheepz by WhiteSheepz | Xerath Player
Skeptil says “If she tries to jump on you, you can either use your Tides of Blood or you can run away with Sanguine Pool, and because she's melee you can easily harass her with your Transfusion.”
TheMayorPotato says “Bubble her daggers. Period.”
A More Updated Zoe Build (9.2ish) by TheMayorPotato | Zoe Player
Draczor says “Katarina isn't as dangerous as you might think. Make sure not to walk or get near her daggers that lie on the ground since that is her main source of dmg. She won't be able to do anything against you on level 1 and 2. Poke her with Q and E and she can't come close to farm. Make her low enough and you can kill her. Try holding on to your Chaos Storm so you can cancel her ultimate if she uses her combo on you. If you know that her Shunpo is on cooldown then don't hesitate to use your Chaos Storm to try and kill her unless she is near her tower. If you play around her daggers then you should have an easy lane.”
[9.1] [Diamond 70% WR] Unstoppable Viktor by Draczor | Viktor Player
XBlackyX says “She has a crazy Damage you have to buy zhon'ya”
My empire lives in every grain of sand by XBlackyX | Azir Player
Dralexus says “If she jumps on a dagger, ulti. If she ults, ulti. If she hasnt used her E, dont ulti = win. ”
Slammy Slam AP Malphite - MID [Season 9 Ready !] by Dralexus | Malphite Player
Exiled Heretic says “With rework she is extremely strong. Pre-6 you cant fight because of her resets. However. Once you get Ludens boots and abyssal you can easily secure the 1v1”
Gambinos says “Katarina hard counters melee pretty easily. Her ult is really quick too and being able to put high amount of burst. You can WW her Q but she has low cooldown so it wouldn't mean that much.”
[9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players by Gambinos | Yasuo Player
rimzaki says “U can dodge hers nuke with ur sanguine pool easy lane but she always roaming whole game play mindfull !”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
ThePhantomPsychic says “Im not sure what really happened to kat, but shes really good into you now. Try not to feed, its kinda difficult but not really. Still a Huge threat. Also she blinks away from your damage.”
So i heard you like damage? by ThePhantomPsychic | Mordekaiser Player
2drunk4you says “Puhh katarina is crazy in lane and in team fights for Zed The best way is to kill her in early, or just ignore her in late”
ZED ULTIMATE FISTING IN LOW ELO by 2drunk4you | Zed Player
Sozzoh says “Katarina is pretty scary. Whenever she ults you, ult her into your tower or ult her away if you really need to. Because of her Shunpo, you'll want to abuse her if she uses it incorrectly. (not blinking to a dagger) She can blink over your ult and completely ignore your soldiers, so roaming for kills is a good idea. I would recommend buying Zhonya's if she's too much of a problem.”
Superior current says “Kata is hyper mobile and has a lot of burst. Stay out away from her daggers and play safe. Recommended ban.”
Mage Fortune is real! by Superior current | Miss Fortune Player
Autoswitched says “Easy matchup as her q won't even damage you if you have your passive up, and if she goes in for a combo, make sure you punish her hard because you out damage her. Ensure you windwall her q if you don't have your passive up. If she ultimates you, e through her, and activate windwall.”
Yasuo, Way Of The Wanderer Season 9 by Autoswitched | Yasuo Player
undeadsoldiers says “Katarina is an AP-assassin and I actually find her pretty easy to lane with. If it's not the best Katarina, she will use her shampoo (or is it shunpo idk ?? [jk]) to get close to you for an all-in and you can just E her from there to stop her.”
[8.24]Empire Above All[IN-DEPTH TOP/MID SWAIN GUIDE] by undeadsoldiers | Swain Player
Prenora says “in the same boat, be a little more predictable, katarina also has a hard early game and a hard time fighting under tower, she thrives from roams as she wont really be able to 1v1 you, keep her under tower, and punish her for leaving lane dont try to solo her, she's much more mobile than you”
AP Lucain-The two Gunned sorcerer by Prenora | Lucian Player
Witwickies says “Dashes are most dangerous moves against Zyra. Katarina can either dash and blow enemies away. In this match-up you can find light by keeping track of her daggers. Keep distance to them and go with all-in only if there are none of them around.”
Ivy covers Mid Line Castle [Zyra Guide] by Witwickies | Zyra Player
Prenora says “Katarina's update made her much easier to lane against, poke her when she goes for her daggers but don't get too close or she'll hit you before you can even hit back”
AP Nami the queen of the deep In depth guide by Prenora | Nami Player
Morathin says “This is a tricky matchup. Try using your E first when you are sure that she has none of her jumps. Otherwise try to poke her with Q, W and auto attacks.”
Vel'Koz mid guide for S9 by Morathin | Vel'Koz Player
hieuman98 says “dont try to combo this champ, just keep the lanes even. Focus on csing, and push the whole wave when looking to gank. Make sure to be careful roaming because she can easily jump on you when you move through the river.”
The COOKIE CUTTER guide on Taliyah by hieuman98 | Taliyah Player
undeadsoldiers says “She can poke you really hard, so try to communicate with the jungler for ganks, and watch out for her level 6. You shouldn't really get near her, and you dont need to you have decent range, I'm saying that because level 6 dependent champions rely on calculating when 6 will be up, so she can catch you off guard and use it immediately. Watch out for her roams too, they're really bad, especially if it's a 4 man dive bot. Suggested: Exhaust”
Doctor_Dr says “How to counter: Watch her daggers, save your stun if she's ults you.”
M7 Veigar Runes + Vs. Champions by Doctor_Dr | Veigar Player
undeadsoldiers says “Try to deny her all in.”
NekoTakahashi says “If its a good kat. Ur fucked”
I Know What They Desire by NekoTakahashi | Ahri Player
WubbyWulf says “In a Kat v Kat situation, the person who gets hit by the most daggers will win. Try to avoid the enemies dagger while in lane.”
Katarina Guide by an OTP by WubbyWulf | Katarina Player
Tomsteri says “Lot of dashes makes hitting Q's hard. Try to time your last Q when she ults to get nice healing and damage.”
AATROX OTP MID GUIDE/s9 BLood moon by Tomsteri | Aatrox Player
EdenFox says “Trade when ever you have empowered Q and poke her when she goes for cs. ”
Challenger Vladimir guide how to climb by EdenFox | Vladimir Player
ZF.PandaYang says “Her engage is her downfall, don't let her poke you though, get hex and Mercury's treads!”
An INFORMAL entry guide to Talon! by ZF.PandaYang | Talon Player
macspam says “Katarina's E hard-counters Veigar. The best advice I can give is to play some games with her to understand her kit. Similar to Leblanc, don't expect your cage to do much of anything to hinder her mobility. However, Banshee's Veil will reduce her kill potential. ”
The waddling nuke by macspam | Veigar Player
Death71 says “Kata is really hard to deal with since she can kill you and avoid your stun and skillshots at level 3, okay safe against her and always ask for ganks.”
JuaniG17 says “Heavily depends on the enemy's skills with her. Save your Q for a minion to dodge any of her daggers.”
JuaniG17 - Talon Guide by JuaniG17 | Talon Player
Jukapiz says “Basically the same as LeBlanc.”
Escape low ELO by Jukapiz | Veigar Player
iiCrispi says “You can cancel her ult, make her dash into your e, has almost no way to out-heal your ult execute.”
Eccentrik says “Hello, dagger police? Predict her shunpo to her daggers if you want to have a free charm and damage burst.”
Eccentrik's S9 Ahri! by Eccentrik | Ahri Player
Kaeze Poulsen says “Her mobility and her damage is a threat to you. But you can take exhaust or even Ignite to make her almost useless, and, her mobility needs to be to a unit or a dagger.”
Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger by Kaeze Poulsen | Aurelion Sol Player
wo xiang zhaoo says “Easy matchup, you poke her, you can interrupt her R, you have killpressure all the time with Ignite.”
Your very DETAILED Kassadin guide! Get elo NOW! by wo xiang zhaoo | Kassadin Player
Prenora says “you can bully Katarina fairly easily in the early game, but once her cooldowns start getting lower you're going to have a difficult time look to bully her early, avoid her daggers and jump on her when she goes to last hit,”
The only Rakan Mid guide you'll ever need ( In depth ) by Prenora | Rakan Player
asffg123 says “Like Fizz, her teleport cancels your E and she also has an aggressive kit. However, Katarina is more prone to nicely timed ganks. Warning - This champion can and will roam to counter a safe playstyle. Ping accordingly.”
Veigar in the Mid Lane (Gold - Plat) by asffg123 | Veigar Player
Whoospnip says “Your magic resist and cc counter her. ”
Dark Harvest Galio Guide by Whoospnip | Galio Player
TheHeroOfLegend says “after she use ult on you , you must use your ult to leave her ult range”
Dark Harvest Talon Build (how to one shot) by TheHeroOfLegend | Talon Player
DuhBrandon says “Not a threat whatsoever, you outrange her so even if her daggers land near your farm you can farm with your Q and poke her at the same time. My advice is to save your yellow or red card and wait for her to try and pick up her dagger and punish her from there. Unfortunately she is not like draven so getting her daggers is not a necessity but you should easy win this matchup.”
[8.23] [Mid] Kite 2 Win TF Build Season 9 by DuhBrandon | Twisted Fate Player
Bengineer says “Her ult is a joke, just keep your Sanguine Pool prepared for her ult. Her teleporting to you is HER problem, not yours, it's better that you can get range to use tranfusion on her.”
. by Bengineer | Vladimir Player
Snowyfreezer says “Depends, You can easily avoid her daggers and pressing E when she uses Q will vaporize the dagger.”
Snowyfreezer's Fizz Guide by Snowyfreezer | Fizz Player
B3rt0nha says “Campeão de facil mobilidade para fugir de seu Q e seu E. Evite gastar mana sem necessidade”
[8.23] -- Lux MID (B3rt0nh4) by B3rt0nha | Lux Player
VAJPi says “Clever katarina, will make you cry. You miss charm - you are done.”
RobinR says “Not a so hard matchup for Zoe.”
ZOE BLAMS EVERYONE by RobinR | Zoe Player
Jekana says “Katarina can dodge all Ahri's spells with E, and she is to ''fast'' for Ahri. The only key here is to destroy her before she gets level 6.”
Ahri - The Midlane Destroyer by Jekana by Jekana | Ahri Player
BattleXD says “Decently simple as long as you keep your distance. try staying away from her R. Your R can stun but it doesn't always do it vs Katarina's R so be cautious”
Cassiopeia Mid 8.23 by BattleXD | Cassiopeia Player
Arcuzz says “For me, Katarina is a easy match. For others could be a pain in the ass. Keep in mind that she can kill you 1 vs 1. Your main task is to poke and harass him from afar. She cannot reach you because your role is to play safe. Don't try to force a fight, only sabotages his farming.”
Sadmanv2 says “stay away from that floor dagger, minions are great against kat.”
Zoe Destroyer of Dreams by Sadmanv2 | Zoe Player
ShockMaster says “Easy one,just try aggresive style and when she jump on you with her [[Shunpo]] All in her”
SeeMyShuriKennen by ShockMaster | Kennen Player
Smol Jelly says “Her blink makes it easy for her to avoid your root, but you can tell where a Katarina wants to go by looking at her dagger placement. Watch the daggers.”
Feel the Power of the Light! by Smol Jelly | Lux Player
Resl says “she's strong but you can kill her after pre six and just snowball as katarina is weak pre six”
New to Talon? by Resl | Talon Player

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