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Lux Counter Stats

Lux Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #8 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Lux. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Lux in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Lux Data for all roles taken from 242,870 matches.
Lux Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (75%) Lux Bottom Lane Counters: 182,458 matches, 34 counter champions

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Tips Against Lux in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

IHaveNoName says “Quite a disbalance, if she hits her Q you might end up dead, her E will help her heavily with that. If she misses Q, you can normally just engage on her, but be cautious (W, E and R).”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
OverjarlZane says “She's like you, but weaker since she's lowerinf her output as a support. Plus her mana costs are insane compared to yours. Abuse her squishyness and she'll be backed out of the lane for 90% of it.”
[10.19] The Jarls APC Ziggs AND THE TOWERS CRIED OUT by OverjarlZane | Ziggs Player
Profesor APH. says “cant dash her q, ult e she can save enemy adc with her w but she dont have any dash and thats why she is not extreme ”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
OverjarlZane says “Same basic premise as Brand. Just a bully but squishy enough that you can deal with them. Start shield if you're worried.”
[10.19] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
Ultrama says “Very annoying. Watch out for her Q and R, ward the bushes, stay behind the minions and don't play too agressive. ”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
yers says “Artillery mage and your mobility don't mix well. She has relatively long base CDs earlygame so she becomes low and vulnerable after using skills.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Outranges Swain, he can't hit E ever on her. Flashing in and all in-ing is only hope.”
Swain BOT as APC / ADC Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Swain Player
eyh4sxdf says “CC is bad for you in any form, do whatever you can to dodge it if you need to”
An In-Depth Guide to Kindred ADC by eyh4sxdf | Kindred Player
EvoNinja7 says “She has really annoying poke but all her abilities are fairly easy to dodge. Try not to get caught in any of them, or you'll most likely die.”
All Ashe Builds That You Didn't Ask For. by EvoNinja7 | Ashe Player
Terrific says “I hate this champion, it should not be in League of Legends. It's useless in my team and annoying in the enemy. Just dodge her Q and you can literally shit on her. Is still a Mage so care for its dmg.”
Trisien says “Her E can make it hard to approach waves. You might have to concede early lane against her, but if you have an engage support with you, you can all-in her without much difficulties.”
Secret tech Quinn ADC by Trisien | Quinn Player
Totaalmax says “when you're rooted or stunned you're pretty much fucked.”
Adc Ornn... yes, it is real. by Totaalmax | Ornn Player
Zoodyacc says “Lux is probably the easiest matchup that you can have, simply dodge all of her abilities with your Tumble, you're extremly mobile.”
KriXPeIIo says “It's easy to dodge her root, but if you didn’t dodge, then you’ll probably die. Yes, there are a chance that you can kill her before she will use her combo, but it's hard.”
Dark Harvest Ezreal by KriXPeIIo | Ezreal Player
twitchtvStreat says “Dont get caged, play aggressive, pull her life out of her.”
[10.10] Diamond Pyke Tyson*The roaming Reaper*by Streat[SUP] by twitchtvStreat | Pyke Player
ShroudedBRH says “Lux has alot of poke available on short cooldowns as the game progresses she gets access to more damage. Try to bait out her Q to punish her ADC as she will likely run away after missing”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
LupinTheCat says “This is who you ban why? everybody and their mom plays lux, you either ban a mid laner or support or Bot laner Lux players are all the same, if she lands her Q she will R right after”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
Bebras19 says “Quite a disbalance, if she hits her Q you might end up dead, her E will help her heavily with that. If she misses Q, you can normally just engage on her, but be cautious (W, E and R).”
"NOT DRAVEN, IT'S DRAAAAVEN." AK-47 DRAVEN BUILD by Bebras19 | Draven Player
LouisGeert says “Lux both has CC and high range poke wich makes it hard for Draven to play against in laning phase.”
Bewis's In-depht draven guide! by LouisGeert | Draven Player
mrPERISH says “Can be a big threat to you if she knows what she's doing. Her CC can have you calling the Grim Reaper, especially if she has her ult available. Best to keep your distance to give you more time to dodge her stun. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Can be a big threat to you if she knows what she's doing. Her CC can have you calling the Grim Reaper, especially if she has her ult available. Best to keep your distance to give you more time to dodge her stun.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Can be a big threat to you if she knows what she's doing. Her CC can have you calling the Grim Reaper, especially if she has her ult available. Best to keep your distance to give you more time to dodge her stun. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Can be a big threat to you if she knows what she's doing. Her CC can have you calling the Grim Reaper, especially if she has her ult available. Best to keep your distance to give you more time to dodge her stun. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Can be a big threat to you if she knows what she's doing. Her CC can have you calling the Grim Reaper, especially if she has her ult available. Best to keep your distance to give you more time to dodge her stun. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
Nunuzera says “Se pega você, o burst será grande.”
SILVER TWITCH BR by Nunuzera | Twitch Player
ruttell says “Champions with a sun or root ability's are extremely lethal toward teemo because of his squishy-ness ”
Teemo EZ S+ bot lane!! by ruttell | Teemo Player
BknItza says “en el juego temprano y medio es un dolor (matala antes de que ella lo haga)”
Aphelios Build by BknItza | Aphelios Player
Eccentricks says “I didn't think hell was this f*cking bright. Four words to watch out for: NO MORE HOLDING BACK! She will lock you down, she will make your cry, and then you die. I don't think she is broken, but she is annoying.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Dodge her snare and AoE and you're golden. Her shield will always be a threat, so be aware of your damage. ”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
finalninja says “Skillshots are easier to dodge than Blitz, but can still kill you easily. She also has constant poke. Doable, but be careful. ”
[9.23] Jhin Guide Pre-season 10 by finalninja | Jhin Player
Eucalyptus says “Disgusting, and has been for years. An artillery mage enchantress, a bad macro abuser is easy to execute but if they have half a brain cell they should never be autoed by you for the entire game.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Fruxo says “Avoid her Q's and try not to die from her combo's (Q+E+R). Ask jungler for help if in deep trouble.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
Mimori says “Dodge her Q. Pretty squishy and cant protect her own adc.”
9.20 DIAMOND DRAVEN OTP TIPS & TRICKS by Mimori | Draven Player
Fruxo says “Avoid her Q's and try not to die from her combo's (Q+E+R). Ask jungler for help if in deep trouble.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
mads803k says “lux can root and "R" = you are dead. soo just dont go for her alone. keep a Support with you. if she missed her Q you go for her.”
highlanderq says “If shes good you probably won´t be poking safely or winning much trades.”
Rumble Supports your way out of Silver by highlanderq | Rumble Player
lonely Xatu says “you can spell shield all of her abilities. it is an easy lane. focus on shielding her root.”
Lethality Sivir for Degenerates by lonely Xatu | Sivir Player
Frybi says “late game lux is v dangerous for vayne, once vayne is rooted or stunned u might as well give up”
Vayne (Frybi's guide uwu) by Frybi | Vayne Player
Hidrogear says “If she has no Q, go for it!”
[S9.11] Kogmaw for the win! by Hidrogear | Kog'Maw Player
EtuSnake says “Lux is a huge threat if you can't avoid her CC. Try dodge her abilities and shoot her when her abilities are on cooldown.”
(Patch 9.9) EtuSnake's God'maw by EtuSnake | Kog'Maw Player
NMFO says “I can't stand playing into lux. After Morgana, I would ban her next. However, as thresh you just have to dodge her skillshots. If playing into her, I'd rush mobi first. Her q and her ult are not fun to play into. ”
Xerxes Is ADC says “hide behind minions, run towards her when she tries to throw her E at you from afar. then she's basically useless. ”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
Darkness3609 says “She can take a lot of ur health and while u farm and also take half of ur health with her ultimate combo”
Draven BotCarry by Darkness3609 | Draven Player
relog says “Carefull with her burst Cuidado com o burst dela”
Swain APC HyperCarry (BR/ENG) by relog | Swain Player
II Monokaiser II says “Fácil quando junto a Sup de engage.”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
rrocks003 says “Similar to Caitlyn, only difference is that she doesn't necessarily one shot your turrets, but she can still damage them without entering their range.”
The Key to that Heimerdinger Carry by rrocks003 | Heimerdinger Player
FiveShadesOfBlue says “If she damages you with her spells you will die because you cant dodge skill shots.”
Whip Them To Death! ( All lanes ) by FiveShadesOfBlue | Thresh Player

Middle Lane (23%) Lux Middle Lane Counters: 56,573 matches, 51 counter champions

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Tips Against Lux in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Yamikaze says “Really easy matchup. You can block everything except for the ult with your wind wall. Make sure to dodge her snare, and there is nothing she can do when you all-in her.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze & Yeager's Challenger Yasuo Guide by Yamikaze | Yasuo Player
lkycch says “If your team is all squishy or has no cc, I suggest dodging in champ select. Very frustrating snare and burst combo. She's designed burst down your team at range, but when her Q is down she's a sitting duck! Look to engage as soon as she misses her Q, as she is very squishy and easy to burst down. Similarly to how you would play against Xerath, make sure you try your best to dodge her skillshots.”
lkycch says “Very frustrating snare and burst combo. She's designed burst down your team at range, but when her Q is down she's a sitting duck! Look to engage as soon as she misses her Q, as she is very squishy and easy to burst down. Similarly to how you would play against Xerath, make sure you try your best to dodge her skillshots.”
iZianni says “You are outranged making your damage irrelevant, you have a bigger impact in team fights but she has excessive pick potential. You'll spend most of this match up dodging Lucent Singularities and hoping she never lands a Cosmic Binding, if she over-commits you can 100-0 her though. If she doesn't have barrier that is :/”
Zianni's Challenger Syndra Guide by iZianni | Syndra Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Corrupting potion for her E spam, boots to dodge her Q. Try to go for the kill levels 2-5 as often as you can because she still has no ult and no kill power. Beware of her gank setups with her Q and her potential followup on roams with her R. Always ping that she might follow or that there might be an ult coming after you succesfully ganked bot. I usually go for Ignite and Dematerializer and I will try to kill her early on, or if I cannot and she plays too defensive I will just roam. You can bait out her Q by pretending to run towards her with your passive fully expecting her Q to come. Dodge the Q, go closer and do a full combo. You either get the kill or force a recall and you gained a small window to roam or a small advantage towards her tower.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Sylvan Lore says “Lux is a tough matchup as one of the few mages that out-ranges you and out-damages you. If she lands a Q on you either in lane or by hiding in a bush, you are most likely dead. Against her i will usually take E level 1 and just match every long range E she throws at me with a shield to block it entirely for the first 3 levels. You can kill her if she ever gets overly aggressive and lets you land a combo. Banshee veil as a second item should be more than enough MR for late game. You want to roam and affect the map as best you can, because her ultimate does much more damage and is on a lower cooldown in lategame. The one thing you have on her is better DPS into tanks which can be important late game. Try to roam and get the map going as much as you can so the game has team fights early and mid game when you are stronger. Recommend: Barrier and Vs. Ap Assassin”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
xXkillercrackXx says “Mostly a skill matchup. If you can dodge her stun, you can have kill pressure. Start boots vs lux to dodge her E and Q easier, negating her early damage. She has no mobility to follow roams, but she does have a long range ultimate which can snipe low health targets, so watch out!”
[10.19] How to play TF like Apdo (Best TF in the world!) by xXkillercrackXx | Twisted Fate Player
PlayCabex says “You just need to farm until you get level 6 and get your first item then you win”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
sweodigaming says “So, so squishy. Poor lux. However don't get caught by her Q. If you do get caught late game you are basically dead if you don't get Zhonyas. Just harass her early”
[10.19] the Dark Child - All Viable Roles and Runes by sweodigaming | Annie Player
7daysko says “Very annoying but she is also extremely squishy. She outranges you, but if you dodge her Binding it's hard for her to brust you down, allowing you to get close enough to kill her or force her out of lane.”
7daysko says “Very squishy and your damage is more reliable. Focus her for free kills.”
CaptianMike says “If fed, she will 1-shot you no problem. If not, your impact on the game will greatly overshadow hers. It's a matter of not dying to her. A lane where neither of you kill eachother is a won lane. If you manage to get ahead somehow, she is quite easy to kill! ”
Embody death itself! (1k AP) (Mid and Top) by CaptianMike | Karthus Player
FalleN3 says “Lux has a massive range advantage over you, however she is squishy and has no real escape. If she plays aggressively and keeps pushing into you, call for a gank from your jungler. After Lvl 6, be sure not to get hit by her abilities because her (E) Lucent Singularity will slow you, which will make it easier for her to land (Q) Light Binding and from here you are pretty much dead with (R) Final Spark. If Lux takes barrier, she can be extremely difficult to all in 100-0, even with your ultimate (R) Final Spark. I tend to start boots and health potions against her but if you're feeling confident with your footwork, Doran's Ring is a solid option. Dodge her skillshots and you should win this lane! TIP: Lux (R) Final Spark is not a channel, it is simply an animation. Once the animation has begun, you CANNOT stop Lux from ulting with a stun.”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
crabbix says “She's you, but worse. Play with your range, it's bigger than hers.”
Scyrine says “a lot of people have trouble with this matchup but if played right you can easily destroy her. try to draw her out from under her turret by playing back, and once you have 6 go for an E > R and combo her. she shouldnt be able to do anything with your aggression. ”
Yasukeh says “Either dodge her snare or spin through it and she is a free kill. She has 0 mobility, and no way to really stop you from killing her, since snares don't stop auto attacks. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh. by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
Yeager says “If you are experienced in this matchup you can start doran's ring, else you can start boots and you should have no problems dodging her skillshots. She is hard to kill in lane because of her range, so just focus on shoving her in and roam to sidelanes. Cleanse is highly recommended. ”
Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
RezoneVerified says “Dodge full combo and you should be fine. Care AoE on turrets and dodge the snare. Poke down constantly with W and try to land a triple beam combo”
[NEW 10.19] - [Season 10] - MASTER TIER 14,000 GAME Guide - by RezoneVerified | Heimerdinger Player
PH45 says “Long range abilites, you need to dodge her Q or you are pretty much dead after 6. Cleanse can work in this matchup well and she is quite easy to gank if she has no summs so perhaps ask your jungler for help.”
FalleN3 says “Lux has a massive range advantage over you but she is squishy and has no real escape. If she plays aggressively and keeps pushing into you, call for a gank from your jungler. Hopefully they will listen and be in a position to help you secure a kill. After level 6 be sure not to get caught off-guard without your (E) because her (E) will slow you, which will make it easier for her to (Q) + (R) you. If she takes Barrier, it can be difficult to 100-0 her. Avoid her skill shots in-lane and kill her after level 6. Farm as much as you can and try to roam whenever possible.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “Her range and CC is very annoying in the early levels however Lux's high mana costs can be beneficial for you. Let her use her abilities and dodge her stun. Your minions will be your best friend in this scenario as this will block her stun from hitting you. All in at 6 and always be aware of Lux's barrier as she will usually take this sum. She can stop death itself with it so be aware. ”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Glasletter says “Her flat damage hurts but she can't CC you enough to kill you unless you play stupid. You outscale her as well.”
simplepoetry says “Lux is hard matchup on midlane because of her root and passive, its not possible to dive L and it is also harder to farm because she will poke you to death.”
10.19 EUROPEAN MIDLANE IRELIA + HOW TO FIRST BLOOD by simplepoetry | Irelia Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Since Lux W can tank a bit of your burst, wait until her shield is down before deciding to burst her. If she does spam her shield never go to all in her since your full combo with be denied by her return shield. Poke her throughout laning phase and do short burst combos.”
[10.19] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Aegox says “Buy boots and try your best to dodge her root, flash if you have to because if she roots you she will probably use her E then ult you and you will most likely be dead.”
[10.19] Aegox's Zoe Guide For Beginners by Aegox | Zoe Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Mainly a skill match up. Dodge her root, you'll get the better trade. Hit your chain you'll get the better trade. Don't burst her when she uses her W (shield) otherwise she'll negate most of your damage. Don't start trading with her until level 3 since she has more damage due to her passive.”
[10.19] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Lux might be annoying early levels with her harass, but once you hit your level 6 and you get your negatron against her, which will deny her oneshot potential, you should be able to win range trades and eventually kill her even in 1v1 situation.”
[S10] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw (build for ADC included) by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Yuki H. says “Squishy champion with annoying poke, but can be easily killed if she misses her snare. Just make sure to not take too much damage that disables you from an all in. ”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “Skill Matchup. More range than you , a lot defense , but less all in and tf potential .”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Impossible2Gank says “Pretty even matchup as you can just stack MR and use your R to dodge hers. ”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
Hullos says “She has decent poke and decent dmg. Though one good W and she is forced to take a good chunk of dmg. ”
Shazzaam says “Dodge her Q and you're fine.”
[10.19] Trinity Force Twisted Fate (Discovered/Invented by J by Shazzaam | Twisted Fate Player
ShadowSlayerMain says “Try to stay away from her Passive just as you are trying to avoid her spells, avoiding only her Q you can do everything, the best option against her R is yours”
SSM's Gold Zed Guide Season 10 by ShadowSlayerMain | Zed Player
BloooodTV says “D-Blade. Just dodge her stun with E and Windwall her abilities, only thing you can't windwall is her R. Outscales you. Take Conq as you might as well get the extra damage late in this easy lane.”
[10.19] "Kill me? You can try." Yasuo Guide by BloooodTV | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “Lux has a massive range advantage over you but she is squishy and has no real escape. If she plays aggressively and keeps pushing into you, call for a gank from your jungler. Hopefully they will listen and be in a position to help you secure a kill. After level 6 be sure not to get caught off-guard because her (E) will slow you, which will make it easier for her to (Q) + (R) you. If she takes Barrier, it can be difficult to 100-0 her. Avoid her skill shots in-lane and kill her after level 6. Farm as much as you can and try to roam whenever possible. She is an easy kill after 6!”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
ziolo to noob says “This champ is not the biggest problem after you buy codex, but this thing outranges you hard. If your laning phase will be neutral or won which is really hard with a bad jungler, you are going to outscale her at midgame and lategame.”
Vladimir MID - Threats and Synergies updated! by ziolo to noob | Vladimir Player
I count to seven says “Don't let her poke you with her "E", remember that Lux's Q hitbox is bigger than it looks like”
10.19 | Syndra Guide ~ Power without limit! by I count to seven | Syndra Player
Bouhhsolene says “Lux is probably one of the best Match ups, as, if you play well, you never get hit by her spells as you got your passive Movment speed and so you can kill her.”
[10.19] How to Taliyah mid ! by Bouhhsolene | Taliyah Player
LunarVortex says “You can easily spellshield her Q and she also has no mobility to dodge your Q or get out of your R. Her range and poke in lane can be annoying, consider buying boots very early to make dodging her poke easier.”
[10.19] In-Depth Midlane Morgana Guide by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
BCota says “EZ matchup use pool to dodge her ult 6+ or root pre-6. Poker her and just set up for the one shot ”
Vladimir Mid Guide 10.19 by BCota | Vladimir Player
Marky 2 Butts says “Only even because she could potentially pop you late game if you are building AP glass cannon. On the other hand you could do the same to her. This is all about who catches who. ”
Glass Cannon AP Malphite Mid by Marky 2 Butts | Malphite Player
TimRhabey says “Dodge her Q and her damage is gone, hit your bodyslam and her HP bar is gone. Take the glacial rune setup so you can constantly force her to waste her flash or kill her by launching her towards your team or turret.”
Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth by TimRhabey | Gragas Player
Fadedreformed says “easy matchup dodge her q's and you outrade/outscale her”
Shazzaam says “Annoying champion. Dodge her Q, otherwise he can kill you or get you to 20% HP.”
[10.19] Hybrid Corki Guide by Shazzaam | Corki Player
ToHadesWithYou says “Since her Q can hit 2 enemies unlike your E, it is trouble to deal with her. Her E is bad too. If she hits you with her Q, she'll throw everything she got.”
Zoe Guide 10.19 by ToHadesWithYou | Zoe Player
Coldsong says “Lux has a lot of burst potential with her Q, E, and R combo. Make sure to dodge her Q and you should be fine. Since her W was nerfed, she is even more squishy which makes it even easier to oneshot her.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
XayLies says “Just dodge her stun with E and Windwall her abilities, only thing you can't windwall is her R.”
Yasuo Guide | Season 10 by XayLies | Yasuo Player
Papzz says “She has hard cc, i suggest you to use very often your upgraded Q (with item) for high mobility. She is squishy but don't underestimate her shield + damage.”
God Tier Viktor Guide 10.19 by Papzz | Viktor Player
Proma says “Dshield As long as you avoid her Q you win. As long as she doesn't get ahead you win the lane. Lux does a lot of damage at later stages of the game.”
economistastonks says “You can easily dodge her skills and go in. Would probably go merc treads against her, just in case... ”
Farming Champions by economistastonks | Pyke Player
ZynyLoL says “Unli Poke, Short CD snare, Barrier yeah a Balance champion for noobs.”
ZynyL Vladimir Guide by ZynyLoL | Vladimir Player
elnino9 says “Stay away from minions, she will E. If she hits E, walk away from her as she wants to land an auto attack to proc her blight passive. Setup Q dagger on her when she's going to last hit a minion. Trade if her Shield is on CD since it is her strongest ability. Get aggressive if her Q is down because she can't stop you from full comboing. You have to learn to be elusive in this matchup by avoiding her key abilities. Don't get baited by her shield. Kill her when you have items.”
Midlane God says “If she plays safe you are fucked cuz she has dumb poke and can wipe u out with her combo from distance. But she is squishy like hell :D ”
Dominate Mid as Rumble by Midlane God | Rumble Player
SkellyBirb says “Lux has a lot of burst and will likely be able to one shot you once she hits 6 if she manages to land a root. Set up shrines to deal with her poke early on.”
[10.18] A Guide to Lich Bane Bard Mid! by SkellyBirb | Bard Player
Veralion says “HoB/beads. Pretty easy. Her spells are telegraphed and quite dodgeable with your W. You should be able to farm quite well so long as your positioning is solid. Don’t eat the E’s that go for your wave while using the wave to block her Q. Don't greed for farm while she has you shoved in early, taking Q-auto-E-auto is too much damage to sustain through. Bait her Q then all in her at 6. Will it blend? Yes, it will. Alternatively just ult right through it. You might not kill her through her W and Barrier, which most of them run, but it will force her back and you can build up a solid farm lead. Recently, her Q CD and W shield were nerfed pretty hard, so you have all day to engage after she uses Q. Her ult is now a 1.0 ratio however, so make sure you watch out for and respect that damage. Flash it if necessary. Avoid roots at all costs while she has it available.”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
ReapeRGP says “Skill matchup. Just don't get rooted and stun her for easy pokes.”
Veigar 10.18 Carry Alone by ReapeRGP | Veigar Player
Icemperor says “Lux has a lot of CC and mass AOE damage, I ban Lux a lot since she is so hard to farm with too.”
vuty2002 says “You can dodge her skills easily by dashing around. Lux won't fight head-on so just try to push minions since she can't farm accurately without her skills under tower”
Yasuo Conqueror + Sorcery by vuty2002 | Yasuo Player
Damy_Kage says “Be afraid of her. Avoid her skills as much as you can, her range is huge and harash a lot.”
Swain Mid never lose a lane. by Damy_Kage | Swain Player
Haywyre says “Dodge her q and it's a free lane.”
[10.16] Haywyre's In-Depth Rank 100 Katarina Guide by Haywyre | Katarina Player
Poppi Sama says “Highly immobile champion, look to avoid all poke from her long range skill shots (especially her Q/ Stun). Once you hit lvl 6, look for all ins while dodging skill shots with your ultimate.”
Frixen says “Cleanse or Ignite. Push her in, avoid her Q, and you can just run her down in an extended setting. She cannot keep up with your roams and sucks at cs'ing under turret. The only way you lose that is if you get caught by her Q and get poked out. ”
Wholesomefrog says “Quite an easy matchup early, just poke her a lot and try not to get stunned, your ult deals more damage than hers, keep that in mind.”
LETHALITY CAITLYN MID by Wholesomefrog | Caitlyn Player
Shyirl2 says “Same as xerath, easily farmable”
Shyirl2's Guide To Kassadin by Shyirl2 | Kassadin Player
SnakeOnRiver says “Extreamly easy. Pick phase and run her down.”
[10.17] The holy and blessed Cassiopeia guide! by SnakeOnRiver | Cassiopeia Player
K3y5 says “Her root is very easy to dodge with Shunpo (E). The only way you can die is from getting poked while Lux freezes.”
GnarZing says “Take Lethal Tempo or Comet. Engage if she misses her snare. ”
Zing's Guide to Mid Gnar (10.16) (WIP) by GnarZing | Gnar Player
Big Shawn says “I love playing against Lux with Ekko. You deal a ton of damage. Your mobility allows you to avoid tons of damage. The free Stopwatch in your inventory thanks to the runes will just annoy her. Just because she is a minorthreat doesn't mean she can't easily punish you. But as Ekko, you should be able to win against Lux.”
Ekko | Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Ekko Player
Snow Day Zoe says “she is annoying to go against, she basically has the same range as you with that stupid aoe damage e, i would take cleanse, if the enemy jgler has cc, if not, barrier”
xtrinity01x says “Don't get hit by her root and its an easy lane lol.”
Morgana Mid/AP Morgana Supp (WATCH EM BURN) by xtrinity01x | Morgana Player
ThatOneKatMain says “A smart lux will poke you out with e and hold on to her q try to hop behind her then w and run to the side with the movement speed you get from w she will probably miss her q on you and after that you can kill her.”
In depth Katarina guide by ThatOneKatMain | Katarina Player
Brentonlop says “She will only one shot you if she lands her Q. Try to dodge and you can kill her. Have vision control because she is good at setting up ganks.”
Brentonlop's In depth Leblanc Guide by Brentonlop | LeBlanc Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “High Minor Dodge her Q and win the trade Get hit by her Q, don't stun her and lose the trade Don't let her roam especially after 6”
Mpegial says “At all costs avoid her Q it is too risky to let that root hit you, you could get ganked burst damage or any other thing that would mess you up.”
The: How to be a Talon main by Mpegial | Talon Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
Magical Rock says “Lux is pretty easy to lane against because of her squishyness. The only thing to watch out for is her q, which prevents you from ulting on top of her.”
The Perfect Assassin - A guide to AP Malphite Mid by Magical Rock | Malphite Player
The PaIe King says “Suicide Karth Summoner Spells: Teleport/Flash---- Build Path: Archangels Staff, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Rabadons Death Cap, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass. ----Rune Page: Summon Aery, Manaflowband, Transcendence, Scorch, Tast of Blood, Ravenous Hunter.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
maxtenj says “Lux is great for you, she is super squishy and cant win in trades. Just ult her when shes around half and constantly dive with jungle.”
[10.15] Crush the Meta, with Malphite Mid! by maxtenj | Malphite Player
snukumz says “Don't get rooted and you will be fine. Her long range poke hurts you and is very hard to dodge unless you just stay out of her range. Your burst and her burst are about the same, but your combo will do more total damage as you get the full duration of your ultimate. She can 100-0 you late game if she combo's you, get Zhonya's and you'll dodge her ult every time. ”
shebaba says “a skill matchup, a good lux will land every ability ”
Raging vel'koz by shebaba | Vel'Koz Player
cayden says “You can kill her early just dont get hit by her q”
Fizz guide season 10 by cayden | Fizz Player
AZIR MEN says “well watch out for her root. that's it, congrats oh and her e poke. Take conq/comet”
Pentakai says “If she has barrier, you probably won't be able to kill her. Use Q when you can't dodge her E. Beware of her Q; remember that it can root 2 targets.”
[10.13] PTK| Choose Your Path | Kassadin Guide by Pentakai | Kassadin Player
LightningTemplar says “Try to dodge her abilities. You can also use your R to dodge her R. Play aggresive after lvl 3 when you can combo. She is VERY vulnerable without her Q, so attempt to dodge it and then engage on her. ”
Swagilicious' Zed Guide - ZED99 Inspired by LightningTemplar | Zed Player
only yasuo play says “Don't get poked down, save wind wall for her root.”
BEST YASUO GUIDE (WIP) by only yasuo play | Yasuo Player
SicKitty says “god just stay far away and land those third bounce Q”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
PepeOnDrugs says “Lux has a massive range advantage over you but she is squishy and has no real escape. If she plays aggressively and keeps pushing into you, call for a gank from your jungler. Hopefully they will listen and be in a position to help you secure a kill. After level 6 be sure not to get caught off-guard because her (E) will slow you, which will make it easier for her to (Q) + (R) you. If she takes Barrier, it can be difficult to 100-0 her. Avoid her skill shots in-lane and kill her after level 6. Farm as much as you can and try to roam whenever possible. She is an easy kill after 6! ”
How to dominate with Akali by PepeOnDrugs | Akali Player
Arsenee says “Buy boots at your first back to dodge her Roots because if you dont she will root you, e then ult and then you are dead.”
Ekko Rush B Guides says “Lux is annoying, but not a hard matchup. She is really squishy and has no mobility at all, so that gives you free W's. The only thing you have to worry about is her Q, because then she has the potential to one-shot you without you being able to ult. Buy a corruption potion early on to deal with her poke.”
[S10] AP Ekko Mid Lane Guide - Short but Detailed by Ekko Rush B Guides | Ekko Player
KataFlix says “Lux is almost the easiest to fight against, especially in your late game every ability lux casts has one direction and you can easily dodge her abilities by using your E”
KataFlix Katarina Guide by KataFlix | Katarina Player
Lavishmouse1032 says “champs with stun like neeko and lux just stay out of range and poke and they wont be much of a problem if they dont have a kill”
Iron 1 xerath guide by Lavishmouse1032 | Xerath Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “Lux is really squishy so all you have to do is dodge her skillshots and after level 6 you will have a very easy time killing her if she is not fed, same goes for all mages except heimer”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
Ventus2k says “Your e is a sort of teleport so wait her to q and e on her and she'll be unable to kill you.”
panger 174 says “te va a pokear, re molesta si no te sobreexpones no te mata. no seas demasiado agresivo dh elec”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
u fool says “Lux has a root and quite a bit of CC. If you dodge her root, you can easily kill her/”
Gageowago says “When her q is up, stick behind at least two minions. You can pressure her when the q is down. Walk forward when she throws her e at you because most lux players will throw it behind you. You can charm her out of her ult if she lands her root on you.”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Debonair Karma says “Buy corrupting pot. Take an extra point in E early. Her poke is easily avoidable but she might be hard to poke herself because of her W and long range. Shove her into the tower. Take barrier/cleanse”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
idadees says “Ha più danni di poke rispetto ad Ahri, cercare di evitare la sua Q con una R E per cercare di farle un All in.”
[ITALIANO] DOMINA LA TUA LANE CON AHRI | (MID) by idadees | Ahri Player
BigFatCat909 says “Lux is harder than some might think, but it's a lot easier after some experience.”
Hunt Their Shadows by BigFatCat909 | Zed Player
topal says “just dodge her q.If you get on top of her you can destroy her.”
Galio op op ( in depth Galio guide ) by topal | Galio Player
Noodles912 says “This lane kind of hurts. Rush mercs, and Q if she hits you with her Q. Try to just play safe. At level 6, save your R to dodge her Q, or R. Her E can be soaked with your Q. Cleanse is optional. You win at level 6.”
1v9 every game as Kassadin with Noodles912 by Noodles912 | Kassadin Player
Papapostolou says “She can poke you hard on early , but you win her late, try to just def for late, although she is gonna try to bully you, then you can just ask for gank and get an easy kill ”
Guide to the Vlad God Patch 10.12 by Papapostolou | Vladimir Player
KitsyMamori says “You're not very mobile so stand behind your minions and make use of your Q range to outpoke her.”
Ziggs Guide by KitsyMamori | Ziggs Player
MorroX says “The easiest matchup for zed. Buy a Draktharr, and you can one-hit Lux from full hp.”
ASDHUB says “In the earlies, if you poke, she will worth absolute 0.”
Lil Tidepod says “She has a lot of range and her CC is easy to hit. If she wastes her root, engage on her, as you can absolutely destroy her. She does outrange you, and she can pop a fat shield, just like you. Play the slow game, as you scale harder than her. Try and push the wave under turret and roam.”
sm1rk says “This is basically for any immobile mage, like Heimerdinger, Lux, Twisted Fate, all of those. You windwall their only CC and they're done for. Super easy. ”
Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide by sm1rk | Yasuo Player
PRoli03 says “Only need to know how to dodge. A good lux can kill you however i have dont really have problem againist her”
Sanctuar says “There is not much to do against her waveclear due to her E, but her combo can be completely countered with a Zhonya's, therefore she is not a high threat. If you have struggles against her, max Q and farm yourself up until you get you first item done and after that go for Zhonya's to shut her down completely. Note: Her ultimate cannot be interrupted even if she gets stunned.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
Fhizzikx says “easiest matchup if you know what youre doing”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
Capparelli says “She's weak right now, dodge her Q and you can dive on her, even lux mains will struggle in this matchup, use your root when fighting her because canopy will almost never help you, shove her into a wall with R and she goes poof”
Qiyana In-Depth Guide by Capparelli | Qiyana Player
JacWilly says “Squishy but has easy poke, a good lux will always take barrier, paired with her w makes it hard to ult her, try to roam and get ahead.”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
zeno smurfer says “So hard to win this matchup. His q is the key for this matchup. If he used his q then go all in and you win. But if he don't use q and wait until you go in better to not go in cuz he trades you and you can die.”
rank 1 sylas one trick ultimate guide by zeno smurfer | Sylas Player
BigBushMan says “Just like Zoe, dodge one ability and win. Specifically her Q, its the only thing that keeps you from sticking onto her and killing her. ”
Low Elo Akali Mid Guide by BigBushMan | Akali Player
I main support says “High CC like the other 3 (Leo, Morg, Thresh) but she's more vulnerable to you, this does NOT mean she's not mean she's a threat to Ahri, she has her Q which can make you ever more vulnerable to her or her team and the way Lux can burst you down, but against a Lux, it's a very skill base battle.”
Low Elo Ahri Guide by I main support | Ahri Player
serruh says “dodge her Q, you're good to go. it will be annoying to deal with her E but the most important thing is you dont get hit by Q, since she can 80-0 at 6 if she hits one i'm pretty sure. should be fairly easy to play out all things considered”
[10.10] Ryze MID Guide & Matchups by serruh | Ryze Player
Noodles912 says “She is just a bully. She has waveclear, and a ton of shields. Grab cs safely, and look to roam since she is a mage. Use E with awareness. In a nutshell, just play chicken till level 3, then look for trades. Rush zhonyas to deal with her ult.”
The1guy123 says “people who play this champ are trash”
RockitoAhri says “You can avoid Lux's E by walking towards her instead of trying to dodge left or right or running back. Her Q is irrelevant. When you take her low enough and she is in kill range, you can walk up straight and use your ult charge to sidestep her Q. After that she is yours. ”
[10.9] Ahri Guide! Climb Ranked Tips S10! [D1 AHRI OTP] by RockitoAhri | Ahri Player
Malmortious says “Very squishy but can be quite hard if fed, and can easily insta you. Try to dodge her Q's.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
JoshAy says “If you don't get hit by her binding you will be fine. Don't get poked by her E and you'll be fine. Her ult is decent to steal but there are better to steal. ”
Kami_EU says “Easiest lane for Yasuo, dodge her Q E by dashing or by using Windwall. Mercury's Treads mean she can't chain E R damage with her Q root.”
kujosrevenge says “Skill-based matchup. Side-step her Q's as much as possible. If she misses Q and you hit your E, it is an easy kill for you if you can capitalize on it properly. Would recommend banshee's veil midgame in this matchup.”
[10.9 NEW META] Best AP Irelia Build by kujosrevenge | Irelia Player
The Venerable Racoon says “Super annoying, try to dodge the root or she could prob kill you. Abuse her before she scales to mid game”
Double Passive Vel by The Venerable Racoon | Vel'Koz Player
BabyTwisty says “Try to shove her in and roam as soon as possible due to her being able to poke you. If your going in then e her q and all in.”
A Silver Ekko guide by BabyTwisty | Ekko Player
P0rk0 says “when she misses her binding, go all in.”
ER1KLB says “Skill MatchUp. She misses everything ? You can one shot her.”
NapTimeForYou ! [ZOE GUIDE] by ER1KLB | Zoe Player
t3rminated says “This is a really good matchup for you. As long as you play behind minions she can't hit her stun on you. You can also play a bit farther away from her minions so she has to choose to either poke you with her E, or clear the minion wave. She will run low on mana trying to farm from a distance. If she gets close, you can easily combo her due to her low mobility. You can choose to take cleanse or barrier in this matchup. I personally take barrier because it's better all around and cleanse is useless if you don't even get hit by her Q (thank you for your sacrifice minions). ”
1Recycle Bin1 says “for this matchup you gotta dodge her q then punish dodge,punish her passive helps her deal tons of damage but yours does too(even with the nerfs)”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
Zontasuna says “When she has more ap, she catches you with her stun and you probably dissapear”
Zontasuna's Katarina Build by Zontasuna | Katarina Player
MixupMatty says “lux has a root that pierces to two or three targets lux can basically root you when your going in on her or going near her, bait her root out or when she misses it then thats your oppurtunity to attack”
Nate's guide for Gab ft. Ahri by MixupMatty | Ahri Player
chrisloths says “Avoid her snare and you'll be fine. She'll try to E your plants, so just be weary of that.”
theboywhodominatedaplat says “her Q may be annoying and will fuck you up in early game, try to dodge it if she uses her Q to farm all in her sicne she cant really escape from you without her Q ”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Witchxry says “Lux has very good poke, so your biggest concern is dodging her Q and E so you can't land her Ult as easily.”
Sloyr says “All of the mages are really easy to counter, you just have to dodge their CCs with your E or wait for them to waste it, to then go all in.”
Carry your allies to the victory by Sloyr | Katarina Player
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “Dodge her Q with your mobility and just all in when she has no Q. If for some reason she DOES gets ahead, buy a Hexdrinker immediately because her full combo really hurts, but even though shes ahead but misses, she's still dead. She has no mobility other than flash so she is very easy to gank. You might want to take Cleanse.”
THE BIG BAD SAD says “well mages in generall are pretty even to zoe if the zoe is good they are at a bad spot if they are good u will have a hard time if ur skill lvl is even then the match up is even vs lux go 4 clense”
how to get gold with zoe by THE BIG BAD SAD | Zoe Player
MeBestZedEUW says “Lux has massive damage with every ability, and can block my auto damage with W. Can't even fight her as she rushes Zhonyas.”
The AntiXavy Zed by MeBestZedEUW | Zed Player
Gogicha55 says “Lux is like Ahri but more annoying cuz of her Poke and Shield, Jump on her if she misses her Q or don't try to fight her atall and roam”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
ekkologix says “whenever she has no Q , it's a easy wintrade .”
In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! { Mid/Jg/Top } by ekkologix | Ekko Player
Eccentricks says “Such an easy champ. Lux players in low elo don't know how to breathe. This ironic matchup isn't tough if you can predict her choreographed Q's and stay out of the minions when she casts E. Play super aggressive when the enemy jungle isn't knocking at your door and you will have a free win... Be sure to get TP into this matchup so you can roam after you stomp her and help your other lanes.”
8wolf says “She has good poke and waveclear, but it can't compare to Azir's. As long as you dodge the q, you're fine. If she hits one post 6, you will probably die/burn a summ. If she missed, you can go all in as she can't retaliate. You might want to consider taking cleanse.”
MrRiots says “Starting Item: Dark seal + Potion Worst pick ever VS Velkoz, she has no chance whatever she does. Just Q, W, E her , first kill within 5 mins. Shes so bad.”
Gettsuu says “Elle est comme vous Bonne range et beaucoup de degats mais tres sensible aux gank donc attention. Elle aura un meilleur early que vous mais lvl6 mais elle n'est pas dangereuse”
Tehqo says “If she wastes her Q for minions, GO IN. She literally has nothing to stop you and you win trades 100%. Otherwise, you'll want to push lane and not get poked by her E. It's difficult for her to farm under turret.”
NebuIa says “This champion is extremely annoying because at 6+, if you R, she can easily bind you with q and one shot you. She is a threat outside of lane mostly because of that, but in lane she's fine. Cleanse may help.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
TheBlueImperial says “Heavy poke lane but has mana issues and incredibly squishy. If you full combo them they're dead and you have the option to roam.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
DirtyBellyDC says “You have the superior laser. Another skill match up. If she lands her binding then you can respond with your E if she's in range and full combo her. If she lands her binding outside of your E range, then you probably won't survive or you'll be forced out of lane. She'll probably land a few E's in lane. Just don't let her auto attack you while you're marked as you'll be chunked. As long as you do that, the expensive cost of her E will take a toll on her quicker than your abilities will on yourself. Other than her Q, you out poke and out burst her at all stages of the game. ”
(10.5) Extensive guide to carry every game (low ELO) by DirtyBellyDC | Vel'Koz Player
Impswitch says “dodge snare which is easy with high MS. poke and ward and you'll shut her down putting her under tower. just make sure to ward!”
Janna Mid OP by Impswitch | Janna Player
Dgraider says “Play around her root, and you should be able to do okay in lane. ”
Rumbling in the 90s by Dgraider | Rumble Player
cobbzy says “Just watch for the root and poke, otherwise this match up is really easy as they are squishy as hell. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
arcticmonk says “Easy to dodge he abilities and when her Q is on CD then all-in her. You can also bait her into river with a fake roam.”
Fizz by arcticmonk | Fizz Player
i am a heron says “don't get hit by her binding, or land yours, and you should win this lane. if she tries to use her spells to clear the waves, just play up and force her away. block her damage with your E and walk at her. hit her with autos if she goes up to cs. She outscales you somewhat, but you beat her in lane, as in most matchups.”
Ivern mid: the secret boss of the early game by i am a heron | Ivern Player
CupOLatte says “Be very careful when playing against lux. She can poke you better since her E can be cast behind minions. She'll wait for you to ult and Q your original spot. Try to ult only when she's asleep as she with ult you if you're rooted. You probably cant survive her full combo in the mid-late game so avoid her Q at all cost.”
Zoe Guide [CupOLatte] {10.3} by CupOLatte | Zoe Player
ShockStrikes says “Once you're rooted good luck surviving if she is at least level 6. ”
[9.24] Top & Mid - Mastering the assassin with no master by ShockStrikes | Akali Player
stupid katarina says “(Q) Annoying champ if you step into her Q, make sure to not do that.”
(10.2 PATCH) LULU MID/TOP FUNNEL BUILD by stupid katarina | Lulu Player
OhReflects says “Use E onto her or a minion before she binds you.”
[10.2] Katarina: The Blade Queen by OhReflects | Katarina Player
lewdog says “Bait out her q and you've insta-won the fight.”
(10.2) Monkey Mid - Assassin Wukong by lewdog | Wukong Player
LONERlSM says “this champion is pretty bad into karthus favorable match up you can hourglass her snare so when she snares then ults all you do is hg.”
Karthus Mid lane in Season 10 by LONERlSM | Karthus Player
oscarlotus says “Same As Ahri but less threatening”
Unranked Fizz Guide by oscarlotus | Fizz Player
DravensBukkake says “Ignite/Cleanse (cleanse if you play Ezreal, Ignite if you play Draven when you're filled bot) Exact same thing as Velkoz, Ori, etc.”
[S10] 10.1 - New Conq Azir - Combos, Builds, Runes, Matchups by DravensBukkake | Azir Player
MarkeleleYasuo says “use your E Q W combo while going all in, you should never lose that lane unless you fuck up”
S10 Yasuo Midlane Guide by MarkeleleYasuo | Yasuo Player
Marumo says “Threat level 6. She can be a pain, but if you just hold on through the pain of the early poke you'll outscale.”
Viegar, The Grandmaster of Evil by Marumo | Veigar Player
Braddik says “can be annoying, dodge her q and try to poke/punish her if she walks up. level 6 you win just dont get snared. lux always takes barrier so watch out for that”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
EvilBird090 says “Lux's poke can be annoying with her E but it is not enough to push you out of lane, just make sure you don't get hit by her empowered auto attack. You should pool her binding but even if the binding connects you can still pool her ult while being binded. Very easy to deal with and the Lux will probably look to just push the wave into your tower and roam. Remember that Lux if very easily one-shotable after sorc shoes and codex.”
KNEEL BEFORE VLAD! [9.23] (WORK IN PROGRESS) by EvilBird090 | Vladimir Player
BalkanGem says “If she gets a lead , she can burst you real hard”
9.24 Zyra Mid Guide/ Flowers are red, Zyra is fed by BalkanGem | Zyra Player
UGANDANMILITIA says “fucking virgin dog i will raep u if play lux”
iranian Soldier Viktor by UGANDANMILITIA | Viktor Player
HeisendongNA says “Lux E allows her to kill your turrets from range. Then you might consider max your rockets instead of Q. Cleanse is good option here since she relies on her snare to land other skillshots to burst you down. Getting boots early and Luden's can help you dodge her abilities and burst her down.”
[9.23] [S10 CHALLENGER] Heisendong's Guide ~ Raise Your What by HeisendongNA | Heimerdinger Player
Ganux says “annoying as fuuu. Bait her Stun and all in her afterwards.”
Tayna says “Dodge her E, you can DESTROY her, but not if you take damage all the time.”
Cloud375 says “Dodge the Q and you should be fine, you have more burst than her so if you can dodge the majority of her spells, then this should be a relatively easy lane to beat.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
IceBite says “She will poke you and will try to one combo you after 6 when she hits a q, but you are katarina so just jump on her if she tries to q you and kill her.”
[Season 10] Master Katarina Guide by IceBite | Katarina Player
Garybaldo says “Skill matchup (slightly favored towards Swain), hit her with your combo when she hits Q on you, dodge her combo when you hit yours. You outscale pretty well”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
Sneaky boi says “Buy early boots. Try to avoid getting hit by her Q because then you'll just eat her whole combo. If she fails her Q and E go in on her. Buy hexdrinker if needed.”
GetBoppedKidd says “Do not let her get first kill. Her slow and stun ruin my vibe. ”
9.24 Patch Casual Neeko Guide by GetBoppedKidd | Neeko Player
iijcaii says “Her CC makes killing you early in team fights very easy, as well as her shield helps to keep her team out of execute threshold.”
[9.23] Pyke Mid Guide (UPDATED) by iijcaii | Pyke Player
Novok says “You can avoid Lux's E by walking towards her instead of trying to dodge left or right or running back. Her Q is irrelevant. When you take her low enough and she is in kill range, you can walk up straight and use your ult charge to sidestep her Q. After that she is yours. ”
worddog says “You can blink over her Q with your E. Lux is one of the best champions at punishing mistakes. If you don't bring tenacity, she will oneshot you if you let her land a Q. If she never lands a Q though she will never be able to do anything to you.”
Ekko Mid 9.23 by worddog | Ekko Player
Novok says “Lux will be annoying till lv6 where you can just ult her and corner her like prey in the shadow realm. If she uses or misses her binding, ult her instantly as it will be a free kill. ”
[Preseason 10] To the Shadowrealm by Novok | Mordekaiser Player
Darth Nihilus says “Dodge her q and your fine, heal her e damage with your q”
Senna the Redeemer - Mid Lane by Darth Nihilus | Senna Player
Tchouvline says “Explained in Matchup section.”
[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
Noirubilac says “Bully her with flay, look to all in after chipping at 6. (Gankable)”
Thresh Mid and Top / Resale Kayle by Noirubilac | Thresh Player
Sad Shiro says “You actually can just dodge every ability Lux fires. Since she has 0 Point and click or AoE abilitys like a Karma Q or something. Just time it good and you have a free lane against her.”
MironW says “Start boots unless you are confident in dodging her abilities, cleanse might be a good idea if you do get hit by her root.”
today we pray our luck will be okay (TF guide) by MironW | Twisted Fate Player
Euphoric Toaster says “Shes a free lane, you out-push AND out-burst her. While shoving her in watch her go OOM while you have plenty of mana to spare, and even if she ever roots you with Q, early on she doesn't have enough damage to burst you (especially with Barrier) and you can also RE her while she goes to Ult because shes stuck in the animation, disengaging her all-in or potentially just killing her instead.”
[9.21] S8/S9 Diamond - Midlane Heimerdinger - In-Depth Guide by Euphoric Toaster | Heimerdinger Player
DoF DeadLockeD says “When she hits you with Q you cant R so be carefull.”
(9.21) Ekko MID lane destruction by DoF DeadLockeD | Ekko Player
danexd says “same with neeko, the cc can mess you up real bad”
Chromuro says “She's annoying for the sole reason she can take away your passive in 3 different manners without you seeing it. Pay attention to her and farm her away. After a small lead of CS and after she used her Q, she's an easy kill.”
Big Shawn says “This is normally, as a Yasuo, a MUST-WIN situation. You have everything to fight her, especially your W (Windwall) will be important.”
Yasuo | The Unforgiven - Big Shawn's Mid lane Guide by Big Shawn | Yasuo Player
Fox1ne says “Step away from minions,try to trade her on her q cdr and zone her out of the wave without taking additional damage from her aa + passive damage.”
Fox1ne | #5 Ahri world otp | Art of mid lane by Fox1ne | Ahri Player
LunarkeGG says “Dodge her Q and E and its free.”
[WIP] Riven from 0 to toxic riven main [WIP] by LunarkeGG | Riven Player
iMGyurukuN says “I see Lux as a Mosquito in the Game and by that description you better understand how cocky they are to frustrate you.”
DVL CHALLNGR says “She can't absorb much of your damage in Early Game but you will have to dodge her Q and R and she will have nothing to stop your mobility to approach her”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
ZenonZeni says “Lux is a strong and even counter to Ahri her E will outpoke you and her Stun and ult will one shot you. If she misses her Q go all out on her.”
Ahri Mid - Season 9 - Updated Seasonally by ZenonZeni | Ahri Player
OnlyCheeseBreads says “She out ranges you. Try waiting for when she walks up to auto/E the minions to hit an E. When you follow up with Q AA, beware of the binding. If she hits you with it, it's harder to win the trade. When trading with Lux make sure you hit your E and she misses Q, as that is the best outcome. The person who lands cc wins the trade. If you both miss and can't hit your damage spells, it's a draw. ALWAYS make sure her Q is down or that you can dodge it when you engage. Tip: if she hits a max range Q and immediately begins ulting, you can use yours to sheild yourself. It most likely will miss her, but it could save you.”
S9 AP Neeko build- I'm gold and this is how I play her. by OnlyCheeseBreads | Neeko Player
Wizboy73 says “She pokes hard but you can do the same, you outscale her. dont forget to buy zonnyas asap.”
Guide to Learning Viktor by Wizboy73 | Viktor Player
EvilOranges says “Start D-Blade. Don't get hit by her Q. When she uses E to clear the wave and her Q is down, go in. Use E-Q-W to bait out her Q when going in. You windwall everything but her massive lazer, so you will be fine. Take Conqueror.”
I Do Not Flame says “If you dodge his abilities, you will won easily, but this champ has so much damage”
[9.18] Katarina, the Mid Queen [In depth guide] by I Do Not Flame | Katarina Player
ShadowFox101 says “Lux only has two good spells for trading pre-6. Her only chance of beating you is to land her binding. If she misses that, punish her for it.”
Zed--The Master of Shadows by ShadowFox101 | Zed Player
WonderFUllGuy69 says “Pretty annoying, don't let her poke you a lot just bate her Q and go all in.”
Pyke Mid | The Roaming Monster $$$ by WonderFUllGuy69 | Pyke Player
Evil Lightning says “Where do I begin with this lady? She's a poke-lord with FUCKING STUPID range, so much so that you can barely play defense. And her ult is yours, but with longer range, A LOTTA DAMAGE, and no proxy. knockback.”
30000 Mastery A.Sol Mains Guide to ROAMING FUCKING MID!(idk by Evil Lightning | Aurelion Sol Player
kiewe says “This more like a skill match up,as long as u get ahead of her you win.”
LUX ONE SHOT by kiewe | Lux Player
Selemor says “Basically Annie suffer long range champions.”
Annie Mid Predator 9.18 by Selemor | Annie Player
x3SnowyBunny says “Lux's threat is her Q, dodge it and you'll be guaranteed to win the trade. If you don't feel confident in dodging her Q, I suggest taking manaflow band to avoid getting one shotted post-6.”
❦ Trickery Is My Form Of Sorcery ❦ [Patch 9.17] by x3SnowyBunny | LeBlanc Player
Vispectra says “Lux is annoying , very annoying but not a hard match-up. She does a lot of damage but most of it is easily dodged with one Q , a sidestep or a well timed R. If you plan to fight her early post 6 , try to R onto her and move to the side , most lux players will throw the Q directly behind or in front of them to try to punish you. Her E and Auto-attack spam in lane might cause you some trouble.”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
Michelaengelo says “As long as you dodge either Q or E you'll win the trade vs her.”
[9.15] IN DEPTH Karthus mid guide 65% winrate by Michelaengelo | Karthus Player
Zayach says “Her Q is the bane of your existence. You will find it hard to get close enough to deal damage. I recommend banning this champion if you intend to play this build. ”
AP Assassin Cho'Gath by Zayach | Cho'Gath Player
quinniston says “Lux is very squishy but very hard to get onto, if against her rush mercs and hexdrinker. As long as you don't get cc'd to death you should be able to kill her. However one lux combo and you're dead.”
ARandomizer says “Avoid her Q's and your good, get rooted and you die”
Sustain Zoe by ARandomizer | Zoe Player
DoAgitt says “Take the PRECISION(1) rune path. I usually take barrier here. For more information go to the "Detailed Matchups" section.”
[9.15] Morgana MID - Bind Your Opponent by DoAgitt | Morgana Player
Kreezhem says “Annoying laning phase, once you have spellbinder + boots she is free gold.”
Annie Speedster - High Elo Guide by Kreezhem | Annie Player
Kaized says “Slow projectiles, easy to dodge when at a distance. Mostly a farm lane.”
[9.15] Support!...but in the mid - Morgana Mid Guide by Kaized | Morgana Player
Pumparum says “Lux's poke can be sustained through with Q but engages with Snowball will most likely be stopped with her snare. Clear and roam early before she can get enough AP clear the minions and follow.”
Disco Revived by Pumparum | Nunu & Willump Player
Skillerina says “Lux is the same as Veigar, pretty easy to win if the enemy doesn't know how to play.”
64bitTV Katarina OTP's guide. by Skillerina | Katarina Player
Zeprius says “Learn to dodge skillshots and your fine”
KingOfLostDreams says “Out range & out damage This build is too stupid to fight lux”
Probably the most stupid build for TF by KingOfLostDreams | Twisted Fate Player
kilgta says “she will poke a lot early. dont get caught by her q as much as possible, zonhya is important. You will usually get 2x her farm by level 10 so she is not a problem as a whole. start sapphire or corrupt.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
MechaaZero says “Don't let her land a Q and things really start to fall in line. This lane can be won two ways; kill her, or kill Ezreal.”
[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery] by MechaaZero | Zoe Player
Latarnia40 says “She is squisy. Use that as your advantage. Watch out for her q or else she oneshots you too.”
Basic AP Glacial Augment Ezreal Guide by Latarnia40 | Ezreal Player
CC Diana says “Lux is a lane bully - especially to melee champions like Diana. Farming against her can be quite troublesome since her E gives her free harass where she can then get within auto attack range to proc her passive. Don't be afraid to concede CS in the early levels and just wait it out until level 6 to all in her.”
CorruptedPoro says “Any long range mage is annoying to face in mid, but as soon as they go for a trade, just Q once and you'll win. Lux is especially annoying because of her super long range, and her root making it hard for you to hit a Q. If she tries to hit you with an auto to get her passive, that's when you Q. Personally, Lux is my perma ban when playing malph.”
"Very High Skill Cap" Malphite (Assassin Malph) by CorruptedPoro | Malphite Player
maplecat21 says “If she gets ganked for by someone with CC she'll be an issue for you. Otherwise, just farm till 6 and then all in whenever she steps close.”
Eternal Winter - Controlling the Game through Waveclear by maplecat21 | Anivia Player
poolooto says “Her spells are easy to dodge if you know them well. Poke her a bit with your Q. The only way she can kill you is her Q. If you dodge it, you can easily get a kill.”
hadi902 says “lux is very annoying from her stunn and and high damage so make sure they don't land and your damage is really good against her”
Wrxith says “If you can dodge her Q you can almost always burst her down without risk of dying.”
[9.14] Pyke Mid (After nerfs) by Wrxith | Pyke Player
RagexAddict says “Another skill matchup for Fizz. I would put minor, but she can still be pretty lethal, especially if she lands a Q on you. You should always try to position yourself against her the way you would a Blitzcrank; put your minions between you and her and remember that her Q will hit two enemies and not one. When her Q is down, go in on her and trade. You should win every time.”
Yegie says “Any champ with a strong shield is annoying, never go in with W if her snare is up. Ideally you get her to miss Q and throw her E at you, then you leap at her bringing yourself out of her E and bursting her while her cds are down, still far from an ideal matchup.”
Ap Trist Jank by Yegie | Tristana Player
JordyGSmiteq says “During laning phase, you may struggle with her as she comes with heavy zoning (due to her E). Furthermore, she also scales very hard so if she gets too fed, that's your lane potentially lost.”
Varus: The Arclight Runner [WIP] by JordyGSmiteq | Varus Player
LyndonK9 says “Lux is pretty easy. Don't stand in the minion wave because if she uses E she has to choose between the minion wave or you. Don't stand too close to get hit by her Q, but when you all in her use your ult to dodge her Q.”
9.12 Ahri Guide by LyndonK9 | Ahri Player
LighterDay says “Lux's E has a longer range than Veigar's abilities. If Lux pulls off her combo on Veigar, it could do a lot of damage, but Veigar can also return that damage if Lux comes into range. ”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Veigar Mid by LighterDay | Veigar Player
Yuriina says “A pain with her E but isn't much of a problem. Poke back at her with W and keep an eye out for her Qs and Ws.”
9.12 Ashe Mid [WIP] by Yuriina | Ashe Player
PhoenixianSlayer says “Just dodge her roots and you will be fine”
The Team Slower: Aurelion Sol by PhoenixianSlayer | Aurelion Sol Player
BenLegend443 says “That root is the single most broken ability in the game. She'll root then ult you, and you're dead. Dodging that root is key. ”
Karthus Guide: Feel the frailty of life by BenLegend443 | Karthus Player
Yenwai says “her poke, like Xerath and Azir makes her troublesome and her damage is no joke, try to dodge but due to her lack of mobility you can often R her while your allies gang up on her. in lane just try to avoid getting rooted.”
What i've learned from getting M7 on Malzahar by Yenwai | Malzahar Player
YourBestSenpai says “Super squishy, which is perfect for you. All you need to do is avoid q at ALL costs, unless you want to get one shoted.”
GLP Ahri Mid Guide (Don't ask me why, just do it) by YourBestSenpai | Ahri Player
ParkChnm says “Shouldn't be too hard as long as you don't get hit by Q.”
[9.11] Best Xerath in Silver Guide by ParkChnm | Xerath Player
ParkChnm says “Just dodge her abilities. Easy matchup, she has no mobility so you can minefield/satchel charge her and force her out of lane. Push her under turret so she has to use her abilities to clear.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Ziggs by ParkChnm | Ziggs Player
BL00dY3nD says “Easy Matchup. Dodge her combos with your W and E combo and get some CS and Items. With your R it's a easy win.”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
Bughans says “Easy. If she uses Q, you dodge it and if she then uses E, go in. If you fly through E, nothing will happen and she'll be without abilities. You'll oneshot her lategame as well.”
AP RAKAN MID - 100% FOOLPROOF EPIC GUIDE by Bughans | Rakan Player
ParkChnm says “Lux outranges and outdamages Orianna. If she lands a Q post-6, you could be dead from it. Starting shield is very strong against Lux since it counters her E with correct timing.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Orianna by ParkChnm | Orianna Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Farm with Q and don't push. Dodge her Q and E. At 6 you can all in her if she misses Q. ”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
D3gReen says “Just dodge everything.”
Press R to pay respects by D3gReen | Katarina Player
Mern says “Dodge abilites -> Win game. Get hit by them? Lose game. That simple.”
Kassadin ULTRACARRY Guide [9.11] by Mern | Kassadin Player
Swift_Trapper says “Annoying poke. If she waste her E>Q>AA her ”
Charon25 says “Avantage de portée pour Lux, mais facile à tuer à cause de son manque de mobilité.”
500k MID AP Gragas Guide by Charon25 | Gragas Player
BoopForTheTroops says “Does lots of burst damage and her cool downs are broken so dodge her stun.”
9.10 Solo Carry Space Noodle Guide by BoopForTheTroops | Aurelion Sol Player
HerrSolahri says “Merc/ Banshees Item Build and shes useless. ”
[S 9.9] In-Depth Diamond Leblanc Mid Guide by HerrSolahri | LeBlanc Player
BackFizz says “You can fight her easily in early if you dodge her Q. When you hit lvl6 just try to ult her on max range then E,Q and if she`s not dead W.”
FIZZ.EXE by BackFizz | Fizz Player
CharmingFeather says “Avoid her root at all costs, and when root is down you can get a small trade off, not too long or root will come back up.”
[9.9] Rakan's Bad Midlane? I Disagree! by CharmingFeather | Rakan Player
BunicelulLaLOL says “Dodge her stuns and you can win lane easy.”
Neeko AP MID/JG by BunicelulLaLOL | Neeko Player
aButteredPoptart says “Lux can be a pain in the ass because she is the queen of poke in mid lane. I'd suggest to stand around your casters to avoid her root. If she hits you with both Q and E, it'll hurt, not to mention her ult if she has you poked down. If you're healthy, you have solo kill potential, easy as that as long as you dodge root.”
[9.9] Bronze Ahri One Trick Master by aButteredPoptart | Ahri Player
Extro Huski says “Sure she can out-trade Sona, but if you rush Banshee's Veil then you can block her CC spell which'll lead to you out-trading her.”
AP Sona working mid in Season 9 (basics) by Extro Huski | Sona Player
Freecil says “Easy matchup. Only problem is a long range root”
Anivia Burst God by Freecil | Anivia Player
SmokeyEggs says “She can poke you, but that's about it. Avoid her abilities and fight her when her Q is on cooldown”
BicBee says “Step forward to avoid her E. If she uses E on you then she will have a tough time CSing. Stay away from minions and make her choose to harass or to CS. Make sure to dodge binding by saving a charge of ult for it and dodge to side or sidestep if you got quick feet. Easy all in if her binding is on cooldown. You can still use your abilities when she roots you (except ult) ”
[9.8] CRUSH LOW ELO WITH THIS BUILD by BicBee | Ahri Player
ryze4thewin says “pretty cancer outranges you try to bait her somewhere where she cant see you and kill her on lane if she misses her q and e go in for some dmg play carefull ”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
Header_FX says “try to dodge her q or take cleanse, so you can dodge r and all in her.”
[9.8] Header´s out of silver Corki-Guide by Header_FX | Corki Player
IHaveBongos says “She has a laugh made from the tormented souls of ugandans knuckles”
[9.8] Heimerdinger guide to silly damage! by IHaveBongos | Heimerdinger Player
BicBee says “Take E lv 1 to shield her damage from E. Stay away from minions to make her choose CS or harass. She will have a hard time CSing if she uses E to harass early on. After she's used E you can try and hide behind minions if you're worried about her Q. You should be able to win trades as long as you shield her E correctly or dodge her skills. ”
9.8 CARRYING LOW ELO by BicBee | Orianna Player
xispy420 says “She can be really anoying if she hits her skill shots and its kinda hard to kill her because mostly of Lux mid players take barrier + W shield,its hard to kill her ”
Ready to set the world on fire by xispy420 | Brand Player
THEUUUNREAL says “In theory, this is one of your easiest matchups. However, it is actually as easy to beat as you think she is. Although she has 4 projectiles and you have a w that can block all of it. Yasuo is still weak to cc and one root from her can let her jg clap your asscheeks.”
How to be Bronze by THEUUUNREAL | Yasuo Player says “Her low mobility makes her an easy target if she ever misses her Q Respect her E poke W>E>Q few times and eventualy you will be able to all-in her Use 2nd rune setup”
Zed , The Master Of Shadows by | Zed Player
xXMasterPro05Xx says “You can easily use your Wind wall against her, Her Q, E, W can be blocked by it. Note to mention her ult will go right through it. She is very vulnerable to your abilities. Just be careful about her ult”
--Yasuo Build-- by xXMasterPro05Xx | Yasuo Player
ImmortalPh0enix says “Tek atarsınız Kesinlikle Cok Güçlü.”
Veigar Kara Hasat + Luden =tek by ImmortalPh0enix | Veigar Player
AzureArmatt says “Lux is that type of champion that has ability to deal big damage but it requires a proper set up or your enemy must have reflexes of a turtle. Her passive will "charge" you with light energy that will detonate if she use basic attack on you. Her main poke is quite big AoE that slows you if you are inside it. Her most important ability is her Q that will root 2 targets max in it's range after hitting them. With this ability lux have big chance of hitting her ultimate that is long range laser that deals quite nice damage but also detonates her passive stacks which results with huge damage once she get the items so avoid her abilities and consider buying mercury's treads to raise your magic resist and lower her root duration.”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Edg3Lord says “Dodging her skillshots is very easy. If you get caught in her Q, make sure to block her R with your W.”
Nocturne Mid R(o)ams Up Your Team [1.4.1] by Edg3Lord | Nocturne Player
javimc17 says “You need to build mercury boots as soon as possible and try to dodge his habilities. Banshee's Veil is a nice option against her.”
[S9] MORDEKAISER MID/TOP by javimc17 | Mordekaiser Player
Shaawn says “Really easy matchup. You can block everything except for the ult with your wind wall. Make sure to dodge her snare, and there is nothing she can do when you all-in her.”
[9.7] Mid Yasuo Guide by Shaawn by Shaawn | Yasuo Player
Olenka05 says “If she hit you with her q you are done. Try to dodge as much as you can. She will try to poke you.”
Escape to gold with one champ by Olenka05 | Veigar Player
Enfurnal says “Lux is a broken blond chick. Early game if she is aggressive, she will continuously E you to poke you out. Her Q can root up to two champion/minion/monster in the game. If she hits a Q on you expect 1/4 of your HP gone early game. Late game... You could potentially be 7 hp after that simple combo. As long as you can dodge her Q... She can't do much to you because her combo is Q E R. She still can kill you if you keep getting poked out by E.”
Alpha Ahri Build (Unless enemy makes you BETA) by Enfurnal | Ahri Player
BlueMoon01 says “Depends on how well you dodge her skills [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]”
[9.6][AP Mid] Fix Yourself, Mere Human. by BlueMoon01 | Viktor Player
Ebug8215 says “Not fun to play against. Ult just roasts you to oblivion. Has many spam-able abilities to poke you out of lane”
[9.6] Crit is Back! (Lucian Mid S Tier) by Ebug8215 | Lucian Player
thedonk says “Go in once her Q is down. Don't underestimate the range of her abilities as she uses it to poke you during lane. At 6, be more careful around her Q's or buy Zhonya's/Banshee's to avoid her damage. ”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Padrepio says “Range problems. She has a shield that can absorb your passive too. You can engage after you dodge her Q if you have a clear shot for a stun.”
[Mid] Brand ~ Catching Fire by Padrepio | Brand Player
Jazzmonkey says “All in her with level 1 and try to kill her with level 2. She should be free but she can zone you easily and Q you if you can't dodge wait till level 6 and then kill her. she is always killable after reaching level 6 ”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
Jammy158 says “You counter her every way. Your windwall blocks everything (except her Ult). Time windwalls and all-in if you find an opening. She will mostly stay back to farm so roam later on to get kills. She doesn't pose much threat in lane.”
Low Elo's Guide to Yasuo by Jammy158 | Yasuo Player
kyuwui says “She's just a pain in the ass ;c”
Gnar The Mid Lane Bully by kyuwui | Gnar Player
Jenkinsu says “Do not forget her root goes through 1 minion. Try to avoid her long-range pokes and dodge the roots. It's not very wise to fish for Zaps since she can punish easily with her root. If she wastes her stuff however, go ham on her.”
Lethality Jinx: The Money Lord by Jenkinsu | Jinx Player
Dr Wonderdrugs says “Vous pouvez esquivez ses spell et lorsque elle marchera sur un E vous pouvez la Z et allez l'aggro si elle vous cage et que vous avez une balle de crit je vous recommande d auto et de Q car elle sera dans votre range pour venir vous auto.”
La quatrième est fascinante... by Dr Wonderdrugs | Jhin Player
lol mid laner says “see she is only a problem if she lands her stun to avoid this your gonna have to compensate for your movement speed with either mercury treads or boots of swiftness”
Jhin Mid OP by lol mid laner | Jhin Player
Eli The Bat says “"W" harass, "W" harass, and more "W" harass.... Also has a 1 million years "Q" stun.... Watch out for that....”
Kat Best Waifu by Eli The Bat | Katarina Player
apsonalol says “Lux é match up mais fácil contra Sona, maioria das lux vai gastar toda sua mana tentando pokear com E, sempre que ela errar o Q aproveite pra pokear com a passíva do Q, pegue lvl 6 e flash nela que você irá matar.”
AP Sona - Maven of the MID by apsonalol | Sona Player
LionLifeSteal says “She can kill you but will struggle unless she is a superior player.”
Dr Wonderdrugs says “Votre E vous sauvera de ses spells et en dernier recours votre ultime n'oubliez pas d'auto attaquer.”
Avec zilean mid vous ne serez plus en retard ! by Dr Wonderdrugs | Zilean Player
bergqvistlol says “Basically evades all of you're kill potential if she IS USING BARRIER + ZHONYA RUSH.”
moutenn says “Easy kill. She only has slow skillshots, and she has no mobility. However if she ignores you and builds full damage. One if her Q's can lead to a lethal combo.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
qasddsa says “Run Fleet and make sure to dodge most of her poke during laning phase and you'll be fine. After level 6, wait for her to miss her snare and then you're free to all in her.”
[Mid&Top] Reave the Cosmos | Kassadin by qasddsa | Kassadin Player
Skeptil says “Although being an extremely annoying champion, just wait until you are level 6 to all in her, she can't do anything besides attempt to shield all of the damage you are dealing to her.”
PVPICHURRO says “You gotta be a side-step master.”
LISSANDRA THE QUEEN OF FRELJORD BUILD [SEASON 9.2]-[320K MAI by Aiascos | Lissandra Player
RYZE number one says “No começo do jogo Lux tem uma quantidade muito maior em seu alcance, que começa a virar quando o Ryze tira 2 itens.”
Ryze (MID) (pt-BR) by RYZE number one | Ryze Player
Felispo says “Fica fácil quando vc aprende a desviar do seu Q, pois sem ele ela não te ameaça.”
Centro do Universo (Guia em PT-BR) by Felispo | Aurelion Sol Player
rimzaki says “Dodge her ultimate with ur sanguine pool and shes squish no match ur ultimate nuke”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
2drunk4you says “Maybe I Win? Lux is good in all in and in supportive actions, so she can do what ever she want, even feed :)”
ZED ULTIMATE FISTING IN LOW ELO by 2drunk4you | Zed Player
Sozzoh says “Lux is extremely annoying for me. Pre-6, you'll want to try and kill her and deny her farm as much as possible. Push her under tower if you can. Post-6, if she lands a Q or a Q-E on you, say your final words. In this case, if Lux is that much of a problem, consider getting Banshee's or even Zhonya's. If she wastes her Q to farm, immediately go in on her as you will win the trade 100%.”
Superior current says “Not a to hard lane, but avoid getting caught. If you succeed at this you will win.”
Mage Fortune is real! by Superior current | Miss Fortune Player
Katapullt says “Like at every skillshot Champ just dodge her abilities. Zone her with your Q and just dont get binded by her Q's. If you wanna play safe buy Zhonias”
Razor Fly! Do it quickly.【8.24】~ All you need to know by Katapullt | Katarina Player
Doctor_Dr says “How to counter: Don't get hit by Q and be smart about where to move when she casts E.”
M7 Veigar Runes + Vs. Champions by Doctor_Dr | Veigar Player
NekoTakahashi says “Dodge q and u pretty much win lane.”
I Know What They Desire by NekoTakahashi | Ahri Player
ZF.PandaYang says “her Kit is something you will not like, she has a snare to stop your Q and engage, W to counter your W and she has slow to boot. she makes it so you're unable to engage her easily, get Hex and Mercury's treads.”
An INFORMAL entry guide to Talon! by ZF.PandaYang | Talon Player
Death71 says “If she hits her Q you're dead, if she misses it and you hit her first you win, you can also make a quich all in with Flash/E/W/Q/R and zhonya's to avoid her damage”
JuaniG17 says “Very very easy as long as you dodge her Q, she is extremely squishy”
JuaniG17 - Talon Guide by JuaniG17 | Talon Player
Eccentrik says “Pretty easy to play against. Just dodge her oh so obvious skillshots and you'll be fine.”
Eccentrik's S9 Ahri! by Eccentrik | Ahri Player
wo xiang zhaoo says “She can poke you, you can permanently kill her when you hit 6. Don't get hit by unnecessary Q's.”
Your very DETAILED Kassadin guide! Get elo NOW! by wo xiang zhaoo | Kassadin Player
asffg123 says “Lux's kit is meant for poking. You will be outranged and outdamaged. Watch out for her skillshots. You are likely to lose the laning phase. Warning - This champion can and will roam to counter a safe playstyle. Ping accordingly.”
Veigar in the Mid Lane (Gold - Plat) by asffg123 | Veigar Player
TheHeroOfLegend says “if she catches you in a cage, you are dead (typical lux)”
Dark Harvest Talon Build (how to one shot) by TheHeroOfLegend | Talon Player
DuhBrandon says “Not much of a threat as long as you hit your Q after you stun her and at all cost avoid her CC. I say play aggressive against her and keep poking her.”
[8.23] [Mid] Kite 2 Win TF Build Season 9 by DuhBrandon | Twisted Fate Player
Bengineer says “Don't get Q'd and you are fine Something I do intentionally to tilt the enemy Lux at mid, is to get rooted on purpose, and sanguine when she uses her ult.”
. by Bengineer | Vladimir Player
Nechu2448 says “lux is weak but olny danger is her stunn.”
VAJPi says “Look out for her Q. Save your R if you want to engage into her.”
Aegox says “Just dodge her root, sleep her and combo her.”
Aegox's Easy Zoe Guide by Aegox | Zoe Player
ShockMaster says “Dodge her Q and E with ur E,play agressive and when she use all of her abilities on minions go all in,easy one”
SeeMyShuriKennen by ShockMaster | Kennen Player
Smol Jelly says “Let the best Lux win!”
Feel the Power of the Light! by Smol Jelly | Lux Player
Resl says “Another skill match, but ban her if you can, she is a pain due to her zone and cc, Also Ban her for the bot lane too.”
New to Talon? by Resl | Talon Player

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