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Irelia Counter Stats

Irelia Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #57 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Irelia. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Irelia in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Irelia Data for all roles taken from 87,213 matches.
Irelia Counter Stats From:
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Top Lane (63%) Irelia Top Lane Counters: 54,544 matches, 56 counter champions

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Tips Against Irelia in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

xPetu says “Recommended: Standard Runes & Ignite Tips: Predict her Q jump on low health minions with your E. Dodge her E. Your W blocks her Q and Passive on-hit. Don't walk through her R-blades if possible.”
[11.1] xPetu's Challenger Shen Guide by xPetu | Shen Player
PH45 says “Dodge her stun blade and be careful of her Q'ing around. Keep track of her passive stacks as her fully stacked passive will deal a lot of damage. Otherwise just smack her like any other melee matchup.”
I Am Goliath says “Be careful against Irelia's level 1 and 2 as her auto attack range is really high and most of them try to all in at level 2 especially if they can hit their E, you always want to pay attention to Irelia's stacks from her Q and do not trade when she has a high amount of stacks, you'll also want to punish her with Q's and auto attacks whenever she goes to Q a minion, you can also predict this and E to a minion you think she is going to Q to which can be good if you want a kill, although this can be risky if she doesn't Q then your E will be on cooldown for a bit and you have to play safe, overall most irelias are the same they try to push in once they get tiamat and they try to all in with ultimate at 6 after they get a few passive stacks, Irelia is never really an issue for me as Urgot unless she somehow gets fed.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Sovereign Kitten says “Maxing (Q) is your best bet, however, the second she acquires BOTRK you will lose. Late game (Q) this becomes less effective simply due to her gap close chase and lock downs which tends to be impossible to avoid. It's a pain and you can sort of get around it by building Plated steelcaps. Try your best to close out the game before late game arrives. She is a monster later in the game. Early game it's all about avoiding her stun and staying away from low HP minions so she can not dash through them to you with a stun. If you get hit by her (R) don't touch the blades. Flash / sidestep her ultimate. If you get stunned she will win every trade so it's pretty much dodge or die.”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
RTO says “She is going to place her stun down and try to avoid it or she will get 2 q dashes on you. Also do not use your abilities if she has her damage reduction. Save it till right after it ends. ”
[11.1] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - SKILL MATCHUP IN YOUR FAVOUR. DODGE HER STUN. DON’T FIGHT HER WHEN HER PASSIVE IS STACKED. DON’T FIGHT HER NEAR TOO MANY FRIENDLY MINIONS. TRY TO LAND YOUR Q. CONQUEROR IS A MUST. STEELCAP + BRAMBLE COMBO IS GREAT VS HER Irelia is not too difficult of a matchup. She cannot quite stand up to you in lane in all ins and, unless she takes ignite, the lane should be yours to take over. This is a very snowbally lane so try not to die to her. And if you do, try not to die any more, because Irelia can be a teamfighting monster who can obliterate your backline. When fighting her, there are 2 things you should try to be mindful of. The biggest thing is Irelia’s passive. Try to make sure not to fight her when she has it stacked up fully OR when she has the means to stack it up VERY quickly (basically, a bunch of low health minions for her to Q between). The second thing that is even more important is dodging her stun. If Irelia has her passive AND she lands her stun on you, there is nothing you can do to prevent death. If only ONE of those things is true (basically she lands her stun but starts from no passive stacks OR she has her stacks but missed her stun) then the winner of the fight will be the better player. It is worth it to flash her stun at times but ghost will allow you to dodge it easily. Try to understand what an Irelia is going to go for. If you have a low hp minion near you, and Irelia walks in range, you can prime your E to cancel her Q. This is INCREDIBLY difficult and you need to actually play Irelia as well as Darius in order to do this consistently but If you manage to cancel her Q, you basically insta win the fight. Conqueror is a MUST against Irelia, as you need to out fight her. Don’t just stand next to her and let her auto you, as she has more DPS than you thanks to her passive. Kite her, going in to AA and use your abilities. Try to make sure you land your Qs on her, as it will be very tricky when she has her Q up. One trick to do this is E and then immediately go for the Q. You should have enough time to land your Q on her before she can get in a position to avoid it. Because Irelia's rush BORK, it is an insanely good idea to go Steelcaps + Bramble.”
Drake6401 says “Very mobile and has the advantage in early fights. She wants to fight extended trades and will hard push her lane to open an engage. Dodge her stun with your dash in combat to avoid getting marked. Stay away from minions when trying to escape trades unless you are using them for your E. She can get infinite dashes if she kills her target with Q. Her W block is the counter to your W. You have to outplay it in order to win because Irelia is a stronger champion if all abilities land. You have to dodge two of hers and land all of yours. ”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
MarkFromSingedMains says “Dodging her E is easy and her Q can be cancelled by your W. When she R's you and Q's onto you, fling her the other way and run through the opening of the R.”
Mark's Guide to Singed: [11.1] Yetter HATES us- No buffs. by MarkFromSingedMains | Singed Player
Wawza says “Keep track of her passive and try to all in when it falls of, never engage when she has it fully stacked.”
Feedaboi says “her passive does a lot of dps when stacked, look for trades when she doesn't have her passive stacks built up, otherwise look to q farm until the stacks run out.”
[11.1] THE ULTIMATE S11 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! by Feedaboi | Kled Player
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Middle Lane (29%) Irelia Middle Lane Counters: 25,127 matches, 62 counter champions

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Tips Against Irelia in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

ChimpNA says “Irelia is one of those matchups where if she's ahead, she will snowball out of control. Level 1-2 you can't fight her. The most important thing in this matchup is respecting her passive. If you fight her with her 5 stacks up you will HARD lose in trades. Fighting her level 6 is generally safe, just make sure not to full combo while she has her W active. Level 3-5 you can fight her but just be aware not to get hit by her E, otherwise she has potential in all-inning you and 100-0'ing.”
[11.1] Chimp's SEASON 11 Guide to MID/TOP WUKONG! by ChimpNA | Wukong Player
Yeager says “Broken champ... Don't fight her when her passive is stacked. Play at YOUR side of the lane. Good irelia players will animation cancel their E, so watch out if she suddenly plays aggro. Also don't stay close to low hp minions.”
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide by Yeager | Viktor Player
Yeager says “She's mobile with CC, making it extremely hard to punish her. Watch out for when her passive is fully stacked and don't trade. Let her push the wave and try have it at YOUR SIDE OF THE LANE. Focus on farming and getting your core items. When trading, focus on dodging her E, and stay far away from your own minions so she doesn't use those to close the distance. You can cripple her mobility with W of course but you don't have to force risky plays because you outscale her hard in the lategame. Farm for your important items and outshine her in teamfights. ”
Yeager's Master Cassiopeia Guide by Yeager | Cassiopeia Player
Polarshift says “Hard to catch and very strong in a lot of phases of the game. She can engage hard on you if you ever misposition, so be careful, since you will never out-damage her when she has 5 stacks. Most Irelia's try to get a kill early.”
[S11.1] RYZE THE RUNE MAGE [MID/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Ryze Player
LunarVortex says “You usually don't have enough damage to 1v1 her even if you otherwise outplay her, but you can heavily shut her down in teamfights. Be patient with your Q. Be aware that she can get out of your R if there's targets for her to Q on. Consider getting an early Oblivion Orb to reduce her healing and maintain your kill pressure on her at least for the laning phase.”
[11.1] Midlane Morgana - Season 11 by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
Ambitieux says “To lane against Irelia, you need to take huge advantage of ur ability to push her in and auto her as much as possible. Once she has backed and picked up phage/sheen You need to watch out for her ability to jump onto your backline and E you. Worse comes to worse Charm and walk away. Other than that Just like most melee matchups, push her in and try to look for roams. Her build can allow her to be quite tanky but for the most part once 6 you can just prance around her in fights.”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
Dr Eggmund says “Irelia can be very, very troublesome, your goal is to not let her get ahead, even if that means you both go equally in farm in lane. If Irelia gains the advantage in lane it's hard for you to stop her. With no crowd control and little movement speed in Vladimir, you are going to have a tough time escaping her and she will dominate. So farm poke when if you are comfortable you won't get punished and as always look to all in if she is low and you have your combo (Ultimate) ready.”
Vladimir《11.1》: Cosmic Devourer IN-DEPTH by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
RezoneVerified says “Strong top and mid at the moment!..beware her hyper mobility on your turrets! Try and combo her down once she engages in melee range ( try not to get stunned )”
[NEW 11.1] - [Season 11] - MASTER TIER 16,500 GAME Guide - N by RezoneVerified | Heimerdinger Player
PlayCabex says “you kill her and you win, your w can go through her ult”
Vladimir guide (Patch 11.1) MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Sylvan Lore says “Irelia is an absolute menace in the mid lane for immobile scaling carries like Orianna. She can kill you from level 2 onwards and throughout you will have very little kill pressure on her without substantial jungle support. Zhonyas is a great early buy into this matchup so that you can avoid her all in if her Ult lands on you. Dont underestimate her ability to jump on you and burst you with just a Q and E once she has Tiamat. Do your best to avoid solo deaths and match her roams in order to minimize her impact. The usual on good thing about this is that their team is likely to lack the magic damage of a control mage in the mid lane. Cleanse can work decently for her stun, but she will likely still kill you. I would recommend either Exhaust or Barrier depending on whether or not you expect her to take Teleport or Ignite. Recommend: Exhaust and Vs. AD Assassin. ”
[11.1] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player