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Twisted Fate Counter Stats

Twisted Fate Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #40 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Twisted Fate. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Twisted Fate in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Twisted Fate Data for all roles taken from 24,084 matches.
Twisted Fate Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (93%) Twisted Fate Middle Lane Counters: 22,392 matches, 57 counter champions

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Tips Against Twisted Fate in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

WayOfTheTempesst says “Very one sided matchup. Basically what TF wants to do is push the wave in and look to ulti whenever he can. Due to Yasuos insane wave pushing, he is a super good champ into TF. Not only can you push him into tower all game and deny his roams but you can windwall his stun card which is his only way to survive matchups mid. I actually wait for him to use his card then go on him lvl 1 with E since he has no way of fighting me back except with autos. Just watch out with going near him when your windwall is down because if he catches you with a stun while his jungler is there, you could potentially die.”
[Season 11.9 Yasuo Guide] Tempest Challenger Yasuo Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
Katawina52 says “1v1 this lane is not a problem at all. You can look for him to load up his W and he will probably blue card for mana on minion or red for shove. If u walk up a bit forward and backward while he loads up his card you can make him waste it on a minion and then you just go in and auto win the trade (I use this a lot, because most tf's dont want to waste mana and they only want the gold card if you walk up too far). The reason I give this a medium is, because his gank set up is really annoying 1 stun while enemy jungle is near and you're dead so be careful for that before you go in. Mercs vs TF is really good and I even go Unflinching 2nd if they have even more CC. TF is also the only laner where you could go cleanse, but never go mercs if you go cleanse.”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Matchup pretty impossible to die in. Go on him when his W is down bc he is very vulnerable. Honestly you can take TP and just follow his roams or else there is really no other way to stop it. I would take Conq bc the matchup isnt too rough. Take 2nd wind unflinching.”
[Season 11.9] In-depth Challenger Yone Midlane Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yone Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Should be a certain win. Just go in whenever his Pick a Card (W) is down.”
[11.9] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
Yeager says “Take cleanse. He should never be able to 1v1 you when you have some items so he will just be looking to shove in the wave and roam. If he uses his W on the minion wave, walk up to him and hit him with your Q+E. After 6 you want to shove him in so he can't roam. Ward his side of the map so you know where he's going, and SPAM PING your teammates to back off.”
Yeager's Master Cassiopeia Guide by Yeager | Cassiopeia Player
Katasandra says “[1] Dodge his Q. It is really telegraphed, should never get hit by it unless you get stunned. [2] When he uses W (picking a card), walk away from him. [3] Can look for trades once his W is down. [4] Ping his level 6, only follow his ult with TP if you have it up.”
How to bury the world in ice | The Lissandra Guide by Katasandra | Lissandra Player
eiensiei says “I'll poke him with E-AA and I'll be somewhat aggressive since I out-trade him. He will look to gank side lanes once he gets level 6, so I'll warn my teammates when he's close to it. Usually unkillable after RoA, but Cleanse makes Lux unkillable too.”
[11.9] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Corrupting due to his push power. (Doran+2 Pots if you really think you will insta kill him level 3 with a full combo - doable but still..) Play with Cleanse if you think his stun will help their jungler get to you, always ping after level 6 for Twisted Fate that he's ganking. Always expect a random teleport and if possible, find the solutions and be first to gank botlane. You can win against Twisted Fate on lane easily if he comes too close. Minion Dematerializer is mandatory. Get all the push power you can and try to outpush. Always beware after you gank first that the enemy midlaner will follow, always ping when they are missing from the lane AND get a vision ward in the single bush that is in the river, that ward will ensure extra safety versus them. Try to clear their vision wards also all the time. Also think that when you gank bot they might respond with a roam top, the reverse also works so definetly warn your team with pings.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID [S11 ITEMS] by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Polarshift says “Has good waveclear and very good map pressure. His stun is on a way lower cooldown, your only advantage is that your damage is higher. Sadly, rooting him won't stop his ultimate but will stop Teleport if he has it. You can run cleanse in this matchup since he has amazing tools to setup a gank.”
[11.9] RYZE THE RUNE MAGE [MID/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH GUIDE] by Polarshift | Ryze Player
iZianni says “We win this match up, but Twisted Fate doesn't really care. He just presses R after Merc Treads/RoA and kills our side lanes. Look to have an early game impact and pressure jungle match up or you'll lose to the rotations and scaling. You still do massive damage in team fights though, so if they don't have enough damage you'll just win through that.”
Zianni's Challenger Syndra Guide by iZianni | Syndra Player
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