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Darius Counter Stats

Darius Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #20 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Darius. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Darius in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Darius Data for all roles taken from 123,112 matches.
Darius Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (88%) Darius Top Lane Counters: 108,008 matches, 54 counter champions

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Tips Against Darius in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Darius is a hard lane but easy champion to beat post level 9, I like to start Doran's shield in this matchup because it keeps you safe early which is what you want, I also run second wind in this matchup instead of conditioning, also early ninja tabi's can be great in this matchup since movement speed is so valuable against darius and a lot of them take ghost+flash. I also personally buy Black Cleaver in this matchup first because the HP is important for surviving, I also build frozen mallet third item after death's dance since HP is the only counter to his true damage and the slow comes in handy vs darius. Another thing to keep in mind is you can use your E before he pulls you and your E will go off right when you get pulled to him so he doesn't even get an auto attack off so I always reccomend just E'ing if you think he is going to pull you worst case scenario is you just E away. You should win this matchup level 9+ and once you have black cleaver if you aren't too far down, also try to dodge his Q heal and try to hit your E if you can E into him as he Q's to dodge the outer heal that is the most ideal and you will win the 1v1, if you made mistakes in lane or fought when you shouldnt have and you're behind you should still be able to win level 13+ as long as it's 1v1. Basically this is a don't make big mistakes early on matchup.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “Darius is a hard matchup. He's early game is much stronger than your's as you both look for extended trades he will just destroy you. Play safe till you get late and then you can destroy him once you get damage and stack armor.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
Sovereign Kitten says “I would highly suggest you to take PTA or the Glacial build. That is, if you feel uncomfortable playing against him with any other runes, like Summon DH or Electrocute. Boots will help you early game due to his +10 higher movement speed, which compliments PTA/Glacial. Otherwise feel free to start with Doran's Ring. Move towards him if he is going to land his (Q) spin so you can prevent a bleed stack & blind his (E) to prevent the 90% slow. Regardless of what you may think, this match-up goes either way. You either kite and avoid his pull or get caught and die. Glacial helps cheese him, unless he has Phase rush. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
YoungTact says “My perma ban if i intend to play poppy. DO NOT PICK POPPY into this matchup. Care for his all in with Ghost. Try to dodge his Q's and if u get pulled in E towards a minion behind you. Play lane to farm and use W/R defensively if he plans to all in you.”
Pathetic Singed says “TAKE PHASE RUSH! Don't smash your keyboard. Darius is extremely difficult for all Singed players to deal with, don't try to fight Darius as he will almost always win the trades. Peel him off your team in team fights and he shouldn't be able to do too much. Proxy is recommended here. Your W prevents Darius from being able to R, which is useful when you know he's going for an all-in.”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
PH45 says “Can be a difficult lane. Important thing is to block his W with your E and don't let him get his passive to 5 stacks on you. If you can't run out of his Q circle Q on him so you will be in the inner ring, denying him his heal. You outscale him quite well so just don't let him get ahead and you should win him. Early tabis also help quite a lot in this matchup. All in if he misses E, just be careful since most Darius's run Ghost so they will have kiting potential with it.”
Yamikaze says “Even: This lane favours you but the enemy still has kill pressure on you. More information found below.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze's Challenger Fiora Guide by Yamikaze | Fiora Player
lol Wero says “Free Lane: Keep your distance and poke him out to death.”
[10.19] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide by lol Wero | Neeko Player
Kippari says “Skill matchup, Darius has long cooldowns and as a result, GP can very easily kill him early. Just remember that his passive is strong and he can kill you at level 6 if you don't stay alert.”
[10.19] Omega-God-King GP Mastermind✔️(All roles) by Kippari | Gangplank Player
Kartagoo says “One of the Best if not THE BEST Counter for Garen. Careful for his Lv 1 Brush cheese if you walk to lane! Rather go around it past the Krugs. Get Lv 2 before him try to get an early Lead against him before he's Lv 3. Don't trade too much and don't let him get 5 stacks of his Passive. Even with a lead RESPECT his All-in potential if you are in the middle of the lane or further and has ghost he wants to All-in everytime and you are gonna die everytime. So if you are ending up pushing to hard rather lose some CS (Minions) and let him Push him into your Tower. Get Tabi's early. I rly kid you not, you and your team have it much easier killing a 0 3 Darius than a 3 0 One! if you are very behind or have only 1 kill go for Black Cleaver Rush so your team can later burst him down easier.”
A Guide how I reached Master in S9 with Garen by Kartagoo | Garen Player
Defensivity1 says “Can very easily kill you or chunk you for half your health bar if you get inside his E range, give up minions to not die or take too much damage at level 6 you should be able to kill him if played correctly.”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Stinkee says “Avoid picking Sion into Darius. This has been one of Sion's hardest matchups since the rework. It's not impossible to win this matchup though. Try to freeze your lane and look for when he tries to pull you and dodge it. You can win short trades with the help of your W but watch out for his all-in. Take Grasp of the Undying or Glacial Augment and max W. W max is great here because it gives you enough shield to win short trades and burst him with the shield damage. Sion's shield can be his highest damage ability, don't be afraid to use it offensively in many cases. Rush Sunfire Cape and Ninja Tabi and ask for ganks. Darius is easy to gank because he has no mobility and you should be freezing your lane. Be careful to not let Darius land everything on your and your jungler and win the 1v2.”
Drake6401 says “ Still a major threat post nerfs but there is a little more counter play now. In order to stay healthy, you will likely have to surrender the first wave and a half until he slow pushes to your tower. Stay in your side bush to get Exp and move out when the wave is getting to a safer spot. Play safe for level 3 and if you didn't take too much damage, you're in a decent spot now. You can go in for a trade at 25 and 30 Fury using the Safe escape combo. If your Q would be empowered, skip it and just auto-W. This method chunks Darius's HP because you will do more damage faster than him. When he's 40% to 30% HP, you can go for your first kill. Rush CDR with WarHammer and KindleGem. Get Q to level 2 or 3, and then scale E. This is geared towards closing the window Darius has to zone you while your E is down. Less zone time means you can get 25 Fury to trade more often. Buy Executioners Calling at a comfortable point to reduce his healing and 1v2 potential. ”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Olaf Only says “Survive until level 6, NEVER push the wave. If he goes Tank or has Ghost you won't be able to win all-ins vs him. After Black Cleaver you win 1v1 as you can kill him before he reaches 5 bleed stacks. Olaf is better in mid-game teamfights as Darius is easier to kite. Darius Outscales Olaf HARD.”
Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [10.19] by Olaf Only | Olaf Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “Darius is difficult because you'll never be able to fight him after lvl 2 (assuming he levels his E. If he doesn't then lvl 3), regardless of your build or how ahead you are. His stats are better than yours, his pull is difficult to dodge (and gives armor pen), his Q allows him to potentially survive dives, and he'll zone you off of cs 24/7. While you do outrange him you can only poke very early on (lvl 1-2) and when his E is down. Still, he can Q in the middle of your auto and win the trade. Take aftershock and try to bait him into ganks. Flaying at the right time can make him miss his Q.”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
qasddsa says “Do not push the lane, freeze the wave, and keep your distance. If he walks up, you back up. You can take either Kleptomancy or Fleet Footwork against him. If he pulls you, you can disengage and deal some damage with Q and W. Remember that he only heals on the outside area of his spin, so once you're ranged you can use this to kite him and deny his heal.”
PH45 says “Darius is quite hard matchup for Qiyana. Darius is a big lane bully, and his damage output and his E make him a scary foe to face. Your best bet is to farm with Q from range and wait for ganks since you'll likely get squashed 1v1 unless you are miles ahead of him. You can kite him quite will with your dashes, but most Darius's run Ghost to lessen the chance of getting kited.”
Wawza says “Keep track of his bleed stacks retreat at 3-4 so he doesnt proc his passive and you should be ok. Killing him will be a matter of poking him down by abusing your range to be able to all in him, if he is playing safe go for short trades and freeze your lane so he has to overextend for farm.”
"The Silence of Annihilation" Aatrox Guide 10.19 by Wawza | Aatrox Player
The Real Fake says “Darius completely denies Hecarim's laning power. His slows for E & W denies the damage boost from your passive, also prevents you from kiting him out. As you ramp up your Conqueror and Q, he just gets stacks his passive on you. Once everything is stacked up/ready (Q + Conq + Last Stand), Darius also has his passive ramped up with bonus AD and a max damage R ready to execute you. Darius is stronger than you throughout the whole game.”
Top/Jungle [10.19] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide by The Real Fake | Hecarim Player
Raen says “If you do 1 mistake especially in early he will just pop ghost and kill you. Try to get out of his Q or get close to him enough to deny heal. You need to be prepared with your E when you are sticking closely to Darius. He got AA range advantage (175 basically + 25 bonus from W) when you got only 125. Also don't try to fight him when he got 5 stacks on you from Hemorrhage. ”
CaptianMike says “Way too strong early and can easily dive you. True damage ultimate plus a reliable engage with his E makes this a terrible lane. I personally always ban him. Update: Darius just got buffed against tanks! This is a nightmare lane”
Consume the world | Cho'gath top by CaptianMike | Cho'Gath Player
RTO says “I have a VOD review below that will break it down really well. Don't at all trade with him before level 3. If he uses an ability and misses after you get level 3, you will out trade him every time. Watch his passive stacks and do go in if he has ANY on you. ”
[10.19] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “Darius can be quite hard to deal with. The only chance that you've got to do something is if he uses his Q to farm minions or if he misses it. Then you have 4-5 sec. to go in for a quick trade and get out before you lose too much HP because of his passive. If you don't manage to kill him before level 6, try harassing him with nados and when he gets below 40% HP, you can go for the kill. Also he will probably try to zone you away from the minions so if you are in danger of losing the trade, just stay within the XP range of the minions and wait for the wave to push to you.”
SEASON 10 [10.19] Diamond YASUO TOP/MID GUIDE (3.5 mil maste by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Yasuo Player
PH45 says “You can't really trade with him well as you are very short ranged so you will get many stacks of his passive if you try to trade. You can setup a gank for your jungler but avoid being hit with his Q since he will heal a lot if you both get hit.”
xXkillercrackXx says “Super scary to lane against but you're more useful later on. Try to not feed him and farm up.”
[10.19] 🔪The Butcher of Bilgewater🔪Toplane Gangplank g by xXkillercrackXx | Gangplank Player
RTO says “He's scary with high healing, but stay close to him so he can't heal! Don't be afraid, the closer you are, the better it works out. Take armor, and executioners. He has high CD's. ”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide by RTO | Kled Player
Persicum777 says “Darius is a simple beast, you need to get in, burst him with your empowered q and use the mobility to kite or disengage with him, successfully doing this will result in a won lane. Don't push he will control the lane from level 2 to 4 but you can cheese a Q on him early if you catch him in the jungle, dont over engage Especially if he has ghost.”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
PH45 says “Quite a difficult one, you can't really escape him that well once his got his grasp on you so try to play it safe and if your jungler comes make sure you stay out of his Q, you can avoid it by using your W on him as it blinks you onto him and you are momentarily untargetable so it wont hit you. ”
ak521 says “Not a contender! Doran's Blade to Bramble Vest (or Exe Calling if he is playing safe), Ninja Tabi”
👊 10.19 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET 👊 by ak521 | Sett Player
Anoying bro5 says “IGNITE RUNE PAGE: Also take Triumph rune. If he starts W, Do Not Trade With Him lvl 1. When he uses his Q you can dash into him to avoid healing him and taking the damage. You should try parrying his W over his pull, as his pull is very fast. Normally Darius will W after 1 autoattack after his pull. So when pulled, spam riposte. This varys on the player so make adjustments as necessary. If you missed parry on vital and his W, then save it for his ultimate if he is trying to all in you. This is also a match up you can take ignite as he mostly run ghost.”
[10.19] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+ Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
An Actual Viable Blitzcrank Top Guide **BALL FART TECH** by epic blitz top | Blitzcrank Player
RTO says “Try to avoid his pull, and kite him. He can decimate you if you get caught, keep your W for escaping, unless you're all-inning with a gank.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Ryze Top Lane Guide by RTO | Ryze Player
PH45 says “Another really difficult lane. Darius is a lane bully against most melee laners and Sylas is no exception. Poke with your Q but don't get caught in his pull or you'll probably die. Darius has no escapes outside his summoners so keep your vision up and ask your jungler to gank. After a few deaths Darius will be pretty weak and you shouldn't be as afraid of him anymore if he is behind. Tabis are really valuable in this matchup.”
[10.19] PH45's In-depth Guide To Sylas! by PH45 | Sylas Player
roadtopenta5 says “Personally i hate play vs Darius i always ban him when i go Yasuo top, but when i face one, i just try to play defensive and waiting for my jungler.”
[PLAT ELO] Yasuo One Trick 3M Mastery points (+ArKaDaTa buil by roadtopenta5 | Yasuo Player
Guoblide says “Very good early game. Always wins trades against you. Try to zone him and proc DH. Play safe and kill him off ganks with your cc.”
[10.19] Beginners Guide To CRIT Thresh Top Lane by Guoblide | Thresh Player
RTO says “Hard to trade against, has insane armor shred, high damage and a long bleed dot. Disengage with E, play safe, don't feed him and you outscale as tank late.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Poppy Top Lane Guide by RTO | Poppy Player
DasGrauen_ says “Darius will just dunk you out of the whole game and he will get you to the point to uninstall this game.. Play very very very safe!”
[10.19] Pykë Top/Midlane Guide - Did I support right? by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player
Ayanleh says “Like morde, its kind of an easy matchup except darius has a stronger early. Just play a little extra careful especially if he has ignite. Look for trades once he blows his cooldowns/spells as hes pretty weak without them unlike morde.”
A Guide to Playing Lillia by Ayanleh | Lillia Player
iZeal says “Respect his all-in. You can poke him safely with Q1. If he rushes armor, it gets much harder. Q1 is safe, but if you don't space Q2 perfectly, he can pull you even if you E away. In that case it is better to save your E for a Q3 while doding his Q. If he misses his E this is your time to harass him as it has a huge cooldown early on and he also runs oom after 3 Qs. Disrupt him in teamfights and don't let him stack up his passive on you.”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Aatrox compendium by iZeal | Aatrox Player
NeroZYN says “If played incorrectly, Darius can stomp you. Any slight miss positioning and you can easily die. You need to be able to dash into his Q to reduce the damage taken , and to fully commit to the fight. Do not try and kite away from him! His E is also buggy (in my opinion) making it really hard to dodge. Other than that, the matchup is actually very easy.”
Rhoku says “The Darius matchup can go both ways. You have to keep in mind that you outscale him. So if all else fails, you can simply play safe, give up CS, farm under turret and wait for later on in the game. So the matchup can be Even or just Impossible depending on how good the Darius player is. I myself, almost always crush Mordekaisers when I am on Darius so, believe me when I tell you that if the Darius player knows what he is doing, then you will NOT win the matchup alone. You might need your jungler. Here is the basic idea in this matchup. You need to A) use your full shield and B)fight in your ultimate. If you use your shield improperly, Darius will be able to just burst through it as it wont be that much. And if you fight outside your ultimate or fight him pre-6 you will just get shredderd. INSIDE your ultimate however, is a different story. If you are able to stick to him and hit EVERY single one of your abilities in your ultimate, you WILL kill him. Just make sure that you don't start the fight with stacks on you. In general, you should be looking to disengage whenever he gets any number of stacks on you. You can use the backwards E trick to disengage but good Dariuses will expect and avoid this. Poke him down early on with your Q but DO NOT fight him or let him get hits on you. Level 1 you can beat him if you can land an empowered Q on him but I wouldn't recommend it. He can snowball SO damn hard that it will seriously depress when you see how many times he will kill you. Revitalize and Second Wind are good. Seeker's Armguard and Ninja Tabi are also great. The lane becomes much easier if you have Ignite but if you die with ignite the lane is over. You LEGIT can't comeback.”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
Dreadscythe95 says “He falls behind Kayle late game but he can turn her life into a nightmare for most of the game. Kayle can't punish him effectively when she turns ranged and his passive means that one small mistep and Kayle is dead, even with ultimate up. If he is an experienced Darius and he takes Phase Rush as well, it's probably gg for your lane.”
Omnistone Kayle - Cleansing the Unworthy [S10] by Dreadscythe95 | Kayle Player
LoLReal says “Hard lane early levels, do not go for extended trades with him. Once we are 6 we can all in and win if lane has not gotten out of hand. Ignite is very good in this match up because snowballing is critical. Don't get behind in this match up or we won't win.”
ChaseMorePlz says “Remember that If you dodge his Q is prevents his heal. Keep in mind when playing against Darius that his Q will do significantly less damage when you're close to him. Basically, When you do a fast combo and you get all of your autos & abilities off you have the potential to out damage him in trades early on. Watch out for his E during ganks it has an annoyingly long range. It's a good idea to bait his Q out before you trade and slowly poke him down. ”
10.19 Guidance Down The Path Of Every Single Riven Matchup [ by ChaseMorePlz | Riven Player
Ravenborne says “Whoever gets his passive stacked first wins. When he Q's, pull him in so he can't heal. Just get the drop on him and you win the fight. Rushing Steraks is viable in this matchup.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
Jungl says “Must dodge his e, if you don't you're very much going to die or have to flash. If you are able to dodge his is most of the time would should be able to beat him in lane.”
AP/AD Kennen for top or mid by Jungl | Kennen Player
RTO says “Very tough early game, watch out for brush cheese level 1. Favor's him at level 6, stand inside his spin so he can't heal. Call for early ganks. Consider Ignite, or ban him out.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Nasus Top Lane Guide by RTO | Nasus Player
ChaseMorePlz says “He does a lot of damage early game with his bleed so don't fight, trade or cs near him unless his abilities are down. You can stand in the center of his Q Decimate, the ability when he swings his axe in a circle to do damage. He is very immobile. Also has a rather long ranged pull on his E that you need to stay away from. Other than that, the matchup is easy and you can kill him with good stacks, farming and wave management. I like to play this matchup smart by not dying.”
[10.19] Nasus Season 10 😳 ╮(′~‵〞)╭[YOUTUBE ED by ChaseMorePlz | Nasus Player
Phrxshn says “One of the harder match-up. You will definitely need to mirror his Summoner's Spell(Flash/Ghost). Decimate(Q) needs to be dodged or juked out, but if you can't go to his handle of his Axe as it does not apply Hemmorhage nor heal him. Fight him after he casts his Crippling Strike(W) and duration goes away. Save your Primal Howl for his Apprehend(E), let him use his (E) first then Primal Howl. Avoid fighting him with 5 stacks of Hemorrhage. Use your Primal Howl or Infinite Duress to prevent him from casting his Noxian Guillotine(R). (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Darius Early, Warwick Late) (Recommended Items: Blade of the Ruined King, Deadman's Plate) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
Fan22 says “This lane it's a nightmare, his true damage and Bleed Hurta Chogath a lot. This lane it's very complicate, dont try to fight him early, only if you are really sure you can kill him or in the first levels (level 1-4). In this matchup i reccomend going some Ap with a dorans ring and poking him all you can, also having extra ap and mana let's you farm safely with Q, thus having less risk of diying against darius. Remember to you can use your Q or W to disengage after he uses E or if he is gonna use R. The W silence doesn't let darius use Q and R, wich are important abilities.”
The Monster of the Void [10.19] Cho'Gath Top by Fan22 | Cho'Gath Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “GRASP (SCALING) BUT INSTEAD OF PRESENCE OF MIND AND BLOODLINE, GO BISCUITS DELIVERY TIME WARP TONIC - CLOTH ARMOR + 4 POTS = Darius is another really hard matchup for Nasus, a good Darius will beat you in every stage of the game regardless of your build and stacks and I highly recommend permabanning him in case you want to climb only with Nasus. In case you have another permaban and you get to fight him, I recommend rushing tabi's regardless of the team unless the team is 4 AP and Darius. Nowadays Darius players will play with Nimbus Cloak + Celerity with Ghost and Dorans Blade, but there is a slight problem with this, he struggles in short trades, so to effectively trade against him, look to bait his E and then E + Q with Grasp proc once you get around 130 stacks. If you punish his E cooldown consistanly you will be able to leave him low enough were he has to back or you can allin him, also when fighting him in every scenario, you have to look to burst him, if he is allowed to stack his passive on someone and then spam Ults, its a guaranteed loss since you will be behind in this matchup. As for early laning phase, just play as safe as you can, get in XP range while hiding in bushes. This is one of the most possible and harder matchups for Nasus and again, i highly recommend banning him. Don't be upset if you are 40+ minions behind him early on, it's the nature of this matchup.”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
Teynachi says “My nightmare. I ban him in every game from January 2020. You don't have much chances to win this matchup. I recomend ban him every game like me, but if you play vs him, just play full defensive. Don't try fight him early, but if there is no way out, avoid his Q which gives him a heal and his E at all costs. Try to fling him back if he goes all in.”
[10.19] Teynachi's Diamond Singed Top Lane Guide by Teynachi | Singed Player
chrisorion says “Unflinching + Bone Plating or Ignite + Nimbus Cloak. Darius wants you to take extended trades early as his passive is very strong. You win if you avoid his Q and parry his W before he gets 5 bleed stacks on you. If you can't avoid his Q, walk in the inner part of Q to avoid him healing and getting a bleed stack. Preferably parry W then E because the risk reward of parrying E is higher and not worth the risk. Parrying W slows his stacking and stops him from slowing you. You outscale mid-late game so don't let him snowball early game.”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Very hard matchup as well. Try to farm with your Q and stay out of his Apprehend range, he is very immobile so once you hit a power spike and play the lane properly, he shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. ”
(10.19) Olaf Top/Jungle Guide: Season 10 SAVAGE! [YOUTUBE ED by ChaseMorePlz | Olaf Player
Leolynn says “Just Dodge his Q and attack him He'll die immediatly but If you would eat his Q and get 5 passive. You'll die no escape just attack him and make low his HP maybe your friends can beat him :(”
Heansuh says “You pull him, he pulls you.”
[10.19] TOP LANE POKING SWAIN by Heansuh | Swain Player
Phrxshn says “One of the harder match-up. You will definitely need to mirror his Summoner's Spell(Flash/Ghost). Decimate(Q) needs to be dodged or juked out, but if you can't go to his handle of his Axe as it does not apply Hemmorhage nor heal him. Fight him after he casts his Crippling Strike(W) and duration goes away. Save your Primal Howl for his Apprehend(E), let him use his (E) first then Primal Howl. Avoid fighting him with 5 stacks of Hemorrhage. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Darius Early, Malphite Late) (Recommended Items: Sunfire Cape, Deadman's Plate) (Outscaling Edge: Malphite) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite by Phrxshn | Malphite Player
Shumair says “Darius is a pain to deal with. You have to play laning phase slowly. Throughout lane try to whittle him down with your Q at max range. Your Q outranges his e slightly and his Q has a delay. However, due to the recent buffs to ghost, he can pop it then immediately E-W you. Due to this I would recommend that you play safe and outscale, even if you lose cs. You can fight him at around level 10 and win if you're even. Ask for jungle assistance if you're not sure about an all-in.”
Fan22 says “Darius will harras you everytime you try to farm and deal a lot of damague, the worst thing its that hes ultimate deals TRUE DAMAGUE and his E gives him free armor penetration. Be careful if he has ignite. Against Darius ask your jungler for ganks, run TP and Doran´s shield for sustain. Bramble vest helps a lot in this matchup because it reduces the healings of Darius Q, runes, deaths dance and Conqueror (common items on darius).”
The inmortal Tree [10.19] Maokai Top by Fan22 | Maokai Player
Twist21 says “Darius is a champion that can beat most melee champions in 1v1 due to his tanky itemization options and his passive.Against Darius we want to avoid getting hit by his E and we also want to dodge his Q with our E by going inside it.After that you will be able to kill him. I would take flash ghost with LT Resolve Runes into this matchup.”
[Patch 10.19] Season 10 Tryndamere Toplane Guide by Twist21 | Tryndamere Player
make alistar great again says “I haven't played against Darius yet, and I don't want to.”
Making Alistar Great Again (Top/Mid) by make alistar great again | Alistar Player
NickCola Tesla says “As a Darius main, there is zero way for a competent Darius to lose this lane. Go the tank rune setup designed for ranged matchups, since you don't even want to get into AA range of him. Or, take Arcane Comet and purchase a Doran's Ring if you want to poke at him more, and consider maxing your E first. Once you begin stacking armor, you can CONSIDER stepping up to melee range to CS more appropriately, but I would still just give up anything past the halfway point towards his tower, even if you're playing from range. Check the "high threat matchups" section for greater detail!”
"I! AM! WAR!" - NickColaTesla's Sion Guide by NickCola Tesla | Sion Player
Spligam3r says “His pull is a combo-killer. Plus ghost being OP is not helping.”
YiOlaf says “Darius have damage, bleed and lifesteal. Very hard matchup but can be easily defeated after 9 or even after 6 if he is not very fed.”
Best Urgot build 1v5 everything by YiOlaf | Urgot Player
StrikeX114 says “Darius' main threat comes in his passive, Apprehend (E), and his ultimate. Be careful to maintain a safe distance from him, and he won't be much of a threat towards you until his first major item spike.”
ItsmeKenny says “Don't waste E randomly or you win die. Use leap to dodge his outer ring Q. Go for short trades aganist him. He wins you at level 6 all in.”
Mord3kaiser says “Will destroy you in longer trades. play smart.”
How to play Mordekaiser in patch 10.19 by Mord3kaiser | Mordekaiser Player
BigFatPotNoodles says “Darius is just as painful as garen, If you can stun him when he does Q you should win the trade/fight, no mobility to escape when having 5 haemorrhage stacks”
Sett The Beast-Boy Bastard patch 10.19 updated by BigFatPotNoodles | Sett Player
LulzTVit says “Play very safe against Darius. If he pulls you you are dead or have to burn flash.”
Tank Lux Top ( Try on normals first ) by LulzTVit | Lux Player
LulzTVit says “Darius simply is overtuned right now so he will be hard to beat.”
Steven on Jax says “Easy to outplay u just have to wait for him to make a misstake and use his spells , while on CS all in him for a short trade”
Jax Top patch 10.19 best builds by Steven on Jax | Jax Player
zzArtz says “Don't do long trades”
Camille Guide by a iron by zzArtz | Camille Player
Jakec_SLO says “He's annoying but beatable after bramble.”
Twist21 says “Darius is a strong 1v1 champion at all stages of the game since he is a juggernaut and has a lot of true damage on his passive.Jax is one of the champs that can 1v1 Darius at all stages of the game if you play properly.Try to bait his e and block his w with your e and you should win.If he has passive on you DO NOT go for him unless you know you can kill him.”
[PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE by Twist21 | Jax Player
Sexy DMG says “Darius can very good use Q and damage you, when you would attack minions. You can dodge his Q and be careful.”
Bombabo says “Darius will do everything in his power to bully you in lane. He will punish you for trying to farm, and can turn trades into fights, which heavily favor him. Even if you are ahead, Darius is more than capable of turning a fight to his advantage, So I would recommend playing safe until you hit your powerspike and can easily deal with him ”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ says “Darius was the HARDEST counter to Poppy, until u understand his kit. dash to him when he uses his q and q him and disengage. early game still a high thread. ”
The Poppy OTP guide ( updated 03/09/2020 ) by ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ | Poppy Player
I Am Goliath says “Darius is a very hard match up for any tank. You are going to want to try to bait out his Q's and not let him get any of his passive stacks on you. If he ever gets multiple stacks try to back off. Try your best to stay alive in this lane and wait for a gank since Darius doesn't do good against a gank.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Maokai by I Am Goliath | Maokai Player
wallobear53 says “His healing mostly comes from the edge of his Q so moving into his champion model or away from him stops him from getting the heal on the edge. Darius' Passive stacks up over time through his Auto-attacks or his Q. Be cautious to not let it keep stacking as it will build up to a lot of damage and will be a good way to finish you off in an extended fight. He has a strong early game skirmishing potential, so be careful as he can do a surprising amount of damage, as well as sustain himself. You may want to consider investing in Grievous Wounds to counter his sustainability. ”
[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player
ForgottenProject says “Extremely Strong Kit in Lane. His lane can be Oppressing if you keep letting him trade with you. [1]Parry his Hook and he's a Sitting Duck. If you mess up you're in for a beating. [2]Parrying his W is good [3]You can Q into him when he uses his Q to deny the Healing. [4]If he somehow gets an early lead make sure you have Boots or you'll get Run-down. ”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
CFCryo says “Representative of the typical BIG JUGGERNAUT TOP, Darius has huge damage when you get caught. This is an example of someone you should probably take Aftershock for. For Darius specifically, use Flay (E) to push him towards you, pulling yourself inside of the Q circle. Pushing him away from you takes too long, and he's likely moving away from you already, perfectly landing you in the outer circle. If you die once, don't try anything funny again, or it won't just be once.”
I Am Goliath says “Darius has a big con which is being kited and that's what Gnar is good at doing so this matchup should be fairly easy, the only thing you have to look out for is if he ever gets on you somehow you're probably toast if you're in mini because of squishy you are and how strong his kit is, although like I said you can kite him really well, and once you get frozen mallet I don't think he can do much to you. Remember that your auto range is about his E range so if he ever pulls you in just e away and keep kiting him, he doesn't have another way to get onto you unless he has flash or ghost up.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Gnar by I Am Goliath | Gnar Player
TXK_ says “His all-in is more powerful than yours. Pray he hasn't taken ghost and use E to disengage. Your teamfight is stronger than his.”
[10.19] Detailed Mordekaiser Top + Match-ups Guide by TXK_ | Mordekaiser Player
laoshin3v3 says “don't get hit by his E and buy executioners i would not recommend to fight him alone until u get a lead”
[10.18] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide by laoshin3v3 | Riven Player
XtheZ115 says “Darius is rough. His E will keep you in check and his sustain from his Q makes kiting rough. Hopefully he will not know how to deal with your proxy, because laning against him stacks the odd in his favor. ”
Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed by XtheZ115 | Singed Player
I Am Goliath says “Very hard since darius does super well against tank characters. He can also cancel your Q with his E so keep that in mind. It's not super easy for him to kill you but it's practically impossible to kill him in this lane, so try your best to just survive and scale up, use your ult to get other lanes ahead. If he ever gets a few stacks on you just back off of him.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Sion by I Am Goliath | Sion Player
Womsky says “Scaling set up with doran's shield/long sword start, A boring ass lane if knows what he is doing, if he has no ignite you can trade lvl 1 with fury, its just about punishing his cds especially if he misses E, but over all a hard lane cause you get punished by half of your health bar if u mess up while his mistakes goes on unchecked mostly, the higher you get in elo the worst it gets, cause any gank/disturbance in wave which causes the lane to push for him could be fatal, and darius players learn to wave control well and punish there over extended enemies, just scale and farm if you see no chances of a kill, especislly if he rushes tabies like a rat, if the wave starts pushing into him you can look to trade some of your hp to make him push the wave, which is by letting him auto you or Q the wave to make him push you in, a very good way to get back the wave into your favour if it gets messy.”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Conqueror One of the hardest matchups especially early game if he uses E right before ult you won't be able to parry it. Dash into him when he uses Q so he doesnt get his healing off and either parry his ult or his E. 3+ Items you outscale him and win hard. ”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
AlanVenator says “Darius is considered to be a lane bully, he is no exception against Urgot. The key to winning this matchup is survive the early game. Use your E every time he tries to grab you. Play safely and try to poke him a little bit since you will deny his all-in potencial. After level 6, you can kill him on your own if you play it well. Since he is an inmobile champion you can easily kill him every time with the help of your jungler so ping help every time your ultimate is up. If you don't fall behind, once you get Black Cleaver + lvl 9 it's free win. Do not let him snowball early game!!!”
Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation by AlanVenator | Urgot Player
Olaugh says “Ask your jungler for help, to shut him down early, don't be afraid to trade with him, if you are playing properly, you can win 1v1, however put some respect especially if he goes flash ghost!, if he collects 5 stacks on you, it knows to be very sticky, so be aware of his damage while fully stacked. When your minions are low move away so you dont get hit by q.Try to bait his q so he doesnt heal and get free stack. When he finishes minion with w ,all in him especially if u are lv 6 since he just used W ,his E doesnt work while you are in R and with ur Phage item + R your movm speed is insane and you rapidly go into him so he will probably miss q or activate it too late or wont be able to hit it at all, if he has ignite then be REALLY careful and ask jg to gank maybe even mid to roam.”
Olaf Top Lane 10.18 by Olaugh | Olaf Player
Legal Loli Lulu says “Phase Rush(Sorcery) + Second Wind(Resolve, secondary) makes this matchup easier. Play around your Phase Rush cooldown. If you're not using Phase Rush: Only engage when you know you can run away from his hook.”
Patch 10.18 | Titan Garen + Spin2Win Garen with Meta Items o by Legal Loli Lulu | Garen Player
SkellyBirb says “Darius is weak against ranged champions. Stay out of his range and hit your charm if you plan on poking him. As long as you don't get caught by his pull, you're fine.”
[10.18] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds by SkellyBirb | Ahri Player
BushBox says “Start doran's shield, resepect his very good lvl 1, if he has 5 passive stacks on you try to get out the fight unless its a guarantee kill. (More details in matchup section)”
I Am Goliath says “This matchup is usually lose lane win game. My tips for playing against darius is to be very smart with your W, as long as you have this up he should never really be able to kill you as long as you land it, this is another lane where you want to survive the early game because he won't win 1v1 against you in the split late game and darius sucks in teamfights as well, he also doesn't have an easy way to kill your ghouls in lane so you can punish him with those whenver you have graves up, other tips for playing against darius are to try to bait out his pull and try to dodge the healing part of the Q you can do this by either walking into him or just trying to dodge it completely. Just remember as long as you have your W up you always have a way to trap him in should you need to run.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Yorick by I Am Goliath | Yorick Player
Tauricus2017 says “Ok Darius is very strong champion I admit it but If you are playing Poppy, Nothing can go wrong. When you get pulled do not panic! try to stay inside or outside of Dariuses Decimate (Q). To help yourself with it you can use Heroic Charge (E) or Steadfast Presence (W). Also do not let him to stack his Hemorrhage (PAS.) on you or he might kill you with ease. Sometimes you can even bait his Apprehend (E) and then you have got 15 sec. of serenity.”
Super Tank Poppy (STP) by Tauricus2017 | Poppy Player
SpartanDumpster says “This is a match up that can go either way. Darius is tanky enough for your passive to threaten him, but not enough to guarantee you'll win trades. His pull is something to make sure you dodge. Darius' often have a habit of spinning immediately after using their pull ability, so as long as you dodge that pull, he'll have two abilities on cooldown, which may be the best time to punish him before level 6.”
Gnar AP build Guide + General Tips For Fun by SpartanDumpster | Gnar Player
Singed1vs9 says “Take aftershock. you'll never beat him early game unless he is a pepega. Just farm as much as you can and take TP. Most Darius takes ghost so you have to make the most out of your TP”
The only Volibear Toplane guide You'll ever Need by Singed1vs9 | Volibear Player
orangepenguinhead says “Darius should not be a big threat because if you get E'ed, try to move closer to him if he Q's. This way he won't get the heal off you and he has no form of CC and close the gap. ”
[10.18] The Unbalancable: A Guide to Ryze by orangepenguinhead | Ryze Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
laoshin3v3 says “If darius knows how to play this matchup ur doomed, never fight him alone and always be careful about his E range. If he uses E and then R u can't ult in that little gap.”
[10.18] Lao's Kayle - Your time has come! by laoshin3v3 | Kayle Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
AWierdShoe says “Try to go forward baiting for his Q and backing off without getting hit whenever you can. If Q is on cooldown, then you can go for short trades, blocking his W with your W and getting out of there ASAP. Never do extended trades in this match-up except if he's already low and you KNOW you can kill him before he kills you. If you’re in the middle of a trade that looks good for you HP-wise, then once he starts his Q, E inside the middle of it to deny most of the damage and all of the healing.”
Chili Dog says “Runes: Conqueror, Triumph, Alacrity, Last Stand + Magical Footwear/Futures Market, Cosmic Insight. Sub Runes: CDR, Damage, Armor Summoners: Ignite or Teleport Darius is a one sided skill matchup in Darius's favor. That bleed, that god damn bleed. Anyway, you CAN win this matchup however, you have to know Darius's damage compared to your own. Depending on what Darius starts will determine when you can trade. He started Q? You can trade lvl 1 if he missed you with his Q. Started W? Can't trade until lvl 3. Started E? Why? Whatever, if he misses his pull you can go in at any lvl and win. Also, what summoners he took are a big part of the matchup too. Ignite? Do short trades and burst him down when low. TP? Try to keep him in lane as long as possible by short trading. Ghost? Just don't fight him. Honestly, you can't kite him. If not confident, just freeze the wave and look for TP. ”
Generic Riven Guide by Chili Dog | Riven Player
JD the DJ says “Extremly impossible to win, is not just a Poppy counter, but a AD counter too, must ban”
SacaZioto says “Snowbally lane, focus on your movespeed items! You will win if you poke him from max-range of q, which is 50 longer than his e range. if you are hit by his e, use your e to dodge the edge. your ult cancels his ult, so you should win most post 6 fights if not behind”
Hunter23 says “You can still outplay him though and you win late game if you dont feed too much XD”
ImVoxxX says “just poke him every time”
Teemo Top Guide by an OTP teemo [S10] by ImVoxxX | Teemo Player
MrMuckDuck says “A level 6 Darius has more advantage than you can imagine. It doesn't matter if your E is a real life-saver sometimes. If Darius manages to hit you in mid-air, you will still bungle.”
[10.18] OVERPOWERED EZREAL TOP/MID by MrMuckDuck | Ezreal Player
Urgoto says “Darius is my perma ban champion. i think this is the worst lane you can have and until you are level 11 and have some items you cant really do anything. if you do find yourself in this matchup take D shield and play safe and try to freeze on your side of the lane. dont get your jungler involved in your lane unless you know you can kill him because if he gets a double kill you can kiss your LP goodbye”
High Diamond Urgot guide by Urgoto | Urgot Player
ShiningShen says “Celuj w krótkie wymiany, bo w długich nie masz szans. Jego pasywa zada ci ogromne obrażenia. Zachowaj E gdy cię przyciągnie.”
Appl313245 says “Darius may seem scary but you outscale him really hard. Run grasp runes and do short trades and use e as a disengage tool. If he pulls you auto him to proc passive and e out.”
Camille Guide by Appl313245 | Camille Player
ClanBlade says “Similar to Sett, just learn to kite and E into him when he presses Q to avoid the edge. Also somthing i learned is NEVER go for the 3rd Q unless it will kill him or your jungler is ganking as you will just allow him to do his full combo with no retalition as make him easily stack his passive, his E has a long cooldown so use that to try and all in if he misses it. Buy an executioners so he can't heal that much of his Q.”
The definitive Aatrox guide by an Aatrox main by ClanBlade | Aatrox Player
s3L_ says “this guy make stinky doo doo of you if he hits his E+Q combo and stacks bleed he make you go bye bye!!!”
"Tactical Inting" Irelia SoloQ WARLORD XXXtreme cl by s3L_ | Irelia Player
talla says “ı even need to explain?”
Full nasus guide by talla | Nasus Player
Wizbe says “You can't use your E vs Darius as he can pull you out of it. You have to hug the wall and do small E's to escape after short trades to survive lane.”
Master Tier Camille Guide by Wizbe | Camille Player
OverCookedFish says “Darius and Sett both rely on extended trades, but the longer it goes on the harder Darius wins.”
Be the Boss of Top by OverCookedFish | Sett Player
BaiacoolFAKE says “It's not that hard. You need to run every time he goes your direction. ”
Kayle TOP/MID by BaiacoolFAKE | Kayle Player
PiclesDelicia says “U can kill him after bramble vest and tabis if you play extremely correct, use your W do dodge his Q and Q him away when he comes closer, do not let him stack the passive on you and its safe”
THE COOL TREE by PiclesDelicia | Maokai Player
Murderman5 says “Don't poke him too much, Try to keep your rage or you are wiped out”
Uhm okay, How to be a good teemo by Murderman5 | Teemo Player
Ssin006 says “Very strong early game, one miss play and you'll be dead.”
TYPICAL NASUS BUILD by Ssin006 | Nasus Player
Dr Zucc says “Just take my advice and ban Darius if you want to be able to play the game”
All Around Teemo Top Guide by Dr Zucc | Teemo Player
Dan Sley says “En el mismo caso darius es un even pero para los nuevos se le dificultará solo esquiva la E y Q y puede tradeale”
Jax bully cosmic top, mid, jungle by Dan Sley | Jax Player
M.P.C says “Play saþfe, focus on getting CS while avoiding his attacks and don't over extend.”
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Runtley says “Darius pull and his stupid bleeding thing that gives him a grievous wounds can make him hard to play against. I recommend you take Press The Attack when going up against him. I also recommend not to hid from him. He can pull and make you bleed, you will most likely die if you try and hide.”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
GodMulti says “Darius is a pretty strong Lane Bully. I would suggest you to look for Short Trades only! Take PTA against him, it will make your short trades much stronger. Look out for his Hook and try avoiding his Outer Circle of his Axe, if he hits you with it, he will be healed ... a lot. If he tries to All in you, try Stunning him with your E [[Facebreaker]] and run away. Ask for Ganks!”
Urgodzilla says “In early game he wins by default even if you do everything correctly. The best thing you can do is Eing his E. Try not to give him free Q healing and damage. Be cautiuos if he has Ghost, he will just run you down if you don't respect this. You can kill him lvl6 if he does something stupid. After lvl9 (or lvl13 if he is ahead) you outscale him.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
Pikkachu Loiro says “Ornn Is weak against early game champions, Darius is not a exception as he can shove the wave into your tower and roam around the mao to get kills”
The Ultimate Ornn Guide by Pikkachu Loiro | Ornn Player
arekij says “Try to hit Q when he casts his Q so he wont heal that much and dont let yourself bleed out. His passive is the biggest problem. Just trade carefully.”
Amumu The King at Top by arekij | Amumu Player
Chisps says “You can outplay him, but watch out as he can E you out of tunnel when you try to flee.”
Fiora Pogjet says “Very hard and skillbased matchup. It is hard to prarry his e. Before lvl 6 he will always outtrade you because of his passive. try to afk farm and dont go for trades. With lvl 6 u can try to fight him. You should also buy executioners.”
[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide - FioraPogjet by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player
Ashookaa says “Its a hard match up take glacial augment to be safe but dont build glp go normal dmg/tank build and try to dogde his E and center of Q and than poke him with your E and Q”
♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who's blooming now! by Ashookaa | Lillia Player
Kujis says “Just be sure to not get hit by his Q and you will be aight. After he uses his Q just E to him. lvl 6 u can fight him easily just make sure you have atleast 50 fury.”
Climb Diamond with Renekton easily by Kujis | Renekton Player
Nematsu says “He will press ghost and will beat you up, even if you dont want him to...”
Pew-Pew Orianna by Nematsu | Orianna Player
Tranex says “His ult is gonna destroy you, try to 1v1 him, when you got lvl advantage or when he is 2/3 hp, buy morello so his Q will give him no more lifesteal”
Mordekaiser-unstoppable monster by Tranex | Mordekaiser Player
sleep4theweak says “He just hurt noi, dont run towards him. just b 5 head when poking ”
Very Fasty Slowly undie-y Temmie by sleep4theweak | Teemo Player
Venegis says “Darius players have IQ of between zero to 200. Make sure his passive is not stacking on you. Poke him continiously with your Q as you always do.”
Teemain says “If you're a good Garen player, you know you HAVE to kill Darius at least 2-3 times before you really gain an advantage. His Q has a rather short range if he misses his E grab. Try to bait out his Q and then go in. Make sure you get CLOSE and PERSONAL, since his Q does the most damage the farther away from the center of Darius's avatar. His W is annoying because it slows, so when he pulls out his W+E+Q combo, charge right into him with Q+E+W with Ignite to maximize your damage and minimize his. This will make you win the damage trades. Unfortunately, Darius will still be a HUGE threat even if you win your lane. So try to kill him like 8 times throughout the game, or just push their Top Inhibitor, and then force out Darius 1 on 1 by looking at the mini map. Or just try to kill him first every time during the teamfights. Your mission is to keep Darius from farming and killing Champions at all times before he gets stronger than you.”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
Teemain says “If you're a good Garen player, you know you HAVE to kill Darius at least 2-3 times before you really gain an advantage. His Q has a rather short range if he misses his E grab. Try to bait out his Q and then go in. Make sure you get CLOSE and PERSONAL, since his Q does the most damage the farther away from the center of Darius's avatar. His W is annoying because it slows, so when he pulls out his W+E+Q combo, charge right into him with Q+E+W with Ignite to maximize your damage and minimize his. This will make you win the damage trades. Unfortunately, Darius will still be a HUGE threat even if you win your lane. So try to kill him like 8 times throughout the game, or just push their Top Inhibitor, and then force out Darius 1 on 1 by looking at the mini map. Or just try to kill him first every time during the teamfights. Your mission is to keep Darius from farming and killing Champions at all times before he gets stronger than you.”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
Pelangirainbow says “Never 1 vs 1 againt big dog”
Graves Toplane ( bronze-gold) by Pelangirainbow | Graves Player
megido413 says “His bleed can really fuck you up early game. Make sure to only engage with Grasp and Eclipse up to try and avoid some of the damage. also i really just hate darius”
Lightninglamp says “you can't beat a good darius. always ban him”
Season 10 | {10.17} Dominate Your Enemies! Mordekaiser Guide by Lightninglamp | Mordekaiser Player
ChevalierArlo says “Ganha a lane quem jogar melhor. Vá pra cima, não seja tocado pelo limite do machado, jogue ghouls sempre que tiver, aproveite-se dos cooldowns dele.”
Yorick Builds e Matchups 2020 PT-BR by ChevalierArlo | Yorick Player
LeSocair says “Complicated matchup, careful of his E and remember to cleanse his W. He's got a blind spot on his Q, if you can't run away from it, get close to him and you'll dodge it. Careful with his passive, always, the last tick does double the damage. Buy Phage, not Sheen.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
Pyroen says “You are your own worst enemy against Darius, if you hit him with your E, be at a safe distance before you yank him towards you.”
Pyroen says “Generally a dominating champion for top lane currently, Kayle can safely keep her distance from Darius. Save your W for a quick escape. Once you hit level 6, poke him often and he will hesitate trying to all in you.”
Pats45 says “Darius is the only match-up where this build will not work and as Zac Top there just is no counter play. Zac's trades take a long time in which he heals back up. Darius is built for extended trades and bleeding out opponents. You are given a ban for a reason. Ban Darius 100% of the time if you are planning to go Zac top.”
Zac Top Aftershock = Climb Easily! by Pats45 | Zac Player
bocchicken says “ take a CS loss early, but if you can play safe until iceborn + tabi then you win the all in.”
[10.16] Toplane STOMP Malphite Guide by bocchicken | Malphite Player
ModxLoL says “Similar to Tryndamere. Riven wins if she doesn't make any big mistakes. There are a few things to watch out for in the Darius matchup. One is obviously the outside of his q. Luckily it's pretty easy for Riven to juke it with her Q or E. The second thing is be careful of getting pulled back in after you do your combo. You want to make sure you short trade with him and leave while he is stunned. If you stay too long, you're going to get pulled back and he will hit you really hard on your way back to the turret. The other thing to keep in mind is that most Darius players run Nimbus Cloak with Ghost, so you really have to be careful about trading in the early levels when you don't have CDR. If you use too many abilities and you can't get out, he will instantly ghost and run you down all the way to your turret. ”
Modx's Super Omega Giga Chad Riven Guide by ModxLoL | Riven Player
Flagoony says “Not a difficult matchup. Stay far enough away from him so he can't pull you in. Q him if he walks up and constantly poke him down throughout the lane.”
A "Magical Journey" on AD Bard Top Lane by Flagoony | Bard Player
Nytefall24 says “Major trades will be in Darius's favor but like Morde, if you avoid his pull and poke from afar you can end him before he stacks you to death.”
Yone- The Azakana Hunter Top/Mid Guide. by Nytefall24 | Yone Player
MrMad2000 says “Skill matchup, you can snowball early. Favors him past 6.”
Stiwy says “Darius is strong and he will be sure you remember it by constantly bullying you. Press the attack is a good choice against him, since he can outdamage you in long trades. If you can keep dodging his E grab and have a decent farm you should be good. You can start trading at level 9 when your W is maxed but its still risky. Keep your ult for when the jungler decides to come. Tabis are vital here and bramble vest is too. And please, ask a gank only when both you and jungler are healty or else he will get a double kill and then, you will need much more than a gank to stop this angry boy ”
CptTeemoOnDuty says “Darius is an "Easy matchup" but most darius players won't be that unskilled later on, your only job is to avoid his dmg which with teemo's swiftness should be easy. (AVOID E AT ALL COSTS) Check more info below. ”
Teemo: The All-round Scout (Omnistone Teemo added) by CptTeemoOnDuty | Teemo Player
Doktora says “Is not hard to kill darius but if he use Ghost and flash you need to play very save.Just poke use W dont miss it and when he is low hp(under 30%) kill him”
KingNklaus says “Way too strong early for Morde but you outscaling hard many people will think that Seeker's is a good choice but the best option is to go Haunting Guise it will help you to kill him fast enough so that you dont have to deal with his 5 bleed's also always ALWAYS flash his Q if he doesnt get that heal he's has good as dead all of this only post 6 dont be stupid he WILL kill you before 6 almost regardless If he uses Q on minions you can go for a trade but do not overstay you cant kill him fast enough early game but you can definetly hurt him ”
Enter and abandon hope Mordekaiser build TOP/MID by KingNklaus | Mordekaiser Player
9690 says “D-Blade. Have double armor runes and just give up cs if you need to. You can back for a cloth armor. You really don't want to give him a kill as he will hard snowball lane and the game. Do not be too passive though, as you can still trade with him, but it's a different story if he E's you as at that point it will be VERY bad for you. Outscales you. Take Conq.”
Yone Top - Your enemies wont forget you by 9690 | Yone Player
ratirl_cousin says “he is red so i put him in red teir ”
how to play singed (hashinshin counterpick) by ratirl_cousin | Singed Player
E_IS_POWER says “Even: This lane favours you but the enemy still has kill pressure on you. More information found below.”
[Season 10] CrazyWolf's Fiora Guide 10.16 by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player
KevinTD says “You can go all out on this boi no threat at all, unless he yeets the buff from his side... then be weary”
How to tahm your kench by KevinTD | Tahm Kench Player
Paranormia says “just from personal experiences”
Paranormia's guide to Wukong by Paranormia | Wukong Player
Diablo12285 says “this mf cant honestly kill you because you can disengage at anytime but he is still darius so its not a 0% chance he'll kill you”
WTF have i found by Diablo12285 | Corki Player
gsaeyx says “What build you go doesn't matter you lose anyways. Disgusting axe baby go fuck yourself. Seriosuly though his entire kit counters Sion. His e cancel's your q and his q heals for a shit ton, making you lose every single trade. Ban this bitch”
Fourpaws33 says “YOU CAN WIN THIS ONE. BE PATIENT AND CAREFUL OF BLEED. ABUSE PHASE RUSH. TIP: When you see him try to dunk you, go into stealth, it cancels his ult and can make for a clutch moment where he doesn't kill you. Try to play more passive and avoid longer trades. Wait for him to make a mistake and step into isolation. If you die once, more then likely you're gonna die many more times. Just roam if he kills you and be useful to your team. ”
Paw's Guide to Throwing Top! by Fourpaws33 | Kha'Zix Player
Hypnosa says “you have to be more than smart. Let him push don't go agressive and save your E to your escape. Wait for your jungle and taunt him at the right oppertunity ”
S10 UNDYING DOMINATOR SHEN by Hypnosa | Shen Player
MisterDerpFace says “His grab and Bleed can be VERY annoying... Grab Health, Armor, and maybe, Life Steal... ( I usually ban him)”
Urgot Builds From Some Bronze Player by MisterDerpFace | Urgot Player
EntxRecoil says “Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash OR Ghost + Flash. Dorans Shield start. Darius has very strong all in trades and his passive when stacked 5 times (stacks every auto attack and when he hits his q on the outer edge and his ultimate) gives him a lot of attack damage and does damage over time to you. Darius can use multiple keystones, starting items, and starting abilities. Darius with Q start is strong for early clear to get level 2 first, Darius with W start will look to take trades with you when you walk up for minions. Biggest thing to pay attention is they keystone + summoner spells. Ghost+Flash darius with conqueror has extremely good all in and if you are caught too far in the lane with a pull he can usually burn your summoners and then kill you as well. If this darius pulls you at a bad time for you, your best hope is to turn on him and all in and pray for crits. TP + Flash Darius with aftershock can be abused early if you take ignite, whether he starts q or w is irrelevant because your allin can be stronger then his so look to build fury and get level 2 first and all in him. Ignite + Flash darius with conqueror you basically just let him push you in and only farm don't trade. This is the strongest early game setup on darius to punish early but it falls off later since he can't kite you as well without ghost. The darius matchup in general is a lot about punishing cooldowns on his q and finding spots to take short trades with an auto attack + spin out without being forced into an all in by being pulled. Tryndamere does outscale this matchup in the mid-late game 1v1, but can be hard to dive him 100-0 so if you find yourself in that situation where he is just sitting under turret, then push him in and look for opportunities to outrotate him with your superior out of combat mobility and flank his team.”
FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player
Portokali says “Ban him if you are going to play Nasus.”
Pap’s Nasus Guide [10.16] by Portokali | Nasus Player
ApraxiaDyspraxia says “Honestly if you play right then he cant do anything. Proc q use e to dash and q to dash again then hit w for that bonus shield, hit maybe one basic attack and a q before hitting e again. Rinse wash repeat. Eventually when hes around 1/3 health you might be able to all in him. But be very cautious.”
Yone Any Lane/Jungler by ApraxiaDyspraxia | Yone Player
JKuro says “Farm please, no way to win this!”
Yone - Top/ Mid (Short) by JKuro | Yone Player
Gaisgeach says “My personal ban choice : too strong in the meta right now. ”
Teed says “Darius is just SUPER annoying to deal with, try to poke him out with your Q and if he overstays you can try to all in him with your R.”
1v5 Teamfight Monster | Aatrox Guide by Teed | Aatrox Player
Mohid97 says “Darius is a weird one, in most cases he can absolutely dunk you out of lane, but in some cases as he is an engage heavy champ you can use it to your advantage use E to cover distance and try always to come into him rather than go away from him as your E is short then use your Q to start kiting him while moving away. ”
Tankgot by Mohid97 | Urgot Player
Gnarcisist says “Use your higher CDR and range to poke him with short trades. When his E is down, look for a possible all in. This is a skill match up”
Aatrox Season 10 Top lane (Platinum) by Gnarcisist | Aatrox Player
Gnarcisist says “Out damages you post 6. His passive will negate your shield and you will die. play safe”
Mordekaiser Top Lane Season 10 (Platinum) by Gnarcisist | Mordekaiser Player
Kingarthur720 says “Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash OR Ghost + Flash. Dorans Shield start. Darius has very strong all in trades and his passive when stacked 5 times (stacks every auto attack and when he hits his q on the outer edge and his ultimate) gives him a lot of attack damage and does damage over time to you. Darius can use multiple keystones, starting items, and starting abilities. Darius with Q start is strong for early clear to get level 2 first, Darius with W start will look to take trades with you when you walk up for minions. Biggest thing to pay attention is they keystone + summoner spells. Ghost+Flash darius with conqueror has extremely good all in and if you are caught too far in the lane with a pull he can usually burn your summoners and then kill you as well. If this darius pulls you at a bad time for you, your best hope is to turn on him and all in and pray for crits. TP + Flash Darius with aftershock can be abused early if you take ignite, whether he starts q or w is irrelevant because your allin can be stronger then his so look to build fury and get level 2 first and all in him. Ignite + Flash darius with conqueror you basically just let him push you in and only farm don't trade. This is the strongest early game setup on darius to punish early but it falls off later since he can't kite you as well without ghost. The darius matchup in general is a lot about punishing cooldowns on his q and finding spots to take short trades with an auto attack + spin out without being forced into an all in by being pulled. Tryndamere does outscale this matchup in the mid-late game 1v1, but can be hard to dive him 100-0 so if you find yourself in that situation where he is just sitting under turret, then push him in and look for opportunities to outrotate him with your superior out of combat mobility and flank his team.”
Let the anger take over - In depth Tryndamere guide top by Kingarthur720 | Tryndamere Player
Space69420 says “Ban Darius every time ”
Karma Top/Mid Lane by Space69420 | Karma Player
StefyourDad says “Dodge his Q. If you get hit with Q or W rush the boots. Especially in early phases.”
Garen can take over by StefyourDad | Garen Player
Dantheman81 says “From my experience there are some ways to stop the dunkmaster. Darius will almost always play aggressive early, you can take advantage of this by having a strong early jungler presence, or playing passive until you get enough Ghouls to poke him with. If he manages to get all of his stacks onto you do not fight anymore otherwise you will die and not have a fun time. The new thornmail is a wonderful pickup against him as well.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
ChocoChurro says “If you're going to play Lillia top, just ban him.”
The top lane destroyer, Lillia by ChocoChurro | Lillia Player
Alan234 says “Either go ignite+electrocute or ghost+phase rush. Buy boots first, go swifties and max w second. You basically either kill darius when he runs into you or you run from him simple as that. Use shrooms to kite him and dont get hooked early or you kinda just die”
[10.14] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Feedaboi says “has high base dmg, need to be careful for his passive stacks, look for short trades and poke him out with q. Look to free the wave near your turret and setup ganks for your jg. Use your e on top of darius when he channels his q so he cant heal.”
[10.15] THE ULTIMATE S10 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! by Feedaboi | Kled Player
Twiggymocha says “Probably your hardest match up, does a lot of damage and his e is just long enough to cancel your q and do his combo. Play safe vs him and survive laning phase.”
[Top] Tank Sion Guide Patch 10.15 by Twiggymocha | Sion Player
sorakabro says “Really hard let him push you and control the wave just outside your turret for safe farm. ”
[10.15] Sorakabro´s guide - Carry With Soraka Top by sorakabro | Soraka Player
Fixst says “Try trading him in Early Game and dodge his Q. In the Mid Game you shouldn't have any problems if your jungle gankes your lane. Out of Laning phase (Late Game) you could kill him if hes not too fed”
[10.15] Quick N' Deadly | Yama's Akali Guide by Fixst | Akali Player
sexyman46 says “Don't let him get 5 stacks and you should be fine. Get boots so you can dodge Q.”
DisrespectDYR by sexyman46 | Udyr Player
Theknight31 says “Darius is not an horrible matchup you can easy dodge his q if you dash on him and after you have more damage than him be careful of his ult its very op”
[Updated 10.15] Top bruiser/assassin main rengar guide by Theknight31 | Rengar Player
GARDENZE says “Trocar com um bom Darius exige uma precisão clinica; compre botas de segundo item, deixe a wave puxar pra sua torre e a controle bem, evite a todo custo farmar perto de Darius pois qualquer troca melee até o level 6 leva a seu flash ou sua morte, farme com o Q no maximo range e com o E principalmente os minions canhão, pra ganhar a troca dê poke com os ghouls e o baite caitando com Q e correndo nos CDs, baite ele que vai atrás de voce até que sua HP esteja bem baixa por causa dos ghouls e finzalize. OBS: deixe seu jungler de lado a maior parte do tempo do contrario será um double kill.”
SuPIeX says “A good darius will be a nightmare. Just sit back and farm until you have bami's cinder and bramble vest. Then you can take short trades with your e and disengage with q. When trading, always wait until he uses his e, then you can disengage at any time by using q directly on yourself and backing off. If he takes ghost, he will still be able to catch up after your Q so you'll have to play even safer.”
Low elo Easy Dino'gath Top/Mid 10.15 by SuPIeX | Cho'Gath Player
Grasp_Jhin says “Its not aatrox just take care if u want stack hp vs him, He can E u ”
The Grasp Jhin <3 [NON-UPDATED] by Grasp_Jhin | Jhin Player
Xplor says “Darius is a major threat if he manages to hit you with his abilities, in special early games. I won against him but sometimes, I also lost. Don't push the lane too much and stay out of range of his abilities. Poke him as much as possible with your Mists and your E. If required, play defensive and farm under the tower.”
Hunter Frenzy says “1v1: PR & Dom | vs Burst JG: PR & Dom | vs MS JG: PR & Dom | Boots: Swifty's | 1st Core Item: Nashor's Tooth | Spell Upgrade Order: W 2nd Max”
[10.15] iPav's Teemo Book by Hunter Frenzy | Teemo Player
Nodon says “he stomps you really hard but it's not unwinnable if you manage to poke him a lot”
Lillia but a lot more annoying by Nodon | Lillia Player
Lintaar says “Just dont let him hook you and outrun his spin. These should be easy both because of your superior range and superior movement speed”
LILLIA TOP LANE SHRED AND CARRY by Lintaar | Lillia Player
Darrkescru says “Bem isto pra mim e perma ban eu sei que teemo tem a fama de counterar darius mas Darius bem jogado acerta o E e consegue te dar o W antes mesmo de tu acertar sua cegueira, use impeto”
Teemo apenas basico. (PT-BR) by Darrkescru | Teemo Player
TheLittleJungler says “His bleeding is the thing that should worry you because you will be forced to heal, and early healings spend too much mana.”
The DPS Taric by TheLittleJungler | Taric Player
SpedIsOn says “Pretty hard but not impossible. When he Q you, instantly R him into a wall, so he cannot get his cd back during the time of your R. Try to R him into your tower is the best option. Bork and Trinity is the needed core items. Early Bramble and Tabi are good. (SW or BP your choice)”
Sett The Boss by SpedIsOn | Sett Player
Wrxith says “Quite difficult, since he beats you early. You have no escape as Garen, so you might wanna ban this guy.”
(10.15) TOP LANE GAREN 1V9 by Wrxith | Garen Player
kurbart says “you totally out range him poke him down to low hp then ult if hes acting him just put him in a cage if he manages to catch you walk into his spin for less dmg ”
Veigar wip by kurbart | Veigar Player
misterSalad says “With Darius we can't let him feed, so it's best to fight him only when we have our hive.”
My personal best build for Mordekaiser by misterSalad | Mordekaiser Player
Tmasb says “He can heal himself with the Q and one shot you by using the R so you may need to keep distance until level 6 or 11 so you can make it sleep and its going to be so easier to kill him”
Lillia guide... I think by Tmasb | Lillia Player
Colin0224 says “Phase Rush with bami is a free as lane against him. Conq is winable but if you misstep you insta die. Phase Rush makes the matchup easy af”
Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong by Colin0224 | Garen Player
Saturnyourube says “Skill dependent match up whenever he q's E inside his Q range. ”
Solo Carry in your Elo With RIven by Saturnyourube | Riven Player
Magginator says “Ban if Possible. His all in is better than yours and there is a reason he is high in the meta. You can play safe and play for team fights but you don't wanna rely on your team while you tank.”
Sett Damage Conq by Magginator | Sett Player
Angela du Seithr says “It's Darius bro. Run for your life. Don't fight him or he gonna slap your ass.”
[10.15] Lillia on the Top Lane [FR] by Angela du Seithr | Lillia Player
Sugarcuddles says “Darius is just hard to deal with in general. ”
God Urgot Build by Sugarcuddles | Urgot Player
bakk0n says “This is mostly related to good Darius players, that will usually run Ghost + Flash. He can be quite opressive in the early game and will most likely try to engage you and trade with you at every possibility. Try to counter his E+W+AA+Q combo with your E+W+Q. When in this match up, I recommend starting with the shield (W) and playing it safe.”
Phase Rush Mordekaiser! by bakk0n | Mordekaiser Player
Alzeidx says “Skill Matchup, Dash and all in him when you have full rage and he uses his Q on minions or you just dodge it. You should be able to outrade him if you manage your rage properly. Go conqueror. ”
Delvoid says “If he ever catches you with E you are most likely dead. try to poke with E trade if he misses E or Q. Can easily kite him late game and burn him down”
Flame Spitter by Delvoid | Rumble Player
Crixaliz says “With conqueror he became a lot more dangerous.”
Alzeidx says “Skill matchup. Quite hard to kill him early, punish him for mistakes, trade with him only after you get Phage and Stinger, then you might have a good chance for trades, ask for ganks early.”
SpyDaFX says “it's mostly skill matchup, Don't trade with him when he has a single stack on you, and never do extended trades with him even if you're fed and he isn't, his stacks ignores how much you are fed and his ult gives true damage. you can trade with him when you have 1 stack only if you plan to flash+w when ur full fury and he's low hp, then its ok, also don't trade with him level 1, but start w, at level 2 you can look for trades, but it's VERY dangerous if he started E level 2. level 3 is pretty safe to trade because u can Q to heal in an all in. go Conqueror”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
Delvoid says “Play very carefully. Poke with Q try to avoid letting him heal with Q. Darius can snow ball really easy vs you”
Urgot to be tilted by Delvoid | Urgot Player
tasie456s says “Kiteable, best thing to do here is take phase rush and only proc it once he uses his w on you to remove the slow. ”
This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide by tasie456s | Ryze Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Top 3 hardest matchups in toplane. They have buffed Daruis so much in recent patches that even if you dodge all of his Qs he will still out damage you with just autos and ignite if he has it. The best thing you can do is take short trades and never let him get max 5 stacks of his passive on you or you will always lose the fight. Build double D blade and cloth armor early to have a chance. On the plus side, he is very easy to gank chained with Yasuos cc.”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
iTzToniOP says “The best thing is to ask for an early gank to your jungler so you can start ahead. Rush Bami's and Bramble Vest and you should be fine. Die just once against him and the lane is over.”
[10.14] iTzToniOP's reworked Volibear guide. #15 Volibear EU by iTzToniOP | Volibear Player
Nabura says “Make him annoyed by constantly using Q just outside his E range. If you haven't fallen behind until 6 then the lane becomes very easy. If he uses Q inside the wave it'll make the wave push towards you.”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
Speed_Fire2 says “A Good skill match-up, a Good Darius can destroy Mordekaiser especially if your still new to him, But this build does help to counter him slightly, the Increased Attack speed and CDR can allow you to survive his damage, Just make sure to save your E for his Q so that he doesn't get to heal!”
[10.14] Welcome to Oblivion - CDRKaiser by Speed_Fire2 | Mordekaiser Player
clalobaciel says “If Darius manages to get on you and do damage with his 5-stack passive, it is extremely difficult to win unless he messes up or you manage to parry his ult. His damage output is crazy and it's hard to win in lane unless you know what to look for. You have to be able to win early, and if you are ahead enough, fighting him late game shouldn't be too much of a problem. ”
[10.14] Baguette Wrecked - Fiora Guide [825k+ Mastery] by clalobaciel | Fiora Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “His feared lvl 1 is no match for Kench passive. Beat him up like everyone else. He is just slighltly less likely to die at lvl 1 than everyone else”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
Nyx Adachi says “Es darius man, rushea cortacuraciones y ten cuidado con su q, su w la bloqueas facilmente con w al igual que sus basicos asi que atento al usarla”
Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos by Nyx Adachi | Shen Player
TotallyEclipse says “Save your Q for his Q, and jump in the middle of it. then you can look to all in. Save your E for his W, and you'll win it. Dorans early for extra sustain vs his bleed can be helpful, and Stinger early is good for more DPs. if you get a lead on him, you can snowball and kill him over and over again”
[10.14] ECLIPSE'S INSANE 1V9 JAX GUIDE FOR TOPLANE KINGDOM by TotallyEclipse | Jax Player
darksage1234 says “Darius is just too much of a juggernaut right now. His bleed will always make sure that he will outtrade you at most points of the laning phase. He doesn't have good teamfight potential so leverage that instead. ”
In-Depth Guide to Volibear the Thundergod by darksage1234 | Volibear Player
ForOrion says “Darius is a champ just like Garen who can easily punish misplacement and destroys squishies. Pyke should scream if he encoutners the Noxian brute, this match-up is all in his favor. Stay back and farm, and wait for a potential gank from the jungler or a play under turret.”
Shark 悪魔 of the Rift by ForOrion | Pyke Player
FirstBladeDancer says “it depends on how good the Darius is. For most players Darius is a hard matchup but when u practice Irelia alot it will be easy.”
Irelia Build and Runes (Learn Irelia) by FirstBladeDancer | Irelia Player
yingwaiwastaken says “Your e makes him really sad”
How 2 be a MAN! Easy hypercarry champ by yingwaiwastaken | Pantheon Player
ToxicAndy22 says “Big threat bc of his passive play safe and try to dodge the q, when lv 6 don't fight, he can kill you when dismounted.”
My best kled for low elo by ToxicAndy22 | Kled Player
Dedrick says “Don't trade autos with him, get your passive off with HoB, Empowered Q and walk away until his bleed is gone.”
(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player
JuarezLOL says “do not trade him at lvl 2 or 3 its just a pure lose just wait for your ruined king and lvl 6 or above if he make mistakes you can all in him and kill him easily but remember you need to see him using Q on minions then going in after using E Q R just wait for his second Q then use your W and your second part of R its pure domination on darius with this way of trading ”
Best Champion to Rank up in Top lane by JuarezLOL | Wukong Player
zer3000 says “Harass him and don't get hooked (ofc)”
MateuszNH says “EASY AS FUCK You are probably as big counter for him as Vayne or Cassiopeia. I always have a fun when they "counter" my pick with him because it's almost certain win(got 94% winrate against Darius). You can even fight him while his all passive stacks are on you, just don't get kited. Just remember these things below and it's guaranteed win. Take ignite, as he mostly get's ghost and it makes your win secured Always buy doran blade try to trap him in the bushes lvl 1, aa+e when he comes, if he contest the fight he may end up dead, otherwise lose half hp. Don't use E and W(he can heal from it) until he uses Q, almost always(not if he has wave advantage) punish him when he does it so you deny his dmg and heal and force all in or bad trade for him. Later on you get's ranged Q so just poke him and all in with ult. He may kill you if you are not paying attention but it's rare, just don't get caught without ult.”
[10.14]Monkey king high elo ultimate guide ( IN PROGRESS) by MateuszNH | Wukong Player
EveryMysticLimit says “His all in is very strong and he's too tanky to take grasp against. Play safe and just farm. Also, wait for jungle ganks. (Flash and Teleport)”
(W.I.P ) Beginner's Guide To Top Lane Gangplank by EveryMysticLimit | Gangplank Player
JuarezLOL says “a hard match up if you get close enough to darius to pull u with E so try to have level spacing which is to stay out of his E range but to poke him with Q range ”
how to Superior carry As Gp by JuarezLOL | Gangplank Player
JuarezLOL says “this is a easy match up if you know how to beat darius which is you need to Q on him when he use Q (ASAP) and remember to take ignite against him ”
Best Guide For Jax by JuarezLOL | Jax Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
Monkii says “Darius is Just like Nasus, He heals off of his Q and deals a great amount of damage in the process. ”
Monkii's Akali Top Lane Challenger Guide by Monkii | Akali Player
OlafSolo says “When playing olaf you cant dive directly to darius to kil him try to give him damage with Q from long range, when his health bar comes below %50 u can try to attack him Tip: Use ghost when attacking, dont want gang”
OlafSolo`s ULTIMATE TOP LANE OLAF GUIDE! by OlafSolo | Olaf Player
Walnut25 says “Great Darius players will stand between you and your minions to deny you CS. When fighting Darius, be aware of the amount of passive stacks he is accumalating on you. ”
KriegTraktor says “Darius is one of the worst matchups for Poppy. You cannot win against a decent Darius. Be safe and play for late-game.”
Poppy Test by KriegTraktor | Poppy Player
Sir-Melon says “just poke him down and not get close”
Gnarcotics by Sir-Melon | Gnar Player
ACE4291 says “You can bully and tank this champ early BUT be warned his bleed can hurt and cause you to die after winning. His R is deadly if used right. Recommend early bully. His buff with ghost makes him diffcult compared to patch 10.11 darius. He will likely not have ignite now so thats great for early. BUT yea this boy is fast now ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
PalestinianLuck says “Never let him Hit his Q to heal on you. You finish him easily of before 6 if you always Block his W Only go for burst trades After 6 you should only block his ultimate with your E and nothing else. He will win against you in late”
[10.13] Manliest Pantheon EUW Guide THIS IS TOPLANE! by PalestinianLuck | Pantheon Player
PalestinianLuck says “Block his W and do only short trades You most likely lose after 6”
[10.12] Palestinian's Luck QUICK Shen Top guide by PalestinianLuck | Shen Player
Hijitori says “His sustain makes him a champion that cho'gath doesn't like. Ban Darius! (he is Balori's ban!)”
Addition for Balori's ap Cho'God fans! (threats & tips) by Hijitori | Cho'Gath Player
jpaul2077 says “Very hard match up due to Darius being a very good duelist. Darius will usually win both short trades and all ins due to his passive ability and ultimate ability. Look to farm safely and punish mistakes under tower. You will most likely need jungler assistance to win this lane.”
Paul Chung's guide to Hecarim Top Lane S10 by jpaul2077 | Hecarim Player
Scoothare says “God damn I hate this matchup. Rush executioners calling and build mortal reminder as third item (after core). Dodge his spinny thing (Q).”
[10.13] Ivern Attack Speed onetrick (All matchups) by Scoothare | Ivern Player
PalestinianLuck says “He will burn tanks like ornn”
[10.13] Quick Ornn Top Guide by PalestinianLuck | Ornn Player
Zimdog says “Annoying early, not so much in Late Game”
Dominate Late Game as On Hit Sion by Zimdog | Sion Player
slapa3 says “bcs all of his abilitys are even range with teemos aa”
teemo mid/top guide by slapa by slapa3 | Teemo Player
Dii3 says “This champ is beyond broken so just ban him.”
Sugar3 says “Darius's pull will either force you into trades you don't want to take or leave you running away with a lot of damage taken really early on in the game. This becomes less of an issue after acquiring the Blade of the Ruined King.”
DirtyDishSoap says “The problem with this lane is the insane output of his damage and the ability to heal. Your wall prevents his from healing, and he can't kill your minions fast enough. BUT, if you give him just one kill in lane, he'll become a problem. I personally ban Darius, he has huge snowball potential and it's not really easy to deal with him if he isn't a potato.”
Yoloick - Washed up low Diamond player by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player
Hunter23b says “Darius is a skill match up but it is in his favor with his pull and passive.”
Mid/Top Akali build guide! // 10.13 by Hunter23b | Akali Player
Sandaum says “Same thing as renekton”
Kha'Zix All lanes builds and Runes (S10) by Sandaum | Kha'Zix Player
CourtesyD0Prata says “Just don't take his Q and you are good. Don't let him stack 5 on you, you outscale him / Só não tome seu Q e você estará bem. Não deixe ele estacar 5 passivas em você, você da outscale nele.”
CourtesyD0Prata's Yasuo guide S10 EN-US / PT-BR by CourtesyD0Prata | Yasuo Player
BUILDPLANK by AskMeHowToGp | Gangplank Player
ABunchOfNumbers says “He's your worst nightmare. Bleed, engage, execute ult, slow... He's got it all just to kill ya.”
To Stacc or not to Stacc by ABunchOfNumbers | Nasus Player
Kynji says “His healing is gonna be a pain in the ass when your trying to get dark harvest.”
Wanna make an ADC to never play ADC again? by Kynji | Malphite Player
Javu767 says “Really strong laner, if he is good he wins, if he is bad probably will win anyway. Play it safe, if you dont win the lane its okey as long as you are able to help your team in teamfights.”
Singed Guide - The Mad Scientist by Javu767 | Singed Player
Mr. Popper says “Darius is a special matchup because if you go even with him you auto win after level 9 due to Gnars passive gaining a little attack range after each level up. Since level 9 is a bit aways, Phaserush can help you stay safe against the ghosting Darius. Only proc Phaserush after he slows you if he pulls you in. ”
10.12 Gnar Guide for the Gnar enthusiasts :) by Mr. Popper | Gnar Player
report singed ty says “Phase rush is good vs Darius but only if you know how to use it. Darius has been 40% banrate for years now pretty much because his trade patterns are just flat out broken and leave the opponent with practically no recourse. I just ban him every game, like the rest of the league playerbase does. Simple fix.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
gladiatorrr4 says “Take care about Darius E. Stay out of his Q range and try to poke from far away. Save your E to get away when he uses his pull on you.”
62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10! by gladiatorrr4 | Quinn Player
idadees says “Punirlo sul farm aiuta, evitare di fare trade prolungati, se possibile avere la lane freezzata quasi sotto la vostra torre, in caso diventi opprimente rush di ferite gravi e calzali del ninja”
[ITALIANO] CARRYARE CON AATROX | (TOP) by idadees | Aatrox Player
UlisesFRN says “Darius is a well known counter to Garen. He wins all the trades with ease and his passive counters yours. Play defensive, ask for jungle assistance or Ban him”
HIGH TEST TOP88 says “You shouldn't lose this unless you play horribly, you outdamage him in autoattack trades due to passive, you can dodge his Q for free with your E and he has no mobility to dodge your W. You will die fast if you waste your spells however, and respect his ghost allin potential. You win super easily when you get blade of the ruined king. Build bramble eventually. Take armor.”
Sq_09 says “Doable lane but be careful. If he hits one E, you're in for a ride. Late he's kiteable. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
WatchersGrim says “Darius is a slightly good matchup with tryndamere. Based on how the darius plays can dictate a fight. So farm up with this lane for a bit and try to find a pattern he uses to go in and go based off of that. Get close and makes sure he doesnt bait out your ult.”
not normal says “If you can kite this guy whilst also keeping lane control, Yay you win the laning phase. If not, he'll quickly outscale you and raep ur anus.”
How to stay in Iron by not normal | Jhin Player
Beatport Expo says “Skill Matchup mostly, but slightly disadvantage due to his R and bleed and you're not burst enough to quickly take him down. If he build Trinity Force or Black Cleaver, you'll start to have a problem laning against him due to his movement speed and you're unlikely to outrun him with your fat body”
Timesoul977 says “I've met terrible Darius players that Pantheon can defeat but to those good Darius players Pantheon will get destroyed. You should use your E when Darius uses hes Q and or E. He's my favorite ban.”
Pantheon Top Lane Guide by Timesoul977 | Pantheon Player
SabinX says “Your E is good against his Q and when it comes to who goes down first you are stronger at the levels 1, 6+. Between levels 2-5 pay respect to his passive, you can still win trades but don't lose your mind.”
Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide by SabinX | Wukong Player
Kingarthur720 says “one of the hardest matchups for any champ in the game except for fiora. if you have the choice for it dont pick graves into him. If you blind pick into him then you need to go for super safe builds and build cost effective items to help you survive such as phantom dancer and RFC. Build fleet or grasp or if you are confident enough a build like hail of blades, you just want to go for quick short trades to not let him stack up his passive damage.”
RainbowFreeze says “Melee Lane Bully. They're tough, but you can beat them if you poke them enough and play smart. Don't try and all in them. ”
[10.12] A Bronze Scrub's Guide to EVERY ROLE GANGPLANK by RainbowFreeze | Gangplank Player
Spacix6 says “Depends of players don't let him cut your armor with his W and stack his passive or you will most likely die. Avoid long trades”
Illaoi - The Alpha Female by Spacix6 | Illaoi Player
MizuPiku says “This matchup is fairly even as long as you can avoid recieving 5 bleed stacks. save your e or w to get on top of darius or escape from his q and pull.”
Laika says “Phase Rush + Second Wind makes this matchup easier. Play around your Phase Rush cooldown. If you're not using Phase Rush: Only engage when you know you can run away from his hook”
GAREN OP BUİLD/ by Laika | Garen Player
Singed1vs9 says “A good Darius will always beat you no matter what. So test how good he is and if not go for kills”
[S10] The Only Singed Guide you'll ever need by Singed1vs9 | Singed Player
ISwearImNotPolish says “Easy as pie to beat using the Tankdyr build. Dodge his q by running straight at him, hit him with the stun and use W, E and R when needed / available.”
A Marvelous Guide to Tear Udyr top by ISwearImNotPolish | Udyr Player
MemeProduction says “Darius is going to outrun you because you have so low cc”
Ultimate nasus crit build. by MemeProduction | Nasus Player
longcus says “You'll have a bad time playing vs darius regardless of the outcome so just ban him”
nasus for dummies by longcus | Nasus Player
DeLaGeezyBaby says “La movilidad de Urgot juega un papel importante contra un Darius. Para mi es Permaban por motivos personales.”
Guia de Urgot para top lane by DeLaGeezyBaby | Urgot Player
Nyarlathotep72 says “Too much Dmg for you to sustain through”
Death is For The Weak by Nyarlathotep72 | Warwick Player
StraightWhiteMale says “If you have a jungler that is willing to gank you ban darius instead of quinn. If you're laning against him play safe and try to help your team every now and then.”
My 88% winrate dr mundo guide (i'm silver though) by StraightWhiteMale | Dr. Mundo Player
Ashookaa says “well play def and try to dgde his e with your own e and when his q is on cd u can e back in for trade but plz play defensive”
Akali low elo guide by Ashookaa | Akali Player
Ashookaa says “Befor he hits 6 parry his e or w After he hits 6 parry his ult and play a bit defensive”
Low Elo one step ahead guide :D by Ashookaa | Fiora Player
TerrorCotta says “Do not touch the wave, let him push all the time. Never fight him. Ask Mid/jgl for help. first items tabis / 3-4 cloth armor”
[Nasus] Best Builds Runes by TerrorCotta | Nasus Player
VIP Titan says “Both Darius and Olaf is strong early. However, Darius got his passive and his Q to get your sort really quickly. Try to wait for jg to help. The only time you can fight him is when his Q is on cool down as well as W. Most Darius will use his W to last hits. So time that and go my boi Remember MAX E not Q! ”
gabriel5ben9 says “Ban him. It's just too terrible to play against Darius.”
Toplane Tank Leona by gabriel5ben9 | Leona Player
RivalOCE says “A very cheesy matchup. If he takes ghost/ignite you can't win an all-in unless he misses his E. Same principle as Fiora, short trades but if he hits his E run. If he has TP this lane is much easier. E or Q inside his Q to stop healing. Don't be baited level 1.”
ShaharKarisi says “Darius is a really strong champion and has great stats all around, but Bramble Vest can counter his sustain. If possible, take ignite too.”
SirDrPotato says “Darius has a very strong laning phase and is way easier to play than fiora, this means that is very hard for him to make mistakes and it's entirely up to you to pull out (wink) some good stuff: I strongly advise to NOT riposte his Q or W. (Q is the ability where he spins and W is an empowered hit). Riposting one of these often means he'll just grab you after and kill you. If you REALLY need to riposte Q or W make sure you try to dodge his grab with your lunge right after your riposte ends. Riposting his ultimate is also a pretty good option. More details down below.”
[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player
TrinityForceYasuo says “Darius is a big bully in lane. Try to punish him for the minions level as much as you can. If you do so lvl 2 if he uses his Q and fails it go in for a trade/all-in, if he didnt use his Q till then and he does after you are in combat with him do not dash onto him untill he uses Q so when he does use it dash on him to deny the heal and take much less dmg. If you fail early you shouldnt really be able to win against him later in the lane expect if you get camped. Try tom avoid at all cost not to give him 5 stacks because after that you wont win.Dash around the minion wave when there is a big one and try to kite him. If he gets 3 to 4 stacks onto you kite so the stacks will go away and then you can go back in for a trade. Good darius players might avoid all that stuff and just smash you in lane. If they play with teleport don't be that afraid, but if he does play with ghost its really scary, one mistake and you are dead, he will run you down and you wont escape.”
Subject3 says “winning and losing against darius is a sweet thin line you can somewhat out trade him at lvl 1-5 but after lvl 6 expect some high retaliation. and if somehow darius gets a few kills under his belt and is leading with gold, his bleed will be too much for you to handle especially once he finishes black cleaver. best strategy? save your swallow until he uses his q, once you swallow him the q will still go off but he will be in your stomach which means the cleaving end wont hit.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
LloydOrchid says “Just be careful with his pulls.”
LolLogan says “Bleeding counters your healing ”
How to dominate with Tryndamere Top Lane. by LolLogan | Tryndamere Player
KayleMachine says “Can make your life hell if he freezes and zones you off xp. You can take trades early on to make him push the wave to have a better earlygame, care for his E. After 6 its easy.”
Captain Dantems says “Depende, se você ficar pokeando e não tomando o Q dele ficará fácil matá-lo, mas não estenda a troca. Grasp com inspiração, compre carrasco. ”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Darthflash says “He's a massive thread for every solo, expect lulu because you can get him off you with your W”
Unstoppable Lulu Top Guide by Darthflash | Lulu Player
Starci says “Really annoying to lane against. It's a pretty hard matchup, as he seems to just deal more damage than you. Before level 6 you can beat him, but after it becomes really hard, since he can just ult you when you are low, and doesn't let you get that ult off in time.”
Dominate the game with Fiora by Starci | Fiora Player
TheLFlashTime says “Play it safely, it is an easier match up than Fiora and Kled, still tricky. Farm up, you win late game fights, avoid 1v1 all ins.”
[10.11] Destiny. Domination. Deceit. - Mordekaiser Guide by TheLFlashTime | Mordekaiser Player
Milxno says “His bleed is really annoying, because it gives him a strong all-in. Wait for him to waste his Q and then go for trades”
Demolish with this Shen build by Milxno | Shen Player
Vodka4Gaben says “Early game he will run you down completely but at level 6 with ignite you should stomp him. Just pull in his E and then ULT. You should never lose 1v1 past Lvl 6.”
[10.11] ILLAOI S10 GUIDE - THE QUEEN OF TOP LANE by Vodka4Gaben | Illaoi Player
Destroya777 says “Try not to get hooked. Don't trade because you will lose. E away to avoid trades. Use Q to farm. Take unsealed spellbook for defensive spells because you don't want to be in range to grasp him.”
(Unsealed) Ornn Top /Guide in Progress by Destroya777 | Ornn Player
Echostyle says “Summary - PTA FOR DAMAGE, GLACIAL FOR KITING(YOUR CHOICE). MAINTAIN AA DISTANCE, PLAY AGGRESSIVE EARLY LEVELS, PLAY CLOSE TO WALLS, DODGE HIS Q, TRY TO KEEP WAVE MIDDLE OF LANE, KEEP WATCH FOR ENEMY JUNGLER. Despite the fact most Darius players run Ghost and that Darius's kit seems like it would fuck up your kiting, it's actually very easy to kite and disengage from him as a Vayne. The goal of this matchup is constantly keeping full AA range against a Darius as his pull range is 535 while your AA range is 550. When his pull is down is when you want to go aggressive and try to apply damage on him. Levels 1, you want to just last hit minions and poke darius when he goes for it, or push slightly, then get it to slow push to you(if he started pull for whatever reason and pulls you in, immediately try to disengage and back off and just last hit). Levels 2 you might still be able to keep this up depending on what he takes next, but levels 3 and on you need to be especially focused on keeping distance from him because if he pulls you in and you don't have condemn up, you are fucked. In the case that he does pull you in, just try to tumble away as fast as possible. If he uses Q after his pull, condemn him away as fast as possible. In this matchup, its preferable to try to keep the lane in the middle or on your side so you have an easier time poking him down or even killing him. However its still okay to push him into his tower. If he has both ghost and phase rush however, you should play the lane closer to your tower or he'll be able to just flash on you, pop ghost and use his whole combo while getting movement speeds much higher than you can kite out even with using condemn.”
LolLogan says “BAN HIM. He has everything that you do but bleed stacks make him more powerful”
The Heart Of Demacia by LolLogan | Garen Player
HighSnork says “He is pretty weak against you. However his E range is just slightly shorter than your auto range, so bait his E by walking up to him and casting Q, which is a safe distance away from his E. Then when his E is on CD punish him with your auto.”
lonewolf91 says “Darius is a treat because of his Life Steal. Besides that, he is nothing.”
Immortal Tenacity Garen by lonewolf91 | Garen Player
Fizzmaker says “Darius is pretty annoying the Whole game but be patient and ask for ganks”
Garen by Fizzmaker | Garen Player
SuPIeX says “Darius is a terror in lane, but he becomes much more manageable with my phase rush build! Force him to use his E to engage then W >> Q >> E with Bami's cinder to proc phase rush to disengage and easily out trade him. In this matchup, you will want to keep trades short and utilize E mainly for the phase rush proc, so I recommend maxing your Q.”
Low elo Easy Useful Garen Guide 10.11 by SuPIeX | Garen Player
Auntbetsie says “The same with Garen he can sit in between the waves to apply pressure and you have to sit back and farm under turret. Some times at level 1/2 you could try and get an all in just for the fact that Darius cant do a full combo and if he misses his Q other than that you have basically lost lane unless your jgl puts on constant ganks and pressure.”
*WORK IN PROGESS*TRYNDAMERE TOP LANE GUIDE by Auntbetsie | Tryndamere Player
Gwndimi says “PHASE RUSH ! Ban this fker dont fight him DONT FEED HIM Farm Farm Farm wait for ganks Rush redemption ”
[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals by Gwndimi | Soraka Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Darius is easy early level, but after level 6 unless your decently ahead darius will probably win. A way to play around his level 6 is to Leap + E + Q and save W run away. He will usually pull you and slow you that's when you double W his CC and run away.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “This is usually my go to ban, Darius is impossible to duel. Normally, AD Rengar can trade with Darius pre 6 because he has the damage to keep up, But in AP Rengar's case, gunblade is the major power spike, and by the time you get it, Darius is probably around level 7. Roam after 6 and try to avoid him, or play under tower until mid game”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Just permaban this champion. Darius already screws over most melees in the game, but in the case of Rengar he can just obliterate you so easily that the moment he gets ahead you are pretty much done. You need to put in at least 10 times the effort he needs to beat you in order to go even in lane, and, taking into account he is very popular nowadays... banning him is just the better option.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
VictorDelRey says “Darius tends to be VERY aggressive. Give up CS and don't push. Farm under tower. What is good about this matchup is that, if he makes a mistake. You can punish him HARD. And they tend to misposition a lot.”
[10.10] VictorDelRey's Guide for Irelia by VictorDelRey | Irelia Player
J 2 the ROC says “His execute means you won't be able to take advantage of your passive. ”
Volibear Top (Doom Edition) by J 2 the ROC | Volibear Player
NaCLBait says “Good luck, keep him out of range as much as possible and don't risk something if he has e up.”
Revamped Sion Top Guide by NaCLBait | Sion Player
Itreallyhim says “Be careful in lane, Everything you do just makes it easier for him, Okay so you are here, The game is probably started and youre thinking, what could go wrong. If you E him he will W you then E you when you think you are gonna live, And finish you off with ULT. His passive is stronger than yours, so be wary, If he pulls you with his e, walk towards him to dodge the q.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
NotReiken says “Darius shuts down everything Rengar can do in Top lane. You can't trade with him cause of bleed, and if you do he'll 5 stack and win button you. Just run.”
Reikens WIP Rengar Guide by NotReiken | Rengar Player
RavenGOD says “I would rather pick another champ. it's difficult against a darius main.”
Running it down by RavenGOD | Singed Player
Tanjiro Kunnnn says “Easy matchup for me :v Dont do long fights with him you will Surely Lose just do Short Trades against him and All in when he is almost Low”
The Best Riven SetUp 10.9 by Tanjiro Kunnnn | Riven Player
Circas says “This lane kinda sucks. It is very winnable BUT you need to play it perfectly. You only win if you get 5 stacks and hit all your abilities and you need to be careful not to get pulled out of your Q or you instantly lose. You stack your passive faster than Darius obviously so use that to your advantage. You do not take short trades with Darius when you go in you are committed and you cannot half-ass it. A good Darius will know that he can abuse you level 1 and he will most likely try to cheese you in tri bush (if you leashed red side) or he will sit in top lane bush and wait for you to walk up to the wave and try to cheese you with his Crippling Strike (W) and slow you and just out auto you. Start with your Flawless Duet (E) and wait till you are level 3 or 4 to go in on him. Build up stacks near turret because if they wave is past river towards him you CANNOT fight him. You need stacks and you need a lot of lane room to run him down when you go in. Darius will kill you if you miss something. Can be outplayed but it is hard.”
[10.10] The ULTIMATE Diamond Irelia Top Lane guide. by Circas | Irelia Player
Rivenetto says “So easy matchup for me,dont go first into trade.If he uses Q just go into him and all in,nothing he can do about it.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
Hiimpurple says “Glacial augment will be good for this match up ”
VOICUvaloare says “you can't dunk yourself lol”
DARIUS AKA KOBE BRYANT by VOICUvaloare | Darius Player
LycheeMochigome says “Really strong early, relies on darius making some sort of blunder like missing e or q. Play safe and just help your team get ahead”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
FragileSouls says “Very punishing to place against but after first back and lvl 6 you can beat him with ult”
Dummies Guide to Getting Diamond With Mord by FragileSouls | Mordekaiser Player
ItsPaulygon says “Skill match up, try to bait out his E. And if he try's to Q you, make sure you're in the inner circle of the blade if you're trying to trade. If he wins lane, you won't be able to outscale him late game. Try to get your jungler to gank a lot and beat him so that he can't be a threat.”
classicnoob says “Bleed counters you.Start Triple Rejuvs.”
The might for Demacia! (10.10) by classicnoob | Garen Player
Rexonek123 says “Just Darius his he heal itc.”
FoxyGrill says “Even tho you counter him he is the only champion that can conquer you while you have your passive stacked, try to dodge his q and let him push so you can get your passive stacks.”
Irelia Top Guide by FoxyGrill | Irelia Player
googlemops says “darius is in a similar situation as Jax you can beat him until he gets his passive stacked, when you go for trades fight until you're at 4 stack, then back off until the stacks fall off.”
Tahm Kench Top Guide by googlemops | Tahm Kench Player
The Ryann Kingg says “Darius is an insta-ban for me because he is able to damage you way more than you can regen back, even with this build. Just ban him. trust me. ”
TOP Shyvanna Korean Build(Conqueror) by The Ryann Kingg | Shyvana Player
HeyItsLeemo says “This champion is just annoying as hell to lane against, when you find a good Darius and you don't know how to fight him, just call for ganks 24/7, he can outheal you really well and if he gets 5 stacks on you, you're dead just play safe and maybe take resolve instead of domination for this one if you're feeling indangered.”
My lane domination Mordekaiser 10.10 (basic guide) by HeyItsLeemo | Mordekaiser Player
McKazoo says “Make sue not o feed early and you've won Be carful taking casters under tower he'll just hook you in After level 12 you're good to go and all in him ”
Silver Trundle Build by McKazoo | Trundle Player
bushman847 says “champs that are great at dishing out tons of damage early as well as healing tons are big problems for skarner play back and safely”
I miss my damage, Skarner Jungle/top Build by bushman847 | Skarner Player
TwilightMarc says “Darius has a lot of control over Cho'Gath. His passive and Black Cleaver crushes you.”
Tank-All-Hits Cho'Gath by TwilightMarc | Cho'Gath Player
bocchicken says “use your W to avoid his Q if it is going to hit you with the blade part, and then use your Q to escape. As long as you respect the range on his pull, you should be fine.”
[10.9] Cheat Lane --> Win Game by bocchicken | Maokai Player
Doaenel says “Unless Darius is running ignite, you can still beat him. The trick to winning versus Darius is to be more aggressive than he is. Levels 1-4 you outsustain and outdamage him with double summoners even through his 5 stack bleed.”
TwixTreM says “He's unbalanced :p Don't fight with it before 6.”
❤Shyvana top s10 65% win ratio❤ by TwixTreM | Shyvana Player
Asoreth says “Despite what everyone says, Darius isn't really that much of a threat for Shen, I've almost never lost a lane against a Darius player. All you have to do is literally play safe, Shen is good at short trades so if you get a chance of getting him to use his abilities you can start a fight with him. Freeze waves so he can't really farm, your W can counter his W and auto resets. ”
Shen, Eye of Twilight - How to DESTROY Top/Bot! by Asoreth | Shen Player
AkaiAsura says “Darius can easily kill you in the first level. He has a good amount of damage and sustain, but if you're able to poke him in the right way, you will be able to kill him without much trouble.”
[10.9] Gangplank "Got every angle covered." by AkaiAsura | Gangplank Player
Erenando says “This is probably one of your worst match ups to stack your q. Just give up some creeps when needed and maintain a safe distance between you and him. The bleeding and his true damage will be a pain in the ass and even ganks can go wrong if your jungler underestimates him. Play save until late and stack HP. You will beat him at some point”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
GamerAtLarge says “When you focus on last hitting your CS and stocking up on Q graves while on your side to about mid of your lane, you'll be surprised how easily you can out bully him and because hell likely underestimate you no matter how low he is hell likely be anywhere between half to low health and still try to press wave into your tower where you`ll have the chance at an early first blood. ”
Carry Early To Late - Anti Lane/Jungle Bully (Patch 10.9) by GamerAtLarge | Yorick Player
Wolfychu says “Most people find difficult to play against Darius but you can win by not being hit by his Q and by trading a lot with him using the Q W auto attack Q auto attack combo and after doing it going out using EQ to bait Darius E. You can also go with ignite so you can wait for level 6 to go kill him with ignite and ultimate.”
Kadarin's Riven Guide by Wolfychu | Riven Player
AllanKex says “You should probably ban Darius cuz he is bullshit.”
Trynda Top by AllanKex | Tryndamere Player
OGIntel says “You can poke him down easily, but when you all-in to finish him off you need to dodge his outer Q at all costs, otherwise he will probably kill you.”
Nasus the early game GOD by OGIntel | Nasus Player
Anyerlaw says “Contra Darius no te molestes a parkearle su e, ya que no vale la pena. Intenta parkearle el reset w, o la q (aunque se cura igualmente). Por lo demás pokeeale con tu pasiva y rematalo con la r. Aunque te ponga las 5 marcas con tu r le ganas.”
Guia en Español de Fiora OTP (Season 10) by Anyerlaw | Fiora Player
TRAMANOSIA says “Its a skill matchup that bases on abusing the enemy's mistakes. You should rush Sunfire.”
Shen Domination in Low Elo by TRAMANOSIA | Shen Player
bailey.porirua says “Very hard to beat. He will start W or Q, depending on what elo. You should start E and play safe until you can get Tri-Force. Make sure you rush Ninja Tabis and get an executioners calling and finish it later. It will negate his healing off his passive. ”
wolfclaw3812 says “Skill matchup: if you can dodge Darius' hook, he can't catch you. If you can't, you can't run away. On-hit or tank for this one, AP will get run down. ”
Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player
P4nds says “Também terá que pokear até ir pro all in.”
Aatrox, a Espada Darkin (TOP/JG) by P4nds | Aatrox Player
MikanoIrie says “Don't 1v1 him even tho he's low, it's a traaaap!”
IW Asteria's Teemo Build by MikanoIrie | Teemo Player
zendo33 says “Tiene sangrado que mas te puedo decir ,te corta la sanación .Pero casi siempre se va baneado asi que salvado.”
Dejuronto says “Darius early game is also one to worry about deeply. If you miss your skillshots, you're heavily vulnerable to his pull and passive. If he has ghost, Darius can make you miss some skillshots even more when he runs after you or running away FROM you. Your best option is to find a safe distance from him and try to threaten him with your passive. If he misses any of his skillshots, you can most likely find that weakpoint and try to win a trade.”
10.9 BEST MORDEKAISER (Situational) BUILD by Dejuronto | Mordekaiser Player
ArcLiner says “Don't get grabbed by his E, otherwise an easy match-up”
Raid Boss Swain Top by ArcLiner | Swain Player
I Play Blitz Top says “A good darius can destroy you, but most of the time they fall for undertower takedowns more than once,”
Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong) by I Play Blitz Top | Blitzcrank Player
BonziBonnie says “make beef out of you”
Alistar OTP guide by BonziBonnie | Alistar Player
TRYNDAMERE TOP GUIDE 10.9 | A CHAMP THAT WONT GET NERFED by Nicklstherealone | Tryndamere Player
SuperPopo7 says “DO NOT GET OFF YOUR SKARLL In this matchup, as long as you can stay on your retarded lizard and poke with Q, you should be able to all in once you get tiamat. Furthermore, try to roam at level 6 because you do not win 1 v 1 after level 6”
HDlucky says “This matchup is really hard. Try short trades against him because if he get 5 stacks and you lose skarl he just one shot you with his ult.”
Cats4lyfe123 says “If Darius hits you with Apprehend, you're going to take a fair bit of damage, so either bait it out or use your W right after to avoid his basic attacks. Darius can't easily get 5 stacks of hemorrhage on you, but he can whittle you down in lane until he can go for an easy all in. Try not to take any risky trades, and if you do, make sure you win them. ”
AP Bruiser Akali Top by Cats4lyfe123 | Akali Player
OakenshieldXVI says “He has too much DPS and imobilization, even if you build too much armor, he will melt you down. Don't trade with him and use your E to escape and not to engange.”
[S10] Ornn Hard Carry - Toplane Monster by OakenshieldXVI | Ornn Player
GreeN1337 says “Destroy him with mobility just abuse it as much as You can. Try to predict his E or when he casts it instantly pop W and don't let him stack his pasive. Maxing W insted of E is good in this matchup.”
[10.9] Top Akali Bruiser Build by GreeN1337 | Akali Player
miniRAGE says “Darius does more damage than Morde early game. His bleed outdamages Morde's passive, so you need to play safe until you scale. However, once you scale, you beat Darius most of the time.”
The Iron Giant by miniRAGE | Mordekaiser Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Lose: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Skill Matchup: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
Dannala says “Easy to poke early, hard to handle once he got his Phage. A simple strategy is to build Phage as well early on just to avoid being overrun by him. This costs AP damage but adds to your auto attack power and won't matter too much early on. His Q will kill your spiderlings so either Rappel out or bait it out then engage.”
Elise In Depth All Around Guide by Dannala | Elise Player
ShinyEmo says “Guinsoo's Rageblade is a must-have in this matchup. Dodge his Q with your Q and you will be fine. If you have Guinsoo's, than your Q will be ready all the time he uses his Q's. Blade of the Ruined King works well too. ”
Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.) by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player
jokerpanos says “A skilled matchup to be honest. If the enemy darius knows what he is doing, it can be really difficult.”
Xin zhao top lane guide,GRANDMASTER [updated] by jokerpanos | Xin Zhao Player
Loki029 says “I personally hate to Play vs a darius, but if you know how to kite, then this darius will itself start playing garen instead of darius. Ok his passive is abnoormal stong and if you mispredict and Flash too late you still die (already happened multiple times). (Several Hints: 1: Iy you want to trade poke use solence and use w so his first attack won t deal a Thing on you. 2 Don t sty on lane too Long when at 40% hp. even with your passive and w you can t survive a true damage execution./ if he could ult you use silence and hope that you run out fast enough) ”
Loki029 says “Stick near him or die, start with Cloth armor and potions. go out of fight BEFORE he gets 5 stacks, silence him in or before his Q, Q after his E so you can run away from his slow, Skill W early many Points so you can stay longer in Lane, Build AD and Lifesteal may even executionier if he is skilled to kill him faster, don t fight him pr 6 too often, spare your Hp and try to trade better than him, Don´t Forget your creeps they can help you too kill him ( his W Counts as AA so soon he does it they will attack him) Consider Building Armor or Guardians Angle to deny his Ultimate reset.”
Loki029 says “Play safe, sounds stupid but deny him farm and if you fight then be sure about it, only stay if you are sure that you can, if you get ahead early, then you will win, Late Game maybe even.”
Oblak says “Darius can 1v1 you easily, he has a kit made for 1v1 against melee champions, try to stay safe and don't let he stack his passive on you.”
hephephepeEPEPE says “Darius is very hard to play against play safe you can proxy once you get lvl 3 because if he tries to denie your proxy you are most likley going to die rush ninja tabi and bramble vest ”
Epic Singed Guide by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player
PrettyPinkPutin says “The general rule of Darius is: Don't fight him unless you can kill him, CC cancel his E with yours if possible, use your R on his Q, you can try your luck at fighting him once you have Trinity, that's all to be said.”
Season fucking 10 half assed Camille "Guide" by PrettyPinkPutin | Camille Player
Lazmm says “Darius is a cancer champ to play against on anyone in top really but Darius can just run you over while in lane. Make sure to go aftershock if you wan to play into it. Seekers arm guard is a strong item here.”
Fiddlesticks Toplane by Lazmm | Fiddlesticks Player
AkenoSenpai says “This match up can be tricky as it can easly turn into a hard match up if not played correctly, due to darius being a champion that punishes mistakes very heavly. Let the wave push into u, in this match up especially you might want to give up cs, u really do need to keep ur hp. Once you start slowpushing, and Darius gets to close feel free to all in him (lvl 3 or higher). The way to fight darius is as followed: E -> Q -> orbwalk. Keep your second Q for his own Q. Jumping to him once he starts Q animation, cancels his Q dmg as well as his healing and a stack for his passive, which is very important.”
S10 Irelia guide by AkenoSenpai | Irelia Player
Death Rusofag says “Es tu peor pesadilla en línea, no le ganas los trades ni cortos ni largos y tiene mucha presión de lìnea. Trata de baitearle la E y aléjate de él con tu E. Trata de farmear y espera ganks.”
[10.8] Poppy, La Yordle Inmortal by Death Rusofag | Poppy Player
shinsuky says “same as garen, but harder because of his grab, just try to dodge it with your W then it would be good. warning lvl 6 too..”
Just a Scarecrow says “His passive is a huge counter to your own and you can't just go to him without poking him with your Q even you third to him he would auto you. you will just see how you are dying if you tried to kill him in full health. Cautious Darius are Extreme Dangerous too”
Lucid Garen / Best Meta and Tank Garen Guide. by Just a Scarecrow | Garen Player
Bourbon says “I know how Darius works if his IQ is over 15 he beat you up.”
Tank Diana Top by Bourbon | Diana Player
N3rdRag3_ says “bane of existence bait out his E follow with a quick q 3 aa and back out, dont engage in long trades.”
Braum of blades by N3rdRag3_ | Braum Player
dinole says “Hell, you can outscale him.”
Good doggo Nasus by dinole | Nasus Player
chromeq3 says “His Q will hurt, like a lot. You will need to kite if you want to survive in lane. (or just get camped by your jungler)”
chromeq3's Kayn Top Guide! // by chromeq3 | Kayn Player
Nerkas says “It's all about you making a mistake. If you miss a skillshot, he immediately gets a kill pressure on you. Getting close is lethal, Phase Rush required!”
Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9.19 by Nerkas | Swain Player
NeroSnake says “This builds are more for extended trades meaning darius wins easy”
Bruiser Pantheon by NeroSnake | Pantheon Player
Jays_v says “Dont die early game, try to dodge his Q and dont fight him when you have 3 or 4 points of his passive. Take Ignite.”
A Tryndamere Guide For Beginners by Jays_v | Tryndamere Player
StephanBJ says “Watch out for his Q (he heals from it) and his ultimate that can be called multiple times if he got a kill with it ”
The Beginner's Guide for Sylas by StephanBJ | Sylas Player
VelesemPT says “Darius might be a bigger threat because of his passive reducing your healing from your passive. If having a bad time vs Darius just play defensive and ask for assistance from either the jungler or mid laner.”
Maokai - The God of TOP Lane by VelesemPT | Maokai Player
Average Ahri says “Darius is beatable... but you need to be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY smart about it. Believe it or not, there is nothing to be afraid of when darius is lvl 1. Fight him tooth and nail for that lvl 2. Then bramble immediately to cut his healing. After sunfire and bramble, you will win.”
Poppy guide for climb by Average Ahri | Poppy Player
MagrelinOnFire says “Runas: vs Lutadores Spells: flash/incendiar Abuse do Grasp lvl 1, de um auto ataque com a passiva e corra. Fique atento no lvl 2 do Darius, coloque sempre 1 barril atrás de você, se o jogador de Darius for esperto, ele upou o E, tente desviar do puxão, se você conseguir, poderá agressivar e provavelmente o matará. Recomendo comprar 1 doran blade na primeira volta, se o time inimigo tiver outros campeões com curas ou roubo de vida, compre 1 carrasco. Nessa matchup, também séria interessante trocar a sterak por dançarina fantasma, a velocidade de movimento da dançarina deixará sua vida mais facil, além de aumentar sua chance de crítico.”
Gangplank para baixinhos. Guia do Novato by MagrelinOnFire | Gangplank Player
Kikinowski says “skill matchup try to jump in with Q when he is trying to heal”
IRELIA GOD TIER by Kikinowski | Irelia Player
Blazeofepicness says “Trade with him lvl 3. All in him lvl 6. ”
Wukong Top Guide by Blazeofepicness | Wukong Player
Bebro5 says “If you play good enough you can out trade him but he can also beat you very hard.”
Renekton Top guide by Bebro5 | Renekton Player
FadeMini7 says “Fighting a Darius rush Ex and when you fight him always land a Q if not back off because you need kleds Q to reduce his healing and try to time it to E inside his Q so it doesn't do too much to you ”
FadeMini7 Kled Build by FadeMini7 | Kled Player
stratixx says “Your hit and run tactics should completely destroy Darius, who thrives on long term combats. Do your best to bait out his abilities and w when he activates his ghost.”
Ask god for forgiveness by stratixx | Teemo Player
TrollingSmurfGr says “Representative of the typical BIG JUGGERNAUT TOP, Darius has huge damage when you get caught. This is an example of someone you should probably take Aftershock for. For Darius specifically, use Flay (E) to push him towards you, pulling yourself inside of the Q circle. Pushing him away from you takes too long, and he's likely moving away from you already, perfectly landing you in the outer circle. If you die once, don't try anything funny again, or it won't just be once.”
Thresh Off-Meta Guide for Mid and Top by TrollingSmurfGr | Thresh Player
lugzinho says “Hug him when he uses his Q with your E so he doesn't heal and gets a passive stack. Watch out with his R as it can mess with your remount.”
Thr3shPrinc3 says “( NB!!! READ THE "MATCHUPS" SECTION OF THE GUIDE CHAPTER! ) This is normally a lane you can't win. Darius can out bully you early and has more sustain in fights even if you play Fleet Footwork. If you do play vs him in lane always try and flay him TOWARDS you when he Q's. You should be able to catch him off-guard the first couple of times and deny his healing (and a lot of damage) , but it won't keep working. Flaying him away from you takes too long and you will only end up eating his axe. Just try and poke him out and farm up as best as possible. Killing him isn't impossible, but it requires HIM to make a mistake close to your turret. Just be sure to capitalize on the mistake if he does. ”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
6MillionBreads says “His passive bleed and Q heal makes it almost impossible to out-trade him, and he can pull you out of your E if you try to disengage”
Zac, The Globular God (Off-Meta Top/Support guide) by 6MillionBreads | Zac Player
Toxic Teemo says “You can poke him easy and you dont take full damage from his Q if jump near him. You need to use powered W to his slow”
Rengar TOP (S10) (Matchups) by Toxic Teemo | Rengar Player
ForgottenProject says “If he starts Q, use Q to poke him Level 1, and use Vital MS to dodge his If he starts W, don’t try and fight him Level 1 Parry his W Pre-Level 6 to slow his MS and AS (so he stacks slower) Take short trades when Parry is Up Hit all Ult Vitals after Parrying his W YOU WIN IF: you dodge his outer q, he won't heal, bleed stacks won't apply and its a large chunk of his damage TAKE IGNITE because he will have ghost 100% of the time, thus you don't need TP to help your team because he won't either. Also take Last Stand”
(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
PH45 says “Pretty much one of the hardest lanes, if you get caught in his pull you are pretty much dead due to you not having any escape abilities. Keep your distance, farm with Q and stick to staying under tower. Darius is pretty gankable though so if your jungler comes you might score a kill, just remember Darius has 1v2 potential due to his Q heal so stay out of the outer ring.”
Epic Striker says “His bleed can be dangerous for your health but if you kite him and spam your q hitting him and get ganks you will win the lane.”
Jabba The Hutt Support/Top Carry by Epic Striker | Tahm Kench Player
tearfultimes says “If he pulls you just E and he's kinda dead”
[S10] Quinn Build by tearfultimes | Quinn Player
BDPMate says “If you can stay at range and poke he is fairly easy. But as soon as he hooks you his slow will be enough to ruin your day. It's best to farm out to the late game.”
Kennen One Trick guide to below plat. by BDPMate | Kennen Player
kemats says “Sucks to trade against, don't let him stack his bleed and maybe you will win lol.”
[10.7] Flip Champions like Burgers by kemats | Singed Player
Gunford says “Darius is very scary with Ghost and Flash for you. If you shove the wave under his tower he will run you down and just kill you no matter what. Farm up, wait for your jungler. Use your dash when you got hooked by him. Throw your E and try to get away. ”
Conquerer Graves TOP by Gunford | Graves Player
TheUrgood says “Si darius joue parfaitement vous pourrez jamais farm,ni decale en gros vous jouez pas”
Guide Urgot OTP by TheUrgood | Urgot Player
TymekOne says “Darius is really powerful champion now, in order to win with him you need to avoid him fully stacking his passive early game and avoid his Q.”
Aatrox simple build for climbing by TymekOne | Aatrox Player
superacewolf says “Really hard matchup try to survive lane and wait for ganks. Try to keep the wave right outside your tower. Grasp for short trades since you don't want long trades and Spellbook will help survive in this matchup as Conqueror can't really be activated since he beats you majority of the game. ”
Season 10 Nasus Guide by superacewolf | Nasus Player
SirVermillion says “This is a difficult matchup during laning phase, best way to counter is work around his cooldown, try to bait his hook, then hit him with your W to slow him down, run up to him and Q him, then E away. Or if you're confident in getting away without losing the trade, engage with your E.”
Adaptive Low Elo Camille Guide From A Camille Main by SirVermillion | Camille Player
spaceriftmaster says “This match up isn't impossible but it is difficult because Darius's hemorrhage stacks can really cripple you whether you're tank Morde or mage Morde. Also he can catch you out and does a lot of damage and heals quite a bit on his Q blade.”
Obliterate Your Opponents! - Beginner's Guide To Mordekaiser by spaceriftmaster | Mordekaiser Player
Speez says “[BAN WORTHY] So overpowered, with ghost and flash he can run you down if you get to cocky and the only way you survive this lane is if you empowered W his W slow, just so annoying to deal with”
Colgatepot69 says “Same notes from AAtrox apply here...”
NEEKO THE VORED UP TANK >:D by Colgatepot69 | Neeko Player
FlopyWeiner says “You outheal his damage and out damage him lategame. EVEN with full stacks. Honestly its a skill matchup. ALWAYS TRADE IF HE NEVER CAN GET 5 HITS. He has all in combat sustain if you can keep trading without getting super punished then you outheal him and win lane.”
🔥 [S10] HOW TO REALLY PLAY GAREN 🔥 by FlopyWeiner | Garen Player
The Lost Drawing says “A nivel 1 no le tengas miedo sobre todo si se sube la 'W' ya que puedes farmear la 1° y parte de la 2° oleada, trata de que tire su 'Q'/'E' al aire haciendo como que estas a rango pero no. Cuando gaste habilidades a lo tonto/para empujar/intertar pegarte es momento de que le pegues sobre todo si se gasto la 'Q'. No dejes que meta todas las cargas de su pasiva ya que te borra con eso Gasta tu 'E' para salir del filo de su 'Q' o si te engancha salir de un posible intercambio desfavorable para ti”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Tunass says “You can't trade with him,you can't all in him and he has the potential to 2 v 1 you are your jg.Ban him if you can!”
Maokai Guide : The Free ELO by Tunass | Maokai Player
Trash Collector says “Darius is lane bully. Avoid getting hit by his q and try to play safe and farm ”
Irelia Guide 10.7 by Trash Collector | Irelia Player
Pedrokis says “Skill matchup mais disputada na minha opnião. / Cuidado com a cura e a passiva dele, use e abuse do seu Dash (E) pra desviar se ele tiver canalizando o Q ou tiver com 3 ou 4 stacks da passiva. / Se ele for burro perde; se você ficar tomando tudo atoa, incluindo ganks, você perde.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
AGKH says “I usually ban this guy Trade window with lvl 2 adv. (ghost) Let him push and just farm (ignite) You outscale him mid-late game Lethal / Conq Runes ”
Tryndamere Runes, Matchups, Builds by AGKH | Tryndamere Player
Boonybutt says “His passive still cuts through your armor, you'll want to ban him.”
Unstoppable Train Sett by Boonybutt | Sett Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “This match up is a tough one. But if you can land barrel combos and poke without getting caught then you should be fine. Be sure to ask your jungle for ganks. If you can't get jungle help for whatever reason. You should probably just defend and play like you would against a tank. Just poke and farm under tower.”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
enderare says “If he runs ghost might be hard but just q back from his e, most darius's telegraph it hard. ”
Bruiser Tank Vayne Top by enderare | Vayne Player
AcidMonsta117 says “darius is a bully laner, this is a game of the wild west, only one can win... ”
Darius only runes ( build come later uwu ) by AcidMonsta117 | Darius Player
Darkseige555 says “Darius is ban worthy while playing poppy. This monster will make you give up lane as soon as he has level 3. Never go past the river against him, especially if he goes ghost or ignite. I personally ban him every game, but if you prefer to ban someone else and have the bad luck to face him, you can build a early bramble vest to punish him and get greavous wounds. Sunfire cape is also a good option. The real challenge is to not die in laning phase: it takes a lot of discipline and do not get cocky if he is playing more passive than usually because he is most likely baiting you. If you do survive laning phase, It become much better in the teamfights because he won't be able to destroy you anymore, but I suggest going for a more support build to let others carry for you since you will be short on gold after that rough laning phase.”
Become the hero! A poppy top lane guide by Darkseige555 | Poppy Player
zekynan says “he is pretty much you but AD. If he misses e+q, DO IT he is dead ( Death Emperor build only)”
Death Emperor by zekynan | Mordekaiser Player
Braddik says “Save your Q for his Q, and jump in the middle of it. then you can look to all in. Save your E for his W, and you'll win it. Dorans early for extra sustain vs his bleed can be helpful, and Stinger early is good for more DPs. if you get a lead on him, you can snowball and kill him over and over again”
Joaking says “First blood wins the lane. His E is the real threat. You can short combo him (Q+aa+WE back) and try to bait his E. After that, you can all in him and kill him if you dodge his Q. DON'T TRY TO FIGHT HIM IF HE HAS FLASH+GHOST.”
Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo by Joaking | Riven Player
CFCryo says “Your usual suspects of tough juggernaut laners can give Blitz a hard time if misplayed. If played well, you can beat them, but otherwise, you will lose almost all farm since Blitz is so, so melee.”
Top Blitzcrank - The Great Steam Juggernaut by CFCryo | Blitzcrank Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “This matchup isn't as hard as it looks. Just play safe and wait for your jungler to gank and gank again. Just don't give him an early lead.”
Kaji's Nautilus Toplane Guide ~ All Will Drown by KajiKumihoAkukei | Nautilus Player
Pickle Pick says “All he has to do is walk at you and land his apprehend. Play safe and try to W out of his E.”
Daedralus says “This guy is gonna be a pain. DO NOT FIGHT HIM EARLY. He can destroy you with his passive burn. Look towards baiting him under tower. His passive is very likely to get tower aggro. If he is under your tower, and you have less than 4 stacks, ult him once he is around half HP, and make sure to dodge him until then. If you can Q then ult, its even better. This way, your tower should deal with him along with your, while granting your full HP back, and preventing him from having enough stacks to even do a fair amount of damage with his ult. With an additional fear prepped, the kill should be easy, but only with the towers help of course as this will give around 4 shots guaranteed at him. Other than, avoid fights unless you get really fed and can one-shot him before he can stack enough. It is very possible that you can =)”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
BlazeBreeze says “Very Strong make sure to stay on him with bear and tiger stance”
Freelo Udyr Top by BlazeBreeze | Udyr Player
qtANG says “high sustain, good trade. he can outtrade you and out sustain you. always E into him when he Q and give him lots of Aa.”
TheBiskoppen says “This match-up is pretty hard early. wait out his Q and for level 4-6. If you ever get ahead freeze the hell out of him!”
Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz) by TheBiskoppen | Renekton Player
NoxianBlood says “Darius always wins lane against Sion if you manage to solo Darius in Lane with Sion the Darius is definitely doing something wrong, just play passive and try to farm with your abilities in a way so he can't reach you with his grab, once you survive laning phase and got Sterak First item, and Warmog, and Titanic, you should be fine in team fights since Darius can't deal Max health damage, so he will deal just flat damage so stacking allot of HP and shields with make his all in useless just don't stay too long in fight he may not have Max Health damage, but he still deals a lot of damage, and has armor penetration, so HP will make you survive just the all in the team fight, also don't make him stack 5 on you, cause he will switch target and wipe out all your squishies and leave you useless for last.”
Sion Guide by NoxianBlood | Sion Player
Scintior says “dont go for long trades, dotch his and stun him with yours. bait him and ult him under turret”
Skarner Top Guide by Scintior by Scintior | Skarner Player
Askio says “He has DOT, pulls, natural healing, an execution ult, and in general can combo you more than you can combo him. Should be one of your top 3 bans up top if you go Naut Top. ”
o0j11 says “played correctly darius will shred you”
morde build 10.6 by o0j11 | Mordekaiser Player
MrLewie says “I ban this champion about 90% of the time (the 10% of the time I don't is when someone on my team bans them.) If you find yourself forgetting to ban Darius, you're honestly better off dodging.”
[10.7] MrLewie's Nasus Guide by MrLewie | Nasus Player
benisking says “Not the best matchup. Never e into him unless you win the all in. If you get good enough you can negate his e with your e by timing it so he pulls you right before your e attaches to the wall and pulls you away from him.”
Beniskings Camille Guide by benisking | Camille Player
VahitcanT says “Dont trade with him his passive gives true damage same as fiora you cant 1v1 with him,farm until late game Dont make 5 stack on you and will auto the game win.”
[10.6] Your false gods cannot save you ! (Reworked mordekais by VahitcanT | Mordekaiser Player
TheRevenantsHand says “His passive will outdo yours. His Q will also give him more sustain than you. Land your E when he's trying to Q and stay close and personal so that he will have a hard time healing. ”
[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player
VicGal96 says “Just permaban this champion. Darius already screws over most melees in the game, but in the case of Rengar he can just obliterate you so easily that the moment he gets ahead you are pretty much done. You need to put in at least 10 times the effort he needs to beat you in order to go even in lane, and, taking into account he is very popular nowadays... banning him is just the better option.”
BlackJusticeSupreme says “This clash of clans looking man will stop at nothing to defend women, no matter how thotty they are. He will relentless fight you off any time you approach a women. Kill him quickly and swiftly so his virginity can evaporate away from the mortal coil.”
Quagmire Yorick by BlackJusticeSupreme | Yorick Player
Rsingo says “Dont pick nasus against him. Nearly impossible to beat.”
ozmankaan says “2nd built with aftershock goes good against darius, u can out dam him with that built. plus darius is too common nowadays, just keep in mind never take a darius easy, never follow him in bush, dont think u can over power him when he is low on health, dont give him early kills if u do u lose ur lane prolly game too, concentrate on CS at strt not on champ kill, not giving kill to darius is a win, dont stand n fight him u have to kite him, if u dont give him a kill he is useless mid n late game.”
The Almighty Urgot by ozmankaan | Urgot Player
ozmankaan says “there are three types of darius 1- the killable ones, you can kill them whenever you want 2- tough-ones, difficult to kill gives you tough time but still you can kill them 3- The unkillables, these phucking bastards are incarnation of death god himself, stay away from them, poke them, dont let them fool you coz when they are low on health they are most dangerous, use you jung help to kill them get the lead then solo them. ”
The Almighty Urgot by ozmankaan | Urgot Player
Split King says “Darius is tough. His kit is made to kill anything that comes into melee range. Do not try to fight him unless you know you can outplay him. It is easy to stay alive and farm however. Use q to activate passive when he uses decimate. You will take no damage and he will push lane. Use your taunt to disengage when he uses apprehend on you. Focus on buying early health, His true damage and armor penetration greatly reduces the effectiveness of armor”
Split King: Solo Queue Shen by Split King | Shen Player
STIERNACKENTYP says “This matchup is about how good the enemy Darius is. If he is a Darius OTP with flash/ghost u will have a very hard time especially after he gets Phage. He can perma all in u then. Try to poke and harrass as much as possible early but play very save and always keep a barrel up to escape. If he comes ahead, avoid every fight and get a GA soon.”
[10.6] Cometplank by STIERNACKENTYP | Gangplank Player
MrMacMelon says “If he plays it well, he wins. If he uses stuff on wave, feel free to short trade”
[Season 10 - Updated] The Low Elo Guide to Riven! by MrMacMelon | Riven Player
Kicaj says “It's better to play Def against him his poke hurts and getting a gank is very helpful.”
Riven Top (Combos,spells,teamwork) by Kicaj | Riven Player
Split King says “If he does manage to Apprehend you, you are going to have a bad time. But most of the time he never lands one and then he is just fucked completely. Keep your distance and the lane is easy”
Split King: Control Mage Teemo by Split King | Teemo Player
BeautifulWinter says “This is a very even laning phase. HOWEVER DO NOT PLAY AGRO PRE-LEVEL 6! He is designed to punish melee champions and he will destroy you should you play to agro prior to having your ult. POST-LEVEL 6: Poke with E and wait until he is half or so health before trying to all in him. If he pushes you at level 6 even if he is full health you should still win.”
Illaoi build guide by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “Bully him with your longer attack range. Kiting with W+Passive really helps a lot. Try dodging his E with your range advantage and movement speed, also avoiding your E getting interrupted by his E. Be aware of some Darius players who bring ghost to run you down.”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
Split King says “This matchup goes in favor of Darius in the early game and favor of Garen in the mid to late game. Don't force fights early just farm, you will start winning lane at level 7-9”
Ikewolf says “Skill matchup. Avoid him at all costs when mini, try trading once he uses his grap. Don't go close if you don't have your jump. Once mega, you can trade him if he uses an ability for the creep wave.”
Top 10 Gnar player Guide! by Ikewolf | Gnar Player
Devcon says “You won't beat him at an all-in until the mid-late game. Try to bait his E and poke for Grasp procs when you can. Don't let him capitalize on phage procs.”
Devcon's Bloodthirsty Graves Top (Updated) by Devcon | Graves Player
Canis858 says “Bei dieser Lane wird viel gefightet. Runen: 1, 2”
[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch by Canis858 | Yorick Player
Dominicanos says “Ο Darius είναι lane bully και κερδίζει τα trades πριν τα Power Spike σου.Έχει Armor Pen με το E του και True Damage με την Ulty του που κατακερματίζει κάθε Tank στο διάβα του.”
My Ornn Guide for S10(In Greek only) by Dominicanos | Ornn Player
PlasmaFox1 says “Very easy to die if he gets close to you”
Gangplank, king of pirrrates! by PlasmaFox1 | Gangplank Player
YukariYumia says “If Darius lands his grab try to get out of it by landing your root. Don't let him get as many stacks on you or you might end up being dead meat. Use a more semi-aggressive play style, poke at him and let some minions die to collect the required amount of souls for your maximum crit chance and increased range”
Senna Top: Carry Your Team to Victory by YukariYumia | Senna Player
XRVG says “Darius and renekton is skill matchup but as long as you dodge his Qs and bait his grab properly you will win. Ignite makes darius a lot easier. If you all in make sure to hug darius so he does not heal.”
40hara says “I dunno super strong at the moment”
xxskipskipxx says “If he has Ghost don't push the wave and play safe dont trade unless he wastes his E or you dodge it! If he has ignite or TP and doesnt have W lvl 1 you can go for trades else you have to wait for lvl 3! Whenever Darius casts his Q you should Q into him to deny his Q dmg and healing!! If you are having problems in this Matchup take Second Wind in the resolve tree and buy Dorans shield as the first item!”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
feederfromelohell says “Almost impossible to 1v1 and hard to gank due to 2v1. Easy to outscale tho.”
The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion by feederfromelohell | Sion Player
IvaoManeirao says “i'm only putting Darius on "major" since he can and will kill you in every single trade - however, this matchup is really simple if you take into account that your "E" animation is unstoppable akin to Ezreal's - that means that if he pulls you in you just need to anticipate that and E beforehand and he'll not be able to do anything at all. That along with the fact that you're ranged means that if you don't push your luck it should be a really chill farm-based lane; something that Darius never wants.”
Another One Bites The Dust - Top Urgot guide by IvaoManeirao | Urgot Player
K1M0CH1 says “max w just ban him or use headhunter red chroma to scare him away ask jungler to gang early he as no escape take hard matchup rune page just flash ur level 7 emote to scare him away”
HOT Rengar top bulid by K1M0CH1 | Rengar Player
Goog2467 says “Early game, this absolute chonk of a man will beat you harder than you beat the city of Demacia. Always Ban.”
Personal Kayle Build by Goog2467 | Kayle Player
Big Belly Bop says “This match up is one of Senna's hardest. She can poke him early on but once he gets level 3 onward, he can just run at her with ghost, and start hammering away. Keep the wave at your turret and ask for ganks. E and walk away if he gets close enough to pull you in, try to land W as well. Flash + TP, Boots + 4 HP, Gotta Blast! rune page.”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
AndREX512 says “whit his insane amount of damage he can easilly kill you.”
[10.2] top tank Ornn guide "Ornn builds things" by AndREX512 | Ornn Player
weird picks boi says “no need to explain,even with your shield,this champ can easily bleed you with his passive”
nautilus top fighter by weird picks boi | Nautilus Player
ExfIamed says “Now this can go either way, Garen has the early game advantage and does outscale Darius, but if you overstep or make one mistake it's all over from that point unless he makes a mistake. You wanna bait him into pulling you and then you E as hes pulling you, Q cleanse the slow and stay on him to avoid his Q heal, if you get hit by his Q heal you instantly lose the trade and more than likely just killed yourself. But you keep doing that, hit 6 and pull the uno reverse card and DUNK HIS ass.”
ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10 by ExfIamed | Garen Player
SHENdzreuli says “... :) wait for his fails!”
SHENdzreuli Shen! by SHENdzreuli | Shen Player
ElementalZyrus says “Darius is a little difficult based on my times fighting him. If you can kite out his E and Q, then you can all in him and force him out of lane. Ignite and Mortal Reminder will help a lot.”
Quinn and Valor - Demacia's Wings by ElementalZyrus | Quinn Player
Verdehile says “You cant all him early unless you see him start q first and misses it. You need full fury first but if it looks like youre not hitting crits, get out or you will die. Other than that you will beat him with ghost ER later.”
9690 says “Hard lane early levels, do not go for extended trades with him. Once we are 6 we can all in and win if lane has not gotten out of hand. Ignite is very good in this match up because snowballing is critical. Don't get behind in this match up or we won't win.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
Valkymir says “Bringing ignite and playing extremely aggressive early helps, however, Darius with flash and ghost or flash and ignite is just not killable. ”
The Path to a Riven God: by Valkymir | Riven Player
Kyooren says “bleed stacks are rough but if you can out play the dots then you are good.”
Experimental thresh by Kyooren | Thresh Player
Ends says “worst matchup possible on mordekaiser because if the darius has ghost you cant win.”
[10.4] Mordekaiser Guide by Ends | Mordekaiser Player
Tryptic1 says “Darius is a very annoying champion to face with. Don't try to fight him 1v1, call teammates to help you fight him. Try to kite him if he try to reach you. Keep distance from him because he can pull you with his E. If he Q, stay close to him and use W to run away or stay out of it range, E him if he near the wall then Q him. Try to buy the ninja tabi as soon as possible because it can reduce the damage from his W a lot.”
Poppy by Tryptic1 | Poppy Player
Loevely says “Can I go past extreme? Darius is the single worst matchup for Rengar. It's a matchup that can only be won through lots of jungle attention and fuck ups by the Darius. If you find yourself playing against a Darius, go Grasp and max W and pray he sucks and doesn't start W. ”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
Corin_devaliere says “He is an excellent fighter, but you can outplay him using Spirit's Refuge to dodge his W and leaving him helpless against a gank”
Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES) by Corin_devaliere | Shen Player
Citrox says “One of my main bans. When he brings exhaust you are pretty much dead, You dont need to ask your jungler to come and help you. Just stay at your Tower and wait for him to push”
Yuumi top lane | The magical AP cat by Citrox | Yuumi Player
KonataPro90 says “Easy peasy morrelo squeesy”
Neeko Top WIP by KonataPro90 | Neeko Player
Gospodin Bure says “You cant pick fights with Darius and thats period, but he cant fight you either if youre careful enough, so poke with grasp-Q and only go for farm if you have passive up and use the bonus speed to run to safety. If he uses E you can poke him more.”
The ManPlank (CritPlank guide) by Gospodin Bure | Gangplank Player
SirLudan says “Juggernaut bad. No more explanations needed.”
Patch 10.3 Omnipotent Sylas Top by SirLudan | Sylas Player
numpadddd says “Major threat, dont try to trade with him because of his passive, try to not get hooked and youll be fine”
10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN! by numpadddd | Garen Player
ENX Kai says “They will regret opposing you.”
Katlotus says “huge threat top, stay back farm and ask for ganks”
Every way to play Katarina by Katlotus | Katarina Player
Ends says “It is possible to zone him out using your Q1 but if u make a single slip up that can cost you the entire lane or your life.”
600k Mastery Aatrox Guide by Ends | Aatrox Player
ewerred says “Depends on how well you know darius as a champion”
Renekton for dummies by ewerred | Renekton Player
LoganGarnett says “No tricks, no dashes. Don't get careless while getting stacks from him to not get caught in his Pull, because that will result in your untimely demise”
The Guide to Senna, the Supportive Toplaner by LoganGarnett | Senna Player
AlpexTr says “Always try to bait flash ult combo close to tower. When he use e use e for run.”
Sett The Boss by AlpexTr | Sett Player
Zaone says “he has better damage and sustain than you ”
Sett the assassin man, Bastard by Zaone | Sett Player
WildKard says “His lifesteal is really annoying and him slowing you down affects you drastically”
Singed Bible by WildKard | Singed Player
Heimerdongle says “If u can handle this guy, there is no problem, but if he got ghost and catch you with the e, you are fucked. rip haha”
[10.3] Hunt them - guerilla warfare by Heimerdongle | Teemo Player
Luthy2278 says “He wins all trades. Basically his healing from Q and the CC from his E makes it impossible for you to win any trade or escape any ganks. You are doomed. I always dodge against Darius.”
BigManYam says “Darius will all in at level 2 or 3 and will harass you very early if you're within in his range, my advice is just play safe let wave push to you and wait for ganks to lower his health so he can't harass you while you farm. He will also freeze lane so you can't farm so play safe and be patient. ”
WHO LET THE DOG OUT!!! by BigManYam | Nasus Player
Noc7urnalz says “Not THAT much of a difference between aatrox and him. In the early game after reaching level 3 you can really go for really good trades vs him. Save your W For when he Q's you during the trade. Can be pretty hard to come back if you fall behind but vs Darius you can also go pretty safe if you feel like it. He has the advantage vs in the the mid game , but you win early/late.”
Nocturne /Bruiser/ Top by Noc7urnalz | Nocturne Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “Darius can be a pretty hard match-up to farm in, but as long as you play safe and accept you will lose some cs you will win the lane, usually leave him to push you and farm under turret, while poke him with Q every ocassion. Also rush luden's echo as it will increase your poke and give a lot of sustain (do lost chapter first if possible), after your luden is done you should be able to Q him to death, be always ready for a flash auto q ignite play to finish him if he do a mistake. ALWAYS TRY TO KEEP DISTANCE OF HIM, if you try to use bascis for trade there is a high chance that he will be able to grab you with his E and then do his combo on you, that is why i recommand you to poke only with Q, also you can use W to chase or disenage him, but there is again a small chance that he will be able to play around any extended poke.”
Teemo serious guide [10.2] by LuxIsMyCrush | Teemo Player
Defensivity1 says “Darius, a huge threath before level 6, always let him push you in under tower and give up all cs necessary to not get in to a trade with him, against darius the conqueror page is recommanded at level 6 you can look for an all in on him with your maiden, and if the opportunity arises poke him down with your ghouls during laning phase, tell your jungeler to not gank you before 6 as you cant 2v1 him before 6 and he can heal off of both of you with his q, turning the lane in to a blood bath for the rest of the game.”
Defensivity's S9 yorick guide by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Pankotr says “Skill - Matchup Use your e carefully and when he use his "Q" You can easily dodge with your "Q". Hard matchup for new irelia players. ”
Taliyehn says “Don't get hooked. If he manages to catch you, you're dead. If he misses, remember that you have ~20 seconds to abuse him.”
Quezel says “Heavy skill matchup play early game VERY safe try to farm with q at max range without pushing the wave and ideally poke him while you farm after 6 and seekers you can start winning fights unless darius stacks MR make sure you don't give him q heals or its significantly harder to win try to stand on top of him to make this easier although a good darius will be able to use e and w to guarantee a q your shield completely nullifies his level 1 ult but after level 11 it becomes much harder to 1v1 him without a lead if you fall behind this lane becomes impossible so try to be as cautious as you can.”
How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser by Quezel | Mordekaiser Player
N4wt says “Similar to matchup to Morde. Be careful of him ghosting you down in the middle of lane. Celerity may be helpful here. Get boots early. ”
Diamond Kayle Guide (10.2) by N4wt | Kayle Player
ygtmacks says “Surviving till 6 is the key to this matchup. You must not raise ghouls unless you hit e first. Hold w until dar pulls you, or you hit e.”
Dominate Top Lane With Yorick by ygtmacks | Yorick Player
Dystro55 says “Grabbing you,making you take damage over time.A bloody mess.”
No Conquerer Mordekaiser by Dystro55 | Mordekaiser Player
Goku's Guide to Gangplank by GokuBurakku | Gangplank Player
Evilfury10 says “Ban This Champion Every Game. ”
Rengar Top Guide (9.23) by Evilfury10 | Rengar Player
XPRflew says “Farm under tower and call for ganks because Darius has no dash abilites. build armor and hp ”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
Ends says “You win against him early game which is when he is usually most threatening but be careful mid to lategame against him because if he gets 5 stacks he can 2 shot you”
Sett Build Guide by Ends | Sett Player
Riven1 says “i dont really need to explain this do i..?”
Riven Season 10 Toplane Guide by Riven1 | Riven Player
Matteryan says “Well on early game he will be hard to be save only you need to do is to ward the place were his hide to try beat up”
Teemo build for beat up darius or vladimir by Matteryan | Teemo Player
FallenAngel149 says “Darius has better trade potential due to his ability to spam his abilities and abuse your high mana costs”
Taric Top guide by FallenAngel149 | Taric Player
SNOBOY says “If you get pulled he will win the trade, especially early game. Build an early Iceborn Guantlets. Use abilities to farm. Try to poke with your Q if he ever misses his pull on you. Also his passive counters your because the bleed keeps your shield from coming back for awhile.”
Straight tank is BORING (Season 10 Ready) by SNOBOY | Malphite Player
Lunasta says “Skill-Matchup. Darius players are impatient, wait for him to make a dumb move and throw everything you have at him.”
[ 10.1 ] Simplifying Irelia by Lunasta | Irelia Player
mightydylan101 says “I would recommend banning him as he is played a lot and one wrong step can lead to your death. He punishes hard.”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
ProgettoYorick says “Everyone is afraid of darius, his passive is DEVASTANT, hit him every now and then with the usual "combo". During level 6 you will make the difference. Advice from OTP: Give priority to the Ninja tabbi, they will help you a lot during the lane phase, try to block it with the E, closing it with the W. During that phase try to hit it with the Q and moving away a little so as not to make them recover their lives thanks to its Q.”
MrDenone says “If he's able to pull you back in your E ability, than there's a little chance that you can survive.”
Ga44moker says “I think Darius is one of the hardest to lane with Rengar. He just trades you everytime. Only chance to win lane vs him is your jungle is going to camp you well in early game.”
ScythedS says “Biggest lane bully ever!!!!!He can force trades even if you don't want to trade early on.When going for an all-in bait out his hook first.If you don't kill him with your full combo and you try disengage,he can hook you back and probably kill you.Take double armor in your rune page and buy a Morellonomicon to reduce his dumb healing.”
Bring down the sun!!-Diana Guide by ScythedS | Diana Player
Lunchkunn says “Ban this Champion if you can. Otherwise, go Thornmail.”
VI - TOP < FULL TANK BUILD > by Lunchkunn | Vi Player
Greekamol says “You will lose the trade if you let him get to 5 stacks of his passive so take a mid length trade. Parry his w as it's a big party of his damage. If you parry his e, he can still w you then q you after which will result in you losing the trade. You will beat him mid game so try to farm.”
KKLC547 says “dodge his q and e and bully him by q”
ULTIMATE YASUO (TOP) by KKLC547 | Yasuo Player
linsher19 says “If he freezes the lane, you're doomed I suggest you max out your e instead of dealing with this champ unless you believe you can stack your q with much sustain”
Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM! by linsher19 | Nasus Player
Bright Chimera says “Too oppressive and almost directly counters Sett; able to keep Sett mid range while dishing out damage and DoT.”
Settsational Showdown by Bright Chimera | Sett Player
ABlackMansDream says “Trades pretty well. He slows you after you engage. A good darius will never let you touch the farm. He will zone you out.”
Sustain god Singed by ABlackMansDream | Singed Player
Vizzpers says “Skill Matchup, Pull him in When he Qs And W His r”
14 Y/O Master Toplaner Sett Guide by Vizzpers | Sett Player
Gedi says “I always ban him because his Ult is pure dmg and ignores your armour. He can cut your Q with his E and can run you down. Also he gains health back on his Q which makes him pretty hard to play against. Try to avoid this matchup.”
"That damage tickles! by Gedi | Sion Player
Neos00543 says “skill match up, take ignite to kill early if you know what your doing. if your beginer he has the advantage but you outscale later on so take tp and play safe make sure you get MORTAL REMINDER to counter him, bork is also good but only take it if you dont need the other LS items”
ThisIsJustSad says “1. W his pull or his slow. It doesn't matter which, both are just as good. If you do that, you will always win a fight against a Darius post level 3 if you also Q his q. 2. You can W Darius R, but usually it's more worth to use W earlier to slow his attackspeed and slow his stacking process.”
Xelaadryth says “Auto-attack kite from outside his Q range if possible, and force him to last-hit with Q to avoid taking harass. Your auto range is only slightly better than his pull range, so if you have low ping you can cancel your auto if he moves forward. Don't be too afraid though; if you get pulled in by his Apprehend, save your E since you'll get hit by his slow. Point-blank him with a Q auto, and as soon as the slow wears off tag him with an E and you're out. W at any point during the trade, and once you're out of range, follow up with repeated auto-attacks; his gap-close is gone. Just don't get tipper'ed by his Q or the bleed will really hurt.”
[S9] Lane Dominance: A Comprehensive Kennen Guide by Xelaadryth | Kennen Player
Skarner Main says “Darius i dont really have a problem with playing against darius you have to respect him you cant go for long trades with him and if he runs to you just run away if he E,s you just e him and wait til hes w slow falls off and just stun him and walk away and if you get attacked and he gets a bleed on you, you can ult him under turret with the e r combo AND NEVER EVER ULT HIM when hes e is up if you want to get him under turret his e litterly chancel you from walking so you're litterly wasting your ult just bait him to use his e then e ult him under turret”
Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate by Skarner Main | Skarner Player
Puck333 says “Darius isn't a really great danger but you have to look out for his grab. If he grabs you, he can deal a great amount of damage.”
Nidalee Top Lane by Puck333 | Nidalee Player
Fluddah says “You might be able to 1v1, if you get the jump on him and just kite him a bit, but other than that he out duels you, so just try to outlast to late game!”
A Silvers Guide To Kayn Top by Fluddah | Kayn Player
craigo says “Darius is Darius so there's not much saying to it. Ask for ganks and be sure not to be low while being ganked.”
AP Shen Guide for Preseason by craigo | Shen Player
Karnan says “Scary fucker. Since Urgot has the worst of the worst ranges of ranged champions, Darius can hook you in your auto range. Nasty stuff. If you are gonna fight Darius you wanna bait out his hook and his Q. Make it look as if you are going for a creep and then just leave it. taking damage for a minion ain't worth it. You outscale him hard as the game goes on so just sit tight and take what you can. ”
Shounate says “1 vs 1 him lv1 is not an option Try out scale him instead”
Fiora - A tank sword master by Shounate | Fiora Player
LukasMiau says “O Mini Gnar até consegue bater e tentar caitar mas o Mega não faz nada.”
DerpzGG says “Better Darius wins Lane, but not always the game.”
Darius Guide S10 by DerpzGG | Darius Player
LaughtOfLol says “He can always kill you . avoid trades with darius at all cost he can kill you very fast . in this case rush phage then sterek . ITS OK! to lose cs when playing against darius . play safe . level 6 he is no match to you.”
[9.24b] Illaoi Destroy the META by LaughtOfLol | Illaoi Player
Shounate says “Darius is very strong,if he can stack his passive than that is gg Late game u can beat him”
Mordekaiser Top Tank Guide by Shounate | Mordekaiser Player
Puck333 says “You are just too fast.”
Predator Quinn, let's go fassssst! by Puck333 | Quinn Player
AlienMV says “Watch for his E range. Do not overpush his lane if he has Ghost. Getting grabbed by Darius is basically a death sentence. However, it makes it very predictable what he wants to do, so just stay out of his E range and you'll be fine. The lane will begin reversing in your favor once you get range at lvl 6. Be wary if he has Ghost. If you are overpushed, he can simply run you over with Ghost and no amount of slows and speed ups from Q/W will save you.”
Kayle I Guess by AlienMV | Kayle Player
NasusIsMyBoy says “Can be really annoying early game stay at tower and farm and watch out for his blood stacks as they allow him to use his ult with full damage so try to stay away from him early game and tower hug until 20m”
just000jay says “Wait for him to push the wave to your side and try to freeze the wave. you can beat him if he misses his E and you land a Q, but it's dangerous.”
Attack Speed Cho'Bank Top Guide ( OP ) by just000jay | Cho'Gath Player
TheMuffinMann2 says “He can be annoying, use your E for victory, and you'll be drinking mushroom juice soon!”
THESE ARE MY TACOS! by TheMuffinMann2 | Kled Player
Rime101 says “PHASE RUSH + Max Q Sorc boots Asap Take TP/Flash you don’t need to solo kill him so don’t bother with ignite. He has high kill pressure on you, play the lane safe. Survive lane = win game. VOD:”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
CrimsonAngel1 says “Well, if you play top lane, you will know how this guy works. But, he has a few exploitable weaknesses. If you wait for your Grasp-Passive proc, you can chunk some of his health and get some back. ”
[9.24] SoloQ Poppy. How to Carry Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Poppy Player
Lasoor says “[Top] Yorick and Darius are very closely matched. Yorick is considered a counter to Darius, however that doesn't make the match up easy. It is actually one of the hardest match ups Yorick gets in top lane, despite his advantage, because of how Darius players build and how a Darius main plays. Once Darius gets a grip on you all you can hope to do is run before you are killed. You can't out trade him at melee range, you will lose especially if Darius has his ultimate. The way to counter Darius is to kite him and push him out of lane with your mist, maiden, and ghouls. Once he is low enough you can look for opportunities to trap him and finish him off. Always go in-and-out with your Q to burst him down, never sit there auto attackin him. You win if he can't build enough stacks on you. Keep in mind rushing high health items in ideal for this match up as Darius does a lot of true damage.”
Mr. Nyahr says “It's pretty easy for you to stay completely out of his range if you play smart. If you don't get pulled, you're fine. ”
[9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player
ryzetrox says “You lose level 1, but you win level 2,3,4 and 5. Whoever gets the first kill wins the lane. Exe calling not really necessary if you are a competent kled. You can deny his healing with your E and Q if he times his Q badly.”
JuiceMoose says “His Ult will decimate you if he get stacks, don't let him auto you in trades. His Q lifesteals, so be careful about getting close when he has it. ”
sauronkaiser says “Really depends the player. Play safe in early game. If you want to engage, be sure that he cant hit his Q and you should win, but dont get confident. In late hes usually easy to take down if you hit E while your pets are around you, since he needs to poke a bit to get his passive and your wall cant be destroyed easily at that point, allowing you to quickly all in and kill him.”
Generally Break says “If he doesn't run ghost and phase rush this is basically your easiest matchup. If he does run both, be very careful. Take Glacial Augment. Hold your vault until he uses his pull. If he ever ghosts just disengage. Try to never let him auto you.”
The Quinntessential Guide - Preseason 10 Edition by Generally Break | Quinn Player
Asothin says “He is a strong early game champion however if you can kite and poke him well without getting grabbed you will be able to beat him. Frozen Heart is very useful on him. Since his recent change he is quite a particular threat and avoiding getting into melee range with him is quite crucial.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
yetusek says “Lethal Tempo Runes. Ignite + Flash OR Ghost + Flash. Long sword refillable potion start. Darius has very strong all in trades and his passive when stacked 5 times (stacks every auto attack and when he hits his q on the outer edge and his ultimate) gives him a lot of attack damage and does damage over time to you. Darius can use multiple keystones, starting items, and starting abilities. Darius with Q start is strong for early clear to get level 2 first, Darius with W start will look to take trades with you when you walk up for minions. Biggest thing to pay attention is they keystone + summoner spells. Ghost+Flash darius with conqueror has extremely good all in and if you are caught too far in the lane with a pull he can usually burn your summoners and then kill you as well. If this darius pulls you at a bad time for you, your best hope is to turn on him and all in and pray for crits. TP + Flash Darius with aftershock can be abused early if you take ignite, whether he starts q or w is irrelevant because your allin can be stronger then his so look to build fury and get level 2 first and all in him. Ignite + Flash darius with conqueror you basically just let him push you in and only farm don't trade. This is the strongest early game setup on darius to punish early but it falls off later since he can't kite you as well without ghost. The darius matchup in general is a lot about punishing cooldowns on his q and finding spots to take short trades with an auto attack + spin out without being forced into an all in by being pulled. Tryndamere does outscale this matchup in the mid-late game 1v1, but can be hard to dive him 100-0 so if you find yourself in that situation where he is just sitting under turret, then push him in and look for opportunities to outrotate him with your superior out of combat mobility and flank his team.”
[9.23] Tyndamere's right hand | Split 4 Win by yetusek | Tryndamere Player
Shibby the wukong 1 trick says “dont eve bother fighting him”
A Guide To Wukong Top By A Wukong One Trick by Shibby the wukong 1 trick | Wukong Player
Yazurou says “This guy is very picky! Stay away from him and play under the tower or poke with you're Q.”
[PRE-SEASON] MORDEKAISER: "PARTY BREAKER" by Yazurou | Mordekaiser Player
BashBlink says “Play around his pull (A good Darius can hook you mid flight!) , you win lane late! Lose early.”
Zac [ALL ROLES] by BashBlink | Zac Player
The Apex Dealsman says “if he can use his E to catch you then he can get you with no escape. save your E for when he Es and then punish him on the stun.”
The Ocean Man Cometh - Top lane Pyke by The Apex Dealsman | Pyke Player
picklehater77 says “High damage, sustain, and tankiness + an execute ult. Try to avoid trading with him and just farm up. Aftershock Tree.”
OneMustFall says “Easy matchup. Just don't get pulled and you can poke him all day with no reprocussions. Just watch out for enemy Jungle ganks if he's running Ghost as if be all over you like white on rice before you know it.”
Wonder Woman Top Lane by OneMustFall | Sivir Player
LethalShadow666 says “If you can avoid his pull and use your W to keep him away from you, you should be fine.”
BOMBS AWAY! (Ziggs Tower Sieger) by LethalShadow666 | Ziggs Player
Kalrex says “Tough to trade against. Save your E to run away if you get pulled or you want to block some of his spin damage. I like to play cull and farm until level 9 in this matchup, as you outscale Darius in the midgame unless he's really fed. ”
How to KS and Dominate with Urgot (9.23) by Kalrex | Urgot Player
Koulh says “IMPOSSÍVEL Mesmo que você consiga acabar com ele no mano-a-mano, por questão da sua passiva, ele vai curar e causar muito dano.”
Taric TOP BR (1° Guia) by Koulh | Taric Player
WildKard says “his life steal poses a huge threat to 1v1's”
Carl by WildKard | Kled Player
ulaniec says “He can e u after jump from bush and combo him and passive u”
FULL AP RENGAR BUILD -- TOP/JUNGLE by ulaniec | Rengar Player
Nightblue33 says “Try To play safe in early at 6 level Q+E+W+E+R and try to escape from his passive is extreamely bad for you ”
Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player
T_ired says “Darius pode ser bem chato jogar contra, não deixe ele usar o Q em você, use o W para te ajudar e não deixe ele chegar perto após o level 6”
[BR] [TOP / MID] A JUSTA | KAYLE by T_ired | Kayle Player
h0rnnyEUNE says “If you're playing against a good Darius, you better not pick any fights against him unless your Jungler ganks.”
[9.23] Ornn Build - Gotta Forge Them All by h0rnnyEUNE | Ornn Player
LeagueOfKappa says “If he catches you with his E you're pretty much dead”
Siren Senpai says “He has erly damage and yu cannot farm wery well becouse yu dont have the dmg out put in the erly game.”
Guide by Siren Senpai | Nasus Player
Rantax says “you cant do annything about him good darius is pain in the ass for yasuo build two dorans(doran shield doran blade) and wait for you jungler gank”
Rantax New Yasuo Build S10 All lanes by Rantax | Yasuo Player
Aquatictheft says “I ban him everygame he straight up counters you in like 10 different ways wait for you jg or do small trades with him don't let him stack up his passive ”
Volibear unique builds guide by Aquatictheft | Volibear Player
Jnewbringspain says “You can't duel him, and neither can anyone else up close. Ask for a gank and you can probably kill him as he has no escape. Otherwise, keep your distance and do your best to clear casters with Rupture. Let him push your wave to your tower and do your best to farm.”
Cho'God - Hybrid Damage/Tank Top Lane! by Jnewbringspain | Cho'Gath Player
PlasmaFox1 says “Hard if you let him get close to you.”
Aatrox Basic Guide by PlasmaFox1 | Aatrox Player
Ze mentira says “Max: Q-->W. Comet page. start doran shield and back with glacial shroud. //Try not fight him early game, you dont have much mana, but when you have your first item, you can fight better with him. //bramble vest is a good item to cut your heal.”
Malphite TOP Guide w/ 25 Matchups[UPDATED] by Ze mentira | Malphite Player
MordeStar says “you do more damage than him after 6 in all ins, before that, try to poke and go for short trades.”
DanteAyagawe says “Due to Darius' SLOW abilities, Mordekaiser stood no chance against this b*stard, best keep in mind to stay out of his reach, he can heal using his Q be mindful of it not to trade.”
Mordekaiser - FOR MOTHER RUSSIA by DanteAyagawe | Mordekaiser Player
ChrisPs says “Never fight him alone and try not to do so early , you scale better than him so wait for your powerspikes.”
Orn Guide Top/Support by ChrisPs | Ornn Player
BearRider says “His passive (bleeding) is annoying. Beware if he has Ignite or Ghost as Summoner Spell. Play safe and do not let him stack his passive on you. But you are more useful in teamfights. He is unable to kill your ally if you are in front. Your E and W and also Randuin´s Omen can save many lives. ”
ineptpineapple says “This lane can be really tricky say well back and do not underestimate him or the range on his pull it will surprise you. AND HE HAS JUST BEEN BUFFED ARE YOU FOR REAL RITO”
Akali Top S9 by ineptpineapple | Akali Player
Hamstertamer says “Very tough early game, and still slightly favors him at level 6 if you choose to fight him even though your ult is better than his. You can't do much to avoid his pull, you can do short trades and slow him to disengage but you won't dodge his Q. Let him push, and farm under tower. If he freezes the lane, break it with E. You outscale him hard if you build HP and armor, but you won't do much if you can't farm since you can't go near the guy without getting into a fight. Call for early ganks, the best counter to Darius is to gank Darius. Going ignite is IMO the best way to win this lane, since it will shift the ulti vs ulti fight in your favor and it gives you a raw power advantage since he usually runs ghost. That, or just ban him.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
Atlascrower says “Darius is the Lanebully himself. Never fight him early, later you can duel him pretty easy if you do it well. A Tip: His E has a Range of 535, GP´s Q 625. You can Q him fast and run away, thats a bit risky, but you are able to do it.”
Oh Captain my Captain! by Atlascrower | Gangplank Player
ineptpineapple says “Easy to kite and easy to escape, but its darius so watch out for the hook interupting your E or you are either dead or you will have to burn your ult and flash.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Pacal Votan says “This is one of the hardest lane... Max E and farm what you can. If it's a good Darius, he will combo you when you try to stack. However, just like you , he has no escape, so it's an easy target for ganks. Abuse it!”
[9.21] Nasus The Chase One by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player
ExtremeExplosiveTeemo says “Care for his e. The guy with more movement speed wins.”
[9.21] Mega Nuke Mushroom Teemo build by ExtremeExplosiveTeemo | Teemo Player
Guantecillo says “Si ves que el rango de su E te alcanza, debes reaccionar rápido para utilizar tu Q y que no pueda ralentizarte con su W, aprovecha ese momento para escapar y re posicionarte.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
HOMIKA says “Annoying early, should be fine level 3.”
Poppy on your Enemies. (Check Notes lol) by HOMIKA | Poppy Player
AsomeSonic says “his q wins him everything, e into him when the q is coming and book it, you can trade with him cuz his e is like 20sec cd”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
SummonedLight says “You win mid game vs darius. After that he can spam his e making all damage you do useless.”
From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold's Guild to Singed. by SummonedLight | Singed Player
deathbat117 says “Turn on your brain. Save your E to disengage. Make quick trades, don't let him combo you.”
Bruiser Shen Build (Clepto, Grasp, PTA) by deathbat117 | Shen Player
Polkadog says “You are his counter. Early-game his job is to harass your farm. If he comes close, punish him with one hit of Q but right after that you should back off a little. If he pulls you in, W him and get out of his Q's range. After he uses his Q, use your Q and if you can go with the whole WREQ combo.”
"One More Step Toward Domination" Yorick Top Build by Polkadog | Yorick Player
Jezzzir says “Darius falls off but is a serious threat at level 6 and after if he can land a full combo. Trade hard after he misses his abilities and try to either ignite him before his big spin Q or stand on the interior of it. He's easy to poke out levels 1-5. Prioritize movement speed items to keep the space.”
AP Teemo Patch 9.20 by Jezzzir | Teemo Player
Chromuro says “The bleeding and the execute are the real problem, you can't heal fast enough to compensate all the damage. If he's smart enough and buys an executioner calling, the lane is over. Try to trade with him pre-6, if you get some kills it will help you immensely.”
Faith of the depths [S9] by Chromuro | Illaoi Player
GameGenial says “Só tenha cuidado com Ults Finalizadoras quando estiver desmontado! Isso serve pra Garen tbm.”
P1Legend says “This is usually my go to ban, Darius is impossible to duel. Normally, AD Rengar can trade with Darius pre 6 because he has the damage to keep up, But in AP Rengar's case, gunblade is the major power spike, and by the time you get it, Darius is probably around level 7. Roam after 6 and try to avoid him, or play under tower until mid game”
(Season 9) Diamond Ap Rengar Top Guide (Work in progress) by P1Legend | Rengar Player
breakskid1 says “DO NOT TRADE! half intelligent darius players will pull you with e after you clone. ONLY trade if super ahead or they miss their e”
Breakskid Wukong Brainstorm by breakskid1 | Wukong Player
Essela says “Darius is an hard matchup for trynd.But if you dodge his abilitys you can win this matchup like if he misses his e just go for an all in dodge his q with your e.Be careful darius can pull u with his e while you are spinning with your e so if you get caught like that you are most likely dead”
In Depth Tryndamere guide! Dia/Master Elo Updated 9.20 by Essela | Tryndamere Player
blunderr says “Darius is too tanky for you to be able to kill him, just keep poking him until hes low enough for you to all in him. Stay out of range of him so he cant pull you in and pop all of his abilities. Doran's Shield as a starter's item for sure.”
DVL CHALLNGR says “Skill Matchup If you burst him he will struggle to heal from you with his Q”
I am the god killer! Aatrox Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Aatrox Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “Very strong in Early game”
Embrace the cold edge of iron! Mordekaiser Rework Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Mordekaiser Player
sir monsieur says “Darius is a major threat if he has Ghost. Without it, if you're playing well, he'll not be able to reach you except all-in with Flash (still you have Flash either). Most probably you'll not be able to escape Darius with Ghost on even if you land a Power Chord E. Read matchup details below.”
Top Sona Late Support (Testing New Meta) by sir monsieur | Sona Player
-ALR- says “this is a 50-50 match ...bcz you don t know when u get a good Darius who can easy beat you or a bad one , but no matter how it is , i recommand to play safe vs him”
Hellan says “O darius ainda é um counter de peso contra o garen mesmo depois do rework ele tem um dps que é superior ao do garen, graças a passiva dele que ajuda no dano e cancela a passiva do garen.”
Garen tri-damage by Hellan | Garen Player
Assonice says “Don't go to his melee stay out of range of his hook. Take asap a branble vest and ninja tabi.”
Sion Guide | The undying by Assonice | Sion Player
Weakling says “His poke with his Q and passive is massive in laning phase. Although easy to outplay, hard to play against.”
How to Tryndamere [S9] - Weakling by Weakling | Tryndamere Player
HKRV says “He's a real bully. Second Runepage, Cleaver rush. DON'T TRADE TOO MUCH! Most Aatrox player makes the mistake of doing an all-in or trade too long than needed on Darius. His bleeding will gut your healing. Poke with first Q and E out. Short trades and farm passively. Only go for an all-in with ultimate. ”
Gold_trash says “He straight up yoinks you from your safe zone. try to avoid fighting. if he hooks you, blink away.”
Gold player's guide to Shaco by Gold_trash | Shaco Player
ItsTreas0nThen says “He can easily heal Q you in a 1v1 and can shred through any MR or shielding you have”
Crucify your enemy top with Mordekaiser by ItsTreas0nThen | Mordekaiser Player
Rhinoface says “Skill matchup, slightly favoring Darius. Honestly, building tank with grasp as a keystone is best. ”
400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS by Rhinoface | Mordekaiser Player
EpicDan01 says “Has a very strong early lane. Farm with Q until you have Sunfire, then you can poke him down with Cleavers and then all in, but you MUST dodge his outside Q or he will win.”
Dr Mundo Top Guide - Run Them Down + Matchups by EpicDan01 | Dr. Mundo Player
Poppu says “Darius is a lane bully. He is really hard to deal with unless ahead, I would not suggest engaging unless you have ganks ready. Save E to disengage, play safe under turret. You scale better as a tank vs him mid-late game, just don't let him get too fed.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Aizo says “Darius is a matchup that if you don't know your stuff you are going to have a very hard time. However in saying that I have developed my build path and general laning strategy to be able to beat darius most of the time. Make sure to save your W for dodging his Q if you can and to kite him through your bush saplings so that he can't get 5 stacks of his passive onto you”
CHALLENGER Maokai Top OTP Guide by Aizo | Maokai Player
El Flamel says “Darius can solo you all the game, if you are against, take tp and keep farming ”
Graves Off-Tank Top - Not Finished by El Flamel | Graves Player
SQU1DW4RD2 says “Proxy, but it's doable! Your movement will be hard for him to predict and run into him while he uses Decimate (Q). Beware from hemorrhage! (Passive Stacks)!”
Singed Guide S9 Patch 9.18 by SQU1DW4RD2 | Singed Player
SoulHero says “Pretty disgusting matchup, (I permaban darius) (also used to be darius main), MY BUILD SHANKS HIM if you get a lead, you beat him if you get deaths dance before he gets too ahead. You're e can override his hook, if you slightly delay it. Sadly, you don't win lvl 1 unless you flip into his q. Play safe, all in at lvl 9, he will be surprised and you sht on him. If you make a few mistakes you're basically done for.”
litboijustinx says “Darius is one of the easiest champions to lane against as a Jayce. If you go Phase Rush against him, there is no way he'll be able to kill you (unless you get hooked). In this matchup, I would recommend that you build Phage as soon as possible as most good Darius players will time their hook to grab you as soon as you trade. Going phage ensures that you move out of hook range as soon as you finish trading.”
Toplane Jayce (AD Heavy) by litboijustinx | Jayce Player
General Cougar says “Can grab you and out trade you. Poking him and playing passive is a good idea, and make sure not to push in, as his grab can make sure you can't escape.”
[9.19] Big Lizard Man by General Cougar | Cho'Gath Player
Mavelion says “Really hard to trade against, has options to beat you in lane but if played correctly you can exploit his options and go in for burst while getting out with a fair trade in health.”
Dawn's Shen Guide! (TOP) by Mavelion | Shen Player
superkind says “Don't get poked down by his W. Use your spin offensively if he uses his Q to avoid giving him stacks. He is also a free kill if he has his E on CD”
Tryndamere: Climbing like a god by superkind | Tryndamere Player
ProdegyGamer says “Darius is just all around strong in the current meta. His apprehend can pull you into a dangerous place quickly and your flame spitter makes it that much easier for him to hit you with q”
Rumble Top by ProdegyGamer | Rumble Player
9loveyouverymuch says “DARIUS IS TOO OP in early game, just ask for gank or keep distance and poke him near the tower the last option you can have is max your third and damage him by the AOE damage dealt by the third”
SATISFYING MOMENT AP-TANK CHOGATH by 9loveyouverymuch | Cho'Gath Player
ToastyKiller says “Just perma ban Darius every game. If you do this then you should be fine. :)”
Do Not Try My Patience! Nasus Top Lane Guide by ToastyKiller | Nasus Player
smurferrefrums1 says “Darius can be quite hard to deal with. The only chance that you've got to do something is if he uses his Q to farm minions or if he misses it. Then you have 4-5 sec. to go in for a quick trade and get out before you lose too much HP because of his passive. If you don't manage to kill him before level 6, try harassing him with nados and when he gets below 40% HP, you can go for the kill. Also he will probably try to zone you away from the minions so if you are in danger of losing the trade, just stay within the XP range of the minions and wait for the wave to push to you. ”
yasuo guide/build v9.18 patch by smurferrefrums1 | Yasuo Player
MrMurder says “Early game bullying in lane. Don't fight until Level 6”
Mal FIGHT not Mal RUN by MrMurder | Malphite Player
notlmaze says “Darius can stomp you or you can stomp him. I'm not saying it really depends on the player, this matchup is one of the most even and balanced one for Camille. His E can destroy Camille's E where if he pulls you out of the first E, you may need to choose to run away. Beware of his Q healing and poke him down to win the lane.”
Lmaze's Camille Fleet Guide by notlmaze | Camille Player
FromTopToGank says “use your dash to disengage him never trade with him ask for a gank from your jungler”
Shensei Ultimate Guides[S9] by FromTopToGank | Shen Player
Dalbas123 says “Darius is a well known threat in the top lane, his bleeding is one of the most fustraiting laning face, I suggest you don't play aggressivle, just do it when your jungler is ganking you, other wise his bleeding will cut your ultimate, passive and items.”
Trundle Top Guide by Dalbas123 | Trundle Player
DrNaara says “You are your own worst enemy against Darius, if you hit him with your E, be at a safe distance before you yank him towards you.”
CrimsonAngel1 says “This is a definite ban. To counter him you want to only cs with your q and your w. Be prepared to give cs. Not losing is winning.”
Aa Guide Aabout Aatrox. Aatrox Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Aatrox Player
Petethebossch says “Takes a long time to outscale and can punish you stacking with his e if he is in range. Pray for jungle assistance or ban him like i do. If you do manage to get ahead though he doesn't have much he can do in the 1v1”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
ViperManEU says “(TOP) well its darius its hard to kill him but when he press Q u want to always press E to escape him so he dont get lifesteal”
Pyke guide - how to play pyke (all lines) by ViperManEU | Pyke Player
BobbyG says “Ban every game! Your hit and run playstyle early game gets countered hard by him thanks to his w and e.”
Tanky Vi Top by BobbyG | Vi Player
HarryCao says “This matchup is very snowbally as you will either dominate or get dominated. In this matchup the only time where you should engage is when your in melee range of darius as you when you pop out your E, he will use his pull to try to cancel out your E but you must quickly jump on him before your E expires and get a auto + W in and walk away. If you're fed enough then feel free to just keep jumping on him but be aware of how many stacks he has on you as you most likely won't be able to beat him if he has 5 stacks on you.”
Jax guide 9.17 by HarryCao | Jax Player
empoleonz0 says “Same with Garen though I think he's just a bit harder to deal with”
Elementary Yorick Guide for people who are new by empoleonz0 | Yorick Player
hakercom says “Darius is stronger than the nasus to the 220th stack, the main thing is not to die him”
patch for nasus Guide Patch 9.17 by hakercom | Nasus Player
Canofsteak says “Because of his bleed he can really out duel you. In the mid and late game you just need items to beable to burst him down”
Gragas in a Caskshell (WIP) by Canofsteak | Gragas Player
Dorwu says “Its really hard to do anything against darius once you got pulled by his E Darius' w makes you barely able to move so its really risky starting a fight with him, better not tho.”
ATTACK ON TITAN AATROX by Dorwu | Aatrox Player
bakaato11 says “Big counter for yasuo and hard mathcup.”
YASUO GUIDE FOR PERFECT GAME ON TOP!!! by bakaato11 | Yasuo Player
bakaato11 says “Hard counter for Yasuo top and very hard matchup for Yasuo.”
YASUO GUIDE FOR PERFECT GAME ON TOP! by bakaato11 | Yasuo Player
Stormraizerzz says “Careful when using Q on Darius as he can pull you toward him because of his E range is higher than your Q range”
100k Silver 1 Gangplank Main Guide with a Twist by Stormraizerzz | Gangplank Player
NieR_Kayn says “His passive is to broken, try to ban him, or maximize your E to sustain”
Kayn the Top destroyer by NieR_Kayn | Kayn Player
TiuHiikou says “Since u can dodge his combo with your E or R. He's not a big of a threat.. U'll need start q and e then w.”
Akali - Win every game. Patch 9.16 by TiuHiikou | Akali Player
PhoenixianSlayer says “He is dangerous up close, but if you keep your distance, you can bully him.”
BLOW EVERYTHING UP! Ziggs the tower destroyer by PhoenixianSlayer | Ziggs Player
homxr says “Darius is a very hard match-up, the way you can do something against him is if you do not take any long trades. Pick up Bami's Cinder (HP counters him, not armor), take Phase Rush, and focus on CSing and not dying. Alternative counter: ban him.”
FakkerJackson says “He out trades you, when you get hit by E and by W. Don't let him proc his passive on you with 5 Stacks or you will lose hard!”
Poor form! - Fiora ENG/GER Guide by FakkerJackson | Fiora Player
TheOsKaRoO says “His damage/life steal is comparable to yours, you should be able to out-trade him easily using your E.”
CARNAGE UPON THEM // Plat+ Aatrox Top Tank Hybrid Tactic by TheOsKaRoO | Aatrox Player
Jnewbringspain says “Most people hate playing against Darius, but I find this matchup to be very winnable. The important thing to do is bait his decimate and avoid it. This will allow you to farm a bit without much danger. Always back off if you end up with a lot of hemorrhage stacks. Later in the game, you need to stay very close when he uses decimate. If you stay inside it, it does practically no damage and he won't heal. A slight misstep in this matchup will likely leave you dead, so make sure you're comfortable with Jax if picking into Darius.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
Necrops says “His damage early is bigger than you and even bigger at level 6, but you still can counter him. When the tries to Q you jump in him with W, Q him then retreat with E. If the drags you back just slow him with your Q and retreat. Your E blocks his passive damage.”
9.16 Mantheon Top Build by Necrops | Pantheon Player
ThomasRemastered says “matchup défavorable mais qui peut encore se gérer, quand sion fait son Q, darius va pouvoir le cancel facilement avec son E, dans ce genre de matchup il faut juste essayer de farm et d'attendre le late game”
inting sion reformed by ThomasRemastered | Sion Player
LiquidBlyr says “There is little outplay against this champ. You should not fight him ever. Darius wins long fights. If you absolutely must attack him do short trades. Q>W>AA then E away. never use your E to engage on him but only to escape. If you are a god time your W on his hook AA and walk away. Farm/Poke with your Q, Freeze wave and farm under tower. (NEVER let him get 5 stacks on you if you get 3 stacks you should stop fighting)”
Rajonas says “Play safe. Don't get caught use your W to run away. ”
Yorick Guide, Everything you need by Rajonas | Yorick Player
CuziTR says “If he Qs into you dash in with your E to dodge and make a short trade. You will outdamage him. If he gets 3 stacks on you flash away immeadiatly.”
Riven Build/Runes Paths by CuziTR | Riven Player
ShockTheWave says “Darius is very strong to counter him Dodge his Q and Use your W so he wont stack 5 bleed on you ”
Top Lane Shen Tank/Damage by ShockTheWave | Shen Player
Codseus says “If he tries to E-Q you try avoiding that combo with your W. Do not try to 1v1 if you don't have any advantage.”
(Patch 9.16) TRUE SPARTAN Pantheon Build by Codseus | Pantheon Player
WTMudkip says “Darius is still a dominant top lane pick. His passive still stacks on you in E so he'll still do more damage than you. Try not to get within E range.”
A guide to the Mantheon by WTMudkip | Pantheon Player
Smartest2 says “Can be really rough if he takes ghost + phase rush. I recommend buying tier 2 boots early, potentially even buying swiftness boots to kite him.”
Smartest2's Diamond Teeto Top Build by Smartest2 | Teemo Player
sindeogeorge says “if he plays well you are so dead try to avoid fights untill you get level 11 and poke him with e ”
Kayle poking so hard by sindeogeorge | Kayle Player
Zofia the Fierce says “Darius' trades are very- very powerful. A dumb Darius will lose to you of course- if you can identify one- beat them! However, with the bleed stacks and massive healing in his kit, he's likely to win over you. You may try going for short trades, but he can use his catch spell to force you into taking lots of damage, or even end you straight away.”
A newbie's guide to Tryndamere for newbies by Zofia the Fierce | Tryndamere Player
Pycelon says “Darius and champions similar combo pretty well against Taric, despite his shield and invincibility, making bleed champions like this Taric's biggest threat.”
Taric - Win Lane as a Support Champ by Pycelon | Taric Player
Forseti Brusketi says “Ban unless you think you are great player, it is really hard to dodge Q with ur jump i think hitbox will hit you anyways”
mother of god Pantheon (+how to protect fatherland bonus) by Forseti Brusketi | Pantheon Player
Sukay says “Avoid getting hooked above all. Use W everytime he hits you with Q, and avoid to get hit by the outer part of the Q, better to go back into him, and then run.”
EvilOranges says “D-Shield. Melee matchup with no escape or mobility? Easy. Just don't get E'd or Q'd and you should be fine. If he takes Ghost you should take D-Shield, but if you are good at kiting D-Blade works fine too. Poke as much as you can, and stay out of range of his Q and E.”
The Jhin Cena says “Don't let him get his 5th auto attack on you or else you'll die instantly. A good way to fight him is W at around his 3rd auto attack so you can back away and wait for his passive to wear off on you, and then re-engage.”
Broken Nasus Top Lane by The Jhin Cena | Nasus Player
PandaSenpai101 says “If the Darius goes Ignite, it will be very difficult to win lane. You do have early kill pressure against Darius, levels 1 and 2, but his Ignite can make it very hard. You should parry his E, but it's better not to predict it. His W is an auto reset plus a bleed stack, so aim to parry that, as most Darius players do an E,W,Q combo. After 6, look to parry his R, but if not parry his W. This is a must to start Doran's Shield against his bleed. ”
Janitsu says “He is most likely going to be more useful for the enemy team, but you can shut him down pretty hard during the laning phase.”
uk Orca says “quite a hard lane because when u get into melee form he gets free damage, just try to poke down in ranged and hope isnt good and doesnt flash on you.”
[9.15] Funny Elise Top [worth trying] by uk Orca | Elise Player
Devitt45 says “Ban him. Just ban him every time. He can easily out damage Garen in level 2+. Darius can easily put you out of the game, which is horrible for this build.”
Crit Master Garen Carry Guide by Devitt45 | Garen Player
Zestysquid says “Very obnoxious lane. Winnable, but obnoxious. If he get's a slight lead early game he'll probably kick your shit in the whole lane, so try not to die early on even if it means sacrificing lane pressure or even farm. It's difficult to get him to low health because of his heal, but the biggest threat is if he manages to hook you out of the safety of your boxes. Be careful about baiting by burning your Q. You can ult out of his ult, but be aware that it will reset his cooldown unless he ults your clone so get the hell out of there after you do.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
KlTTEYN says “I played against him a bit when I wasn't that skilled with Irel, and struggled pretty hard. Just stay under turret, try and get a CS lead, look for openings when his ult is down.”
Hurt and subvert | Irelia Top by KlTTEYN | Irelia Player
bosniak34 says “Can be very extreme if u don´t play it right. Don´t trade with him before level 6 and just attack him when he have used his q. ”
Best olaf build top by bosniak34 | Olaf Player
SKT WHiTEN says “His Q is easy to doge But the E is not so be careful getting too near darius”
Mordekaiser's easy build guide by SKT WHiTEN | Mordekaiser Player
RenPenGlen says “Stop playing blind pick”
Attack Speed Darius (Patch 9.15) by RenPenGlen | Darius Player
PogLord says “ULTIMATE STEAL SCORE: 4/5 He is a real sucker. Play safe, ask nicely for ganks, farm.”
Poglord's In-Depth Sylas Top by PogLord | Sylas Player
RikDualonso says “Darius makes me sad singed also it's impossible to use this build against him”
AGRESSIVE LOW ELO SINGED by RikDualonso | Singed Player
SleepFancy says “Để Darius áp sát được thì thôi nghỉ .....”
Ninchakii says “I personally never had a problem with him as trynd but we all hate darius and he doens't have too many counter picks”
Tryndamere guide (on what i've learned so far) by Ninchakii | Tryndamere Player
Jnewbringspain says “Darius is king of "get close to me and you auto lose". He is my go-to ban every game as he is just so miserable to lane against.”
Save Your Teamates! Top Lane Shen by Jnewbringspain | Shen Player
best teemo says “Start: Doran ring, armor runes. How he will try to trade against you: Darius will try to pull you then hit your with the edge of his bladed q, then auto w to slow you and auto you to death How to win trades pre6: max e, your goal here is to slowly get him to half hp so that he isn't able to all in you, pre6 if darius is half hp or lower and he grabs you, you can kill him with ignite. the hard part is getting him to half hp without losing your hp, which is easy when you know what to do, so this is how you do it: lvl 1 is the only time that you can poke hard with your e so use that opportunity, poke him a lot lvl 1 but becareful not to get in range of his q, so poke, then walk back, then poke again. after lvl 1, your q is the only thing that you can poke safely, so keep poking with your q on cooldown, but every time darius tries to kill a minion, that's when you poke with your e at a distance, darius won't grab you if he's focused on killing a minion, just poke with e once then walk back. you will know that darius is trying to kill a minion by looking at whenever your minions are about to die, if darius is walking up to that minion, that's when u know he is about to kill a minion, pay attention to his movements, you can kinda tell when he wants to grab you or when he wants to kill a minion. again, your goal is to get darius to half hp without losing hp, after that you can even let yourself get grabbed and kill him, or you can keep playing it smart until he dies. when darius all ins you, if you can dodge his q, you'll dodge a lot of his damage. If you're caught in his e and are able to die, flashing out of his q then poking him will give you more confidence in the match up and you'll learn when you can outdamage him.”
Teemo Match UP Guide- Shroomo by best teemo | Teemo Player
Prince Afghan says “Darius is a feast or famine lane. If he kills you once, he'll have a field day with you. Levels 1-6 he can zone you off to cs and all in you at any time. Be careful throughout the lane and hope your jungle comes and helps you. As long as you are the one engaging and not being engaged on, post level 6 you have the advantage against Darius in an all-in. ”
The Complete Season 9 Yorick Guide (UPDATED Patch 9.14) by Prince Afghan | Yorick Player
zuiop21 says “Since Kled has grievous wound on Q Darius is a really easy matchup. Try fighting him close so he wont heal from his Q”
[9.14 Kled Guide] The Grievous Wound Boi by zuiop21 | Kled Player
vosak25 says “This one is little bit tricky. Good darius knows how to play against aatrox so if you are both skilled with champs it is going to be even.”
I cannot die... until all life ends by vosak25 | Aatrox Player
Ryako the Exile says “Only do something if you are lv 3, go for Trade like: E - AA - W - Q - AA, after that go with your second and third Q away, if you arent practised in doing fast trades or doublecast combos, you shouldnt do the last autoattack”
Ryako the Exile´s Riven Guide. Carry your team by Ryako the Exile | Riven Player
ekkolvl7 says “you can kill him if you stack under the tower. and if he pull you ult and give him one on his face tell him to sit down ”
win every game-wanna be a god ? by ekkolvl7 | Nasus Player
hahadead7777 says “Like most in your face champions he will win most fights. Save your E until he pulls that way you can bounce away”
Gnarly Off Meta by hahadead7777 | Gnar Player
Yisuo says “Easier than Garen, if he pulls you, e,w and disengage, can trade if he walks up with cooldowns”
Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished) by Yisuo | Riven Player
Bombabo says “DO NOT FIGHT HIM EARLY! you can poke him with the first or 2nd cast of your Q, but only if you are sure that he won't be able to pull you in, which will cause you to lose”
The Darkin Chad (WIP) by Bombabo | Aatrox Player
AsIaNGaMer012 says “Can 1v1 any champion early game. Play Safe. Tower hug. Try to utilise jungle minions for cs or ask for a gank.”
Tryndamere top carry build by AsIaNGaMer012 | Tryndamere Player
weedskyze says “You can 1v1 him but don't let him proc conqueror nor his passive.”
Unkillable singed bully (68%winrate in flex elo plat) by weedskyze | Singed Player
mahlightning says “Angry man with axe is most dangerous axe swinging man. Don't let him touch you if necessary use your whistle”
Squawk 2 The Electric Boogaloo by mahlightning | Swain Player
mahlightning says “He wins trades against you in most situations. Wait for your jungler or play passively don't try to win the lane. ”
He makes things and upgrades them...yeah by mahlightning | Ornn Player
AmnesiaT says “This is a pretty hard matchup. It's skill based to be honest and depends on you're jungler as well. ”
Tw Tzuyu 14 says “darius can damge you that much in the beginning of the game so u need to tower hug until lvl 10”
"The road to ruin is shorter than you think." by Tw Tzuyu 14 | Yasuo Player
Solink says “His bleed counters you. Be careful, big damages in lane. Just farm and outscale him. He can't beat you in lategame 1v1's unless he is too far ahead.”
TRYNDAMERE 9.14 HIGH CDR SPIN by Solink | Tryndamere Player
MadMaster523 says “He can cancel your e animation with his pull. Right when he does that your pretty much dead cuz he also has a slow. You can't get close to him cuz he will just pull u and slow u down. Pretty similar to riven but it's harder to auto him when he has his pull up.”
(Season 9) Gnar, The Chad Yordle by MadMaster523 | Gnar Player
adzzb says “This is one match up that is winnable but it's going to be done early. Otherwise it's pretty much gg. Dodge his q and trade with your q and the second proc of your passive.”
Season 8 | Akali - The UNSTOPPABLE Carry! by adzzb | Akali Player
0mega best says “He is hard to play against, play safe and try to bait his Q and E, if he is a good darius just farm and call for ganks, there isnt much you can do here.”
JosEffigy says “take second wind instead of bone plating and buy a doran's shield. it mitigates his bleed, and u can trade without losing much hp. If he has GHOST, DO NOT TRADE.”
[9.13] Riven Short Guide by JosEffigy | Riven Player
Onwego317 says “Some people will have a terrible time facing Darius. He is rather easy to lane against. The Key is to Poke him while stepping away from him. Kinda like hitting him while you retreat. Listen to his sounds because they are clues to his movement either for or away from a fight.”
The Life of a True To hit Crit Teemo by Onwego317 | Teemo Player
GarenGod says “Darius usually will eat you so watch out.”
RainbowNova says “Darius is not a fun lane to play against. You'd think that since you can blind him, he would be doing less damage, but nope. Darius' slows and ultimate are very annoying. I usually ban Darius, just because I personally can't play against him.”
Lil Tidepod says “One of Sion's worst enemies. He can pull you with his E out of your Q, which cancels it, can sustain almost indefinitely in lane off of you with his Q, and his passive basically makes him almost impossible to 1v1 unless you can burst him down within approximately 3 seconds. Under no circumstances should you fight Darius on your lonesome, no matter how fed you are. His 5 stacks will shred you.”
Another Corpse for the Pile | Sion Build Guide by Lil Tidepod | Sion Player
THISISGGEZHAHAXDDD says “Take grasp and use bush speed to poke with aa. If he manages to pull you then q aa e r e (aa if possible) q then pounce away.”
Haedraline says “Got immobile bully champs bullying you? fear no longer you just auto them to death.”
The Klang Experience by Haedraline | Mordekaiser Player
ARandomizer says “Ornn and Darius are both tanks and they both do a good amount of damage, but Darius has all the favors in game against you. Use your living forge to outbuild him and win the lane.”
Top Ornn (Situational) by ARandomizer | Ornn Player
naejshaw says “Campeões Melee em geral e sem gap closer são bastante punidos pelo Jayce na forma ranged. Abuse da vantagem de alcance e dos pokes constantes. Quando o oponente se aproximar, mude para a forma melee e o afaste com seu E”
Guia de exercício by naejshaw | Jayce Player
BrvndonLmao says “Darius isn't a problem whatsoever. Just play around his Q, go for small burst trades with Q-W-AA then QEQ away before he can pull you in. If he does get the trades, try and Q into his Q to negate healing and damage.”
The Riven Guide We ALL Need by BrvndonLmao | Riven Player
5iR.P4ND4 says “Im sorry, this gonna hurts.”
NASURAKA by 5iR.P4ND4 | Nasus Player
SuperBurr says “He got many ccs and deals with high damage. Farm safelly and wait for your jungler to attack him, or else he'll stomp your lane.”
The "Kick-Ass" Fighter Ornn by SuperBurr | Ornn Player
MoreLoliconThee2nd says “Bleed's a no,no for HP Regen Builds.”
Dr.Chrishock says “SCARY crazy ms if he has ghost so you need to stay back and hope for a good gank if you extend he will E W you”
NorrisGreen says “He will destroy before you get to 6”
Rammstein Kassadin Top Guide [Complete Guide] by NorrisGreen | Kassadin Player
Tior123 says “If you get even slightly ahead of Darius he becomes useless, and I mean slightly. Like you could get him to back at level 3 and get one level on him and that’s enough to destroy him. Darius also cannot kite so Volibear makes quick work of him.”
Volibear Top: The Low Elo Chomper by Tior123 | Volibear Player
zygiux says “Hard but not impossible, Get ninja tabi's, this is not super really hard but you need to smart to win vs him, your E is perfect because Darius doesn't have alot of mobility so your can escape, but stay out of his range of E, because when he pulls you in then W its going to be hard to escape.”
SplashEUW says “He can't really do anything, if he walks in your boxes he just dies.”
iam2sxy1 says “poke as much as you can when his e is on cd the range of his e is the same as your q so q and run away to avoid getting pulled”
Season 8 Hybrid God Teemo Top Lane by iam2sxy1 | Teemo Player
LighterDay says “Darius thrives well in solo fights. Since Morde's ult puts him against a solo opponent, Darius can overpower you. However, that does not mean he is unstoppable. Use your shield when it's full and remember that you also thrive in solo combat due to your passive.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Mordekaiser Top (Reworked Edition) by LighterDay | Mordekaiser Player
GameRage20 says “You totally counter his kit with your E. It is impossible for him to all in you even with lvl 6. You can fully counter his 5 stack ult with your E. Just all in him as early as you can.”
[9.12] Top Lane Behemoth by GameRage20 | Tahm Kench Player
Plank4Life says “Poke and farm, it will be fine !”
[9.12] MonsterPlank on da Rift ! by Plank4Life | Gangplank Player
ImpossibleLogic says “Darius has very good all in potential as well as soft and hard cc in his kit which means if you get hooked by him you are just dead because a slowed Aatrox is a dead Aatrox. However you do better in team fights if you play them right even with the new buffs to Darius' team fighting potential. Keep E until he has pulled and slowed. Due to the recent update (9.12) Darius is a much larger threat, would recommend banning in lower elos.”
The Only Aatrox Guide You Will Ever Need by ImpossibleLogic | Aatrox Player
TeemoWorship says “he pulls you and you're a goner. just TRY and farm and call for jg.”
The Teemo Bible by TeemoWorship | Teemo Player
Luki7776 says “Pretty skill-based matchup. Darius is a powerful champion with Ignite because he gets so many damage. Avoid getting pulled to him and try to kill him when he has his abilities on cooldown.”
[9.12] AATROX TOP GUIDE by Luki7776 | Aatrox Player
Tnyx says “Teemo AA and Darius hook have a similar range(yours AA shoot have more range,but not a lot)”
IloveYourSmile says “U would trade him with GRASP proc. Buy PHAGE after back, that will help u with dodging his Q. HAVE FUN”
800k+ RUSSIAN Gangplank. BRUISER guide [9.12] by IloveYourSmile | Gangplank Player
LighterDay says “Darius' Q has the same range as Illaoi's Q, but his heals and does more damage if hit by the edge. This also gives him a chance to dodge since it has the same range. Using her W will help evade the Q, but this puts you close enough for Darius to use his W and to apply a stack of his passive on you.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Illaoi Top by LighterDay | Illaoi Player
VonVolphstein says “Jump on him when he is using his Q, but dont stay in the fight for too long”
The Spartan Top by VonVolphstein | Pantheon Player
Hunterlogic says “This needs to be explained a little. While Darius is not a real hard matchup, he is until you get Gunblade. Also his level 6 is stronger and he will beat you, after level 6 you have the advantage as long as you have Gunblade. Just make sure to avoid his Q's or stand right inside them to negate damage and his passive stacks. He also has a power spike at level 11 and depending on if your ahead he could beat you if you are even.”
Un-killable Mordekaiser Guide (9.12) (Matchups Included) by Hunterlogic | Mordekaiser Player
Prezibogen says “- Do not get caught to early, if he grabs you, you have to flash instantly -Do not poke him with your e+q combo early, he will grab you -If he is 2/0 and reached 6, he can already 1v2, so stay under tower”
onlyDyr says “i just hate this champion ”
Tanky Boi Udyr (max W build) by onlyDyr | Udyr Player
LighterDay says “Darius is a rather even match. While his bleed makes Garen's passive useless, Garen has higher damage for his E and Q. Using this when Darius goes in will make an even trade or give you the advantage at least. Just keep in mind that Darius has two slows and both of those abilities apply armor penetration.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Garen Top by LighterDay | Garen Player
FunkySoul says “It took me a while to figure out how to beat him, but I realized the only thing I can do is freeze under turret and ping for ganks. I've won majority of my games versus Darius just by being patient!”
[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg) by FunkySoul | Tryndamere Player
Scuz Rat says “Simply put, Poppys worst matchup, his pull makes trades impossible and his high damage + armor shred makes even a fed Poppy lose in any fight vs this guy. New Poppy players should probably ban him”
S9 Rank 45 Poppy NA Diamond Top Lane Poppy by Scuz Rat | Poppy Player
Brentard says “I mean... He is Garen 2.0 just better in every way. You aren't meant to win this match up. With that said. Farm under turret until 6 and then roam. ”
Speedy Von Garen (Carry build) by Brentard | Garen Player
CoffeeDog says “You can't wintrade against a Darius early, when he reaches that juicy level 6 you need to change your play style and play in a safer way since his damage also comes from abilities.”
TechnoRenekton says “Avoid fighting Darius on lvls 1 and 2. Get in short term trades so he cannot stack his passive. Poke with Q. Dash in on him if you are going to get hit by his Q. Be carefull when lower than 40% HP.”
"Welcome the havoc!" [9.10] by TechnoRenekton | Renekton Player
GrGamingTeo says “Almost impossible to beat. Look for opportunities for smal trades with q spam in and out of the brush. Avoid geting to the outer circle of his q. Never try to do big trades with him because you will be screwed. Try to bait his e and when both his health and his mana are low try to kill him with ignite.”
My main Garen guide to climb elos/S. 9/ by GrGamingTeo | Garen Player
Bunny OwO says “Stop playing blind pick.”
A Gold Player's Darius Guide by Bunny OwO | Darius Player
AKS Cyfer says “Juste ne pense même pas à prendre Malphite”
Malphoutre by AKS Cyfer | Malphite Player
BubbaStudmuffin says “Darius is basically free kills for you and here is why. 1) You both benefit from long fights but you just do it better. He wants to hit you multiple times to get max stacks for his bleed and then ult you. Thats fine tho, as he is hitting you for bleed stacks and what he thinks will be a KILLER ULT you will be building up your W's shield passive. When you are a good ways into your 1 v 1 just pop your W. He will ult and it wont kill you. Then just finish him off. 2) His "bonus" bleed damage from long fights doesnt give him the edge in the fight that he is use to. While yes you will be taking bleed damage from a long fight, he will be taking Magic Damage from your passive circle so you two break even on that. 3) Positioning. To beat him this is the only thing you really need to worry about. First, bait out his pull, yours is longer so if you can bait his and use yours you'll have the upper hand. Secondly, just be sure not to get hit with the edge of his spin. That heal is nasty and you can easily avoid it. Either pull him in and stay close on him or keep some distance and poke him down with your Q. It out ranges his Q.”
Reworked Mordekaiser - Top Lane Duelist by BubbaStudmuffin | Mordekaiser Player
PRoli03 says “As long as you lock him down you will outtrade him but dont overextend fights”
tuanminh says “Con này khó chịu thì max ping. Q hồi máu và trong cấp độ đầu thì rất đau. Mà Nasus đầu game lại yếu”
Susan Đạo Chích TOP gánh team :) by tuanminh | Nasus Player
NoobLikesGames says “He can out sustain you hard. He kinda sucks to fight later on, too.”
0mega best says “Very hard, darius counters your passive which is pretty bad, he does more damage and has a hook and a heal which makes him even more hard to kill, call for ganks and play very safe.”
DrMoneybags says “Darius can be very 50-50 depending on his skill, but a good Darius is scary(especially if he takes Ghost). After constant buffs to his kit, he pretty much beats most melee toplaners. Using E to enter his inner Q circle can help win all-ins, but he will still beat you in most extended trades. Just ask your jungler to gank early since he has no escape. I suggest taking Conqueror and ignite to snowball early and bypass his base-stats.”
Arcthunder says “For any starting Kled player, this matchup with be a pain to play against. However, you just can't be afraid of him. The key to playing against him is when he uses his Q, make sure to stay on the inside of the ax. It just takes practice.”
Big Boy Matty D says “Haven't actually played this match-up but would imagine it's difficult. Consider maxing Q and trying to poke him out? You can probably fight him after 2 items completed given that he hasn't snowballed.”
FULL CLAP MALPHITE by Big Boy Matty D | Malphite Player
GekteJelles says “Dont get poked down by his q. When ever he q's engage or e out so he doesnt hit you.”
Season 9 Riven Build Patch 9.10 [1mil+ mastery] by GekteJelles | Riven Player
Mitil says “He just beats you in every single way sit back farm with your q. Your main goal is to sustain lane and punish any major mistakes he makes. You will probably never be able to 1v1 unless you are extremely fed.”
Big MUNDO by Mitil | Dr. Mundo Player
thundergiraffe says “can go good, can go awful. depends how good Darius is, depends how good you are. that's it”
Teemo (late game carry) arttilery master by thundergiraffe | Teemo Player
Qubert64 says “Pretty huge threat. Sunfire Cape into a thornmail. Should deal with him decently. Going in for short trades is the best bet against him.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
Twitchtv Quash says “He hits you once bye bye”
The S in Singed is for S tier by Twitchtv Quash | Singed Player
kubsak26 says “Playing against him is actually simple but boring and tilting. His early is crazy good. It's not worth to fight him he will just kill you. His passive is very powerful in early and his kit is stronger then your on 1v1. For example if he know what he is doing he will never let you stun him with your q besause of his e. But if you gonna play safe under your tower and farm minions from range you will be ok. Because on late he suddenly becomes absolute trash. Really I think it's because of his lack cc and only one damaging range ability. So yeah if you not gonna feed him hard he will fade away. And don't worry to much even if he killed you 2 or 3 times it's not that much of a deal he still fades.”
ARandomizer says “If Darius plays tank, he can out health you and wait for a gank. If he plays as a fighter, he can out damage you”
AD Leathality Poppy by ARandomizer | Poppy Player
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
Shinxsage says “You can't do much without your jungler in this matchup. You can poke all you want, but then he trades much more damage back. I would recommend BC+Lethality and go snowball other lanes.”
RENGAR TOP (WIP) by Shinxsage | Rengar Player
AceTheCroc says “Avoid his Q, a good Darius will use his E when you want to out trade, try to stun him then E out.”
Renekton Top Guide by AceTheCroc | Renekton Player
OnionMilkshake says “Darius has very good all in potential aswell as soft and hard cc in his kit which means if you get hooked by him you are just dead because a slowed Aatrox is a dead Aatroxx However you do better in team fights if you play them right even with the new buffs to darius' team fighting potential (Recommended: Electrocute)”
Aatrox World Ender 9.9 by OnionMilkshake | Aatrox Player
Zdenster says “Sacrifice CS. Play really passive. Rush Phage and Tabis.”
TheNinjaRoid says “Hard lane, Avoid fighting him as much as possible, ask for ganks from Jungle and/or Mid. His passive does magic damage, so get Mercury Treads. Can't really stop you from farming, outside of killing you. You should win late game, if you haven't fed him to oblivion.”
Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9 by TheNinjaRoid | Nasus Player
Jomppe says “ [Top] Yorick and Darius are very closely matched. Yorick is considered a counter to Darius, however that doesn't make the match up easy. It is actually one of the hardest match ups Yorick gets in top lane, despite his advantage, because of how Darius players build and how a Darius main plays. Once Darius gets a grip on you all you can hope to do is run before you are killed. You can't out trade him at melee range, you will lose especially if Darius has his ultimate. The way to counter Darius is to kite him and push him out of lane with your mist, maiden, and ghouls. Once he is low enough you can look for opportunities to trap him and finish him off. Always go in-and-out with your Q to burst him down, never sit there auto attackin him. You win if he can't build enough stacks on you. Keep in mind rushing high health items in ideal for this match up as Darius does a lot of true damage.”
Top Yorick split push carry guide 9.9 by Jomppe | Yorick Player
F0gelberG says “Some pepole struggle faceing him. But i have never lost lane against him. Just avoid Q.”
TheBoltLord says “Darius is a pretty big threat as well. His bleed does so much to you its like teemos poison but hes a tanky champ. He can pull you when you dont want to so 9 out of 10 times you have to play passive or only poke him down with your shield until you feel like you can go in.”
S9 Full Tank Poppy (TOP) by TheBoltLord | Poppy Player
Zinkd says “Can be countered if playing passive.”
Thresh Toplane (Unconventional) by Zinkd | Thresh Player
KruixTV says “get healthy and he shouldn't be that much of a problem if you are able to engage if he uses his Q”
High winrate urgot by KruixTV | Urgot Player
GoldenSnivy says “He only becomes a threat from levels 3-6. Other than that, you can mash face. ”
Unbench The Kench! (Top Lane Tahm Kench Guide) by GoldenSnivy | Tahm Kench Player
Jettboy says “Lane bully that can destroy you early and snowball. Can build Phage + AA minion + run to you and there's nothing you can do.”
Kalye Top by Jettboy | Kayle Player
MediocrePolk says “Darius can E you out of your jump which makes trading hard. D shield second wind revitalize to sustain in lane. Bait his and go from there. He can q when you jump which makes it hard because of his heal.”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
lCharLottel says “Ask for swap lane ขอคนอื่นแลกเลน”
CHO'GATH MID//TOP With matchup! (Include Thai sub) by lCharLottel | Cho'Gath Player
Aulenza says “Don't use this build against him. Build full tank. He will rip your head. Play as deffensive as you can and trade him when he misses any skill. ”
[Patch 9.9] Poppy, The True Berserker by Aulenza | Poppy Player
Khazem says “How threatening Darius is will depend on his choice of summoner spells. If he goes Teleport his threat is minor, if he goes Ignite, his threat goes up considerably and if he goes Ghost, he will become one of the biggest threats out there. The main thing to look out for is to never allow him to catch you with his E. Proper kiting will make this matchup a lot easier as you can punish him very hard whenever his E is down.”
Top Lane Rumble - A comprehensive guide by Khazem | Rumble Player
Nio161 says “When he gets his tank Items before you get yours you have a problem, because he als deals much damage. Play safe and try to hit E & ult. He can't dodge your E easily.”
[9.9] ~Worship the Priestess~ (DMG TANK) by Nio161 | Illaoi Player
xxxskully says “Dodge Darius Q and you can trade with him early and back off, mid he gets tanky and with trinity you cant kill him. ”
Rengar Guide (Patch 9.8) 190k Mastery Points by xxxskully | Rengar Player
Ethereal Ezio says “Farm it out. Poke if you can and try to keep the minions towards your side.”
Season 9 Top FRONT LINE Vladimir by Ethereal Ezio | Vladimir Player
Maverickov says “Stay out of melee range and max Q. Darius rushes a black cleaver making him nice and beefy for your Q. Kite him and poke him until you can all in and massacre the menacing executioner. At that point he'll lose all trades against you and gets zoned. Late game your dumbass team might feed him and his 1k true damage can be a real bitch.”
qtANG says “also a skill match up. Darius damage is almost even to wukong, except darius has more cc and he has a strongest passive among the game. During early game, try to not take too much damage by E in to him whenever he Q. Then disengage with W. In lvl 1, most Darius will start W (Crippling Strike), and take Ghost. Don't fight him during lvl 1 or 2. Just do short trades and farm.”
season 9.8 wukong top guide by qtANG | Wukong Player
yetiwar says “Don't allow him to stack his passive on you or you will die. Não deixe ele stackar a passiva em você ou você morrerá.”
AD CDR Rengar (EN-US / PT-BR) by yetiwar | Rengar Player
bob14954 says “Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.”
LIfe4Neezul says “Squishy builds equals extreme levels of bleeding.”
A Glorious Guide To Making Attack Speed Tahm Kench! by LIfe4Neezul | Tahm Kench Player
danywyzardXD says “AFK if you play whit darius”
sr.shen by danywyzardXD | Shen Player
TheChairmanJr says “Not that much of a threat, just need to be wary of his haemorrhage stacks so he can't kill you. But other than this Morde doesn't struggle against him”
Mordekaiser Top by TheChairmanJr | Mordekaiser Player
IceHunterOndrook says “Pure skill matchup. However most Darius plays are greedy, use that and kill them under your turret or by utilizing zhonias.”
FAST BIRD GENERAL | Mobile burster (TOP) by IceHunterOndrook | Swain Player
VekkyBoi says “Huge threat all game until he decides he doesn't want to lane against the Nasus farming Q under tower. After that, he is pretty easy.”
Carlosm04 says “Troca contra o darius é tranquilo, so que n deixa ele acumular a passiva dele, pois a sua ultimate causa muito dano.”
Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR by Carlosm04 | Jax Player
TH3MaCHH0MaN says “hight damage cap early, poke with bleed, slow and pull.”
the one trip Macho Sion 9.8 by TH3MaCHH0MaN | Sion Player
Champ Nasus says “Lane bullies like Darius and Renekton are tough, but if you play safe and only farm under turret you can come of out lane at least equal, after which you will outscale. Be sure to pay close attention to if they leave lane, and mia ping like crazy if they do.”
Hard Carry Nasus by Champ Nasus | Nasus Player
JD Flash says “Just ban him (i hate this champ).”
Teemo TOP Build by JD Flash | Teemo Player
ThatDabbingTroller says “Stay behind minions, and don't get hooked, and spam poke with Q and E”
How NOT to feed | Zyra Top by ThatDabbingTroller | Zyra Player
LosAngeloser says “The main reason this matchup is difficult is because it has a very low margin for error for GP - if you make one mistake, you're dead and the opposite is definitely not true. You can go grasp and build early armor or go comet and support other lanes.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
TrymeonAlcohol says “he is strong early and can q you every 5 sec and dont always give you to farm,just be safe and wait jg to come but make the jg kill him before 6lv”
Hungry Tryndamere build guide by TrymeonAlcohol | Tryndamere Player
GalathBoiz says “If he knows what he doing, he will dunk you and snowball you hard,play really safe from 1-3. Save your E for his E, dogde his Q u win the trade”
Sink 'em all _ Top lane Pyke Guide by GalathBoiz | Pyke Player
ApexDresden says “It may be a difficult match up because Darius is able to deal a lot of damage, however you can attempt to trade with him and make sure you counter his Q by standing in the middle of it. You also counter his R. Make sure you poke him with Q + W and all-in when he's relatively low, you don't want him to get 5 stacks on passive.”
Destroyer Aatrox by ApexDresden | Aatrox Player
bocchicken says “poke with Q, and all in at 6 with ignite advantage after you burn his boneplating. ”
[9.7] Oh, literally an Urgot main. by bocchicken | Urgot Player
RakunKarl says “With passive Darius also can easily kill you.”
Zac Top Lane [S9] by RakunKarl | Zac Player
Ker1 says “He used to counter her hard. Season 9 tiny problems with trading when you don't have Valor (E).”
Ker1 Diamond Riven Top Lane Guide by Ker1 | Riven Player
ElleryTheViking says “If you don't ban this champion, you will not be in for a fun time. I wont elaborate any further, but should you end up against him, play safe, farm it out and call for ganks. Do not try fight him one on one, you will lose. ”
Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7) by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player
Aalid says “Darius E got armor penetration takes away all armor easy kill for him.”
The Lost Drawing says “Tu 'counter' mas basto y asqueroso, porque aunque el este 20 'súbditos' por debajo tuyo y ya haya muerto 3 a 5 veces, y tu tengas 1 a 3 'kills' tienes una probabilidad considerable de que te mate en un 1 vs 1 (mas aun si el lleva conquistador). Puedes jugar de 2 maneras seguras y 2 medias 'raras'. La 1° es con 'Aliento del Agonico'; 'farmea' con tu 'Q' para activar tu runa y pegale con tu pasiva, usa tu pasiva para el 'gordete'. La 2° con 'Inrrupción de Fase'; para correr cuando el te atrape con alguna de sus habilidades. La 3° con 'Aunmeto Glacial'; simplemente le quitas movilidad a el. La 4° 'Conquistador' ; la mas arriesgada pero la que te recompensa mas si le sacas ventaja de sus errores de posicionamiento y de vision. Como jugarle: >>> Juega Darius para conocer sus enfriamientos, su rango de básicos y habilidades, combos y acostumbrarte a su velocidad de ataque >>> En 1 vs 1 no ganas (a menos que seas una pistola o el malisimo) >>> Compra 'Poción de Corrupción' para poder responder a su empuje y si te engancha puedes responder un poco ya que este objeto te da una pasiva de 'Quemadura' que es daño mágico y te curas de paso >>> Espera los 'ganks' de tu 'jg' >>> Compra visión (Centinela de Control) para que cada vez que el se vaya a base y tengas tus jg cerca te haga un 'gankeo' beneficioso para ti y para el (ya si no lo hace y te quita el Centinela pues ni modo :,v) >>> No gastes tu TP de maneras tontas, con el puedes hacer ganar a tu 'botlane' o al menos si te baja mucha vida puedes regresar para no perder nivel >>> Trata de no perder experiencia pero el no perder oro es muy difícil >>> Tu 'E' no la gastes para pegarle a menos que ya lo tengas a un toque de vida. Tu 'E' es como la 'E' de Yasou, pudes esquivar daño de su 'Q' y de su 'E'. >>> Trata de hacerle gastar su 'Q' y su 'E', cuando lo haga pudes hacer intercambios limpios y sin riesgo (en este caso ya te debes de saber sus enfriamientos >>> ERES 1 VS 3; Los 'jg' de tu equipo rara vez 'gankean' a un Darius (es altamente recomendable un gank antes del nivel 6 o se hace una doble), los 'jg' enemigos hacen 1 o 2 'ganks' para ponerlo mas fuerte contra ti, si mueres pierdes la linea automáticamente (esto solo en caso de que sean 'main' Darius)”
Poppy - La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD) by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Aalid says “Can take away all sheild and deals very much damage. Darius needs a nerf can kill everyone easy.”
Teemo Memeo by BlackguardRaven | Teemo Player
WorseAverage says “Tankiness and tick damage to the extreme, although easy to beat if you predict and buffer his E.”
In Depth Camille Guide by WorseAverage | Camille Player
Fr3shLemonade says “Wait ganks and try to dodge his e.”
Malphite the golems god by Fr3shLemonade | Malphite Player
LonerFKS says “If the Darius is well fed then be sure to auto him and Q him make sure he is alone. Else he is weak if you keep auto-ing him to farm for soul.”
Toxicated Teemo by LonerFKS | Teemo Player
MoreLoliCon says “One CC, a bleed effect and a resetting Ultimate is all he need.”
Mr Gothenburg says “Since Darius wants to get Close to you he wants you to hook him to engage, try to harras him in early game to let him have a hard time in late game.”
Nauti boi Top Lane by Mr Gothenburg | Nautilus Player
MoreLoliCon says “His High Increase of Healing and High Damage Hemorrage Combos can really be a Pain to a lot of Supports.”
MoreLoliCon says “Bleeding is a "NO NO" for squishy Builds especially this one”
The Only One Shot Poppy Build You'll See! by MoreLoliCon | Poppy Player
kingkang2 says “Darius is one of the easiest matchups in the game. Just play safe levels 1-3, and if he's running ignite, play even safer. Hit 6, and run him down. Darius needs a lead to win the lane. Deny him this lead and he won't be able to escape the rape cage.”
Yorick - The Goon Squad Splitpusher (Work in Progress) by kingkang2 | Yorick Player
SynergyXO says “Pretty easy, short trades with darius. walk up, auto, auto animation cancel with spin to disengage. until you want to all in. if you all in, besure to save your spin and flash if you have it to stay or get inside of his Q. He doesnt land a Q on you, you win easy. dont miss ult due to his ult”
Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match by SynergyXO | Tryndamere Player
OpOmega says “Can deal true damage and auto attacks can cancel your passive.”
Dr. Mundo Top Lane by OpOmega | Dr. Mundo Player
Tompouce13 says “He have mana don't get caught and play vision and ask for gank. If he is good you can't 1v1”
Carry with Garen in gold/paltinuim by Tompouce13 | Garen Player
Ave1004 says “Idek why I picked him. I just played a match against him as a noob soooo”
Tryndamere by a Noob by Ave1004 | Tryndamere Player
Naniboi101 says “Really good at long term fighting which is also what Fiora is good at. Can take bramble vest to stop the healing and his only form of cc is really fast. If you parry his q you won't take any dmg but he still heals. Try to parry the w or ult if you can hold it that long. Also go executioners to stop his healing and try to poke out then all in.”
Fiora Guide 9.6 XD by Naniboi101 | Fiora Player
Samas says “Same as Garen, block his W with E, trade, and get out when he starts using his Q since he wont be able to interrupt your Q with his E while he is in the middle of the animation, requires fast reaction since you might still get chipped by the Q while you are jumping away. Dont go for all out fights when close to even health unless you are sure you can win.”
[9.6] JAX 1v9 guide by Samas | Jax Player
sarahmaepasion says “dont get closer to him or else you will dead tower hug only ”
blue_cat says “Try not to fight him too much at all, his bleed makes you lose pretty much all trades early. Sparingly proc grasp and just get through the laning phase.”
Feast on Them~ [SOLO QUEUE 1v9 CHO'GATH] by blue_cat | Cho'Gath Player
League Wukong Builds says “Big threat that he can deal damage you can't life steal back in lane and Wukong cannot do a lot of damage to him.”
Season 9 Bruiser Wukong Top by League Wukong Builds | Wukong Player
qParOff says “All the matcups depend on how you play, If you play good you win all matchups, just farm until you have R and phage then play a little more aggresive if your laner tries to go for farm or lasthits, try to not get very poked or at least heal with your q when you do so.Late game you have 5k+ HP and A LOT of dmg with your passive stacked. In fights make sure you stack your passive on someone close to you then transfer it to everyone possible, always look at your MAX DMG from your R so you know when to R or not. In chases try to kite with your q so you heal, if you are low dont worry you have last stand (more dmg while being low hp) so try your best to kite with Q and outplay them.”
YOU BE THE CARRY by qParOff | Darius Player
Evil Lightning says “Brutal earlygame power=the dude's virtually unwinnable”
S T A C C, My Anu-uh, Nasus Guide to The Public by Evil Lightning | Nasus Player
XPRflew says “Farm under tower and call for ganks because Darius has no dash abilites. build armor and hp ”
francodm says “Conheça o range do Darius, se você não tomar nenhum puxão será uma matchup fácil. Cuidado com allins de Darius que usam Flash/Ghost. Use Aery ou aperto dos mortos vivos.”
A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção) by francodm | Teemo Player
E61K says “In my honest opinion there is no match-up Darius cannot beat. If You take the right precautions, go for the right Runes and Summoner Spells, You're clean with your mechanics, itemize correctly and You have the game knowledge You have the potential to beat every single champion as Darius. At the end of the day Darius is about stat-checking people and destroying them with a superior output of damage. When it comes to damage Darius is on top of the ladder of the champions who have the highest potential damage outputs in the entire game thanks to Noxian Might and his general kit.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strengths: Extended Trades, Tanky, Sustain. Weaknesses: Low Mobility, Out-scaled. Start Doran’s Blade and play aggressive. You have complete agency over how the lane plays out. He lacks the mobility to catch you unless he takes Ghost or Phase Rush so it’s all dependent on your spacing and how you approach the matchup. Bully him by using your passive movement speed to your advantage by taking short trades and poking him down. When he Q's, decide whether to run outside of its range or to step closer to not take the brunt of his damage. If you get far enough away, disengage far enough from his pull, if you step inside close to him, start attacking to get some damage off at least in the early game. Use your Riposte primarily for negating his W or an auto attack because the slow and damage on his W and the passive stacking are the biggest threats to you in the early game. When going for trades, typically don’t let him get more than 3 passive stacks on you, at the most 4 when prepping for an All-in. His ultimate is also negated by your W so keep that in mind. Lastly, if you Riposte his Q, although not recommended, if he hits you with the blade, he still heals and procs effects such as Phase rush even though you take no damage from it.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
Miracle Matter says “WARNING: NEVER WALK PAST THE FIRST BUSH AT LEVEL 1 until he reveals himself. Most Dariuses will sit in the bush and wait for you to walk forward. If you've avoided that cheese, congratulations: you win the lane. Zilean top hard-counters Darius. Just don't ever let him close enough to pull you, and you can consistently harass him (and deny his Ulti.) Don't be overconfident. Good Dariuses will rush Mercs or Swifties and Ghost/Flash you down repeatedly. Don't let him anywhere near you unless your double-bomb is up in order to stun him and escape.”
[9.5] Toplane Splitpush Zilean (Diamond, 75% winrate) by Miracle Matter | Zilean Player
Suthafru says “Darius - Darius can be easily poked and zoned, but will 100% win any melee range trades or fights against jhin, it is best to play as safe as possible while still trying to poke him away from going at you with full health”
the mega superior - JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5] by Suthafru | Jhin Player
NOH giel says “Darius just outdamages you, when he grabs you, there is almost no way out. Usually you can use your E to get out of the threat. Darius just pops ghost and togheter with the slow on his w he can easily run you down and get 5 bloodstacks with ease.”
Urgoat, Crab yourself a victory! by NOH giel | Urgot Player
Saiyan02 says “For some reason I find this matchup pretty easy. Just all in him before level 6 and get some easy kills. A tip could be E into Darius when he Qs.”
Everything you need to know about Xin Zhao by Saiyan02 | Xin Zhao Player
didyoujusttouch says “Darius is very strong. Avoid him early game, and go all-in with black cleaver. Dodge E and Q, otherwise you'll most likely die.”
Matyezda says “patch 8.19: Ban him, the buffs he got are straight up BS: bonus armor pen and damage.”
[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho'Gath guide by Matyezda | Cho'Gath Player
DatRedPanda says “Never met him I simply ban him instantly no matter what.”
Hague Convict Teemo by DatRedPanda | Teemo Player
MedicineBall says “Early game, Darius is extremely dangerous at top lane. Kayle starts off pretty fragile, therefore you should stick to poking and playing passive until you start getting more range under your belt.”
Fire of the Just by MedicineBall | Kayle Player
drunken hunter says “Darius is very strong against Rengar, because he got the auto hits with extra bleeding dmg already in lvl 1. Darius is a lane bully who doesnt need much mana for his abilities, he is very tanky and his (Q) with low cd heals him for every single champion (from his enemy team) in his range. My tipp: do never try long trades, he will do every thing to get his 5 bleeding stacks on you - he will pull you, he will slow you, and if you have the 5-hits-mark over your head Darius will use his ult and deal true dmg and you will get more dmg by the bleeding stacks. Darius got only one good thing - he has no escape. Wait for your jungler to gank and kill him.”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
kkiskk says “This match up is a piece of cake for you because conqueror reworked. Use your E to dodge his outter Q and punish him hard when he tries to poke you with outter Q. He is nothing without 5 stacks passive. Be sure to outdamage him before he 5 stacks you, else things will get ugly.”
Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It's still viable?) by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player
Daniloooo says “If he lands his Q and E on you then you are dead 100% On the bright side your Q blinds his W so he cant slow you. Dodge his Q by running towards him. His E has good range so try to poke him only when he goes for cs. Play safe and build Tabi.”
Tank / AP / On hit Teemo! by Daniloooo | Teemo Player
Pancaku says “Extremely easy to beat early laning phase, but as time goes on you will more than likely end up dying to him especially if he pulls you and runs ghost as there is almost no chance of escaping,”
[9.4] Lava Chan's: Dark Harvest Katarina Top Guide by Pancaku | Katarina Player
SeaWeeb says “Has a good gap closer but if you manage to dodge then you can poke him fairly well. Don't push to far so you can escape under tower in case he has boots or ghost.”
The Suit Hunts in the Manner You Choose by SeaWeeb | Kai'Sa Player
CommanderKevin says “Dodge Q and he cannot heal”
Rek Sai Top Dmg/Tank by CommanderKevin | Rek'Sai Player
Sion says “He outscales you and outdamages you in later stages, while also being a massive bully in lane. If you find yourself in this matchup, either dodge it or sit under turret, farm and roam.”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
rosengod says “counter hard mas é só fugir de todos os grabs dele com o w e fugir da girada com o q ”
Fiora GG by rosengod | Fiora Player
MatatuMayhem says “If he hits one E, its extremely hard to get away. His ult seems to do minimal damage for you as you do not get the passive. ”
Sylas Guide by MatatuMayhem | Sylas Player
Vincheelo says “You're the better Darius, just beat him up. Stay inside of his Decimate and don't let him 5-Stack you.”
Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP by Vincheelo | Darius Player
TSA_Exotic says “Darius has the potential to destroy you in lane, but if you keep yourself as far away from him as possible and only poke him when he's going to cs or right after he uses his Q then you can bully Darius with no retaliation. When he goes to move in and pull you towards him Tumble away from him and get poke on him as he's turning around. Once you chunk him enough you can all in him with your ultimate and ignite for a very easy kill.”
Vayne - The Top Lane Tank's Worst Nightmare by TSA_Exotic | Vayne Player
Evil Lightning says “Your best hope against Darius is to time your ult properly, and hope you've snowballed enough against him.”
n41L1L says “Darius can easily be shut down early game if your jungler comes top once or twice. With how hard Camille can snowball and how hard Darius can be set back, you should be fine as long as he doesn't roam and get kills while you're just farming or split pushing. But I will say, if he's fed, you're screwed beyond belief.”
Camille Top from a Silver OTP by n41L1L | Camille Player
TheNecromancerr says “Like for the most champions, it's scary matchup, but also very winnable. If you see him Q and you can't dodge it, Q on him so you don't get stack of his passive and makes him heal. Play safe until you get at least Tiamat or Sheen, level 6, after that go with shorter trades when you have 2 Q resets and make sure your passive is fully stacked once you all in him.”
Irelia - Top Lane - Season 9 by TheNecromancerr | Irelia Player
SunKnight116 says “Darius can execute huge amount of damage, if at max "Darius Stacks":, be careful of their Ult that finishes you off, be sure to camp tower”
Undying Garen by SunKnight116 | Garen Player
Moccamasterpro says “Maybe the hardest champ to play against as Olaf. He is one of the few champs that have a better early game than you. also his ulti is a lot better than your. Rush tanky and try to avoid trades.”
SkullNatoR says “your hope is to see darius not punishing you while you are eq him or the minions your window to trade is when you see him wasting his e, which has 20 seconds cooldown if not more during early game (before he starts maxing it or buy any cooldown items) also e him before his q hits you while trading so he doesn't heal from his q”
Yasuo top lane brief guide 9.4 by SkullNatoR | Yasuo Player
CocoIsBoosted says “This matchup is winnable when you get used to laning against him.”
Best Way to Play Kled by CocoIsBoosted | Kled Player
BornToBeAlive says “Early - Midgame - Lategame Monster. Carefull when he has 5 stacks. His DPS & AD can go trough the roof.”
BornToBeAlive's guide to Dr.PWNDO [Patch 9.4] by BornToBeAlive | Dr. Mundo Player
BeastKing says “Skill matchup. Go grasp rune page and you should be fine.”
Nagakabouros gives free wins by BeastKing | Illaoi Player
Proxxecube says “He's also stupid and I hate him, but he can be countered. Granted it takes a lot more skill on your part as well as a good jungle presence. As long as you let him bully you under turret for the first 6 levels, and you get a good gank, you can beat him w/ your Ult. You scale significantly harder, so you should do significantly better late game.”
A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora by Proxxecube | Fiora Player
WhySoRengar says “Ok , kinda hard matchup. You can kill darius doing lvl 1 poke and lvl 2-3 all in, but after 6 you will have hard time if you dont get ahead early. When he uses Q jump on him to not get hit by outside circle. It will deal so much dmg and heal him”
Rengar Top (matchups and guide) by WhySoRengar | Rengar Player
VdeathSpartan says “Can out damage level 1 when avoiding the outside area in his Q. Easy lane until level 6 when he gets a massive power spike, even then you can kill him if you start the fight without using Q until you need to.”
The 8.6 Top Lane Tank Shredder by VdeathSpartan | Master Yi Player
lxl1Mago1lxl says “You cannot trade him at the begin, Play with your W and let him try to complete his stacks inside your [W]. Carefully cuz he can still kill you in 6 moves.”
SHACO AP TOP LANE S9 by lxl1Mago1lxl | Shaco Player
S4TAN ES MI DI0S says “This is a little hard at the beggining, but with some practice and a guardian angel you can win the lane very easily.”
Zilean Top Tank (Challenger Build) by S4TAN ES MI DI0S | Zilean Player
Pelangirainbow says “Never fight again him withou your jung.Farm untill Lv 6 and wait your jung”
Annie top for Bronze/Silver by Pelangirainbow | Annie Player
Ozymandeous says “Darius will heal through all of your burst. He is the most dangerous champion to have against you as Sylas in my experience. Ban him 100% of the time.”
Sylas, King Slayer by Ozymandeous | Sylas Player
shlemvem says “Playing against a darius is hard in general, but what singed has that other champions dont have is the MS to run away from him, and the fling to dodge his Q, time it perfectly and be careful.”
The roaming singed by shlemvem | Singed Player
LoliKali03 says “You can 1v1 early but after 6 you lose fights unless you can hijack some1 else's r that can help you kill him.”
100% winrate SYLAS build ( Invincible Sylas ) by LoliKali03 | Sylas Player
mcasterix123 says “Of course not all of CertainlyT's tomfuckery can get nerfed out of existence, presumably because he's shit himself during a hissy fit. Darius is indeed, still scary. However, if you can farm with Q, time your W with his E, and use E gratuitously, you can survive to the mid game. However, you really need to make sure he does get his dirty little fingers on your backline.”
Predederp says “Avoid his grab and you should be fine”
Lose your VirJhinity with Jhin Top by Predederp | Jhin Player
Zugorosh says “Its ultimate does not work for us without its passive”
Sylas OffTank by Zugorosh | Sylas Player
Frallinn14 says “If he gets you with the hook after level 6 you are pretty much dead most often.”
GNARRR! by Frallinn14 | Gnar Player
Cro The Maestro says “bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. ”
Going Deep by Cro The Maestro | Kled Player
NDarKnight says “55.6% that you will beat him on lane and 51% that you will win game against him”
[9.2] Illaoi guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Illaoi Player
WhatsLeft4Dead2 says “Darius is in the business of dunking, and business is lethal af. Stay out of this dudes poke, it's nasty business. You will need a full team for this guy just to max rage his ass.”
|M|ExecutingYourEnemies by WhatsLeft4Dead2 | Dr. Mundo Player
LordZeta1313 says “ult him when he reaches 5 stacks on you so that he cannot take advantage of it ”
Choose your Demise (kayn top build) by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player
LordZeta1313 says “you will probably lose this matchup he walls you in every possible way why are you even going shadow assassin against him ”
Choose your Demise (kayn top build) by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player
Cstrange says “Super easy to kite but you get punished hard if he grabs you. So just don't get grabbed and poke him constantly and deny him any farm.”
Klepto Kayle by Cstrange | Kayle Player
yingwaiwastaken says “Darius will outsustain and will win most trades against you throughout most of the game, avoid fighting him alone”
Aatrox Top Build Guide by yingwaiwastaken | Aatrox Player
TrickyMK27 says “Kite him and push him out of lane with your Maiden and Ghouls If he gets his hands on you your probably screwed. (Consider Ban)”
King of Split Pushing - Yorick (100k Mastery) by TrickyMK27 | Yorick Player
Zahkar00 says “Take Glacial. Darius is a difficult but not impossible matchup. Give him space and engage when he uses abilities on minions. If he pulls you press E and AA and pop a pot before stun goes off while moving closer to him. You want to stick to him as much as possible. Try and predict or bait his pulls, so you stun into it.”
How to Taric Top 101 by Zahkar00 | Taric Player
polarehare says “He's got a gap closer (hook), BS poke the practically the same size of the Q you won't use. Won't survive trades but will survive your combos and 1v1's due to BS somehow and will eventually tire you out and dunk on you.”
Was Just Messing Around, It Works !? by polarehare | Malphite Player
Ghostwalker562 says “Poke him from a far and you win ez. But early game I'd just be a bit careful, he's easy to burst later on but not easy to burst early.”
(S9) INSANE SWAIN - Build and Guide w/ Match Ups by Ghostwalker562 | Swain Player
matthew0465 says “Use your e wisely. As long as you go in when he q's and you stun him and q, e out. U trade a lot more.”
Renekton Top AD Fighter+Tankiness by matthew0465 | Renekton Player
Joxuu says “Matchups depends a lot on if he has ignite and if you are able to dodge his Qs. Don't go for extended trades in his auto range, use your mobility and fling for trades and avoid Hemorrhage stacks to ultimate with your movement speed.”
Season 9 Singed guide by an enthusiast by Joxuu | Singed Player
Bakiraka says “Ouch my bones. You don't have to play under tower, but stay far away and use Q to CS. Stay far away from melee range. Never look to 1v1 him.”
I Love Thighs says “Never fight a darius full on early. When he q's you can dash inside it and trade that way just be careful and make sure you don't get pulled. If you dont let him get his lead on you, uou just scale and win”
Khan? Kanye? Oh Kayn Top! [UPDATED S8] [IN PROGRESS] by I Love Thighs | Kayn Player
Tvoi_clop says “Сложное противостояние. Не используйте свое E на него. Вместо этого ждите когда он использует своё Q и сразу жмите E в него. После этого у вас есть секунд 6-7 чтобы его побить. Также старайтесь не делать долгих разменов из-за его пассивного умения.”
Русский гайд на Ясуо by Tvoi_clop | Yasuo Player
Trixelkour says “Breaks you in every stage of the game, dodge would be the smart move, but if you like the challenge, take Grasp or Phase Rush just to play it safe. Get plenty of HP early on and play around teamfights. Should be an easy win if you don't mess up early or get picked off while roaming. BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS IF HE BRINGS GHOST FLASH.”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
KennenenneK says “Dont get pulled and you can kite him ”
AP/AD Kennen all roles! by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
Swagus says “He's extremly easy if you avoid his healing, because sometimes it feels like a welcome when he hooks you. Just be careful of his stacks and don't overtrade with him.”
9.1 Rek'sai, Queen of toplane by Swagus | Rek'Sai Player
Pabino says “When he goes in to you with e get out of there, but when he uses his q either hug him <3 or run depending on where the closest one is.”
Teemo top Lane Season 9 by Pabino | Teemo Player
kyuwui says “You'll have to be careful around him since he deals a lot of damage, though if you win the lane without letting him getting fed you've got no problem.”
Casually Having 7k Hp by kyuwui | Sion Player
heyitsRainex says “You should have an advantage over him as long as you can dash in, do damage, and dash out. But if you trade for too long, Darius would eventually get 5 stacks of bleed on you. Keep trades as short as possible.”
[9.1] Rainexton Guide by heyitsRainex | Renekton Player
lunarstaff says “Contrary to popular belief, Rengar is stronger than Darius early on, when Dar-man isn't tanky. Leaping onto him will negate a crucial part of his comb - his q - and once you're in, you need to kill him or die.”
Hunt's Comprehensive Rengar Guide by lunarstaff | Rengar Player
Kona2na says “Stay away from him at all costs. I try to ban him every game.”
ORNN YOU GLAD I DIDN'T SAY BANANA?! by Kona2na | Ornn Player
RReag says “You're gonna try to have to kill him before lvl 6.”
Rengar - Top Lane | Patch 9.1 by RReag | Rengar Player
NorrisGreen says “ALWAYS BAN THIS MOTHERFUCKER. When he E you, you can't really get away unless you have flash. He also gives you a really hard time to farm in early games.”
knashhy says “se tu tiver pego FB no darios ou tiver matado ele primeiro sem ser fb eu recomendo tu startar com hidra usando conqueror, se tu perder a troca com o cara de hidra na build quita do game.”
BUILD VELHO DE RIVEN EM PT-BR by knashhy | Riven Player
go6unatora says “You can beat him as long as you keep distance from his Q or stay inside his Q range so only the blunt hits you.”
Season 9 TankDyr Top by go6unatora | Udyr Player
chaotikxs says “i have not yet been able to beat a darius with this build, because his early lane potential is so damn huge with the bleeds. definite ban option”
Mundo Goes Dis Way by chaotikxs | Dr. Mundo Player
Mardkayin says “Respect the Darius. He outperforms you at every level of the game until group stage. Rush Thornmail and Ninja Tabis, focus on farming. Only engage with his Q down for a short scrape, hold your Q until once he slows you.”
Big Dick Garen by Mardkayin | Garen Player
GUAGUAMA says “Use E to dash inside the range of his Q. Use W to poke and CS while staying out of range of his E. Your R blocks bleeds from his passive if he's outside of it.”
Bruiser Xin Zhao [9.1] by GUAGUAMA | Xin Zhao Player
SirDeRp25 says “He can 100% win trades in melee combat. Max Q and poke whenever it is up. His Pull has around a 20-second cooldown and is longer than your Auto-attack range. Rush Frozen Mallet and Ninja Tabi, dodge his Q otherwise he heals for 12% missing Helath. Grevious Wounds would be nice.”
The SATAN of TOP-LANE by SirDeRp by SirDeRp25 | Teemo Player
Master_Yagyu says “you cant trade with him,he hurts so much,gank him with a jungler's help.”
River Shen Guide by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player
Autoswitched says “You can easily stop his q heal by dashing into him, and will win all short trades thanks to your shield, but be careful as once he hits 6, he will kill you.”
Yasuo, Way Of The Wanderer Season 9 by Autoswitched | Yasuo Player
E61K says “This lane used to be easier but the buffs to Darius made it harder again. Darius is a Top Tier Toplaner right now, Yasuo isn't. The way you win against Darius is juking the outer portion of his Q, by dashing into him and sticking close to him or dashing away at the right time. Rushing level 2 before him is also a great way to establish early game dominance. Once you have done that you will win the 1v1. As easy as that sounds, you can still fuck up. If he snowballs on you get ready to get absolutely wrecked. Unless you get jungle help after he snowballs on you. But even then you will still probably get 1v2'd if he is good. Juke his outer Q at all cost or back off right away if you eat the outer portion of the Q. Invest into some health and armor as the game progresses or get ready to get instantly one shot when he gets his stacks. I recommend starting Doran's Blade and going straight for PD into Mallet into IE. Darius can't duel you late game if you itemize correctly. The longer the game goes on the less of a chance he has to win in a 1v1 against you. Darius can afford to make more mistakes in this lane. Consider building BORK. Don't fuck up or it will be highly unlikely that you will come back into the game. Once you're down in lane you will stay down.”
undeadsoldiers says “Darius - Conqueror Early items (in order) - Phage, Boots, Tiamat - NO all in lvl 1-2 (even if passive stacked) - Play very safe in lane (avoid getting too close to his pull range) - ONLY trade when his abilities on cooldown (keep it short; only when passive stacked) - It’s okay to give him space and farm under tower - DON’T all in alone until Trinity AND level or health lead - Dodge his spin with your Q - He can pull you out of your Q (wait until it’s on cooldown to engage) - Ult cooldown: 120/100/80 ”
BreadyToCrumble says “Can't say much, I never win against Darius unless he's actual trash. Ban him if you want to.”
Loafy's Beginner Guide to Camille! [updated to 8.15] by BreadyToCrumble | Camille Player
Omega best says “Darius is hard. You must be super careful and attack him at the right moments, wait for ganks and make sure to attack him at the right time or he will destroy you and make sure to build some armour.”
Orangecat241 says “he is very tough in lane. Can out damage you look for jungler help.”
orangecats guide to a cat like character... by Orangecat241 | Gnar Player
Beartrand says “Darius can sometimes be annoying to play against when you're Volibear. He will most likely proc your passive unintentionally after a trade which really sucks. Also his heal from his Q can sometimes be annoying when you're about to bite him.”
Volibear Attack Speed Conqueror Top by Beartrand | Volibear Player
nanosako says “It might seem difficult to lane against Darius, but the key is just to bait his Q while trying to go for a minion. Wait for 6 to duel him”
[8.24] Smite Warwick Top - Fun and Exotic by nanosako | Warwick Player
TehGuides AD DESTROYER TRYNDAMERE by TehGuides | Tryndamere Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “your passive should let you enough alive to not stay behind, depending if it is a good darius or a bad darius you can have a easy game or a farm in turret, poke him and run game.”
Pyke top 8.23 by LuxIsMyCrush | Pyke Player
ThebestGP says “Your early game damage is one of the highest in the game. If he doesn't land a Q you don't lose. Try harassing him with q before going in to e and w. ”
The pump and dump by ThebestGP | Urgot Player
Zachlikespizza says “Aatrox is a very hard counter to Darius as his first q out ranges his pull, his second q is even with it, and if he pulls you in while the second q is in action you'll be free to land the third q. When he q's you can use your e to avoid it making his slows very useless.”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
iiCrispi says “Your enemy doesn't have insurance, of course he'll lose.”
6 Figures Lucian by iiCrispi | Lucian Player
Ghost2k says “Don't let him get close to you. Don't let anyone get close to you ”
[8.24] Brend Top/Mid/Sup/Jungle by Ghost2k | Brand Player
ReformedLavahit says “He is ok do deal with as long as you know how to counter him , small . short fights i usually go for e bait and then e w q and back out with the rest of my q”
[8.24] Reformed Lavahit's guide to riven by ReformedLavahit | Riven Player
WhatUPHomie says “Stay in his inner Q range and you take less. So use your E to get in there.”
Be The Best Riven In Gold by WhatUPHomie | Riven Player
Testqment says “Almost untradeable. Just autoattack him 1 or two times after the stun and then go out with the E.”
Riven Guide [Toplane] (S9) by Testqment | Riven Player
TopusLG says “O Darius sendo o campeão que é espanca o teemo em qualquer situação de x1 e o teemo raramente vai ganhar a lane. as chances de ganhar são com bons ganks e com o teemo posicionando bem os cogumelos e não sendo puxado. ”
Build e Runa para teemo / Contra Urgot by TopusLG | Teemo Player
Mouadyam says “you obviously read this guide so you have the upper hand UwU”
TsuNd0Ra says “HEHE BOI your skill E can make darius swing low damage. Your skill Q can bait baby darius. And then your skill W can block Auto attack ! I think it be easy to face him ~”
Demonic Shen by TsuNd0Ra | Shen Player
Demon Lord AC0 says “Start Doran's Shield. On the early game, no matter how much you E around him, you'll lose the trade. Try your hardest not to get killed. (you'll probably be dived eventually) You can solo kill him with full build as long as he doesn't 5 stack you too fast. Frozen Mallet is also very good against him to prevent him from hitting his Q”
The dankest mom says “GET THEM STACKS AND ABUSE HIM”
TANKGAR TOP LANE ME TANK ME BROKEN by The dankest mom | Veigar Player
Damiandad1 says “When he is using Q then use E on him”
Poppy's things on preseason S8 TOP/JG by Damiandad1 | Poppy Player
TakeLPlease says “Darius's pull can be the death of you. He will dish out tons of damage before you can even hit him. Try to win lane early game for that is the only time you can do more damage than him and where he won't have as much hp or armor.”
iam colorblind says “It's a very hard Champ to play against! You will lose every trade so be careful! Go roam and help ur Team and get some kills in midlane.”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
DreamDaddy says “You can kite him out pretty easily just be careful of lvl 1 bush cheese”
For fun lucian by DreamDaddy | Lucian Player
upalter says “He got lots of damage, poke it with basic and always go with potions, and if he engage, throw your E and try to Snare him.”
Soraka, the top guardian by upalter | Soraka Player
Patrozzo says “A bit hard, try to hit him with your q and stay far untill he has half hp”
Immortal Aatrox by Patrozzo | Aatrox Player
Trixelkour says “A good Darius will bait your W out and hook you. CS safely and E away immediately when he hooks and you shouldn't feed too much. Conqueror or PTA helps a lot since you can't really proc Grasp without getting absolutely melted. Duel him after you rush Titanic or Wit's End.”
RIVEN (S9) STRATEGY BUILD [CZ] by SmiTyyy | Riven Player
ZoeFromOrphanage says “Hmmm there is no escape you will probably get destroyed sorry bitch :/. ”
IRELIA ON CRACK by ZoeFromOrphanage | Irelia Player
MurrderHigh4 says “Darius, if he is fed, your dead for sure, cause his E pull make you slow down, and it a big dumb for Jhin main. but if he feed, you ok, but still have to dodge his E if you have the speed”
The one shot guide for late game, Jhin. by MurrderHigh4 | Jhin Player
TheCrocodileGuy says “Darius and Renekton are both very strong early game champions. It's very hard to say which is stronger but i'ma say Renekton since he has a stun, a ult that gives AoE magic damage and a dash or two.”
[Patch 8.24] Renekton guide for Top-lane by TheCrocodileGuy by TheCrocodileGuy | Renekton Player
epictwist73 says “Darius can range from minor to major but with proper counter play is not a problem. wait until he Q's a minion wave then you can go in on him with Q, AA, fall back to dodge his E & W then reengage to finish him off. If he does manage to hook you, run immediately, he has the advantage and can overpower you in that position.”
One Stop Shop for all Things Gnar by epictwist73 | Gnar Player
IcerIce says “if you will harras him with Q and good use E you can beat him”
Yasuo Challenger always carry by IcerIce | Yasuo Player
FlakNShrapnel says “Darius is iffie. If you can shut him down early, congrats you did your team a huge favor so they don't have to deal with a fed Darius. It's really 50/50 if you win early, Tahm can surprisingly duel really well against darius with his empowered q and extra auto damage from his passive. But if you lose early, you lost.”
Lick 'em good by FlakNShrapnel | Tahm Kench Player
BiscuitMaknBot says “Against Darius thornmail is highly recommended.”
HOB Tahm Kench Top by BiscuitMaknBot | Tahm Kench Player
Club America says “fast trades , hit and run .”
Fiora - Best Duelist by Club America | Fiora Player
Coelinha says “Não Lute level 1 com ele//Não tome o dano da lamina na girada dele//”
Guia para as Riven Br by Coelinha | Riven Player
Aldebaran1918 says “He is only a threat when he overlevels or overfarms you, you should take him down easily.”
Tryndamere, Rito's president! by Aldebaran1918 | Tryndamere Player
Snaill says “You have such dueling potential that you can dodge Q vy playing close to the wall. If he grabs you just e away, as your anchor will connect to the wall. His cc time will be finished, if he miss his q, counter trade by a double q combo. Your passiv will protect you from his w.”
Camille build toplane 8.24 (in depth) by Snaill | Camille Player
Snaill says “You outrange him, if he grab you, you have to back, else he just kill you.”
Aatrox toplane (8.24) in depth. by Snaill | Aatrox Player
Rading says “You can think that it is an easy matchup but it's not that easy. His grab and slows + bleed gives you a hard time surviving lane. Still he can get outplayed especially when youre a good shaco. Set up traps and try to predict his Q or ult and dodge them with your ult. Sounds difficult but it's possible. ”
ONE SHOT AP SHACO by Rading | Shaco Player
Mr Regular says “Either he land his skills or you land yours Skill based lane phase”
Teemo Mochileiro says “Tome muito cuidado nesse matchup, não fique no range do E e do Q do Darius, abuse do poke. Caso for pego, use o Q e saia rápido.”
Micheal Jorden role play by Hakomoruq | Darius Player
LivesforOnlyOne says “One of those rare matchups where parrying the big damaging ability/cc isn't an option most of the time. Very, very, very short trades my friend, similar to how Fiora might dance around a brute like Darius in reality. Run Grasp, and play around his ranges and cooldowns. If you don't know his ranges go learn them, Darius is to top lane what hazings are to college frats. Bait out Q's and if his W and especially his pull are down trade into it. Do this about 50 times and chip away at an advantage. If you mess up and he pulls you don't wait for him to get 5 stacks and his ult to Riposte, he'll kill you just running you down with autos just fine, so Riposte and Q away after a pull, denying his slows. You heavily outscale with a few items unless he walks up to you with 5 stacks at the ready. The most patience testing matchup imo. One mistake can spell your death even with flash. Care.”
MOOUSSA says “daruis major and exsteme try to dont fight him in early game try to get lvl 3 and if he is so strong try to fight him in lvl 6 ez to win just e and ult and easy to win vs him”
illaoi the king of the top dont need gank by MOOUSSA | Illaoi Player
JosephV says “Darius is pretty easy to play against and you are one of the only champions that are able to kill him that easy in toplane. But be carefull at level 6 because is R is pure bullshit.”
UNBENCH ME by JosephV | Tahm Kench Player
mrmundo says “This guy is a bitch for anyone to deal with. He has a pull, armor penetration, and makes you bleed, which makes his true damage ult even stronger. DO NOT engage 1v1. Poke with q, and ask for ganks.”
MrPuggles says “If you are good with your rupture, this should be an easy lane. If not, don't ever engage. Ever.”
[8.23]Cho'Gath - A Guide For Bronze/Silver (Updated) by MrPuggles | Cho'Gath Player
TheSuporter says “Darius has built in armor pen and gets it from BC ad that to his passive ad bonus and his true damage ult and he absolutely wrecks most tanks including you. Ask your jungler to camp your lane. If he gets really behind you will be too tanky for him to kill.”
Poppy toppy op by TheSuporter | Poppy Player
TheSuporter says “A short trade lane. DO NOT LET HIM GET 5 STACKS. You out sustain him and out damage him (if he doesn't prock passive).”
The only card I need is the Mace of Spades by TheSuporter | Mordekaiser Player
Lvl 100 Trunks says “he'll out last you, and out damage you.”
Wuking - The King Of Top Lane by Lvl 100 Trunks | Wukong Player
joelblack says “The only way you'll live against the previous TSM pro player is to avoid his pull. Early game pull means early game death :(. Pretty simple advice but he's high up on the danger list because if he DOES pull you, its game over.”
[8.23] A Good Boi by joelblack | Gnar Player
OrangeBeard says “He has a very good engage with his e, bait it out and try to fight him when you have either an item advantage of level advantage, because your e does alot more damage thank you think, also it speeds you up and slows him down to make it harder for him to hit his q on you.”
Yoyoyo [Season 9 Skarner Top] by OrangeBeard | Skarner Player
CaioOP1985 says “Darius is a serious nightmare when playing Nasus, with you being extremely weak in the early game. He can pull you to him, negate your armor and heal a ton of health back, so avoid engaging with him as much as possible, ask your jungle for ganks as he is quite immobile and play close to your tower to avoid being taken out.”
Nasus, God of the Late Game by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player
Ashnard says “An interesting matchup, Darius is pretty immobile but can kill you pretty easily if you mess up. Keep in mind his pull repositions your q, so keep your distance until you have 3rd one up. You can beat him at post 6 all ins if he has to waste his ult on revive and he's not tanky enough to survive multiple Q combos, so poke him down before going for the all-in.”
[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide by Ashnard | Aatrox Player
FrAGfOrEvErr says “Just don't try to trade with him because of his W he can slow u and then all in u”
Riven Guide [8.23] by FrAGfOrEvErr | Riven Player
Aldebaran1918 says “Has a good damage with his passive and his W, he also has a good grab with his E and a good zone with his Q, but lacks movility as much as you do, and you have bigger range, avoid close combat as much as possible at first levels.”
Top Dark harvest Morde by Aldebaran1918 | Mordekaiser Player
Buusack Nuudle says “Darius has caused many angry games for me and is just a pain. DO NOT give him the advantage.”
The Unlimited Jax top by Buusack Nuudle | Jax Player
RitoPLsnerfirelia says “Play early game safe Follow up in jungle ganks Only fight him 1v1 when he is below half health and with your e off cooldown. Use e to dodge his e,w combo Dodge his q with your q Stay safe until trinity force Then Smash and Dominate ”
Jax Top Domination 8.23 by RitoPLsnerfirelia | Jax Player
STO Dew says “Play relatively safe, poke him a few times and if you think you can kill him engage. After you get Tiamat + ULT harass him non stop!”
Tryndamere TOP | The Hard Carry by STO Dew | Tryndamere Player
DERPFISHrejects says “Fairly Even. In a proper all-in he will beat you 1v1, but if you harass him down first you can easily beat him in a fight later.”
Atrix--The Terror on the Top Half (WIP) by DERPFISHrejects | Aatrox Player
MrDecade says “If you're starting playing nasus, ban darius always, but if you have played nasus, try to play safe against him, do not fight him until you have around 150stacks”
Clepto Nasus Is GOOD by MrDecade | Nasus Player
JefferXpr3ss says “This is a very rough matchup given that it is Darius, I mean who has a good matchup against Darius? But his damage and CC is just too much for tanky Ornn to handle making it a rough time laning and farming.”
JefferXpr3ss's Guide to Ornn Top by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player
FkUConqueror says “If you're ap, qqqqq him lvl 3, and ult him down later. If you're tank, just farm till your jungler comes. ”
Adaptive Malphite by FkUConqueror | Malphite Player
Dacnomaniak says “Darius is extremely difficult to deal with. Poppy requires all in trades and thats exactly when Darius is at his strongest. Play safe until mid game and if you have to fight use your E to avoid the outer edge of his Q.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
shinysnivy says “que te digo, dariuys esta roto”
build prrona de poppy by shinysnivy | Poppy Player
UndDasHeisst says “Darius is tankier than you, and early game, he's going to be dealing more damage as well. He's going to zone you off minions and if you try to get some, he's going to pull you into his minion wave and start fighting you there.”
Bruiser Yasuo Guide [Patch 8.23] by UndDasHeisst | Yasuo Player
IllIlllIIlI says “Darius is really hard for singed. He does immense amounts of damage and applies a strong bleed, which can be extremely cancerous while trying to trade with him. Often times you'll either want to pick ghost+flash against him or just proxy.”
Speediest Singed in the West by IllIlllIIlI | Singed Player
GOTG Ment135 says “JUEGA MUY CUIDADOSAMENTE. Él te castigará por tratar de farmear y puede convertir los intercambios en peleas, que lo favorecen enormemente. Incluso si estás adelante, Darius es más que capaz de convertir una pelea en su beneficio, así que normalmente evita pelear a menos que tengas más HP y tu ultimate listo.”
GreenMoon935 says “A bigger bully in lane, try and freeze lane right before it goes into your tower”
TH3MaCHH0MaN says “he doesn't need to aa you to do your barrier useless against him.”
the savior by TH3MaCHH0MaN | Shen Player
TrashIreliaxd says “Just do the level 1 Cheese ignite lmao easy af matchup. People over-estimate Darius but really he's not that strong. ”
Irelia in Pre-season 9 by TrashIreliaxd | Irelia Player
Dollaking says “You can deal with him level 1 with "E" start denying him 5 stacks passive, but after that, dont fight him at all till teamfights.”
Malphite Build Preseason by Dollaking | Malphite Player
thedunkening111 says “This guy's tuff, but so are you. If he apprehends you, you'll have a chance to Q him and avoid his own Q damage. Else, just E into him so you can guarantee avoiding his Q damage. Just DO NOT let the guy five stack you, because then he'll just automatically win unless you can get lethal somehow. Guy's gonna shove you too, so it's a free kill for your JG probably, given your lockdown. Take Conqueror”
DuhBrandon says “early game you barely win but when late game comes you are pretty screwed in a 1v1 scenario. my best advice for you is to get ahead when you still can. Once you are ahead you need to snowball as much as you can because you can win fights against him if your fed and he's not.”
OmegaTeemo says “Don't get hit by his Q, if you're unlucky to get grabbed by his E, just blind him and run away. You will win lane most of the time, just be aware of your positioning.”
[TOP] The Teemo Main Pocket Guide by OmegaTeemo | Teemo Player
xdardax says “should be fine if u stay out of range and dont let him heal from u by Q.”
Singed guide 8.23 by xdardax | Singed Player
unkbugado says “skill matchup, but basically, who wins the first trade, wins the lane”
General Mordekaiser 8.23 Build by unkbugado | Mordekaiser Player
galvapheonix says “From my experience there are some ways to stop the dunkmaster. Darius will almost always play aggressive early, you can take advantage of this by having a strong early jungler presence, or playing passive until you get enough Ghouls to poke him with. If he manages to get all of his stacks onto you do not fight anymore otherwise you will die and not have a fun time. The new thornmail is a wonderful pickup against him as well.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player
Cyti says “Darius is very easy to counter since his pull (E) is short ranged. Don't attempt to poke him since you are locked into your auto animation for a long time, giving him the opportunity to walk up and hook you. A good Darius will flash+E you if you step too close so make sure to trade flashes if possible. ”
K1ngM1das says “You can win against it, but if you dont pay much attencion he will kill you”
Riven Guide Patch 8.22 Basics by K1ngM1das | Riven Player
WannabeGenghis says “Annoying coz if you go in stupidly, he gon punish you for that. I usually ban this when i play.”
A Monkey From The Dungeons Of Gold by WannabeGenghis | Wukong Player
RainbowBait says “Strong combos and can be a pain to deal with it.”
Aatrox high ad and lifesteal by RainbowBait | Aatrox Player
Resl says “He heals and heals and heals, but not impossible, you need to focus on Harassing with W and Poke him out of lane.”
Top Kench, The Grandiose Butcher by Resl | Tahm Kench Player

In the Jungle (9%) Darius In the Jungle Counters: 11,428 matches, 42 counter champions

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