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Fizz Counter Stats

Fizz Counters
Discover all champions who counter Fizz. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Fizz in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Fizz Data for all roles taken from 56,353 matches.
Fizz Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (94%) Fizz Middle Lane Counters: 53,023 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Fizz in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Yasukeh says “ He is a very slippery champion who can often easily trade onto you and you can't react if you don't prepare for it. If you make sure to not get hit by his slower troll pole at the end of his trade, you should be able to survive until you find an opening to kill him. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh (Preseas by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
uSgSello says “Losing matchup. Fizz has a high damage output with his auto hits + W + red buff in the early game. You should not fight him while he has red buff. Also he is able to dodge your cocoon with his trickstar.”
[Season 2021] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
FalleN3 says “A half decent Fizz can be a pain in the ass to play against due to his mobility and ease to bait out your combo. As with any assassin he is likely to roam in order to pick up some kills, especially if you are playing safe in lane or have frozen the minions. Ideally, you should only use your (Q) to stun him as if he manages to leap onto his troll-poll you will not lose the stun stack and can either hit him with another ability to stun him or wait out your (Q) again if possible. Don't underestimate his early damage and even if he has low HP, be aware that he can easily dive you at your tower, get the kill and exit to safety. This match-up can be won but it depends on how you are playing in the match-up and the enemies ability.”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
eiensiei says “REACTIVE lane, not proactive - this means I need to wait for him to make mistakes rather than go for random trades, I only AA him from range as we farm. Won't use my spells unless I've previously baited out his E (he can be harassed level 1 with E-AA if he starts W). Before 6 when he tries to go in, I'll W and cast E around myself, but won't detonate it until he finishes his E cast. He will either go out of my E range and not deal damage, or deal less damage through my W than I deal with E-AA. After he uses his Q, I'll use mine too since there are no more mobility abilities left, but won't stick around for further AA trades. Ideally after 6 I dodge his R, but if I don't, I'll use my Barrier (or stopwatch if it's up), W+E myself, detonate after his E, AA+Q+R+AA and he should be dead.”
[10.24] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Yeager says “Fleet foot + resolve tree + doran's shield. Rush wit's end first item. Main goal of this laning phase is to not give him any kills. Fizz is a good pick against champs like Yone who doesn't have reliable disengage. If he starts W level 1 then don't trade with him level 1 and just focus on poking him from a distance with Q. Lane is pretty easy until he gets level 6. At that point you want to have at least boots so you have a chance to dodge his ultimate. DO NOT use any of your engage abilities when his E is up. If you look for a fight, always bait out his E first. ”
Yeager's Master Yone Guide [In-Depth] by Yeager | Yone Player
Reppy says “This champion can also dodge Katarina’s daggers as he has an invulnerable that can make Katarina’s dagger disappear before it hits the floor. His high damage output and mobility makes it hard for Katarina to do anything against him. (You want to rush hexdrinker in this matchup if you do not bring resolve secondary)”
iZianni says “Counters our ult, has one shot potential with a D ring. This champ is uncounterable because of his own counterplay. If you cast ball out, expect to be all inned. You do get to free farm though if he's not confident in killing you. Zhonyas match up”
Zianni's Challenger Orianna Guide by iZianni | Orianna Player
Yamikaze says “Take exhaust. Start Q lvl 1 and look to poke him as much as possible when he goes in for every CS. Pre 6 you are looking to take short trades, without letting him hit E. Dash through minions, and do not take trades that lets him proc his empowered W. You want a hexdrinker ASAP, because he can oneshot you with ignite once his ult is up. You can windwall the fish,, but a good fizz will always animation cancel the R with his Q at very close range, making it almost impossible to dodge the ult. ”
Dr Eggmund says “Feels great when you destroy a Fizz as any champ and Vladimir should be great against him. Pool his Ult to deny his all in and poke fizz with Qs early to pressure him and deny him farm. Try all ining at 6 however i reccomend you get fizz to a lower health than most other champions or bait out his E, as this will prevent him from denying your damage. Build the usual protobelt, and buy sorcerer's to poke him even more for the squirt he is.”
Vladimir《Season 11》: Cosmic Devourer IN-DEPTH by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Sylvan Lore says “Fizz has always given me a lot of trouble on immobile mages. You can bully him incredibly hard early as long as you play around his Q and E cooldowns, but even with a 20 cs lead, his lvl 6 is absolutely devastating. If you have flash and think there is a possibility you will die, just flash his ult before it hits rather than waiting to see if he will all in. In many cases i will get either a tear or a lost chapter and go straight into a banshee veil rush to negate the insane catch ability of his ultimate. You can also alter your runes to get stopwatch in your secondary tree if you don't want to go the banshee rush build and want more damage. ”
[10.24] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
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