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Irelia Counter Stats

Irelia Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #57 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Irelia. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Irelia in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Irelia Data for all roles taken from 75,043 matches.
Irelia Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (59%) Irelia Top Lane Counters: 44,181 matches, 59 counter champions

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Tips Against Irelia in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Feedaboi says “her passive does a lot of dps when stacked, look for trades when she doesn't have her passive stacks built up, otherwise look to q farm until the stacks run out.”
[11.15] THE ULTIMATE S11 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! by Feedaboi | Kled Player
Sovereign Kitten says “Maxing (Q) is your best choice & Oblivion orb is mandatory once she acquires Vamperic / BOTRK you lose without it. Late game (Q) this becomes less effective simply due to her gap close chase and lock downs which tends to be impossible to avoid. It's a pain and you can sort of get around it by building Plated steelcaps. Try your best to close out the game before late game arrives. She is a monster later in the game. Early game it's all about avoiding her stun and staying away from low HP minions so she can not dash through them to you with a stun. If you get hit by her (R) don't touch the blades. Flash / sidestep her ultimate. If you get stunned she will win every trade so it's pretty much dodge or die.”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
BoilTheOil says “Take Conqueror or Hail of Blades. If she tries to dash around like a bug put her in her place with E and knock her out. Don't let her get 5 stacks and make sure to build Botrk. If you freeze the wave close to your tower she can't really do anything about it. This character does waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much damage for no reason, so don't use W without full grit, she will probably kill you at least once in lane while you blink. Also, Irelia players are dogshit so it's easier than it should be.”
[11.15] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide by BoilTheOil | Sett Player
I Am Goliath says “Be careful against Irelia's level 1 and 2 as her auto attack range is really high and most of them try to all in at level 2 especially if they can hit their E, you always want to pay attention to Irelia's stacks from her Q and do not trade when she has a high amount of stacks, you'll also want to punish her with Q's and auto attacks whenever she goes to Q a minion, you can also predict this and E to a minion you think she is going to Q to which can be good if you want a kill, although this can be risky if she doesn't Q then your E will be on cooldown for a bit and you have to play safe, overall most irelias are the same they try to push in once they get tiamat and they try to all in with ultimate at 6 after they get a few passive stacks, Irelia is never really an issue for me as Urgot unless she somehow gets fed.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
RivalOCE says “With botrk buffs I think this matchup is more Irelia favored. Riven can get outplayed pretty easily now and Irelia's first spike is a lot cheaper than it used to be. Aggress level 1 if she started E but be careful to not overtrade, if she gets her passive up she hard wins. Use your E to dodge her E.”
[11.15] ✔️⚔️ PLAY RIVEN LIKE 1,000+LP MAINS! by RivalOCE | Riven Player
Drake6401 says “Very mobile and has the advantage in early fights. She wants to fight extended trades and will hard push her lane to open an engage. Dodge her stun with your dash in combat to avoid getting marked. Stay away from minions when trying to escape trades unless you are using them for your E. She can get infinite dashes if she kills her target with Q. Her W block is the counter to your W. You have to outplay it in order to win because Irelia is a stronger champion if all abilities land. You have to dodge two of hers and land all of yours. ”
Complete Guide to Renekton (Wild Rift Portion) by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Anoying bro5 says “Abuse her early game when she does not have her passive stacks from Qing minions. You want to parry her E stun as it is very obvious and if you land this lvl 2 you auto win. Be careful of her dodging your riposte by Qing to a minion or behind you. After lvl 6 if you dont riposte the stun, you can riposte her ult, or the q after her ult to negate her resetting Q. ”
[11.15] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
MrDomian says “Don't fight her in early game. Hit her with Q. Just before stun, use your W towards it and stack W.”
Thing in the Ice says “Irelia has so many options to close the gap against you. The key here is to keep an eye on your minions that are low on health. Irelia’s Q will reset if she kills a minion with it. You absolutely have to dodge her E because it applies her mark on you. Overall, you want Irelia to push in this matchup as much as possible. Keep your minion wave close to your tower and ask for ganks.”
[11.15] Diamond Gnar Guide - Thing in the Ice - Season 11 by Thing in the Ice | Gnar Player
quinn adc says “First, I have tried every keystone imaginable, and I can confirm with my experience against high elo irelias that Phase Rush is 100% the best option atm. The question remains: why Phase Rush? Well, Irelia only has the advantage over Quinn post Level 6 because her ultimate slows for 90% for 1.5 seconds, AND it allows her to get a reset on her Q. This means that the slow allows irelia to dash onto you for a reset, and secure land her E on you for another reset on her Q for a total of 3 dashes onto you. Now, phase rush works wonders because when Irelia ults you, instantly proc your phase rush, and the slow resistance allows you to now be slowed much by her R, and grants you MS to run away. First, pre level 6 laning phase is heavily quinn favoured. Play aggressive, and save vault to dodge irelia E OR vault away from irelia if she lands E on you. Even if she stuns you with E and gets a Q reset, if her E stuns you and she Qs on you, vault away with auto-e-auto, and then if she dashes again, your phase rush + w max allows you to out run her with ease after. Her E range is 775, but it's easy to tell when she wants to use it because she'll put the first mark of her E down before she engages. It's quite easy to dodge with W max! Her Q range is 600, which is 75 more than our auto range, so keep that in mind! Also, our E does not reset her Q if we are marked, BUT if you vault irelia before she Qs a minion, Her Q will go on cooldown lol. Do not try this at home though because her Q is so so fast, and this requires smurf-like prediction timing. IMPORTANT: If you blind irelia, she CANNOT Q you if you are outside of nearsight. Use this to your advantage in laning phase, and also when she tries to all-in you post 6. NOW, irelia is level 6 and you're scared. When irelia dashes onto you, her character goes slightly behind you, so it's hard to land Q on her after she dashes towards you. The best thing to do is to predict her engage. Irelia wants to dash on a minion likely before ulting you, so anticipate this. When she ults you, she will follow with Q 99% of the time, so retaliate with your Q when she ults. Now, irelia will Q onto you, and you then vault instantly. You will proc phase rush AND irelia is blinded, so now you can outrun her, and by the time her nearsight wears off, she is now too far to Q onto you again. Master this, and Irelia should never be able to full- combo you with her ultimate :)”
QuinnAD's Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide by quinn adc | Quinn Player
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Middle Lane (34%) Irelia Middle Lane Counters: 25,255 matches, 70 counter champions

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